We don't like to brag, but we love it when others do it for us! Here are true stories from the trenches about how Cloud b is supporting sleep, health and happiness around the world.

Your organization is truly special.

Really, you don’t know how special your products are, in the last few years, it is kind of like an unspoken wish that you hope Aunt Nanci gives your baby a Sleep System…Lullabag. Babies are tiny for such a short time, and the 'snuggle' factor of the Lullabag makes for even more cherished time with your little one. Honestly, your gifts have become favorite heirlooms for future babies and family members.

I appreciate your prompt response and have nothing but good things to say about this experience.

Elizabeth K - Cincinnati, OH


Great website, great products, and very fast service. Im 101% satisfied with my purchases.

Yee H - Santa Clara, CA


This merchant is the best! Attentive, professional, and timing is always perfect! Best of all, every child and adult is always thrilled and welcomes each and every cloudb gift I surprise them with! Thank you Cloudb!

W Miller - Weston, CT

I enjoyed the site and was able to purchase things that were on sale, and I liked the idea that if you purchase one or two items they offered you a discount on other items. The items I purchased were for my first grandchild and my daughter received the gifts at her shower in Arkansas - she loved everything. So thank you so much for the wonderful service that I received from Cloudb.

Carmen - Dyer, IN


We ordered all of the animals you offer and LOVE them all. We will always get Twilights for gifts. Even my 10yr old son likes having Twilight Turtle on in his room so we had to order the Lady Bug for his soon-to-arrive little sister.

Laura S - OH


I received a sleep bag and blanket as a gift at a baby shower & loved them both! The blanket was the best swaddle blanket I owned. My daughter is now 3 months and has outgrown her small bag, so I ordered 2 large sherpa new ones, as well as one bag & blanket for a girlfriends upcoming baby shower. The only complaint I have is that the two large bags I ordered were slightly different, but should have been the same. One was lined with cotton and the other with polyester. The cotton was my preference, but it was the mistake. Not a bad mistake, I just wish they both were the cotton lined! The small quilted bag and the blanket were perfect. The items were shipped immediately & reached me in a timely manner. I received e-mail notices for both when it was shipped and when it was delivered.

Amy B - Rock Hill, SC


I have bought gifts from Cloudb for several of my friends when their children were born. They loved them! The gifts are always beautiful, high-quality, and ship so quickly. Now that we are pregnant, I hope my friends shop at cloudb, too!

Juliette S - Rockwall, TX

Here's what parents are saying about the Sleep Sheep and other Cloud B products.

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Sleep Sheep

Just too cute

We love the sleep sheep!! First of all it is just too cute! My 4 mo. old little girl has been sleeping with it since we brought her home. Her favorite sound is the rain. She has been sleeping 8-10 hours since 2 mo. I have also given these as shower gifts. Everyone loves them!!
Amora - Cookeville, TN

Calms Babies in the NICU

We bought this product for our 2 month-premature daughter on advice from a therapist in the NICU. The first time we played it for her, her eyes opened and looked around and seemed to really relax. For anyone who has a baby in the NICU, you know it can be a noisy place, so this product really helps to calm her. There is no doubt in my mind that she definitely recognizes the sound of the heartbeat and seems at peace. We still play it for her when she is in the crib. For the money, this is the best money I have ever spent!!
Steve - Boston, MA

Dad has already stolen it!

I purchased this item partly because of the other good reviews and because it is so cute. I also loved the fact that it attaches to the outside of the crib, since that is so much safer. My baby hasn't arrived yet, but my husband and the dog have been falling asleep on the couch listening to the ocean sounds. He said it was worth it even if the baby doesn't appreciate it! I hope the baby gets as much use as his/her father does!
Michele - PA

Helps Everyone Relax

This soft sheep has been such a delight in my daughter's nursery. The soothing sounds help make everyone more relaxed, especially after a long day. I highly recommend this to everyone.
Rebecca's Mom - TX

Drowns Out Snoring Pugs!

We love this product. In addition to being really cute, it does help my son fall asleep. I must admit I use it for myself, too! We usually use an air purifier for the white noise to drown out the sound of our pug's snoring, but the Sleep Sheep is much more relaxing. I especially like the ocean or rain sounds.
Les - Los Banos, CA

Kids at Daycare Love Sleep Sheep

I have an 18 month old who has only had her Sleep Sheep for about two weeks and she adores it. Like so many others her favorite sounds are the rain and the whales. Most importantly, it helps her relax at daycare and get her naps which she hasn't been getting. She is old enough to cuddle with it at nap time and her caregiver said that the other children around her sleep well and they all think he's just the cutest and cuddliest friend. I just wish he was machine washable because I know he's going to get a lot of use and that means he's going to get really dirty at times. I'm buying one for my sister in law who's about to have a baby. It's truly a lifesaver.
MaryJane - NY

Daughter Falls Asleep Faster

My daughter is 5 months old, and we have been using the Sleep Sheep since she was born. At first she only liked the heartbeat sound, but now she will fall asleep to any of the 4 sounds. We sometimes use music, but she always falls asleep faster with the sheep. Plus, as she grows up she'll have a cute cuddly companion. If I ever need a baby shower gift, it will be a Sleep Sheep!
Sue - MO

Good for Mom and Baby

I received the Sleep Sheep as a gift and have used it from day one. It helps my baby sleep, and me too! When my baby was a newborn he liked the womb sounds, now he prefers the rain. Another great thing is that you can remove the sound box and take it with you, it is slighter larger than a cassette case. I take mine anytime we will be away during naptime. For the price, you can't find a better noise machine.
Ruth - Valdosta, GA

Works Like Magic

This is the only product I have ever felt the need to comment on. It works like magic. We started with the heartbeat sound to take the place of us having to SHHHHH for 15-20 minutes. Now we use the whale sound, and as soon as she hears it she settles down and is ready to sleep. This is, without question, the BEST parent helper we have.
Kyle Anne - Austin, Tx

Great Shower Gift

My daughter has been using this since birth and she's 4 months old now- haven't replaced the batteries once! The ocean sound is her favorite; I don't put her to bed without it... and am buying 3 more for upcoming shower gifts!
Rosa - NY

Settles Baby in the Middle of the Night

We all love the sleep sheep. Yup, it's cute but it also is a great way to help my 5 month old relax and fall asleep. We can turn it on in the middle of the night when he starts to stir and he settles back down! Yipee! The rain and the whales are the best sounds. I will say that the ocean noise is okay and the heartbeat is kinda weird. BUT we still love it. My only wish is that it had a way to play continuously -- sometimes my boy wakes up when the sounds stop suddenly.
Kari - Seattle, WA

Toddlers Love Sleep Sheep, too!

We got this as a gift when our son was born and it worked great, sleep was not a problem. My son is now 18 months, in a toddler bed and still sleeps with "Sleepy sheep." We are now expecting a little girl and are buying another. I also gave this as a shower gift for a preemie and it has worked, as well.
Dana, Andy and Livie's Mommy - Kansas City, MO

Baby goes Right to Sleep

We love the Sleep Sheep. I bought this for my 10 week old daughter when we moved her out of our room to her crib. She relaxes almost as soon as we turn the sheep on and usually goes right to sleep. We also found this handy to have on an overnight trip as it seemed to remind her of familiar things. I highly recommend this product.
Meghan - Conway, AR

Good for Kids of all Ages

I ordered and received three Sleep Sheep. I need to tell someone about them: they are absolutely wonderful! I gave one to a 43 year old woman who thought it was cute! She is now addicted and cannot fall to sleep without it (she prefers the surf sound).

My co-worker just became a grandmother for the first time. I gave her one to give to her son and daughter-in-law. Baby girl born April 2...a bit finicky. The new parents finally got around to using the Sleep Sheep. They called yesterday expressing extreme gratitude because their baby slept for 4 1/2 hours, giving them some rest, finally.

My son and daughter-in-law will be making my husband and I grandparents for the first time at the end of June. The third Sleep Sheep is for the baby; however, I will be giving it to Beth this weekend, because she is having trouble sleeping... I know the Sleep Sheep will help her. I cannot wait to give it to her!
Michele, Grandma-to-be

Sleep Sheep On The Go

Portable and Relaxing

I purchased the portable sheep - love it!!! My 2 1/2 yr. old does too, and the same goes for my 10 year old with all the different sound options and volume control. I happen to like the 45 minute timer on it because my 2 1/2 yr. old sometimes takes a little longer than 23 minutes to settle down and it plays longer then 30 minutes. It is relaxing to listen to.
Lori - Findlay, OH

 Lavender Lab

Great for New Moms!

Since receiving the beautifully wrapped Lavender Lab at my baby shower, I was intrigued by the product. My daughter has sure taken a liking to the lavender scent. It has such a soothing aroma and when she wants to smell more of the lavender, she squeezes the back of the dog, which seems to be just before she falls asleep. It is very soft and cuddly and a great addition to her sleep routine. I highly recommend this for new moms looking for sleep aids for their baby.
Jodi - Torrance, CA

Perfect Gifts

I have already received one Twilight Turtle, the Lavender Lab, and the Sheep. I love your products! I thought they would make perfect gifts. Thanks
Jill - Tinton Falls, NJ

What a cool product!!!! Thank you!!! P.S. This is for my room… I am a grandma!
Christi ­ Clearlake, WA

The products are remarkably adorable!
Sara ­ Antioch, CA

 Twilight Turtle

Great Gift and Great Idea!

I recently received the Twilight Turtle as a gift at my baby shower. Without even knowing what it was, my 4 year old son claimed it for himself! After I showed him how it worked, he would not let me turn if off. Needless to say, he actually fell asleep looking at the "starlit sky". My husband and I have had a lot of fun finding the 8 constellations and showing our son where they are. Now when we go outside at night, he looks up in the sky, looking for a constellation. What a great gift and idea! Hopefully, I can get our son to let his new sister "borrow" it when she gets old enough to look around!!
Rhonda - Atlanta, GA

The Turtle is really neat. I ordered one to keep in my house for my grandchildren to play with. Thanks and have a nice day!
Betty - Philadelphia, PA

These turtles are SO cute! I can't wait to receive them for my 8 month old daughter.
Donald – Cartersville, GA

This website is very, very easy to navigate through. I'm sure that my son will love his new turtle... I can't wait to see how it works!
Dana – Milan, OH

This will make 5 twilight turtles - I adore them and am giving them to everyone as shower gifts. My son is 2 and this is perfect for him to fall asleep with.
Sally – Norfolk, VA

 The Lullabag

Very Happy Mommy

Good morning! I am a very happy mommy of a healthy, happy one year old. His name is Max and thanks in great part to your fabulous sleeping bags, my son has slept through the night from three months of age. My only problem now is that he is simply too big for the large Lullabag. Do you make them for toddlers, or can I buy a larger size? It seems that once kids get used to the warm, secure feeling of the Lullabag it is hard to keep them well wrapped and comfortable with anything else!!!! Any suggestions? My son is one year (well, 54 weeks), 24 lbs and average to long in length.

(BTW, I’ve purchased at LEAST 20 lullabags for all my friends and mommies of babies who wouldn’t sleep through the night. They are all well-rested ladies now!!!! Thank you so much on behalf of all of them.)
Rebecca, mom

Sleeping Through the Night

My daughter LOVES her LullaBag, and so do I!! She's been sleeping through the night since I put her in one at 3 months of age. She is now 14 months old, and just getting too big for the large bag. I am so sad.... Is there any chance in the future you will be making a bag to accommodate 12-18 months??

Thank you for such a wonderful product, and for making my nights very enjoyable!! I know my daughter doesn't feel "tucked in" until I put her in her LullaBag at night, and it rests my heart knowing that she is safe, and warm.

A MILLION thanks to you. Here's to hoping you have a larger size!!!
Linda, mom

She Knows It's Bedtime

We were given the smaller Lullabag as a gift and it really made bedtime a joy. She loves to zip it up each night and she knows it's bedtime when we put her in it. She sleeps soundly through the night and has ever since we received the Lullabag. Thanks, Cloud B, for making such a wonderful product.
Thomas, dad

Babysitter Learned the Hard Way

Our baby girl has been using the Lullabag for months and sleeping 10 hours every night. But, last night and our babysitter put her to sleep WITHOUT the Lullabag and she woke up at 2:30 a.m! We are truly impressed with how well the LullaBag has worked for her. And, the babysitter now knows to put her into her LullaBag at bedtime!
Susan, mom

The LullaBag worked like a dream. My daughter slept through the night at 3 months.
Beverly, mom

I was baby sitting my granddaughter, and she was crying when mom and dad left to go out. I put her into her LullaBag and she was out like a light in 5 minutes. I've never seen anything like it -- this thing works.
Ron, grandpa

Can't wait for the little one to arrive. We used this Lullabag with A. Clare once she was able to get loose from being swaddled. It works wonders.
Caroline, Woodstock GA

At four months, my daughter was waking up every two hours. Now she sleeps 8 to 10 hours straight when she's in her LullaBag!
Jackie, mom

I gave the Lullabag gift cradle to a friend at her baby shower a few weeks ago. It was the hit of the party!! Everyone loved the cute cradle package and wished they had had a LullaBag to help their babies sleep when they were young.
Elizabeth, CA

The Hit of the Party

I just recently attended a baby shower and I gave Cloud B products as a gift. My gift was the 'hit' of the party. It got the most OOOHS and AHHHS of the day! I was really excited about everyone's reaction. I think what makes Cloud B products stand out among the others... is the quality, packaging and the pure fact that it really helps babies sleep!!
Aimee, CA

 Mommie Blanket

Just Woke Up

Forgive me. I got your beautiful yellow soft blanket and immediately took it home, took it out of the wrapping and immediately fell asleep.

It’s AWESOME. I love it more than is probably good for me.

L-L-L-love them.

Rayna, Ontario, Canada