Why cloud b?

Your child deserves the very best and we pride ourselves on not only making quality products, but also for delivering quality sleep. And, we all know what a good night’s sleep means: a healthier, happier family!

How do we do it? We’re Sleep Specialists and we’ve done oodles of homework! Behind the scenes, our Cloud b Advisory Board — that’s what we call our sleep-centric squad of pediatricians and parents — is constantly researching and testing new methods for comforting and calming kids. We take all that expertise (and then some) and pack it into every plush we make.

Soothing the senses is key. So, we’ve focused on creating tranquil sights and sounds, relaxing scents, and a cozy softness that little fingers will reach for. But, our plush is for more than just snuggling and snoozing -  your little ones will want their Cloud b friends around for playtime, too! Our plush pals are like one of the family - providing a smiling, supportive face when it’s tummy time and a soft, reassuring hug when things don’t go their way in the sandbox.

And, speaking of the sandbox, our products are heirloom quality and stand-up to the rough and tumble toddler lifestyle. We mentioned our attention to quality, but allow us to elaborate. Click on the links below to learn more about our:

  • Awards for Excellence and Innovation;
  • Stringent Testing Requirements; and,
  • Quality Standards. 

And, we know they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but we urge you - accept no imitations! Learn how to identify Cloud b counterfeits.