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Twinkles To Go Octo™ - Blue

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Twinkles To Go Octo™ was made for traveling and is the perfect companion for every adventure.


Twinkles To Go Octo™ was made for traveling, transforming any dark, scary new place into an underwater dreamland and making your little bug feel all snug and sleepy. Our bubbly octopus night light is bound to be an absolute must-have for traveling families - whether in the backseat, or the hotel suite! Twinkles glows soft bubbling fish and stars night after night. Twinkles features LED lights that keep the Octo's body cool, safe and long-lasting. And, with no cords to tangle with, Twinkles is always ready to travel. This incredibly lightweight, traveling nightlight has one on/off button. Press the button twice to change color setting. After 45 soothing minutes of stars and fish, an auto shut-off feature turns Octo off. Sleep is just a little bit sweeter with this glowing octopus who encourages quality, restful sleep. Bring all the comforts of home on the road with Twinkles To Go Octo™!


Gentle Light
Projects Stars
3 colors: green, blue, amber, with automatic color rotation option
23/45 Min Sleep Timer
Travel size