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Tranquil Whale and Tranquil Turtle

Uses a combination of a moving underwater light projections and soothing sounds to transform any room into a magical underwater environment

LoveLight Buddies

Cuddly plush collection which includes calming lights, melodies and nature sounds; plus a recording function so parents can leave a sweet message for their baby

Star Projectors

Combine light, colors, shapes, and movement to immerse children in a magical starry world

On the Go Illuminated projection nightlights

Twinkles To Go Octo™

The duet

Illuminate baby's and children's rooms with colorful star projections

Twilight Buddies Dragon™


The Sound Soothers Family!

Choose from 8 nature sounds or original melodies


Liam absolutely loves his sweet little Turtle that we bought for him from Cloud b. He sleeps so peacefully at night when the waves moving across the ceiling and the sound of the ocean is extremely relaxing. His sleeping routine has changed for the better and I am a very happy mommy. We love all Cloud b products so much that we purchase their products for several of our friends who are expecting.
Thank you cloud.b for your wonderful and amazing products.

Sarvi and Liam, Mother and Son

I have been using cloud b products since my fourth child and now with my newborn. I absolutely love how it keeps them calm especially the portable sound soother. It's a life save for when we put baby e into the car. She loves the sounds and falls asleep.

Joey and Eden, @brayjoe828

Since 2002

At cloud.b™, we take sleep very seriously. We are pioneers in the creation of products designed for children’s well-being and good sleep, and we specialize in the manufacture of sleep aids. At Cloud b, each product is validated by experts: pediatricians, family therapists, parents, and sleep specialists. Our collections of plush toys and nightlights have received numerous awards from both parental and professional groups.

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