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Nieuwigheid september 2023

CloudBox™ - My First Dreambox

The unique storyteller which combines stories, sounds and light projections! CloudBox™ is both a storyteller and projection nightlight, and can be enjoyed by children aged 0-8.




CloudBox™ features :
- 36 original stories,
- 8 melodies
-8 white noises with 4 synchronized light projections.

The custom light projections change with each story to create a visual spectacle that brings the narrative to life!™ narrates 36 fun stories based around 9 characters with very different personalities. With enchanting universes to explore- Ocean, Forest, Space, and Village -CloudBox™ helps soothe babies and immerses children into magical worlds that help develop their imagination.

A recording function sparks creativity by encouraging parents or children tocreate their own stories.™ offers a bilingual experience as stories can be selected in 2 languages (French / English - English /Spanish - German / English - Italian /English).

Interactive without needing a screen,™ nurtures a genuine love of storytelling for children while reducing “screen time.” Connect headphones to the plug on the left side of the™ for a totally immersive audio experience (headphones not included).


• Immersive storytelling with 36 original stories featuring 9 different characters
• Synchronized light projections create a visual experience like no other product on the market
• Soothing melodies and white noises create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for babies and children
• Recording function adds a personal touch to the storytelling experience
• Headphone plug for a totally immersive audio experience (headphones not included)
• Stories in 2 languages (French /English - English / Spanish - German / English - Italian / English)

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