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Louis Lion™ Smart Sensor®

Louis Lion™ Smart Sensor : A new furry friend to add to your collection!


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Available 01/15/2023
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Louis Lion™ Smart Sensor®: A new furry friend to add to your collection!

A cuddly toy for baby and a precious help for parents. This cute musical plush plays 8 sounds: 4 melodies and 4 white noises known to soothe and relax baby, such as the sound of nature or mom’s heartbeat. Louis the Lion also has a Smart Sensor: when baby wakes up the sensor automatically restarts the music to put him back to sleep.

  • COMFORTING: Our products are designed to help calm and soothe children to fall asleep better and make bedtime more pleasant and comforting.
  • 8 SOOTHING SOUNDS: Choose between heartbeat, rain, waves, whale song or 4 calming lullabies.
  • LULLABIES: Twinkle-Twinkle, Rockabye Baby, Classical Lullably & Tranquil Melody.
  • SMART SENSOR: Reactivates sound when baby wakes up. Automatic shutoff 23-45 min for sound.

‘-Adjustable volume

-Two timer options with automatic shut-off: 23 and 45 minutes

-Velcro tab for easy attachment to crib

-Removable music box.

-Can be machine washed and dried when the music box is removed.



dimensions: 20x19x28 cm

age: 0+


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