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Sweet Dreamz™ On the Go™ – Cat

Sweet Dreamz™ On the Go – Cat : Bring comfort and relaxation to your little one wherever you go.


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Sweet Dreamz On the Go™ – Cat

Take the comfort and relaxation your baby needs with you everywhere with this ultra-portable, all-in-one dog nightlight. It can be hung anywhere to follow baby through his naps and nights. Its projection of stars will reassure him, and with its 8 sounds 4 white noises and 4 soft melodies to relax him. Equipped with a smart sensor, the Sweet Dreamz cat will automatically restart the last music if baby wakes up. It is equipped with an automatic timer.

  • COMFORTING: Our products are designed to help calm and soothe children to fall asleep better and make bedtime more pleasant and comforting.
  • 8 SOOTHING SOUNDS: Choose between heartbeat, rain, waves, whale song, or 4 calming lullabies.
  • GENTLE LIGHT: Face has a gentle glow.
  • SMART SENSOR: Reactivates sound when baby wakes up. Automatic shutoff 15 min for light, 45 min for sound.




‘-Smart sensor: automatically restarts when baby cries to soothe him.

-Three modes: Light and music without smart sensor, light and music with smart sensor, light only

-Adjustable volume control

-Timer :

-Automatic stop after 15 minutes for light

-Automatic stop after 45 minutes for the sound

-Heart-shaped clip to attach the cat to the stroller and car seat

dimensions: 19 x 12 x 6,5 cm

age: 0+


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