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Frankie the Fox

sly fox is a secret sleep solution
He’s BACK! Inside this sweet, sly fox is a secret sleep solution – a sound machine that plays 8 soothing sounds and melodies! With favorites like a mother’s heartbeat and Rockabye Baby, these soothing sounds are scientifically proven to help babies and children go to sleep faster. Plus, he’s super soft and cuddly and bound to be one of your child’s favorite loveys bringing calm and comfort for years to come!

394 reviews for Frankie the Fox

  1. Alexis Lantgen

    My toddler loves this sheep so much. He cuddles it as he sleeps and loves pushing the buttons to make different sounds.

  2. the astronomer’s wife

    I have given this as a shower gift several times, and at each shower, it is one of the few gifts that is not duplicated or simply run of the mill. I am always asked where to find such a product and am happy to tell them! The new mothers have told me that it works like a charm. All in all, very good value for the price.

  3. Michele A. Griffin

    Sent for great niece with sleep issues. Too bad it doesn’t calm the frazzled tired-out new parents! Excellent service.

  4. diane x.

    Well when I bought it I wasn’t really happy, cuz the description said it has 8 sounds but it actually has only 4. After using it for months I would say it’s generally pretty good. A choice of soothing sound will be repeatedly played every time, and actually 4 choices are enough.I really like the design that the toy part can be separated from the sound box and washed. Though it’s hard to squeeze the box back in.

  5. mohammad alsayegh

    My baby girl love it from the birth until today she is 12 months now .

  6. Amanda

    The fox I was sent is defective. The noise just shuts off after a few seconds. It works sometimes and other times the sound won’t even come on. I’ve replaced the batteries numerous times and that doesn’t even help. It is very frustrating when trying to get baby to sleep and music will not turn on. If it does, you can’t turn it up too loud or it will short out and just stop. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

  7. Sweetvalegirl

    My grand baby loves, loves his lamb

  8. comfortlover

    I bought this one (Sleep Sheep), and the Gentle Giraffe. This one is a little bigger and softer. They were for my grandsons, and I bought them mainly because I thought the heartbeat sound would be soothing for them. I can’t prove it worked, but I like to think it did.

  9. Chanel Stout

    Cute, soft and actually helping my fussy baby

  10. john

    Happy with the purchase

  11. jmcc33

    This has been an essentially help to bedtime for all of my children. We take it on overnight trips and I think it helps make the kids feel something is familiar in any unfamiliar location. I bought more than one for each child’s room. My oldest is 3 and we still use this every nap and night. She turns it on by herself if she wakes up during the night or to entertain her if she wakes up really early.There are several songs and then nature sounds including a heartbeat that my kids loved as newborns. You can set the timer to 2 different lengths of time with the longest being 45 minutes (which makes it last long enough to make sure the child is asleep before it shuts off).The music is comforting and soothing, not obnoxious. And you can adjust the volume with a dial instead of preset levels.The lamb has Velcro straps to secure this to the crib or bed.

  12. jmchambers

    The sleep sheep is sooo soft and cute. Nice addition to any nursery decor and not obtrusive to the eye. It’s not a miracle but it puts my back to sleep in the middle of the night when she wakes up and I like having it as part of our nap/nightly routine. There is a travel version but I’m not sure I need that since it’s really just the size of a stuffed animal which I take with me when my baby has to go to sleep somewhere else. Nice to have the same object for her to look at and listen to so it’s easy to fall a lseep in other places. I noticed a lot of people don’t like that it doesn’t stay on continuously but that isn’t a concern for me as she doesn’t wake up when it times out.

  13. Trudy

    This is the cutess and sweetest toy for a new- born .It has the mothers heartbeat, ocean sounds ect. It is the perfect shower gift!

  14. e trail

    Nephew has slept with this since he was born, and is now 26 months. He has always been a good sleeper, in general, and seems to find this soothing. The stuffed animal part is looking a little shabby and might need to be replaced one of these days, but the sound machine part is still going strong. I think just having a soothing, repetitive noise other than silence really helps babies (and anyone, really) to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly. I would recommend it to others and would buy it for my own child, should I have one.

  15. M. Young

    We love theSleepSheep!

  16. Firefly

    Love this little sheep!

  17. Bailey

    This is my ‘go to’ gift for newborns and is always a big hit. I’m not a fan of the box design which is partially open.

  18. R. Joseph

    I got really excited over this and anticipated great results when I purchased it before my son was born. However it was not until my son was about 10 months old that I was able to use it. He responds much better to the “rain” and “heart” sounds. The other sounds seems to be a little disturbing to him.I must admit that my first review was a 2star rating but I must retract that and state that it is really a matter of timing for each child. Now it is the quickest way to get him off to sleep. My son fights sleep so this is a charm for us.To those considering the purchase, be mindful that each child is different and will respond differently to various stimuli. For me the value of this purchase took almost a year for me to see it. But I surely do now!My major concern is that the other sounds are not easily discerned and as an adult not comforting. My solution, I just don’t use those settings.

  19. David A Schaupp

    My daughter loves snuggling with this toy. She doesn’t even use the sound maker. She has quite literally hugged the stuffing out of 3 of these stuffed animals (she is a tween, she has had one of these toys since birth). They are very soft and huggable without the sound machine. The sound machines appear adequate, and fit into a pocket in the back of the sheep. Sound has always been okay, but we really haven’t used the sound machine much for this toy.

  20. Boggie W.

    We have an autistic grandson (30 months old)who spends most weekends with us. Bedtime was a nightmare until we got this sleep sheep! He would be so sleepy he could barely hold his eyes open but would scream if we put him in his bed. We tried everything: rocking him, milk in a bottle, rubbing his back and nothing would soothe him until he was allowed out of the bed. Ordered this and tried it out. He will still scream when you put him in the bed but as soon as he hears the raindrop sounds, he will be quiet and listen and in 5 minutes he is asleep. Best money we ever spent for him (and us).

  21. Stephanie

    I like the whale sound. The quality is very good, shipping was fast. It was definitely new (can’t say that about everything I’ve bought “new” on ebay)

  22. Marge Hurd

    This is wonderful!I am a adult who had trouble falling to sleep.The ocean sounds and whale is my favorite sounds.Fall to sleep in a few minutes.

  23. amazon mom

    she has had it since she was 1 month old and still loves it and she is two years old now. Very soft and great quality. She goes to sleep with it every night.This is the best thing i have ever found to put her to sleep and she has GERDS so this sooths her so much! Thank you! i even bought this for my friend as a baby shower gift since i love this so much! This is a must have and also put it on 45 mins bc the other setting is not long enough! Does not go through batterys that much. We also have the turle night light and she loves that too and uses it every night!

  24. Sharon E

    It’s super soft a cuddly and an upgrade from the old one. My 9yo just got a new one (he had his old one since birth). This one boasts extra sounds, lullaby music in addition to the white noise he requires. We live the timer feature. The main issue we have is the pocket for the noise machine is on a side tilt, rather than straight into the middle, it falls out constantly and that’s annoying to me. I want to Put it in his old one but the new one is so plush and cuddly he won’t let me. :(They really need to fix this issue for the next upgrade.

  25. Patricia Hiles

    Love the timer as it plays for 23 or 45 minutes.

  26. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my two-month-old grandson. The heartbeat is what put him to sleep and kept him asleep. Maybe as he gets older the other sounds will be as effective.P.S. Put the new mother to sleep, too.I don’t like that the shipper doesn’t give tracking numbers for shipping. I know FedEx, UPS and the USPS all give tracking numbers with their shipping items. Why isn’t the buyer supplied with it?

  27. Leila

    Very helpful for young babies the white noise soothes the baby helps them fall asleep

  28. Chelsey

    This lamb is so cute! The only issue I have had is trying to find a spot to hang it from where it will stay up on the Crib, but it is very cute and the music is nice.

  29. Alyssa

    Can take out the sound machine and use as a soft toy as well. Baby enjoys this, but doesn’t fall asleep. It seemed to help him sleep longer when he was a newborn, but since around 5 months he didn’t react to it. He still loves to play with the sheep and snuggle with it. Definitely would recommend a crib soother once your baby stops reacting with this.

  30. Harry S.


  31. T&C

    We love foxy he does everywhere with us and sleep with my son every night. Hes the best foxy. Would recommend would buy again.

  32. Amazon Customer

    Bought for a friend’s new baby and she loved it.

  33. Travis Wilson

    I don’t know what we would have done without this little guy! Well worth the price, and the music selection is better than anything else I’ve seen.

  34. FleyeSci

    This is the second time I’ve purchased this item for a newborn. It was a great hit both times.

  35. sthrnlady

    Love to give these as gifts to new moms

  36. K. Ocasio

    We use this for sleep every night and it has held up very well for almost the year we’ve had it. Our favorites are the nature sounds but the more playful songs are nice for when they’re not asleep. Great quality and even the batteries last a decent amount of time.

  37. Chelsie

    they loved it

  38. Tab

    Really calming and soft.

  39. E Schulze

    I wasn’t sure what to believe but I’m a believer now! I switched this on as our daughter was fussy and not calming. She immediately went quiet as if listening and then fell asleep within a few minutes. I recommend it! Even without the sounds, still makes a good teddy bear! (Teddy sheep?)

  40. JenGee

    We purchased this fox and within a year it has stopped working. Changed the battery, but will only turn on once in a blue moon.WOULD NOT recommend.

  41. Anna Willingham

    This gained my husband and I much needed sleep when our little one was newborn!!! We would turn it on when she first went down in her rock and play and it would stay on for 45 minutes which was usually long enough to get her into a nice deep sleep. One thing to keep in mind when you use it as they get older is it becomes more of a crutch… we actually had to take it away after moving her to her crib… if it wasn’t on, she would wake up so easily and we would have to go back in and turn it on… BAD HABIT!!! We weaned her off of it easily though, and during the time we were using it, it was TOTALLY worth every penny.

  42. Victoria Noble

    This lamb is so perfect and can’t put it into words! First of all, the material is so soft and the features of the lamb are so sweet. It has a crib strap and the music box is completely removable for washing and so simple to do. My New Grandbaby about loves and coo’s to it. Her favorite sound is the heartbeat and fell so fast asleep! her other favorite sound is the whale songs. The music box has different sounds which can be volumed up or down, and has two different timers to set. It was so important to me to find a nursery product that has a womb heartbeat, this has it and more! Absolutely love this lamb!

  43. Shirley H.

    My nephew won’t to sleep without its soothing sounds.

  44. Tala

    The best gifts for the babyI love this musical stuffs❤️

  45. A. Berg

    I bought this sheep out of desperation when my girl was a newborn. She ignored it completely. Now that she is 8 months old, I tried it again, and it is amazing. The noises captivate her as I am petting her and trying to get her to sleep. She concentrates on it instead of on freaking out (she really just does not want to sleep, ever). It helps me get her to sleep. One of the weird things is the timing on this.. instead of a half hour and a full hour, it gives 25 minutes and 43.. it seems like it is just random. I like that it turns off so that we can save batteries, but I almost wish that there was an option not to. In the afternoon, once the sound goes, she wakes up.It has a great velcro feature in the back, so we can secure it safely to a crib or bassinet, for newborns.A great thing, this sheep.Heck, it puts ME to sleep while I’m holding her. An adult with insomnia might even consider owning it.2 YEAR OLD UPDATEMy daughter is STILL using this sheep. I have put it through the wash (though it says not to, sometimes you just have to), and she listens to it -every night-. She can’t go to sleep without it. The only thing that has changed is that it runs through batteries a little faster than it used to, but it is still going strong.

  46. Annette M.

    Soft and plush. Perfect for babies. The sounds and music are great -even the weird whale one. The sound device is removable making this cute sheep washable. Absolutely love it! Fully recommend. <3

  47. Vertebra

    This worked so well for our son I bought one for my cousin’s baby as well. Soothing variety of non-cheesy sounds to lull baby to sleep. It really saved us some sleep on several occasions. We used it in his crib at home, and also brought it for travel so he would feel more like he was home. <3

  48. Barbara A. Chapman

    sweet lovable lamb

  49. Alicia

    My new grand baby love it!

  50. Paprika Amy

    I want to give it a higher rating, but my kiddo wasn’t impressed. It didn’t have the desired effect to help her get to sleep.The sounds are high quality (whales, heart beat, rain, water). Having volume control and timer settings are great.It can be strapped easily to a crib with the velcro behind it’s head.Soft, fluffy fur.

  51. Ashley Z.

    So – I have a hard time falling a sleep when I am supposed to sometimes, so I got a sleep sheep instead of a sound machine. I love it. I start of snuggled up to it so I don’t need the volume up too high, and I fall asleep quickly. I wanted something with the heartbeat sound to use in place of my boyfriend when we are on different schedules – it has the “inside the womb” heart sound, but it still seems to do the trick for me.The actual sheep itself is a really nice soft quality product.

  52. BeccaK

    The sleep sheep is a good idea, and it’s cute, but that’s about all it has going for it. We bought this for my son when he was a few months old; now he’s 11 months and it has already stopped working. When you buy this, you’re paying for the cute sheep; the sound machine part is very cheaply made. It has a knob that, turned one way, turns the sound off, and, turned the other way, turns the sound on and adjusts the volume. After just a few months, the knob started malfunctioning; it would only work in certain positions. Annoying, but it was still usable. Then, about a week ago it just stopped working altogether (while we were travelling, no less, and really in need of it!).We went to Target to find a replacement and found a great sound machine with more sounds and more options for less money, and it seems to be of very good quality. It has one feature I really love that the sleep sheep doesn’t; you can let the sound run indefinitely without it timing out.Spend your money elsewhere if you want a decent sound machine!

  53. Nancy J Forster

    This is my go to gift for all baby. showers! And to date all one mom gave it 10. Stard

  54. maria

    I bought it before my grand daughter was born. It has been the only thing that we have thrown away 5 minutes latter we opened the package. It came in a plastic bag which was full of loose material.To describe it better I would say that it is a snowy lamb that throws away millions of tiny pieces of thread, cotton, or whatever the material is. We had to use a razor but it continued “peeling”. I could easily imagine a newborn baby breathing all that stuff. Unbelievable. No photos… we dumped it to the waste basket.

  55. Pearl

    A friend got this for me as a shower gift when I was pregnant. My 5 year old has not spent a night without it since she was born. She LOVES sheepy. Everyone gets a sleep sheep from me as a baby shower gift

  56. funky cold medina

    This is adorable and we’ve been using the nature sounds for the last few nights and it seems to help in calming down the baby and setting the stage for bedtime. I would give it a 4.5 stars if I could. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that I wish there were a few more generic “white noise” options instead of the kind of jarring lullaby songs.

  57. JG

    We had baby in May and by the end of June the sound box is wearing out. The one I purchased in 2015 is still going strong. There is a serious quality issue with the new product.

  58. Teshia

    adorable & cuddly, perfect for my granddaughter

  59. Mother of the Bride

    Such a sweet sound machine. So soft.

  60. Larry B. Woodroof

    We bought this bunny as a soothing noise maker for our daughter beside her crib. It works very well, but there is still room for improvement. Simply put, there are two improvements that my wife and I feel would elevate the performance of this item.1 – There are two pre-set durations for how long it operates, 23 minutes and 45 minutes. You select between the two using a slider switch. As there are times where you need a white / background noise generator to last for longer periods, this item could be improved by upgrading the 2 position slider switch to a 3 position slider switch, and reprogram the logic to where the middle position has no duration, remaining on until you turn it off.2 – The white / background noise generated works excellently to help mask sounds that might otherwise disturb our baby girl. However, when the pre-set duration is reached, the sound shuts off abruptly. The “sounds of silence” aka the absence of the white /background noise, is enough to cause our baby to wake up due to the quiet. The improvement that could be made is that, starting 5 minutes before the end of either pre-set duration, the volume could be decreased gradually so that by the time the end of the duration is reached, the sound is gone. This would allow your resting baby to gradually get used to the absence of sound, and avoid the abrupt end of sound causing your baby to stir.As I said, those two points above would take an already very good item and push it over the top into excellence.

  61. camilla

    Sleep sheep has become the key to my babys bed time ritual. We’ve had such a hard time with our baby and his sleep. He fights it! He’s not a good sleeper or napper. He does not go to sleep on his own. We’ve been told hiw impirtsnt it is to start bedtime ritual that’s always that’s consistent. When it’s half hour till bed time I get him changed and ready for massage or nursing and dim lights with slerp sheep and turn on the same tune. He falls asleep to this everytime and I put him in his bassinet with the sheep still playing its tune. You can set timer to 26 mins or 45. When he wakes he’s often playing or snuggling with his sheep. Key is- I only give him sleep sheep when it’s sleep time so there’s a clear association. After few weeks of this he starts to look drowsy as soon as I start the music.

  62. K

    So I don’t have kids but got this as a gift for my sister in law. This will be her first and I thought it was adorable. The volume control is great, has settings for 23 & 45minute timer, and the sounds are great. I’m excited to see which one my nephew will like the most. The best part is the sound box comes out of the lamb, so any child could have this as a cuddly toy and use it for soothing/settling pre-nap/sleep time for years. The lamb is adorable, its dark cream, super soft and lush, and slightly vintage looking. It definitely won’t show dirt if it got dragged around the house with a toddler either. It looks much more expensive then I expected and is absolutely adorable. Better looking appearance wise then most toys/teddy’s I’ve seen in stores.GREAT GIFT!

  63. Jacobs

    We used the sleep sheep for our daughter to help establish a bedtime routine as soon as we brought her home from the hospital. This Fox is just as great for our son. I like how they added more sound selections (double tap the buttons to get secondary sound selections). Our son loves the water sound!

  64. Mandy

    so soft, perfect sounds! I use the ocean sound the most – I like to think it resembles my husband’s heavy night breathing to help my co-sleeping daughter sleep when we aren’t in bed with her 🙂

  65. Elle

    The Sleep Sheep arrived two days early, just in time to welcome baby home from the hospital. She sleptfor four hours, giving Mommy and Daddy atime to recuperate .

  66. Katherine Joyce

    This sheep is not only adorable, it is a lifesaver. Our newborn son woke at the slightest noise. Our neighbors downstairs could slam their front door and he would be startled awake. We ran a fan in our bedroom for white noise but needed something else. This sleep sheep came in! What an amazing little sound machine. Our son preferred the rain sound to anything else, but there is also a whale setting that sounded a little like creepy aliens to me, but he liked that one too. I would get him to sleep, lay him in his bassinet, and turn the sheep on the 90 minute setting…and I was assured 90 minutes of peace (at least!). Plus it is adorable and looks very cute hanging on the side of a baby’s crib. Worth the buy! Also makes a great baby shower gift.

  67. LeighR

    Sweet and adorable, this sheep makes a perfect present for new babies. It has become my signature gift to all new family members. They love it too!

  68. Mandi

    Frankie the fox is sooo cute in person! We had the sheep for our daughter and when I saw the fox I had to get it for our little boy! It matches his room and all the cloud b items are amazing

  69. Bethany H

    This bunny was perfect for my baby and I. I love the different choices in sounds and how the sound box is removable. The volume is adjustable which is super nice too. My baby (5 months) loves to play with it’s floppy ears and chew on it’s nose when he was awake. While asleep I am able to attach it to his crib out of harms way.

  70. C. B. St Hilaire

    I received this as a gift at my baby shower. It has become my favorite baby item (rating up there with my Aden and Anais blankets!). First, the sheep itself is adorable. However, more importantly, it has four buttons with soothing sounds for baby. The best sound for a newborn: the heartbeat. I put my (now 2 months old) baby in his basinet and immediate turn on the heartbeat. It creates a peaceful environment for him and allows him to fall asleep without hearing my heartbeat (mommas and dads need sleep too!). The other sounds are lovely as well (rain and whale).This sheep hooks right on to the outside of the crib (important because you don’t want anything in there for risk of suffocation). Someday, when my child is older, you can take the hard sound box right out, zip the sheep back up, and voila – he is a soft little stuffed animal.If you are registering for a baby shower or attending one, this is truly a top notch gift.

  71. Mary Derrick

    This is Great! Really calming for baby!

  72. MrRoboto

    It’s bigger than I thought. I bought this as a present for a new mom-to-be and she liked it. Can’t ask for more than that.

  73. Tori

    We didn’t know that white noise would be such a life-saver in getting our newborn/infant son to sleep, but once we did, we used iPhone/iPad apps and the vacuum/washer/dryer for white noise. Then we got this as a gift and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Didn’t know about these before and wish we had!! The white noise apps just drain the battery on your devices really quickly, and of course you don’t want to spend your life sitting next to the dryer or vacuum. We actually got a second one so we’d have one for trips in the car (attached to the car seat) and one for the crib/nursery. That is how much we like this and how much it helps our son. A friend of mine said the same thing, and that her 3 year old still uses his and her almost 1 year old also really benefits from this. The noise options are nice too (our personal favorite is the ocean, but the rain and the stream options are nice too – the whale one is our least favorite) and we really like the choice between 25 and 45 minutes for the timer. We use this a lot and the battery seems to last a long time too.Update:We thought that this would be the exact same product as our sleep sheep, but the machine part actually has different noise options than the one that came with the sheep – there are two noises that are the same (rain and ocean, I believe) and there are two that are different. One is (in our opinion) a really creepy imitation of a kid giggling, and one is a lullaby type song. I personally wish the noise choices were like our other one, and was very surprised that it was different, but as we used the rain and ocean options the most anyway, it’s not too much of an inconvenience.

  74. Kelly

    I use this every single night for my baby girl that is now 3 months old. Very soothing! I started using the heartbeat sound when she was a newborn and have moved on to the lullabies.

  75. Allysa Flowers

    I really like this. I use it every day. It is for myself as I have some anxiety and it calms me down. It calms my cat down too. It IS made in China, just to let you know. I wouldn’t want to cuddle it for that reason, but it’s really cute and is soft and has a tab at the back with velcro to hang it from things. Yes, one of them sounds is like Darth Vader (lol) as another customer said, but I don’t mind that too much. It is meant to sound like amniotic fluid/heart beat? 🙂 I really like the music options. I do wish you could leave it on without a timer but still, I like it a lot.

  76. smitty

    all good

  77. JVasinko

    Fuzzies and crud stick to this like a magnet. When you wash it, the fur mattes up instantly and the fuzzies still do not come out. It was just okay. My son preferred the bed time music on the very popular green dog plush that talks to you.

  78. Tyler Lawrence

    Frankie is sooo cute and soft…even my dog wants it! I love that it can attach to my LO’s bed and has lots of different sounds. I’m not sure if it actually helps him with his sleep yet, but I’m going to keep trying! I wish it lasted longer than 45 minutes but when I think about it, I just reset the sound and let it keep playing. The volume seems a little quiet at first, but when it goes off and there’s only silence, I can tell that it really does make a difference.

  79. Tomash

    Great product

  80. Amazon Customer

    I always buy this for my baby showers

  81. Adnilasor2

    We will be just missing having 3 under 3. These sound machines work like a charm. The longest play time is 45 mins. We don’t have a long bedtime routine. We just do quiet time which starts with one of the “friends” being turned on, change into PJs, teeth, 1 story, and down. For naps it’s just sheep/panda on and a quick tuck. The kids don’t like to share them so each needs their own. We’ve had the first (sheep) for almost 3 years with no issues. If it plays for a short while only, it means the batteries are low. Our middle guy had the panda which is my fave, but not avail when we got the sheep years ago. This time, I’m going with the fox. I like that there are options. They are soft, wipe down or wash well. Definitely buying another! For travel we bring both these and a cheap travel sound machine (I think it was less than $10) and that works the best

  82. Roxanne Frisbie

    This is a cute, fluffy little attachable toy for a child’s crib, but the first sound that we all listened for, was the “heartbeat,” which we were all familiar with from other “sleep machines.” This poor little thing contains aheartbeat sound that sounds more like warfare, or a jack-hammer going off in the street. This was very disappointing, because quite un-usable for that sound (which we really wanted). However, the other sounds werepretty typical and gentle enough, and the “whale” sound was it’s selling feature. It was very unique and gentle.Were it not for that, I would have returned the product because of the “heartbeat” sound.


    It was really easy to use. Comforted baby.

  84. S.Wes

    I purchased the Sleep Sheep in hopes of assisting my 6 week old daughter to sleep longer at night. The Sheep is an average sized stuffed animal. I do travel with it also to assist and its not an issue. The only problem that I have are the sounds. The rain sound is very low and the heartbeat sounds as if someone is about to die. It is not the steady “lub dub” that you hear from the actual heart…its just lub…lub…lub….if that makes sense. There is an ocean sound that I play that seems to calm her down or put her to sleep. Would I recommend this product…Its ify. There could be something better.

  85. DreamCatcher

    I bought this item for my mother as a Christmas gift. She loves to fall asleep with some type of music or background noise. She loved the bear so much she gifted one to her mother while we cared for her

  86. jb

    Bought as gift & recipient loves it.


    The pictures of this little lamb do not do it justice. It is adorable and super, super soft and cuddly. I LOVE the fact that the audio box is not wired into the animal. It is very easy to adjust the volume and choose the different featured music and sounds. Bought it for our 5 year old grandson because his musical owl kicked the bucket. Sound machines are a wonderful “sleep/relaxation” help for little ones. HIGHLY recommend!

  88. Whatwhatwhy

    It’s so easy to Velcro to his crib and very travel friendly especially in the car. The box does stick out the back a little but I honestly think it’s better that way because otherwise the sheep’s stuffing makes the noise very quiet.

  89. R. A. Lane

    My absolute favorite baby gift for new parents. The heartbeat white noise setting seems to always quiet and console baby and allows baby and its parents a chance to get some much needed rest. Although its a bit pricey, it’s a very useful and appreciated product.

  90. Leaette Williamson

    Just perfect for a toddler.

  91. Trish

    I’ve gotten a few of these for friends who recently had babies and they are great!

  92. Antoinette D

    Literally the most valuable gift I’ve received yet! Works like a charm! Super affordable and cuddly!

  93. Brush head- philips sonicare

    My baby loves it!

  94. Danielle Wright

    This is amazing! Plays songs ans white noise. It’s soft and cuddly as we’ll.

  95. teacher4life

    This sleepy sheep is worth it’s weight in gold! We used it with our grandchild and it was amazing to calm him down and back to sleep!I highly recommend this Sleepy Sheep!

  96. Em

    This sleep sheep has been very helpful when our daughter sleeps to give a soothing sound that has adjusting volume so it can be faint or louder to drown out other noises that could wake her up. The timer can be 23 min or 45 min. The sounds are heartbeat, gentle rain, ocean wave, or whales. I like the gentle rain for its continuous gentle sound that acts like a comforting white noise.

  97. el kurto

    Awesome. “Cloud b” creates very durable fully featured toys. Albeit discontinued in lieu of other great products, the Sleep Sheep exists as an excellent gift for expectant parents. I bought one for my son six year ago, and it`s still functional. I always give “Cloud b” products to expectant office-mates and friends. Parents and children love the Sleep Sheep. If you cannot buy a sleep sheep, then check-out the newer equivalent products from “Cloud b”.

  98. Dede

    Love it!

  99. Christina

    I was looking everywhere for a stuffed animal to put in the crib that mimicked a mother’s heartbeat. This one does have that feature, however it does not sound true to a real heartbeat. The rain and ocean sounds are nice, the whale sounds are like something from a scary movie though. I will probably not use it as much as I would have liked. Also, the fuzz comes off very easily on the lamb. It would not survive being washed or even spot cleaned very many times. It does look cute in the crib though. I will still continue to look for a better one and will send this back if I can find a new one in time.

  100. SkiMama

    Love love this bunny !Soft, Cuddly, and plays about 4 different sounds. I find the kids giggleing button a little weird i wish that was a heartbeat sound or recordable sound instead , also the “calm” and “relax” buttons seem almost identical , so a lil more thought put into that and make one a vibrate button would’ve been nice.It plays for a good while ,there is a timer so you just set it next to baby and leave it.I like that its not the usual lamb , and still matches the forest theme of the nursery

  101. Patricia Ritz

    This is so wonderful! I turn the sound on and my son is usually asleep within 10 minutes!

  102. Jennifer

    I purchased this item b/c I loved the idea of the mother heartbeat… funny thing is that it’s not one of his favorite sound but my 3.5 month goes to sleep so much easier with the sheep on. And if he starts to wake up we are able to restart the music and it calms him back down. *It has a 35min timer. Wich is very nice b/c otherwise I can’t even emagine how many batteries we would have gone through allready! It also has a very safe velcro strap so you don’t have to worry about the sheep falling into the crib with your baby! Also very soft.

  103. tmcknight

    I purchased this for my 2 1/2 year old son who has NEVER been a sleeper. We’ve tried other sound machines, downloads of serene music but nothing worked. We bought this as after he had his tonsils and adenoids removed and as he started his big boy bed. That was in mid November and he has loved it. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, I just hit “rain” and that’s all he wrote. I would recommend this product from the start to any new mom. My only recommendation to the company who manufactures it would be to make a model with a remote so you don’t have to go into the room and risk waking a half sleeping baby or having them see you.

  104. Rocky10473

    I’m very excited for my little one to get here. This little fox has exactly what I wanted in his toy. It’s not too big or small; it’s perfect. Super soft. The controls are easy to use and the batteries were easy to put in. I love the fact I can hang this little guy inside the crib without fear of it hurting the baby while he sleeps! Highly recommended!

  105. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Omg this little guy is soooo adorable! We received it as a gift for my sons first bday from his grandparents. Although to be honest, I picked it out myself! We were looking at another bear that had some neat sound options, such as turning on to the sound of the baby crying! And it was supposed to be pink instead of white noise which was supposed to be more soothing. BUT the bear wasn’t really that cute! They had different colored bears but no other reall choices then that. So when I decided to compare other options I came across this lil fox and I couldn’t help but fall in love! Luckily my lil Silas felt the same way. It was the first time I saw him carry a stuffed animal around and act like it was special to him! He even gives it hugs and kisses!I wish there were maybe more sound options. The heart beat isn’t very soothing, it’s almost creepy sounding really, as is the whales. So I normally like the nature and white noise type sounds but I almost like the lullabies better. When you push the button twice the songs come on instead of the nature type sounds.Everyone at his bday party fell in love with this lil guy as well. So I’d give it 5 stars for cute cuddliness! And 3-4 stars for the sound choices. Though they have been helpful overall and we do like to use them to block out other noise for sleep and soothing.

  106. REDNERD

    My baby loved it so much it almost felt like cheating. If my baby was changed and fed but was still not happy I would turn this sheep on the setting that sounds like mother’s heartbeat when she was still in the belly and she would calm right down and go to sleep. It is very soft and my baby loved looking at it. It has several sound settings – of which she loved the heartbeat the best.

  107. Maureen Olson

    Cute and well made, however purchased a different soother in which the sounds of the womb sounded more realistic. This one has the heartbeat/womb sounds but it is not a constant swishing sound as there exists a moment of silence between the swishing, which is not how the womb sounds, should be a constant heartbeat/swishing womb sound.Used one 30 years ago, a bear, for my son and went through many batteries, because it really worked in calming him down. Now he is having his own son, and I purchase a new one for my new grandson, will keep this one, the sheep, for emergencies, if batteries run out of other one. Found other bear at Babies R Us, cant remember brand however.

  108. Cookie Gertz

    My daughter in law and son love it. The will post it on the baby’s crib

  109. RendyRendy

    Arrived earlier than estimation. Works well with clear sound.Not to comfortable for travelling because it’s size. They sell the smaller one too for traveling

  110. Mike B

    really works, got the idea from the 5 S’s

  111. NVela

    Has been working great for 7 months. Has put my baby to sleep each night. Highly recommend. My daughter prefers the rain sound over the other options.

  112. Kassi

    Don’t hesitate to buy!! I’ve bought 3 so far 2 for each of my kids at home and one for at Grandmas house!! I’ve put it on the bottom button every night since they were a baby and even now at 2 years old I turn it on and something about it puts them right to sleep.

  113. Danielle Meador

    Bought this for a babyshower 3 years ago and she is still carrying it around. love! <3

  114. Turtlesc54

    Honestly I have bought like 4 or 5 of these. Without fail the children(then babies) still love it. My grandson will soon be 5 & sleeps with it every night. He knows how to change the soft noise to whatever he likes. It is soft & cuddly & worth every penny.

  115. Julia

    We’ve used this since the day my five-month-old came home from the hospital. She knows when we turn it on, it’s time to eat, rock and then lay down and sleep. The ocean waves is our favorite.For second-time parents: this was a great gift for my twin girls to bring to their baby sister at the hospital. They were so excited to be bringing her a gift. Contrarily, Baby Sister gave my girls the twilight turtle, as a special gift. They still talk about how kind it was of their baby sister to give them a great gift, and they’re reminded of it each night as they stare at the stars on their ceiling. I think it really helped to ease the transition of becoming big sisters.

  116. Mystery Shopper

    I bought this as a gag holiday gift for someone I know has trouble sleeping. They say it works to help put them to sleep!The “heartbeat” sound is more like a herd of mongrel pigs but the other sounds are realistic.The only downside? Having to take it with you when you travel because you’re hooked on it. People really look at you weird in the plane when you’re an adult with a sound sheep. Or so I hear.

  117. Candace S. Huxhold

    It was a gift and I hope they really like it. Another friend had asked for one for her baby shower and was thrilled so I felt good buying another for this other person.

  118. Carol McDonald

    It is as a gift.

  119. Junjira M.

    We can’t live without it! The sounds are so very soothing and adult friendly. It definitely helps lull baby to sleep and keeps her asleep. I just wish that it would play for longer than 45 mins! The bunny itself is super soft and adorable. The only problem I have with it is that it does shut off randomly and at one point it wouldn’t play at all! I think it’s just a product of getting tossed around so make sure to be a bit gentle with your bunny. Otherwise, it’s a great tool for a sleep deprived family.

  120. Haldiman82

    This has been my go-to for baby shower gifts. Each mom tells me how much their babies love it. The heartbeat sound is the best. It mimics the sounds babies hear in the womb so it helps them relax and stay asleep.

  121. M. Masson

    Too cute. Always well received I combine this gift with a baby book about lambs.

  122. Ev

    My wife gives one of these sleep animals to every friend that has a baby and always gets rave reviews from tired new parents. There is also a portable sheep one that clips onto the stroller. Very soft and huggable, and crying babies seem to be calmed by the white noise it makes. Helps them fall asleep faster after waking with a minimum of disturbance. Has a volume so you can turn it up and set it on the dresser (since nothing should be in the crib with a sleeping baby) or lower when they’re holding it during cuddle or playtime.

  123. Kristina

    I got this for baby number 5. Never had anything like this for the other ones. And it’s a complete game changer.I had actually forgotten about this on top of baby’s closet. She has been fussy for car rides and I’ve even had to play rain sounds in the car for her to calm down. Then, I remembered Ella. She calms right down with the heartbeat noises and the volume control makes it not too loud for the other people. I can still listen to music. We’re not ever going anywhere without Ella again. It works at home as well. This is my new go to baby gift for showers.

  124. Ziare

    Love it!This animal is amazing. Firstly, it is so super soft. I was even surprised at how soft it was. The noise box that it comes with fits in the back super good. The controls are on the side and stick out of the back just slightly but it’s very minimal. I thought the wires of the box would go into the actual body of the stuffed lamb but that’s not the case. The box is by itself which is nice. Because later if my daughter doesn’t need the white noise anymore I can remove the box and she can cuddle with the lamb as just a stuffed animal.It’s not a small stuffed animal. It is bigger than I thought it would be but it’s perfect for what I wanted. It hangs on the rail of her crib. However, the strap for hanging I wish it was just a little bit longer. Like another inch would make it just perfect.It has two timers. For 23 and 45 minutes. It has two modes. White noise (like oceans) and then lullabies. Both of them are nice and I’m surprised that since the whole thing is encased in a stuffed animal it wouldn’t be very loud but it is just the right volume. I love the ocean sounds, it’s very crisp and clear and it’s the one we use for my daughters room.

  125. Pat Nichols

    A lovely cuddly toy!

  126. Lindsey is in the Woods

    My toddler loves the lullaby sounds, along with a light white noise fan machine. Sleeps like a champion.The one issue is battery life. Have had this for two months, used every night on the 45 min auto shut off, and the battery is already drained.

  127. Amity Hixson

    This was exactly as I thought it would be. The sounds were clear and volume adjustable and the size was just right.

  128. kcb

    bought this one because our cloud b sleep sheep died (sound box stopped working). we have a woodland theme in the nursery, so this fit in that my son is more mobile, he enjoys crawling over to it. i swear he can hit the buttons too!only 4/5 because it doesn’t have the heartbeat sound!

  129. Marlene Bickar

    Awesome soothing sounds

  130. Proud Grandma

    This item was purchased as a gift for a baby shower. It was a big hit! My grandson who is three years old received a Sleep Sheep as a gift when he was a baby, and it put him to sleep every night. It is so cute and cuddly, and the nature sounds are so soothing! It is perfect for helping a little one nod off for a nap or at bedtime. Excellent purchase!

  131. Sandra Cashman

    I bought one of these several years ago for my daughter from a specialty baby shop (at twice the price!) and her baby became “addicted” to it! It’s the only way she could get her to sleep or calm her when she was fussy. She liked it so much, she bought a second one for the car. Now that I discovered this at such a better price on Amazon, I give it to all the new babies in my life, and continue to hear glowing reports from the Moms. And each baby has a special sound that they prefer.

  132. Patricia M. Terrell

    This is the perfect gift for a brand new baby. Every mom and dad goes through a period in which the baby seems to keep them awake all night, every night. I originally bought two of them and gave them to two expectant mothers. Both told me when nothing else would quiet their child and allow them to sleep, this did – every single time. There is something about the mother’s heartbeat sound inside that instantly soothes them. Because of their feedback, when two more of my friends were expecting, I didn’t hesitate – I bought each of them the Sleep Sheep. It’s my go-to gift for any expectant parent.

  133. janimac

    This little lamb was purchased as a present for my first little grandson, to be born very soon. I gave it to my daughter in law last night and she loved it! When I had my first child, we had a teddy bear to put in his crib that would play womb sounds and it was very effective in calming him when he was fussy. I hope this little lamb has the same effect on my grandson. If it does, my daughter in law might also try it on her husband when he has a fussy spell! LOL! It worked for him 29 years ago!

  134. Zach Krog

    I have one of these, but have at this time also bought more than 5 as gift for new parents. The power of the sheep is not to be underestimated! It will hypnotize your children into falling asleep, whether they want to or not. The crashing waves will yeet them into unconsciousness like no trick your Grandma child ever contrive!

  135. Jordan Alvey

    Okay, there is something magical about the “twinkle, twinkle” melody. It knocks my baby out. She doesn’t seem to like most of the other sounds (except perhaps the rain one once in awhile). But for this one melody I give it 5 stars!

  136. JLE


  137. LollyHolly

    I just ordered this for my friend who is expecting because my daughter loves her’s so much. She goes right sleep when she hears the music. Now she is old enough to work it herself and turns it back on when she wakes up in the middle of the night! We LOVE our sleepy sheep!

  138. Lauren

    This is cute and convenient that it can be easily moved, but in hindsight I would have gone with a normal sound machine that plugs in and doesn’t turn off after 45 minutes. My daughter wakes up to changes in noise and resetting this gets old. Also have to turn the knob to turn this off which is inconvenient when holding a baby, but its for baby so the batteries aren’t easy to change, don’t want to waste them.

  139. Linda

    Purchased this for my grand daughter. She loves it. I love it when she brings it on her sleep overs with me.

  140. Cindy Sandusky

    Love it

  141. Erica R

    My one year old loves this sheep & music does help soothe him

  142. Lindsey H.

    Lots of diff sounds. I kinda liked these better when they were smaller, was surprised by the size!

  143. Hollie

    My son LOVES this! He will even go turn it on when he’s ready for bed! He has a noise machine, which we still use, and that keeps him asleep and makes us not have to be so quiet after he goes to bed, but he was having trouble falling asleep. At daycare I know they play lullabies at nap time so I thought this would be perfect to help him fall asleep and it was! I was hesitant to buy because it’s $30 but it was worth every penny.

  144. Liz

    I only wish this thing could go all night. Had to buy a plug in continuous adult style noisemake to cover all the creaky old house noises that happen overnight because baby does not sleep through them anymore. Until that arrives though, whenever she started rustling next to us in her bassinet, I just push the button in my half awake state and she will usually settle back down into slumber. It’s cute, soft and cuddly-will make a nice toy and is probably good for travel. Like that there are 8 different sound options. Baby likes the music and the heartbeat the best.

  145. Brooke

    My daughters favorite sleep buddy!

  146. Welderwoman

    Present for my new Grand-daughter. I bought the giraff for my other grand-daughter, if it works anything like the giraff, it saves a lot of sleepless nights. The calming affect of the sounds these animals make really work on babies. THANKS AGAIN, AMAZON

  147. E. Fleisher

    This is my all-time favorite gift to give newborns.

  148. Payton G.

    Every time I turn this on I fall asleep. So So relaxing. And very well made. will get years and years of usage.

  149. Ann S.

    I bought this for my newborn nephew 8 months ago, and up until today, he still enjoys the music when he sleeps, he also loves playing with this cute sheep now (he didn’t know how to play with it when he was younger). Great value!

  150. amikns717

    Used for my kids, gave as a baby shower gift. Best gift and best item to take anywhere and drowned out the noise so your baby can rest and you can multitask.

  151. J.T.

    We use this just about every night. It has become part of the “routine” of bedtime. It works for naptime as well…I lay her down and turn on the sheep (I prefer the ocean sound, my husband really likes the whales) and it’s as though she hears it and realizes it’s time for sleep. 99% of the time she is asleep well before it runs through the 23 minute cycle. We do have the newer one with the 40-some minute option as well but haven’t needed to run it that long. Since her bedroom is so close to ours, I have come to enjoy the sounds myself as I lay in bed at night! 🙂 Maybe I need my own! I am all for any product that relieves some of the unpredictable sleep patterns and bedtime difficulties that come with every infant!

  152. J H

    Works like a charm. Soothing whale sounds kept him calm and he fell asleep quickly. Haven’t tried the other sounds. I should have bought the travel one, this one is pretty big.

  153. Amazon Customer

    Great buy, we love it!

  154. K. Sondej

    This is the perfect gift for new truly lulls baby to calm sleep

  155. mariya

    Such a wonderful lullaby toy. So highly recommend it. Bought it twice for my daughter and once for my niece. She loves it too.

  156. Sam

    I bought this as a gift for my friend and her baby loves it!

  157. Eunice

    Ordered this cause our baby was not liking the silence in the room. Has different sounds and music. It’s great and the nature sounds worked wonderfully for our baby

  158. Kat

    We are big fans of the Sleep Sheep. I did not register for this, but received it as a random baby shower gift. We have used it with my daughter and son (now 5 and 3 yrs old), and we like it a lot. We just stopped using it with my 3 year old within the last 3 months or so.I like that the volume is adjustable, there are several sounds to choose from (we usually used the “ocean” sound), and that you can set it to turn off after either 15 or 40 minutes (or something like that)–all great features that were useful to us. Also, the actual sound box is a little plastic thing slightly bigger than a deck of cards–and it’s just held inside the plush sheep with a velcro tab. We loved this because it’s easy to remove to replace batteries (which I’ve only had to do once all these years) and also because we take out the sound box to take with us when we travel. That way the kids have a comfort of home but we don’t have to pack the whole Sleep Sheep plush animal.I’ve purchased this as a part of a baby gift for several friends and family members. Highly recommend!

  159. Baylee Roche

    I ordered an owl a few years ago for my daughter since she wouldn’t sleep without white noise. I wasn’t chancing it this go around and ordered the fox and it’s by far the cutest little thing ever! Super soft. Not over stuffed. And the sounds are perfect. Love it!

  160. Suzanne T.

    I thought this was adorable and really liked the idea. Unfortunately after a handful of times using, it would no longer turn on. I thought maybe the batteries had died, so I switched them out for some brand new ones and still nothing. It literally just hung on the crib, and my LO is only a few months old so isn’t big enough to grab it. I think we received a dud, so I decided to returned it. Although it was adorable I think I will be trying a different sound machine.

  161. lamb

    All sounds are very soothing to our baby. We make it a routine at bedtime to play the sounds (which plays up to 45 minutes each song), and doesn’t seem to drain the battery one bit. The ocean and rain sounds are good for the adults too, I fall asleep with it. My baby loves the heartbeat sound and the music options are soothing too. Wished we had it from day 1 after delivery and had packed in my hospital bag.

  162. Bob —patrol 29

    Great product rapid efficient shipping

  163. Audra G.

    Every new parent I have given these too absolutely Loves them!

  164. Rea

    Great product. I’m sure it will be used often.Cute and cuddly. Nice as a gift for a newborn.

  165. Ja

    Helps for baby to sleeps through the night and covers sounds

  166. Louise Redpath

    My mini love this! We have used the wave sound at bed/nap time since the day he was born and it has help to smooth and comfort him ever since…

  167. Amazon Customer

    My daughter has loved her lamb for several years and it just keeps going.

  168. Bean Vandom

    I actually bought this for my 5 week old puppy. In a matter of minutes Mr Crabby was out like a light. Love it!!

  169. Robert536

    Excellent product. Supplier delivered as promised.

  170. PAPER


  171. slp527

    I used the Sleep Sheep every night to help my daughter fall asleep. We tried all four settings, which consist of Mom’s heartbeat, whales, rain and ocean. We only used the rain and ocean settings. The heartbeat is a strange noise and the whales sounded a bit creepy. The Sheep has volume settings, but we normally kept the sound turned all the way up. The Sleep Sheep has two play options — 25 minutes or 45 minutes — which is the only drawback of the product. Sometimes, the Sheep would stop playing and my daughter would wake. There is a long Velcro strip to attach the Sleep Sheep outside of the crib. Now that baby is older, we let her play with it, as the Sheep is very soft. The sound box is removable from the sheep, which makes it extra squishy. While the product runs on batteries, we used the Sheep every day, multiple times a day, and never replaced the batteries. Now my daughter is 8 months old and we still haven’t had to replace them.

  172. JLP

    For all of you sleep deprived parents out there, let me do you a favor and make one thing very clear: the Sleep Sheep does NOT come with a continuous operation option.If your kid is like mine and wakes up as soon as the noise machine turns off (which is about the worst thing in the world), then skip the Sleep Sheep and go for something with the option of running all night long. The 

    HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver

     worked well for me – it is cheaper than the Sleep Sheep, you can choose whether or not you want it to run all night or shut off after a certain amount of time and, as an added bonus, it comes with an A/C adapter.

  173. Attan

    I got this item for my son’s first christmas. We used it every night until he was a one year old. It is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. It needs a 9v battery but it lasts a long time. Some ambient sound systems are very expensive like the ones you see in Brookstone. There are only 4 sounds on this Sleep Sheep compared to something more expensive. There’s a difference in that my son can hug and tamper with the buttons as much as he likes and I don’t have to worry about him breaking it as opposed to something that’s $150. He loves the thing and I’m sure it will be near his side as he grows even older. It’s a sentimental stuff toy to him as opposed to a $150 dollar box.

  174. Ashley C

    Great product! It attaches easily to the slats in our baby’s crib. We use the heartbeat and ocean waves sounds (button one and three).

  175. Jaeda Heinl

    I love how soft and cuddly this sheep is. Its pretty good sized and the Velcro loop that can attach it to the crib is very strong. My child wont be undoing that by accident and having it fall into her crib. I also really like that the sound machine part is easily removed for when I have to wash the sheep. The sound options are great and I love that the volume is adjustable.

  176. Margo

    Love it! Bought one for my granddaughter and one for me too!

  177. Jason Glassner

    My go-to new baby gift. It’s always a hit!

  178. Milena Y-D

    We got that sheep for our 1 yr old girl. The 4 sound options are all nice (we love the waves the best though) and the volume levels are a great option, too. It attaches really well to a crib and also to a port-a-crib (the velcro is strong enough for a 1 yr old). Just one thing- when I bought it, I envisioned it as a plush toy with sound- this is NOT a TOY for a baby- our little one managed to take the sound mechanism out (and chewed on it…). I don’t list that as a problem, because if you use the sheep properly attached it just won’t happen. I would definitely recommend this product!

  179. b.k.

    I give these as baby shower gifts. They work great and the new parents love them.

  180. Kshops1

    Love the sleep sheep. The volume control makes a huge difference. It provides the perfect background noise. Soothes my is nice having the variety of sounds. I prefer the ocean & rain, the heartbeat is a bit weird to me. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the musical ones when he is a bit older. I’m buying this for all my baby shower gifts in the future. Love.

  181. Samantha Carranza

    Had this for my now 6 year old daughter and loved it then, bought for my new baby and it’s exactly the same. Affordable noise stuffy for babies! I purchase for the white noise!

  182. lifewithpnut

    We bought the sleep sheep for my 12 month old son who was having trouble sleeping at daycare. We usually play a white noise playlist for him at home but his daycare uses a standard music CD for nap time which he was having trouble adjusting to. He slept for an hour with the first use at daycare. It’s super easy to use and attaches great to the crib with Velcro straps.

  183. Jon A.

    We have the giraffe for our son, over 2 years now and it’s still his favorite….So we got the lamb for our daughter. Excited to see her grow up and love it.

  184. KCKC

    Greatest kid product! Puts my kids to sleep! We got the travel lamb for the newborn phase and strapped it to crib, now going to fox for lullabies. Fox is large enough to snuggle with and so cute! Giraffe is perfect for snuggling and lullabies as well. I would recommend this to any parent with newborns and children. It puts my kids to sleep instantly.

  185. lauraec

    I got this for my 6 week old son to help him calm down and go to sleep at night. I’m not sure that it does much at this point, but I like listening to the “rain” setting. The one thing I am disappointed about is that I bought it for the mother’s heartbeat sound, as he likes to lie on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. But it really doesn’t sound anything like a heartbeat, so I haven’t used that sound much.

  186. Jerrie Gross

    I work in a nursery at church and saw this. One child that comes in every week…comes in crying. This was bought especially for her. When we turn it on and give it to her, she just cuddles it and goes to sleep. I bought it for my grand baby that is due in September. I hope it brings her as much joy as this baby at church.I really appreciated the easy purchase and the fast delivery. I will recommend you to everyone who is in the market for this soother.Thank you.

  187. irenenaoum


  188. Tsunami Mom

    We lost our sleepy giraffe on vacation last week. My three year old was so upset, I went to find a new one on amazon and yet they are no longer sold. She was devastated, I let her choose from the options they do have and she picked this sweet little sheep. It has become her new best pal and I am so thankful she loves it. I was very concerned since she was very particular about the music but she enjoys this just as much as she did her long lost giraffe.

  189. S J Risdahl

    This is an extremely useful gift for a baby. We have given several of these to different families, and in each case the lambs have been used for quite a few years, holding up well. The sounds are comforting as part of their sleep rituals.

  190. Dave

    Allow me to just agree with those who love this. My infant son loves this. We sent one to day care when he started there and before you know it several other kids have one. The teachers love it – the sounds really help the kids get to sleep and it’s a good toy for them to cuddle up too. It worked so well we bought a second one for home. It’s been a big help for us at nap time (particularly when we are off his schedule or away from home – he knows when we pull it out and turn it on that it’s time to take a nap).

  191. Christine Mausteller

    My Granddaughter loves her lamby. I have bought her two one for her home and ine fir Grammys.

  192. lmp

    I really like this Sleep Sheep. It is soooooo soft and cuddly. My baby loves looking at it and touching it. However, I learned from a sleep consultant (yes, that’s a thing) that white noise needs to run all night long to protect the baby’s sleep. This will only play the sound for about 45 minutes before it shuts off. There is no option to leave it on indefinitely. I understand they did this to save battery life, but it means that we can only use it for naps and bought a different sound machine for nighttime. This is too pricey for this limited usage.

  193. cathy

    This is just beautiful. THE softest material.

  194. sonia gell

    Excellent product!!!

  195. Alin MarinescuAlin Marinescu

    Love it! My wife and I were looking for a toy like this for awhile. So far so good!

  196. Elle

    I purchased this for my second child, to muffle the sounds of my first when my second was sleeping. This lamb lasted until my third child was 11 months old, to the day. The ocean waves sound is what we used most. I think even I slept better and deeper while it was on. My second also enjoyed the lamb as a stuffed animal and kept her on the end of her bed even after she moved to a toddler bed, until I convinced her that the new baby would need it.It has several other sounds that are nice. The volume is adjustable and you have three settings for the timer before it shuts itself off. However, it cannot play continuously. It uses AA batteries.I actually would have given it 5-stars except the lamb we received had screws over the battery cover which were damaged and almost impossible to get off (It took my husband a set of needle nose pliers and a half hour to get both screws out after various failed attempts by me.). The screws that we removed were not salvageable. So check to see if the battery cover can be removed when you first purchase it, so you won’t end up with the battery cover unsecured down the road.March 2014 Update: The sheep is still lovely, but the sleep machine has completely died. The machine was used for approximately one year with its first child and eleven months with the second. I believe it has shorted out, as we had a period where it would not consistently work above a medium volume setting. It has been kept in a temperature controlled environment the entire time we have owned it and we ended up with less than two years of use from the electrical component – so I am removing another star. So if you expect to use it only for one child, it may work out nicely for you.

  197. GrandmaHeather

    I bought this for my youngest granddaughter. She was six weeks old when I gave itto my son and daughter-in-law, and my daughter-in-law let me know that the darlingbaby girl loves it. She seems to have a response to the ocean sounds.My daughter is pregnant, and I am going to order the “Sleep Sheep” for her babyboy.

  198. mcp

    The sleep sheep (set on ocean) has resided in our daughter’s crib since she was just a few weeks old. We turn it on whenever she falls asleep and it soothes her very quickly (including in the middle of the night). She adores it and often holds it closely while sleeping. However, now that she is an older baby, she often wakes from her nap when the automatic timer shuts off after 45 minutes, so I do wish I could leave it on for the entire duration of her nap (I’d be happy to put in some more batteries – we’ve only had to refill it once in 18 months even with daily use). Similarly, I wish I could program it to come on in the early morning, when she is also likely to wake early if she hears a loud noise. Other than that, it’s perfect and I would recommend it highly.

  199. Lucinda

    I bought one for my granddaughter when she was born… eight years ago. Now she has a little sister, who is two. Their mom informed me that the original Sleep Sheep finally wore out. So, I just ordered one for the two-year old. No grandchild of mine will ever be without one.

  200. Marcelo Pires Bentes

    Adorable, really calming sounds, my babies love these sounds. I recommend. Actually this one I bought as a gift. It will help your baby sleep.

  201. D. Blatt

    What a great product not only does it put my grandson to sleep but the parents love it for their sleep.

  202. golfer

    Nice choices for sounds.Take more space then I’d like.Generally I would recommend sleep sheep

  203. Opa

    Our daughter raved about the Sleep Sheep that our grandson has enjoyed since birth 10 months ago. She likes the two time options and feels that the soothing sounds help relax the baby and block out many house and street noises to help the baby fall asleep. So we purchased one for a young mom-to-be and when she saw it, she was overjoyed! Just earlier that day at a store in the mall she was commenting to a mother of twins how peaceful her kids were sleeping. The mom said she uses the Sleep Sheep. Well, out from the dressing rooms popped 3 other moms who said, “Absolutely, you definitely need the Sleep Sheep.” We were happy that our gift was exactly what our mom-to-be wanted for her baby! From Smokin’ Oma.

  204. laurajo06

    We love the Cloud b Sound Machine Sleep Sheep. My 6 year old and 10 month old share a room, so we bought this when baby was born so she would be able to sleep through his snoring, talking in his sleep and late night bathroom trips. It works like a charm. She loves to play with the sheep during the day, and has figured out how to push the buttons to change the sound. It has 4 different sounds: heartbeat, rain, ocean, and whales. She loves them all. The whales are the most soothing, in my opinion, though. We keep the volume on the sheep up all the way, but even still it isn’t overly loud. It has a nice Velcro strap so you can hang it off the side of the crib if you wanted to. It has an auto-off timer which you can set for 15 or 45 minutes. The batteries last for a really long time. We use it every night, set on the 45 minute shut off, with the volume at full blast and we’ve only had to change the batteries once in the almost 10 months we’ve had it. The fleece of the sheep has a slightly odd texture, but baby doesn’t seem to mind, and I’m willing to get past that if it helps her sleep through the night.

  205. Bob Carter

    Love this toy for helping soothe babies to sleep.

  206. Angela!

    I ordered this about 8 months ago for my then 7 month old son. I wanted something to help soothe him to sleep. This product does do that. We like the ocean waves setting mostly, sometimes the rain setting. The other two, whales and heartbeat, are quite frankly, freaky sounding imo. That’s part of the reason I chose not to rate this product higher. It also scored lower from me because the battery area/sound machine and its little compartment have been annoying. The machine part pops out too much for me. Its almost like the pouch is too small to hold it properly. Also, the fur on this sheep is an odd material and feels kind of cheap to me. The fur seems sparse….its like the fur has fell out in random spots so that you can see the holes where the fur had been stitched in. Overall I do actually like this product but its just not that great. I think its maybe a little overpriced for what you get. I would recommend this to a friend but would point out as I’ve done here, that there are some definite flaws.

  207. GnLSoul

    Overall I like the sleep sheep, its soft and loud enough for baby to hear, but not overly loud for everyone to hear. I think the product is a good purchase if your child will stay asleep even after the sounds shut off. i wish there was no timer option, for my daughter after the sound shuts off she woke because of the silence.i would recommend product if you just need sound to get to sleep, but not if you want to drown out noises in the home.

  208. Susie B.

    wish these had been available when my children were infants . works like a charm!!!

  209. Angela Watts

    We just LOVE this sheep noisemaker. We had one for our first baby over 3 years ago and it’s so soft and wonderful. She loves the music to be on when she falls asleep still. It’s just a repeating comfort. We love it so much we bought two more just in case it ever died. It still hasn’t – it’s going strong! Such a great, long-living product!!

  210. susan byers

    Very cute, soft, and well made.

  211. Lo Saunders

    I like this product for the classic look–fits in nicely with our decor as it’s unobtrusive. The sea sound is ultra soothing and it has a rotating knob volume control which I wish all toys had.The “Tell Tale Heart” sound is quite scary(Graco SweetPeace’s heartbeat sound is more appropriate), and the whale noise is equally as disconcerting. So, we’ve opted for the ocean ambiance… The timer doesn’t last for long, but overall, the sheep is a nice touch to our little one’s nap/sleep transition. I left one star off as the “nature sounds” need a bit refinement.

  212. Bikram Dang

    This is what came to me as an email about this item:”My wife, Nicole, just told me that she has received the present from you. She usually won’t call me about package delivery. But she called me and literally screamed on the phone that it is the best baby present ever. Yes, we are in search of white noise. She just tested it out a minute ago and the baby fell asleep in two minutes. THANK YOU!!!”there you have it 🙂

  213. JennJ

    The bunny is soft and cute. He’s the perfect size for my 2 year old to hold and hug. I bought this so maybe the sounds would cover up my other child’s noisy restroom trips at night and maybe prevent him from getting up in the middle of the night. I do have a sound machine but he tries everything to grab it and The sounds were very disappointing. One is a creepy giggle, one is an ok short lullaby, and the other two sound pretty similar (I think one is the ocean and the other white noise). I think the giggle bothers my child because he throws it when he pushes that one. That sound is in no way soothing. Would be nice if there was a continuous option.

  214. splinter

    This is my fourth cloud b animal. The first one is strong after 4 years, the second quit around year 2, the third one only lasted a few months. I didn’t have high hopes for this one after the last few, I thought maybe the quality had declined. But this is still going about 6 months later, and hopefully will continue to work for a few more years! The auto on feature when a baby moves or cries, is a really nice feature.

  215. Dara Wofford

    Our 3 year old was having trouble with bedtime, so we bought this on a recommendation from friends. It’s perfect. We use the white noise setting while reading & then switch to lullaby for bedtime. The transition has been super helpful.

  216. Martin A. Sala

    I had found some sleep-sheep guts at an electronics sale many years ago and gave it to my daughter that has a problem sleeping in the silence of the county; she was twelve. In the process of moves this electronics package was lost. We now live on a mostly deserted lake where the sounds range from Yoda’s Degobah to absolute, anachroic-chamber-like silence. My daughter is now 26 and needs a “noise” to help her sleep on her visits. I ordered a Sleep Sheep on Monday and when it arrived today she literally exploded with glee. Thanks for still making this product! It’s a hit, no matter what age!

  217. plcj

    This is soft & really cute. Did not play it to hear the sound.

  218. Kimberly Boisvert

    Cute sheep puts baby (and you) to sleep! I don’t know who will love it more-you or your baby! Wonderful shower gift. A must have! You will love it!

  219. Kathy Lau

    Yay, grandbaby sleeping much better.

  220. Shaun and Ashley

    I love this sound machine. I thought about getting one for myself when my daughter went into her own room.

  221. ST

    Receive item as described, Thank youWas given as a gift, they loved it

  222. S. Ghosh

    I really liked the sheep. However, my baby’s doesn’t so this had to be returned. This could be just my experience but my baby actually cried more when turned it on. Keep in mind that not every baby will respond well to this product.As far as quality of the product goes, the sheep is well made and cute. However, the sound quality isn’t a great, especially given the price.Also, if you really do want want soothing sounds for the baby, there are apps available of as little at $2.99 that can do the same job and give you many more options.

  223. Awtex

    I purchased this as a gift. My friend says the baby loves it; it is so helpful when she is fussy or has trouble sleeping.

  224. Lumpypotato

    I love the Cloud B sound machine soother. To be honest I’m using it to “pavlov’s dog” my brand new baby to sleep. The nature sounds are wonderful, and the music is pleasant, although I’m sticking to the nighttime crickets for my little bundle of joy/science experiment. And I can’t believe a fox was even an option for this product! My son’s room is woodland/forest themed and I wasn’t counting on finding something so theme related! Frankie the Fox is soft and cuddly, and I love that the sound box can be take out when I no longer have need of the sounds. He is just the right size, not too big and bulky to bring places, but not so small it gets lost in the sauce. Love it and already recommended it to a few people!

  225. T. Norton

    Quickly became my daughters best friend. Hekps her sleep. Fun to carry around. Durable

  226. Amazon Customer

    Could not do without this!

  227. lover of boots

    Fast shipping, excellent customer service, my granddaughter loves it, very soothing.

  228. K. Gilbert

    We bought the Sleep Sheep when our daughter was 2 weeks old ans have been using it for a little over a month. It is even more adorable in person, although I was surprised by how big it is.The sounds are quite soothing. We like the rain and surf the best. The whales don’t seem monotonous enough, and the heartbeat seems weird and unrealistic.We think this helps our baby fall asleep, but we haven’t had a night without it to compare. It does seem to send her the signal that it’s bedtime.

  229. Christine

    I found this is a wonderful item to have for a new baby. There is not much that can provide comfort or sensory stimulation at such a young age. They are still developing their vision and are too young to play with toys. We used this with our daughter every day for the first two months of her life. It provided her comfort, especially the heartbeat sound. Now that she is three months old our use of it has tapered off a bit, but I bet when she gets big enough to hold dolls it will definitely be put back in heavy rotation.The fleece is soft, the ivory color is pretty and neutral, and I found the velcro especially helpful. We had a very sparse and bare crib for safety, and velcroing the sleep sheep out of reach on the top of the bars, but still in view of baby, softened up an otherwise barren crib without any of the dangers associated with SIDS. The volume is easily controllable and the batteries last forever. We never had to change them once. Because it was one of her earliest toys, we have such fond memories of sleep sheep. Its a great item and would be a lovely gift for any baby.

  230. jeffdevo

    I love this product, take out the music box and it’s a great place to hide contrband.

  231. Marin E. Rees

    My son loves this thing! We have 3! One for home, one for day care, and one for travel. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is because one of them has gone out on us after only 9 months and it’s the newest one we bought. Seems silly when it’s only used once a day and it’s impossible to find contact info for the company to find the replacement part for the noise component.

  232. Joyce D

    it is adorable. My granddaughter really responds to it. Her sister loves playing with her with it. Mom is happy with it. All around great gift.

  233. Nancy D.

    This was a gift for my grand baby. She absolutely loves it!

  234. MM

    My granddaughter got one as a gift and loves it. So I purchased one as a gift and that baby loves it too. You have several choices of sounds, my Harper loves the ocean sounds.

  235. Amazon Customer

    My preemie granddaughter needed the sound of a beating heart to keep her calm. This lamb worked wonders and she now sleeps without a problem.

  236. Coolio

    I have given this sleep sheep as a gift to several new mothers now. I got the “on the go” Sleep Sheep when I had my son, and the rain noise really had the ability to help him settle down in those early weeks/months when nothing else would. He had pretty bad colic, so we were overjoyed to have something–anything–that could calm him down. This product is also adorable, in addition providing the white noise that new babies like. I recommend it for first time parents, whether as a unique gift, or for yourself!

  237. Customer

    I put this by the bassinet when I put my baby down for naps or for the night and it’s awesome. It has 4 great settings: flowing water, ocean waves, mom’s heartbeat, and whale songs. I love the mom’s heasrtbeat for my son. It really soothes him and keeps him relaxed when I put him down. I woudl recommend this to anyone with an infant. It’s a real lifesaver. I may have to by the travel size as well for when we visit family. It’s a must have.

  238. Dave&Ellen

    Dad review here! In a world of supluforos spending on unnecessary baby items, I have to say, this isn’t one of them. Our first Cloud b was gifted to use by friends in Denmark, so we gave it a try. My son loved it, and at three years old, still wants it on every night.On to baby #2. He’s is 4 days old. And as I sit here in the dark writing reviews as I wait for the next feeding, Frankie is quietly keeping my son mellow and asleep. So much so, that my wife is snoring like a hibernating bear!All-in-all great products that work…even on wives!

  239. Brian Hughes

    Purchased this for my first Great Grandchild. I am sure it will be a big hit!

  240. CeeJ

    Ordered this for our expected grandbaby and it is perfect!

  241. L. Tuggle

    Purchased as a baby shower gift. New parents and baby love it. Parent rave that its the baby’s favorite toy, forgot it was me who was the giver. I was really pleased. It really is a great gift at a great price point,

  242. carol ann curry

    Have bought 12 over the years as gifts!

  243. Colleen Buchanan

    The bunny did not have the same sound options (heartbeat, wave sounds, and whale songs) as advertised for all of the other animals and no description was listed for the bunny so I mistakenly assumed it was the same. It was not.. When I contacted the supplier to arrange an exchange I was told there would be additional shipping charges for the return of the purchased bunny and then again for purchasing the animal with the desired sound options.I instead bought another one of the animals with the sound option I wanted for my grandbaby at Nordstrom for less money and put that sound box in the bunny. I will save the other animal with the unwanted giggly baby sounds as a present for an older child.

  244. Amazon Customer

    Both of my babies have used this lamb to help with going to sleep. Love the heartbeat when I first bring them home then the white noise as they grow.

  245. Sherry L

    This lamb is a wonderful, cuddly, lovely gift that I have given to my grandbabies and now a great grandson. It is enjoyed and cherished by all of them.

  246. Amazon Customer

    Perfect… works great!

  247. Wendie

    I purchased the Cloud b Soothing Sheep when my daughter was one month old. Having had extreme difficulties getting her to sleep in her crib or anywhere other than on my shoulder or in my arms, this cuddly toy was recommended by multiple friends as the soothing sounds are meant to mimic the sounds in the womb, etc.. From the beginning, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the Cloud B sheep; it’s soft, large, has a loud volume (if needed), and the Velcro attachment is quite large and will fit multiple sizes of crib slats.Unfortunately for me, the sheep did not unleash magical sleepy dust powers. I found that it actually disturbed my daughter from a sound sleep not long after putting her in her crib/bassinet. This remained the case even after I would sit the sheep next to me as she fell asleep holding her. That being said, I don’t know what others hear when they turn on their sheep but mine sounds like a muffled, gargled version of all the sounds listed (perhaps that’s what it sounds like to babies in the fetus stage). I will say, however, that the whale sounds seemed to be the only sound that would calm her down when she was in her swing or being changed. The noise did not help her drift to sleep but it seemed as if she was concentrating on the noise itself.Fast forward eight months later and the sleep sounds sheep is now one of my daughter’s favorite toys. She likes playing with the Velcro and pressing the buttons for different sounds and it keeps her occupied for quite a while when left alone to play. The sheep doesn’t have any parts I’m scared of coming loose and I haven’t witnessed any shedding, thus, I’m comfortable allowing her to play with it without supervision. For this reason, I am giving this product four stars.

  248. Diana W Knust

    Babies respond to heartbeat so well. It has become my newborn gift for friends and family.

  249. onetwistedgypsy

    This product is the perfect gift for new parents. It plays soothing sounds and songs and is so soft. My granddaughter loves her Fox. Definitely worth every penny and you will be recommending it as well. Blessings!

  250. Amber Schilling

    I really wanted to love this! This noise machine is so cute. The stuffed fox is very well made, and it looks adorable in my daughter’s room. But the sounds are terrible. We play the heartbeat sound for her at night, and it’s just awful. The whale song one is even worse. The lullabies are okay, but we have a mobile with music for that. Also, the controls are difficult to access, especially when holding a sleeping baby.

  251. Rebecca retired Midwest chef

    My grandson is 2 and he still HAS to sleep with his sheep. He has his favorite “music”, the wales and he knows just what button to press. This one goes to the 1-year-old granddaughter. Well worth the money.

  252. N3rdlov3r

    Perfect for a newborn, or even toddlers even adults who need a little noise before falling asleep! My niece has this on her car seat so she has it wherever she goes.

  253. Jennifer

    Purchased the Sleep Sheep for my baby nephew (~7 weeks) for this past Christmas and he absolutely loves it! Not only has it helped him sleep better, his mommy says he coo’s to the sheep all the time. Would definitely recommend for new babies.

  254. Marnie S. Brown

    Appearance…haven’t used it yet. Got it as a gift.

  255. L. Wood

    I bought this to replace one that my granddaughter has been using since birth. She’s five now, and she still likes to listen to the sounds as she goes to sleep. The sheep fastens easily to one of the posts in her headboard, and she uses it every night. It’s well made, and it’s cute and fairly unobtrusive.

  256. Bluxpress05

    The only thing I’ve done so far is feel the texture and admire this sheep.Have not played the music because it’s not up to me if I like it or not. When my little man gets her Nov. 25, he will decide that, since it’s for him and not me.

  257. melissa coleman

    My two month old loves his cloud b sound machine. It has a nice long velcro strap so you can prop the toy up on the crib as visial stimulation, and not worry about it falling in the infant. The actual sound device is completely removable, my 2 year old can operate it for her brother. The top itself is super soft and cute.The sounds are very basic; the sound is loud but not as loud as a traditional white noise maker.

  258. SpinninVinyl

    We. Love. This. Sheep! 🙂 There is nothing negative I can say about it! We live in an apartment, on the bottom level which means not only do we have neighbors to deal with above us, but also the children playing outside our windows were keeping my baby awake. This super soft sheep drowns out the background noise and since it has volume control I can turn it up as the neighbors get louder and down when it finally is quiet. No more accidental awakenings. I also love that it has the velcro strap so we can take it with us on car rides and in the stroller.

  259. R. carter

    we ended up exchanging this one for the travel size sleep sheep b/c this one is absolutely huge!!! it’s literally the size of my 6 week old baby. the travel size is the perfect size for her now and when she grows. it has the same sounds as the bigger one and the same timers. the timers are for 25 minutes or 45 minutes and we’ve found that they work great. we use the shorter one for times when she’s already mostly asleep and the longer one for times when she needs a bit longer to fall asleep. love, love, love the Cloud B on-the-go sleep sheep!

  260. Ally

    Perfect to comfort the little ones. 4 options of sound & attaches easily

  261. Tiffany K.

    Our son loves the sherp. Helps him go to sleep and feel safe with.

  262. Christina

    Was bought for my granddaughter to use in nicu. All those loud machines. Will be an awesome help to drown out noices. Very soft. Whole family loved it.

  263. MamaMia

    We love this soft plush little fox, its just the right size for snuggles. I started using it with my son when he was about a month old, and would just play it while he nursed. Now it brings him comfort when I lay him down to sleep in his crib. My two year old daughter is always trying to steal it form him too.

  264. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my daughter’s birthday, and tested it out one time while I was relaxing on the couch. Guess what happened? I fell asleep and took a nap for the first time in many years. I couldn’t believe it. Since then, my daughter uses this religiously for 2 years, and it works for her too. I notice that if she doesn’t use it, it takes longer for her to fall asleep. I like it so much I bought it for a friend as a baby shower gift. It really does work.

  265. Rachel D.

    I’ve given this seep to a number of my friends who’ve had kids. They all rave about it. Its a unique gift that comes in handy.

  266. PJM

    Purchased this as a gift for my niece. Thirty years ago, a womb sounding Teddy Bear became extraordinarily helpful in calming my own fussy newborn. This soft lamb should do the same for my niece.

  267. Katie

    The heartbeat sound is like magic putting my baby to sleep. LOVE this item.

  268. gpdooby

    The parents say it is the best thing for helping baby sleep. They all loved it. I have not used it; so I cannot comment on noise level or volume control.

  269. GJC

    We used to use a different sound machine and though it was ok, I think our 20 month old twins eventually tuned it out…after weeks of teething and no sleep, we found this in desperation and somehow it’s been like a miracle, the girls are finally sleeping! We keep it on the lullabies mostly and they drift off to sleep in 10 minutes flat?! It’s very soothing and somehow lulls them off to sleep, I highly recommend this product!!

  270. Boklahn

    Recommend cutting off bow tie around sheep’s neck. The bow tightly twisted around our daughters finger and dangerously cut off circulation. Left her finger purple and swollen. Luckily, my husband was still awake and heard our daughter painful cries for help or our daughter might have lost her finger. The whale sound is creepy, wish it had some more soothing sounds as options. Otherwise works great these past 18 months.

  271. Christina Guadagnoli

    This was also a gift, and i can’t imagine that the sweet little girl doesn’t love it. You have never let me down with anything that i have ordered from you- thank you. I will always come back

  272. Amazon Customer

    My son sleeps the best with this Sleep Sheep. I started out using the rain sound when he was a newborn, and have kept using it since. The only complaint I have is his first Sleep Sheep only lasted 5 months, and then the speaker went out. I dont know if its because I used it so much (every nap and through out the night) but when he didnt have his Sleep Sheep, he didnt sleep well. So it was worth buying another one. I checked out a few other sound machines, but the rain sound on those was muffled and sounded more like static.

  273. Michael D Hotard

    This makes a greatr gift for a new born. It has become the default gift that my wife and I give at baby showers.

  274. ginger730

    We got this as a gift 5 years ago for our 1st baby and recently bought a 2nd one for our 3 year old, who had trouble getting settled down for sleep all of a sudden. This was an impromptu idea of mine . It seems designed primarily for babies, but both our girls find it soothing to fall asleep to! This newer version has lullabies now by double tapping the buttons (if the 4 sounds aren’t needed). Volume control is more slow in the beginning than our older one. Overall, though, this can be used well into toddler/preschool years if necessary. Batteries last a long time for us since we only use one round per night, usually the 20ish minute setting. Seriously, if your kids have trouble falling asleep to the room being quiet, get this. My oldest likes it for the white noise aspect, the younger for the calming lullabies. Wish it was cheaper though.

  275. Amazon Customer

    Worked like a charm for my newborn, to help him sleep.The whale sound is a little weird for me, but I personally love the ocean sound the most. The heartbeat and rain are also winners. It’s the size of an average stuffed animal, so it’s portability will be handy when we travel and sleep away from home.

  276. peg

    soft and cuddly w soothing sounds!

  277. Tiff

    I bought Sleep sheep before my son was even born, hoping it would sooth him during those long first nights. . . Boy was I wrong (At First!). As a newborn he hated the thing… it made him cry even louder! Now that he’s 6 months old, he adores it! It puts him to sleep for every nap and at bedtime. He almost tries to cuddle with it when he goes to sleep it soothes him so much.Pros:*Has 4 different white noise sounds (my son like the whale)*You can adjust the volume up and down as needed*you can set it to play for 25 minutes or 45 minutes before it automatically shuts off*There’s a velcro strap on the back to attach it to the crib in order to prevent suffocation in newborns and infants*Well designed and VERY softCons:*I wish there was a setting that played longer before shutting off… it sometimes takes my son an hour to fall asleep*Not for every baby… I would suggest observing your babies sleep habits before investing in this product*Gets dirty easily because of the color and the material

  278. Diane Smiriglio

    I bought this for my 4 month old grandson for Christmas. My daughter was asking for a stuffed animal with a heartbeat to comfort him when he switched to his crib from his bassett. After doing some research, this was the product that seemed to fit my requirements. The baby loves it. There are several different sounds and It plays for a good amount of time without having to restart.

  279. Marissa F.

    My toddler cannot go to sleep without the sleep sheep set to ocean sounds. We’ve had it in her bed ever since she was 3 months old and we have a travel sheep to take with us when we’re away from home. Excellent to help her feel like she’s falling asleep in a familiar place. When our new baby arrives, we’ll be purchasing another one for the new nursery!

  280. M. Landry

    I use this for myself. I’m a nurse that works nights. I like the wave sound as white noise when I’m sleeping during the day. It drowns out the daytime noises well. I like that it eventually turns off, has no little LED lights on it, and is portable. If I have to bring it anywhere, it travels easily and doesn’t look like it could be broken easily. Added bonus, my dogs sleep well with the noise on, even with landscapers or deliveries coming to the door, the noise is drowned out and they don’t bark!

  281. Lindsey Jane

    Praises:-The sheep is adorable.-The velcro strap to hold it onto the crib is some tough stuff. The little man can’t even think about getting the thing off.-The volume adjustment is great. It can be quiet or loud, depending on the other household noises.-The controls on the back are very easily accessed.-No lights or anything that keep a child awake with visual cues.Complaints:-The heartbeat seems too slow. Sure, slow would be soothing, but this is abnormally slow.-The “whale songs” are creepy. They sound nothing like what I would think whale songs would sound like. It just sounds like muffled moans. Weird.Wishes:-I wish it had more time options. I would prefer it at 5,10,15… intervals. Both times seems too long. They help the baby get to sleep, then continue into their sleep cycle before abruptly turning off.-I wish they made a sleep sheep that plugged into the wall that could sit on a nightstand or something that could play white noise continuously. That would be very nice.Opinion:I like the sleep sheep. I’d like a few things different, but it works in helping my son go to sleep. We use it on the “waves” setting and it is very soothing.

  282. Amazon Customer

    baby loves it.

  283. CJ Mack

    I just bought this for my 6 month old who has been having some trouble going to sleep without noise and music wasn’t cutting it. She’s a little old for the heartbeat or whale noises, but I can see how those could be great for a newborn. The ocean sounds, however, soothe her right to sleep. I was FINALLY able to just put her in her crib fairly awake at bedtime and she’s just so relaxed for about a minute before dozing off. I only gave it 4 stars because of the timer. I wish it could stay on longer. I would definitely recommend this to others!

  284. ElleEmEnOhPea

    Oh My! I was absolutely not going to ‘buy into’ this whole soothing noises thing. After 3 months of a baby who wakes at every sound and simply won’t just fall asleep I gave in and started researching noise machines. We have been using the sleep sheep at nearly every nap and bed time for the past 2 months. There are 4 sounds. Heartbeat, Rain, Waves Crashing and Whales. The whales seem to be the winner. The timer is great as well so we aren’t running batteries down. Speaking of which, we have yet to replace the batteries and like I said. It’s used on a regular basis. Our little one also loves looking at him and loves squeezing it. Would definitely recommend and I will be buying this as a gift for any friends having babies in the future!

  285. mom2four

    Purchased this sheep for my new grandchild. It’s sounds are SO soothing, I could be tempted to use it myself until he/she is born! When removed from the sound mechanism, it will make a very soft cuddly play toy. I purchased the sheep on Amazon for $10 less than anywhere else I’ve found it, both on-line and in stores. The only down-side has nothing to do with the product itself, but the packaging. The sheep comes in a display box. However, it is shipped in a plastic envelope. The package was shoved in my mailbox (very difficult to get out). Subsequently, the display box is ‘smooshed’ totally. That was my only disappointment.

  286. Anita B

    I wanted to get a white noise machine for my daughter’s baby (due in a couple of months) because I know how effective it can be for getting a baby to nap. She has a friend who has been a nanny and “Sheepy” was the recommended choice.It has four sounds. One is a heartbeat, another is whale songs.I was concerned that a soft item would not be appropriate for a crib or cradle, but there is a velco strap that allows you to secure it to the OUTSIDE of the crib.The sheep itself is very soft and cuddly.It was reasonably priced, compared to the other noise machine I am familiar with.I am very happy with Sheepy.

  287. AngieP-rez

    My son is Autistic and he loves his “lamby”, however this is a newer model and he chooses to not carry this one around. It was a lot smaller than the older version so I was not impressed with this. I guess if I was buying it new and my son didn’t have the older one, he probably would have liked it…but for us that is not the case.

  288. zentrainer

    They make other varieties of this but this one is nice because it cane be held separate from the sound machine part. Very cuddly.

  289. Liz Henderson

    I saw this Sleep Sheep on the NBC television show, “Chuck”, and it looked so cute that I had to get one. I received it within 2 days of ordering it and I’m so pleased with it! The material is so soft! The different sounds that you can choose to play are very soothing. I don’t mind admitting that I keep this for myself for when I’m having trouble falling asleep at night. My kids are too old for this, so I win!

  290. Bonnie Seidel Cory

    This is my go to baby shower gift ever since my sister sent one to my grandson 9 years ago.

  291. Melissa M

    I bought this as baby shower gift for sister in law and they have said this was one of the best gifts they received. They love it so much and use it constantly. They said their baby loves it and loves the sounds. Recommend this to anyone having a baby

  292. cblock

    I bought this product since I always use a musical toy when sleep-training my children, and although they are still newborn (hence not sleep trainable),I love this product. Four different sounds are available to play for either 23 or 45 minutes. So far I have only used the 23 minute setting, but it seems to keep my newborns happy.

  293. Lindsey

    I love this thing. I like how it stays on for almost an hour and all the sound/music options.

  294. JD

    I don’t think my daughter would ever get any sleep without this! This was one of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant. As a newborn only a few days old she liked the womb sounds and the whale sounds. Now as a toddler she likes the rain and the ocean sounds. I think my favorite is the ocean one. We use this when she is falling asleep and the neighbors are still awake and being loud. We rarely need it for the full 45 minutes since once she falls asleep she is out for the night. There are certain times when I wish it had continuous play, such as New Years Eve and Independence Day, but I have never seen any battery operated white noise machines that have continuous play. The only ones I have seen which offer continuous play are only powered by electrical outlet. Also, I have never seen a battery powered white noise machine that offers more than 45 minutes of play, the volume range, or sound options that this one does. I shopped around for a long time before settling on the sleep sheep and I am confident that I bought the best that was available at the time. We’ve been using it for 17 months, every single night, sometimes multiple times a night and have only had to change the batteries ONCE!This is not just great for kids. This is good adults too. I have a friend who had one for her kids but she was admitted to the hospital for several days. She had a hard time sleeping because she could hear things going on in the hospital around the clock. Her kids brought their mommy their sleep sheep to help her sleep and she said it helped her a ton! The white noise drowned out all the beeping machines, other patients, and staff members coming and going at all hours.I also use the Sleep Sheep myself on mornings when my husband is letting me sleep in by playing with our daughter and making breakfast for everyone. They are so loud that usually I can hear them and I don’t get any rest at all. I turn on the sleep sheep and it helps drown out tantrums and clanging pots and pans, so I get to have an extra couple of hours of sleep on the weekend!

  295. Tracy smith

    We have had a sleep sheep for all 3 of my boys, I love them, they are super cute, battery life is good and my boys sleep and love their sheep

  296. KikiD26

    I got this as a gift when my son (now 2 1/2yrs old) was born and almost got rid of it. But then my husband and I tried it and it worked like a charm! It helped soothe my son to sleep and he still likes it to this day, though we had to get rid of the actual sheep because he started taking the sound part out of it. I have bought it for friends and their new babies as well and they love it too. Compared to buying an actual white noise machine, that I’ve seen for around $100, this is a great value and very cute.

  297. G. Dorn

    I bought this for a friend who is expecting a second daughter, wanting the new baby to have something special too. Their first is about 20 months and I know she has sleeping issues, so anything to buy them extra sleep with #2 I thought would be appreciated! Well, here is the email we got from her husband yesterday: “[Baby #1] has gotten really attached to the sleep sheep you got for the baby-to-be. She has taken over ownership of it. [My wife] called me to tell me that [Baby #1] was freaking out, trying to find the sleep sheep, when she found it she hugged it and fell asleep.If this works, I will forever be indebted to you both… “So I’m adding it to our registry, expecting #1 of our own in September!

  298. 64Fairlane

    Grandson loves it, it does everything it’s supposed to.

  299. Arvind P.

    Bought this for my two year old granddaughter and it immediately became her favorite bedtime toy. Her parents loved it too. Would definitely recommend it.

  300. Joanne F. Buxeder

    Bought it for a newborn for Christmas.

  301. Silty Pigeon

    I love the way this product looks and feels. It’s much larger than I expected, too. I also like that the sound box is removable so it can be washed easily.My complaint is that the “heart beat” noise sounds like someone hitting a metal shed with a stick; the “whale sounds” noise is just plain creepy, and the “rain” noise sounds like frying bacon. The only noise that sounds like it should (and the only one we use) is the ocean wave noise; which is rather relaxing.

  302. Natasha W

    We only use the rain function since the others don’t offer a real white noise our daughter needs. We ended up buying another white noise machine that was louder and stayed ON until you turned it off. Babies wake up from their startling reflex every so often, even when swaddled, so I wanted to have white noise playing throughout the night so she could put herself to sleep easier. Not so good for very particular or fussy babies.

  303. susana

    The great grand daughter is not yet here, but we love this simple little bear and all the soothing sounds!

  304. Thrifty Shopper

    What’s better than a cuddly friend for your baby? One that plays gentle white noise too! We have both the little and big Sleep Sheep and we keep the big one in the crib and the little one travels with us. Our son was very soothed by the ocean sounds, and enjoyed petting the sheep and tugging on his ears as he fell asleep. We liked the feature of the Velcro strap on the back that allowed us to affix this little fella to his crib so it wouldn’t become a hazard. Batteries seemed to last great. I just wish there were an option to have it stay on (it shuts off after 23 minutes or 46 minutes, depending on how you set it). Also, my husband thinks the “whale sounds” sound more like aliens. But, hey, maybe alien sounds are soothing to some people. 🙂

  305. Patricia Jody

    It’s wonderful with newborns, and helping them to sleep alone in their bassinet.

  306. Virginia


  307. Emily O.

    We were originally looking for a wind up/musical stuffed animal for our new baby. We could not find much for wind up animals like my husband and I had as children but ended up finding this. We love how soft the bunny is and baby loves to play with his ears and rub them as she falls alseep. 2 sound time settins which are nice. The music box is a little clunky and large but she doesnt seem to mind. There is a large velcro hoop on the back for hanging on the crib but we don’t use that since she sleeps in a pack in play right now and likes to cuddle the bunny as she falls asleep. Love the music and noise selection and she has really started associating the sound with sleep which is what we were hoping for! The music box is removable so that will be nice when she is a little older and wants to snuggle the bunny more without the heavy noise box.

  308. shapoopie

    There is something about this thing that soothes kids instantly. I have not figured out what exactly is so soothing about the sounds, but it works without fail. I’ve put this thing in my friends’ strollers when their babies are acting up, and each time marvel at how quickly the babies stop fussing and crying! Would highly recommend, for crib, car, stroller, anywhere!

  309. Maddie M.

    I love this adorable little Bear. I bought it on the advise of my therapist. I am being treated for P.T.S.D. and my therapist wants me to use it when I need to mentally go back into a peaceful thought during our sessions. He is so cuddly. I can see why it is a wonderful addition to a baby’s crib as it has the sound of a human heart beat which would sooth a baby for sure. I use the sound of rain as I was raised in a rainy region of the US. There are 4 or 5 sounds and a knob for volume. It can be used softly or very loud. I would recommend this bear for many situations. It is so nice that my therapist purchased one to have at the office for other people seeking help.

  310. Laura Butterfield

    I have the travel version and the large version of this sleep sheep. It is a great source of white noise to help your child fall asleep. It’s also machine washable. The batteries last a long time. I just wished the sounds stayed on longer than 45 minutes because as a baby my daughter would always wake up when the sounds went off.

  311. Jill Zupancic/Personal

    I gave this item as a baby gift and the recipient is VERY happy with it. The sounds it generates lull his baby to sleep at nap time and bed time. Works great!

  312. jen…

    I don’t love it. At least not yet. It wish that it turned on easier. See when you turn it on, it stays on for 20 or so or 40 or so minutes, however long you set it for. Then it turns off. Ok, but later in the night when baby is a bit restless I wish i could just “push a button” or a leg or arm and have it turn on again, because turning the volume knob to off and then on again can make it fairly loud and wake baby.Other than that, it’s great, the sounds are semi-realistic, soothing and calming. And the fur is super snugly soft!Overall, I’m glad I got it and should use it more than I have been.

  313. Patricia

    I give this to all my friends who have babies after my best friend said her new born was FINALLY sleeping for more than 1 hour at a time. Everyone agrees that the mommy heart beat makes a total difference in their child’s comfort in sleeping, just like mommy is right there. As soon as I have my child, this will be my first purchase!

  314. Irina Kovalenko

    Love this little guy! My newborn find the music soothing. Although, I wish there was a quieter sound setting for the night.

  315. Dale Rogers

    I got this for my best friend’s newborn. It was perfect! They use it when he’s going to bed and tell me it works great.

  316. Nicole H.

    This keeps our daughter so calm. I highly recommend it!

  317. ratedbynana

    I just purchased a 2nd sleep sheep on (to keep at nana’s house). It came with a 23 or 45 minute timer option, but we keep it on the 45 minute timer. My grandson received his 1st sleep sheep when he was born in February 2011, and has been sleeping thru the night since he was 2 months old with the help of this wonderful little sheep! WE LOVE THIS!!!

  318. S. N. Arthur

    I bought this cute sheep already three times and will probably continue to do so. One of my granddaughters loved it and I must say, it was even “used” by my son-in-law! He said the sound of the ocean was relaxing and helped him to fall asleep! They still have it and use it; my granddaughter is five! I also got it for another granddaughter who is now three and still has it by her bed. Last but not least, I purchased it for a very good friends baby -living overseas- and they loved it; it really helps the baby to go to sleep. All and all I really liked it from the minute I saw it advertised

  319. Mikel Cole

    Such a soft and cuddly white noise generator!

  320. Laura B.

    We have had this since our son was born. He is now 6 months old. When he was a newborn, we used it to help soothe him to sleep in the middle of the night (it’s also soothing to the parents! It never bugged me if it was on near the bassinet and our bed). We took a break from it when our son started napping great, but at about 4 months he had a harder time falling asleep. We keep it on the 45-min setting which gives him time to calm down and fall asleep when the sounds stop. We haven’t had the problems that some reviewers did with our son waking up at night when the sounds stop. Our 4-year-old has a fan in his room to help him sleep (white noise) but the Sleep Sheep seems to work better for our baby than a fan did (we tried both). I think he is beginning to equate the sounds with quiet time/naptime.With all the SIDS risks, it’s nice to have the product that attaches high up on the crib or onto the outside where the baby can’t suffocate. We also take it with us on trips and attach it near the top of the pack & play. It helps some familiarity on trips to have it with us.The only thing I don’t like is the “whale” setting. It weirds me out =) But we don’t use it, so it’s not an issue.

  321. Amazon Customer

    My grandson loves this little sheep and sleeps with it every night. It’s also a constant companion with him during the day! It has held up well, though is a little love-worn! The music and sounds are soothing. I’d say for these reasons, it should be a staple in every crib!

  322. MMM

    Yes, it is cute and lovable but what really counts in not how much adults like it, what counts is how much your baby likes it! I bought this for our first Grandchild and all the adults thought it was cute and a great gift. Terrific, but what I wanted to know was if it actually helps the new baby relax and sleep.According to my daughter, the answer is yes. When they put on the sounds, our granddaughter calms down quickly and falls asleep more easily. More importantly, she stays asleep longer.What more can you ask for? I see some complaints from adults that they did not like the sounds and I guess that matters a little bit, but really who cares if you like it if it helps your child relax and sleep more easily? When they get older it will be useful to help them calm themselves because it will be engrained that the lamb is associated with calmness, feelings of safety, happiness, and sleep.To most parents these are invaluable tools; if your baby likes the lamb and it helps them sleep or calm down, it’s worth its weight in gold, right?

  323. Amazon Customer

    Cloud B Soother are amazing items. I have ordered several of Cloud products and everyone was very pleased with them. I highly recommend this to everyone.

  324. Patricia Munn

    Adorable & soft. Great purchase for a little one.

  325. walter r vasquez

    Given as a gift. The baby adores it.

  326. Pilot

    Our grandkids love to take these sheep to bed with them. They even fight over this one since it has the sound they like best. The timer stops the sound after they drift off.

  327. Ashley

    When I was invited to a baby shower I asked my sister (mother of a 1 year old) what I should get the mom to be. She said without a doubt, a Cloud b Sound Machine (she has the giraffe but I picked the sheep to go with the nursery theme). I thought about getting the travel sized version but my sister said the regular one has more sounds, goes louder, and it was only a few $ more. I also saved on the cost by buying it here rather than at a store, where they go for like $30.She was super stoked to open it! She didn’t have it on her registry but said she intended on getting one. Perfect mix of adorable and useful for a shower gift!

  328. Amy P.Amy P.

    this fox came a day early the product looks exactly like the one above the only thing I’m not completely fawned of is the volume on the music player isn’t very loud and it’s hard to fit it in the fox.

  329. Lidia

    The soothing sounds and softens of the toy make it an essential when putting a babe to sleep.

  330. Cynthia (Cindy) Majewski

    Bought for shower gift big hit

  331. RKTZLN

    This was a baby gift that the parents-to-be requested. They are very happy with the gift.

  332. Bex

    We used the Sleep Sheep from birth with my daughter (now 14 months old and she still uses it). My only complaint is the timer options. I would always have to sneak into the room and press the button again to make sure it kept playing thru my daughter’s light sleep phase otherwise she would wake up at 45 minutes and it would be hard to get her to sleep any longer. The wave sound is her favorite and during those early stages it was quite soothing hearing it on the monitor for us as well. It was not loud enough to block out household sounds so when she was a baby I removed it from the lamb and set it next to her head. But I still had to turn on background instrumental music in her room to help her sleep better. The constant steady sound really worked wonders and it cued her that it was time to go nite-nite no matter where we were. I liked that I could carry the sound machine part in the diaper bag when needed it. We did drop it a couple times and it stopped working, the hubby had to take it apart and fix the loose wiring. But otherwise it’s worked like a charm for 14 months. We use it at every nap time and bed time still and the batteries last long enough. Once she started moving around we put the sound machine back inside the lamb and since she had gotten used to hearing it the slight muffling of the sound was not a problem.I bought another one for our son who is due in April. Even with the volume and timer issues it has been a life-saver with our daughter and I can’t imagine my son not having one.Note: This time I purchased the HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker as well. I’m going to play an mp3 of a wave sound on repeat and see if that works any better. The sound quality of the little wireless speaker is awesome and there is no timer. It also seems to be a better grow-with-me option too. When he gets older he will be able to play music on the same device and I think it was a little cheaper than the Sleep Sheep even. It’s also, drop, dirt and water resistant and come with a carabiner for easy attachment. If it does work better then at least my daughter will have a back up Sleep Sheep if her first one ever officially dies.

  333. north fl coustomer usn

    Great music item for baby crib

  334. S. McKay

    We bought this for our grandson when he was born. My daughter loved the cuteness of the li’l lamb.Baby would fall right to sleep with it. He responded to the ocean sound the most.It turns itself off after a good amount of time, however, she wished there was a timer – she’d have set it for 6 hours straight LOL, as li’l one would often wake up as soon as the sound stopped. She’d start it again and he’d usually go back to sleep, but not always.Batteries last a very long time.Our grandson is 11 months old now and still enjoys the sounds and plays with the li’l lamb :)We’re so glad we bought it. Not only for it helping my daughter get some rest while baby slept, but it was so touching to see our grandson soothed by these sounds, feeling secure and close to his mommy as in Utero.Oh, one thing I’ll add: You can remove the music “box” from inside the lamb, so, if you’re going out, you don’t need to take the whole thing with you. It’s not like the infant is going to know the soft toy animal was left behind ;)Blessings…

  335. N. Bassette

    I bought this for my son who was having difficulty staying asleep once we put him in his crib. Now when we put him in the crib and press the heartbeat on this sheep it soothes him so that he stays asleep. Would highly recommend this to anyone having difficulty with keeping your child asleep when transferring them to the crib. I traveled away from home one evening without it and he wouldnt stay asleep in his Graco Pen. Now I will take this whenever I am spending the night away from home!!!!


    I loved the softness and fluffiness of this sleep sheep! The songs are beautiful and soothing. I bought itfor my granddaughter Mariela but I think I will keep it for myself.

  337. teeni300

    i got this in the mail a few days a go and my toddler loves playing with it. i have been trying to tell her its for the new baby but she loves it and the sounds it makes. i might have to get another one for her cause she loves taking it to bed and cuddleing it. i really like the lamb a lot. i like that it has eight sounds and easy to use. i like the nature sounds and the lullbuys to it plays. i like that it have vaulme control and it doesnt play that loud and u can set a timmer for 25min and 45 min

  338. Susie E

    Easy order, on time delivery, and more than met expectations. Very soft, well made, outstanding rating for newborns – was happy to present it to my son, daughter-in-law, and soon to be grandson. They were pleased with the musical tracks, that it is washable, and made of newborn-safe materials. Good product for the money.

  339. Shannon Coulter

    I love this super soft sweet sheep! The white noise level is perfect.

  340. Deborah Crain

    This is the best gift that you can give someone with a new baby. The sounds are soothing, and really work to soothe a baby to sleep. i gave this to my daughter, and she said it helped put her baby to sleep within 5 minutes. i may order one for myself since I often have a hard time getting to sleep. Great product!!!!

  341. Joanne G Button

    Hoping it will do the trick! Quality is evident…………

  342. It_Is_Me

    Bought this for my grandson and it’s helped put him to sleep since — he’s now 8 months old and takes it anywhere he’ll be taking a nap. He can’t resist the ocean wave sound. My daughter says it’s been a lifesaver. They’re so dependent on it that her and her husband took turns making the ocean sound one night when it died, so always have fresh batteries.

  343. Paul (Rochester, NY)

    My wife ordered this “Sleep Sheep” for our six month old daughter. Our daughter has been sleeping through the night starting at 6-8 weeks old. But when she is over tired at night, we just put her down in her crib with this sheep and within minutes she is calmed down and sleeping. We even find he cuddling with her new little sheep.Once she starts at the day care provider (in three weeks) we will purchase another one to help her take naps in the new environment!!!!If you buy this “Sleep Sheep” you will not regret it!!!

  344. Cleopatra

    I love this lamb!! I had bought one for my first two grandsons when they were babies and it was a lifesaver!! They slept longer and it masked other noise in the room. I have a 3rd grandson now ( 3 weeks old) and I bought a new one for him to use. I put it on his baby swing and in his bassinet. It is so relaxing and comforting. The sounds even make me want to take a nap lol. The lamb is good quality and made well. I gave one as a gift to my cousin’s baby for Christmas. They said it really helps with the baby sleeping. I definatly recommend to any new parent to get this . They will be happy they did.

  345. Lily

    Arrived super fast! My coworker loved it for her baby shower.

  346. Mike

    Necessity for families with a baby

  347. Ash G.

    This sound machine is great, I own the travel one as well. By the way the sound box is the same size in both and can be switched out for those who need the heartbeat sound that doesn’t come in the travel version. The only downside, and I’m sure it’s mentioned a lot, is that there is no way to keep it playing longer than 45 min other than restarting it.

  348. Christopher Lewis Smith

    My daughter loves this sheep and so do I. She broke her last one so we replaced it with another one. It plays soothing sound for her to fall asleep also she loves to cuddle with it. This is one of the first things we pack when we spend the night anywhere.

  349. Rose12345

    High quality, soft and beautiful. Very nice selection of sounds and music, and most importantly it puts my kiddo (age 8) right to sleep. Older kids can manage the controls themselves, and it is soft and cozy for younger kids too. 5 stars for the fact that I am now getting to sleep through the night (because my kiddo is sleeping through the night).

  350. ashlynn

    Bought this for my little one while he was in the NICU to help drown out the constant beeping from the various alarms to keep in his isolette. As a parent, I absolutely loved it as the sounds are very soothing and my little one did too as they were very nurturing sounds. Definitely recommend.

  351. Melanie A. Moore

    This bunny is my daughter’s favorite! We received one as a baby gift for her, so we ordered one as a backup in case anything happens. It’s so soft, and the music puts her right to sleep at night. The laughing sound can creep you out over the baby monitor – so beware of that!

  352. Kimberly

    I wonder that the Cloud b Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep is a product like Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse.I’ve got the Fisher-Price Seahorse as a gift from my sister. She told me that the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse is an amazing sound soother for a little baby. When my daughter was half month old, she listened the music from the seahorse and turned to very silence instead of crying.When I saw this cute sheep on the Amazon, I want to give my daughter a new friend, and it really looks so nice for me! But, when I received the sheep, and turned on the music, the 4 kinds of sound are so scared for me at that time…Especially the mother heart, sounds like a machine’s working, and I will never use this option to my daughter any more.I need a sound soother like the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse but remains a long music time to play.Anyway, the sheep is still cute and so so so soft, I’ll give it to my daughter when she is 1 year old.

  353. jlh91350

    Ok. I admit it. I am over 50. And this little lamb helps me sleep. My quest for better sleep has included special pillows, amino acids, hot milk, eye covers, a wrist pulse thumper etc etc. And fuzzy lamb actually helped – it is so soothing and relaxing. I can feel my aggravated, tension filled muscles just melt and my breathing deepen. It is so much better than wearing a headset playing white noise and nature sounds. It has two time spans and four optional sounds. The longer time span with the waves is my favorite. And during the day, it decorates my bed. So you don’t have to be pre-verbal to enjoy this little lamb.

  354. S. Henderson

    Excellent product and service.

  355. Jennifer A-S

    I think this is a great sound machine. It has a timer on it, which we use every night. I particularly like the rain and wave sounds, which relax my son. We’ve had it hanging on my son’s crib since he was born. He’s now 16 months and still uses it. We just bought another one for our son who will be born in February. I like this one better than the giraffe version – of which we have the travel size. The sounds are much more soothing than the giraffe. The giraffe has more “play” sounds than “sleep” sounds.

  356. Angela Tarrant

    This is my favorite baby gift to give. Everyone loves it, it’s cute and cuddly but also serves a practical purpose.

  357. David Augustyn

    My third little girl just turned 1 year old last week and got this Cloud B Sound Machine Sleep Sheep from my mom as a gift. I first though “ANOTHER stuffed animal?? Yippy, it makes sound.” BUT It’s grown on me… I like itIt’s CRAZY SOFT and the sound is actually helping my little Inara get to sleep, we’ve moved three times in her twelve short months of life, she has had a harder time getting to sleep and staying asleep, but that’s getting better.

  358. Dennis K.

    Sleep sheep how I love theeyou made my daughter in her crankiness sleepYou’re not a miracle, nor are you magicbut if people don’t have you, that’d be tragicThis is my favorite sleep sheep (better than the big one in my opinion). It has better sounds and it can be loud! It worked really well with my daughter, but my two month old son isn’t digging it, but he might. Very good white noise generator

  359. Domestic_Diva23

    I love this sheep! It really soothes a new baby with either womblike sounds or other quiet sounds as the get older. I especially used this with naptime for when baby needed settling. This sheep has made it through two kids & about to be useful with the third. If you are looking for a great shower gift or something to soothe baby, this is a great little item.

  360. Chemeng1661

    I purchased this item when our daughter moved from the bassinet to the crib. We were struggling to get her to sleep and were looking for something to help.The first night that I used the sleep sheep, she fell asleep in 10 minutes. And since then, she has fallen asleep every night quickly with her sheep. This toy is a life saver for parents! I would have easily paid ten times the listed price.The unit itself is very high quality. The sheep is soft and adorable. The music box has variable volume and a variety of sounds. The timer can be set for 23 of 45 minutes. I have been using the heartbeat for 45 minutes. I have not played with the other settings.So far battery life is great. For almost the past two months, we have been using the sheep every night for 45 minutes at moderate volume and it is still going strong.Great Product!

  361. ShopAholic;)

    Not only is this Sleep Sheep super soft the sound is great!! Volume is easily adjusted and gets pretty loud even tho the speaker is inside the sheep. I really like the different timers you can set but for our little budndle of joy I wish it were longer. Regardless our 4mo old sleeps so much better with a little sound and we use the Rain and Ocean regularly. This is a must buy for light sleepers since it really does a great job of hiding outside noise from cars and neighbors and even if your baby sleeps like a rock this Sleep Sheep is a great for calming down those fussy moments !!! <3

  362. Amazon Customer

    1. Very cute, soft & cuddly2. The sound quality is excellent and they went above and beyond to include the timer switch and the volume control – awesome!3. They actually include the batteries! Get out of here! The first baby toy I’ve purchased that wasn’t too cheap to make you buy your own batteries.My daughter is four months old at the time of this review and she definitely has wide eyes for this soother, she still sleeps in our bedroom and I think the sound feature will not only help lull her to sleep but also keep her from being disturbed when we go to bed after her.

  363. Joan

    I gave as a baby gift. Baby will be born in 2 months. I’m sure she/he will love it.

  364. tatianna

    my mom bought a sound machine plush for my first son and we loved it. I got this one for my second and we love the different sounds. Plays 2 sounds for each button. We use it every night and he even snuggles with it.

  365. Andi

    Maybe I read the description wrong but I was under the impression that this would play rain sounds and whale sounds. Instead it plays two different sons and two types of nature sounds. Unfortunately for me, my son really likes falling asleep to rain so this product doesn’t help in that regard yet. Hoping it does later on and at least it keeps him happy at naptime.

  366. Lauren Turnbull

    Our little one LOVES this!! We play the same white noise sounds, heart beat, ocean, and rainfall. She falls asleep before the 20 minute timer is up. I like that it can be set to either 20min or 40min, even though we’ve never had to use the 40 minute one. Its super easy to use, literally just a push of a button (which is about all I can muster during our nighttime feeds).The only thing I’ve noticed is that its a bit big, which is super cute for crib. But I’ve seen other moms with a more portable sized one that they can take out with them. I think we will likely end up ordering that one as well for travel. She loves it that much!!!

  367. Claudia W.

    This was a gift for a friend’s new baby. It’s soft, the sounds are soothing and the baby loves to cuddle up next to it.

  368. Liana Thompson

    Definitely a worthwhile purchase and helps our 3 month old get to sleep at night and at nap time. I was using a babbling brook track on my phone to lull him to sleep, but that was impractical since I couldn’t actually use my phone if it was left in the nursery for soothing purposes. The sleep sheep solved that problem, and he’s cute to boot! I do wish it had better/more sound options, though.The ocean waves are my favorite because they are pretty loud and block out other noises. The rain is also nice, but it is too quiet in my opinion. We never use the maternal heartbeat because it is TOO loud and, while the baby might like it, it’s pretty annoying to the adult ear. My husband likes the wales setting, but it’s a little too spooky for my taste. I guess I’m pretty picky! Anyway, just buy this. Is it essential? No, not really, but it’s a nice thing to have. Bonus that it doesn’t seem to drain the batteries too quickly either.

  369. Cajun-Yankee

    I think our grand kids enjoy this as much as their new baby does. In fact, every new parent we’ve given this to absolutely loves it!

  370. E. Plautz

    This item was great for providing soothing sounds for our newborn. At first, he liked the “heartbeat” sound but he has grown, he has now moved on to the “Ocean Waves”.While this item helps our child go to sleep at home. The biggest benefit is that we can bring this with us when we visit the grandparents so he has a familiar sound to sleep to when he needs to take a nap or go to sleep for the night.We liked this so much, we have bought this for other friends who have recently had a child and they absolutely love it.Great price on Amazon vs places like Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us.

  371. Ginger Newbold

    Purchased as a gift for my grandson. He’s not here yet but I’m sure he will love it!

  372. Amazon Customer

    Just what I was looking for.

  373. Crystal Freeland

    My 6 yr old is having her very own room for the first time and she is already having anxiety issues about what will happen if she wakes up and is afraid. I saw this and decided to buy her a new fuzzy friend to sleep with and thought the sounds might soothe her to sleep when she is having anxiety. SHE LOVES IT! I let her have it before the move, so that she can get attached to it and feel ok with her new room. The only caveat I have for you is that the sounds can be rather, well, weird. The rain is soothing but makes ya have to GO, if you know what I mean…but it’s soothing. The heartbeat sounds like Darth Vader on an intercom and the whale sounds reminded me of the neighbors who lived next door to us years ago, when we had an apt and paper-thin walls. Think about it. The ocean sounds a bit like a highway instead of an ocean, but it’s nice as long as you can picture that ocean in your head and not the sound of cars and trucks hitting roadkill. I gave this product 5 stars because it is so adorable and because it’s super soft and she loves it. It does have velcro to fit on the side of a crib and it is washable, as the squawk box comes out. It also has a timer, which is awesome. It’s worth the money. Your little one will love it and it is money well-spent. You can always remove the box if your child doesn’t like it and make Lambie a super-soft, quiet toy.

  374. Amazon Customer

    This little lamb is fantastic works great

  375. C. Barrett

    The sleep sheep is a sanity saver. My son had been having sleeping problems for roughly 3 months before we got the sleep sheep. He was deathly afraid of his room for some reason and was sleeping in a pack-n-play in the living room for quite a while. It would take us hours upon hours to get him to sleep and he still would have to have one of us in the room, in his sight, in order for him to fall asleep.. and even then he would wake and start screaming every 10 minutes. It was not fun. Being up all night with a 1.5 year old screaming his head off makes for very grumpy parents. Anyway, first night after we got the sleep sheep, we turned it on and were able to rock our son to sleep within minutes for the first time in what seemed like forever. That night he slept in his room and did not wake once. We thought it was a fluke, but ever since we got the sleep sheep he has slept in his room and slept all night for the most part. We used to have to hold him until he fell asleep, but now we just lay him in his room with the sleep sheep on and he drifts off on his own. I love it! He, too, seems to like the sheep. He’ll cycle through and find his preferred sound for the night and go down quick most of the time. I highly recommend it. The 23 and 45 minute timers do not bother me. Once my son is asleep, the cutting out of the sound is not going to wake him up. We are pleased with our purchase. If you aren’t a fan of the noises the sleep sheep itself makes, Cloud B also has the gentle giraffe with jungle theme music and dozy dolphin with an ocean theme.

  376. MamaCD

    This is a must have item for any new parent. I didn’t order mine until my daughter was already several weeks old and she was still not falling back asleep easily in the middle of the night. The sleep sheep works like a charm! I can put her back in her bassinet now even if she is still awake, turn on the womb sound of the sheep, and she will go right back to sleep on her own. I love that it has a timer so she doesn’t get used to having white noise all the time, only when she is going to bed. I will be buying these for all my pregnant friends as shower gifts from now on!!

  377. Gloria

    Great for the mother to be. All of my grandchildren had one in their crib

  378. Susan M.

    Love it!

  379. MJC

    Awesome with eight sounds for baby, I am impressed its soft and cute

  380. JoE

    Lots of choices, volume control, timer control. Just wish it had more color…

  381. Kitchu


  382. Lorie Whitaker

    I bought it for myself I have a white noise machine that helps me fall asleep, I seen this and purchased it I lay it beside me against my ear rest my head on it absolutely love it!! Highly recommend for any age soft! I’m purchasing one for my client who has a hard time sleeping I work midnights as home health care aide and she seen it loves it has a hard time falling asleep ❤️

  383. Denise M. Cagigas

    Lambie from Cloud Nine is so soothing to little ones. It is my go to baby gift for every new baby in our family.It worked so well with our premie twins they each had one in the cribs as well as the smaller version in their strollers.

  384. CinCin42CinCin42

    Love our little Fox. Goes perfect with our woodland theme. Very soft. Like the music options and volume can either be turned low when near baby but also loud enough to hear clearly while sitting across the room. Our baby is still not here but I’m sure he’ll love it as well.

  385. jo elvin

    Grandchildren love this!

  386. Tiffov

    we bought this almost a year ago- when my daughter was just a couple weeks old. we have used it at every nap and bedtime (if we were home) she LOVES the ocean waves, but the whales make her fussy. anyway- when she was newborn, the sound would immediately put her to sleep, now, when we lay her down and turn on her sheep she just rolls over and listens til she falls asleep. she can and does sleep without her sheep, but with two other kids in the house i needed something to drown out the constant noise, and this did the trick. i still have it attached at the foot of her crib, hanging from the top, facing her, i just push the button through the slats of her crib, no problem at all.batteries last a very long time, volume goes up much higher than i have ever needed, you can have it on for 23 or 45 minutes, usually 10 is plenty for us. definitely would recommend this sheep.

  387. Mikey

    Awesome product. My only regret is that I didn’t find this guy sooner. It has helped our 9 month old sleep better very quickly. She loves the sound and music. It also puts me to sleep, a two for one type of deal.

  388. twilo


  389. Kristen

    We put the sleep sheep in the crib & our daughter falls asleep to the heart beat each night. The sound helps her fall asleep on her own without too much assistance from us. The sheep is mobile which provides consistency when sleeping in new places too.

  390. talia appel

    Many different white noise and calming songs options, very nice to touch.

  391. Manda

    We absolutely love this fox. It has a heartbeat sound that has been a favorite! We have the rabbit one too but this fox has many more sounds. There are 4 buttons & 2 sounds to every button. 25min or 45min auto shutoff. The only thing that would make this better was if there was a “stay on” button.

  392. Jill Paulsen

    We love to give this to babies! They all seem to love it & their parents do too!

  393. Jayne

    I didn’t see this product because it was a gift, however it’s teported to be a hit!

  394. tulipf1

    We received our first sheep seven years ago as a gift and it is still going strong. No problems with that one.However, we just purchased one for our son, and the battery/music pack continually falls out. The velcro enclosure is not enough to keep it in place. Clearly, the opening is too large and it falls out easily. Annoying. It seems that the product reviewers (if they even exist anymore) would have caught this problem.The only solution is for me to find a way to close the gap a bit.

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He’s BACK! Inside this sweet, sly fox is a secret sleep solution – a sound machine that plays 8 soothing sounds and melodies! With favorites like a mother’s heartbeat and Rockabye Baby, these soothing sounds are scientifically proven to help babies and children go to sleep faster. Plus, he’s super soft and cuddly and bound to be one of your child’s favorite loveys bringing calm and comfort for years to come!

A Sleep Solution That’s Beyond Dreamy

Using soft and soothing sounds to put infants and children to sleep is as old as motherhood itself. But did you know that white noise and lullabies are actually scientifically proven to lull little ones into slumber faster and to help them sleep better? And better sleep means better health and well-being – exactly what every parent dreams of for their child. Best of all, Frankie the Fox can grow with your child and become a calming lovey that helps comfort your child to sleep for years to come. Holding, squeezing, petting, and hugging are vital acts of self-soothing that lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep and Frankie the Fox makes it easy.

Easy Operation

Using Frankie the Fox is easy-peasy. When bedtime beckons, Frankie the Fox easily attaches to any crib with a velcro tab behind his head. With eight soothing sounds and adjustable volume, at the touch of a button your baby will be nodding off in no time at all! After 23 or 45 minutes (depending on which option you choose), Frankie the Fox shuts off to save battery power and to create a quiet environment for deepest sleep as recommended by pediatricians. When Frankie the Fox needs a bath, pop out the sound machine and simply toss him in the wash.

Makes a Great Gift

This cuddly companion is the perfect choice for parents of infants and young children – and it’s a gift that truly keeps on giving. Night after night and nap after nap, Frankie the Fox promotes better sleep for healthier, happier families!

  • Plays 8 soothing sound options – Mother’s Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf, Whale Songs, Twinkle Twinkle, Rockabye Baby, Classical Lullaby, Soothing Melody
  • Adjustable volume
  • Soothing sounds scientifically proven to promote better sleep
  • Two sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 23 and 45 minutes
  • Easy Hook and Loop fastener for attachment to crib, stroller or car seat
  • Removable sound machine
  • 100% plush polyester – soft and easy to clean
  • Can be machine washed and dried when sound box is removed
  • Premium quality construction
  • Suitable for all ages

What’s in the Box:

  • Super plush, cuddly companion with hidden sound machine
  • 2 AA batteries; included (Yes! The batteries are included!)

dimensions: 30 x 12 x 24 cm

age: 0


  1. tulipf1

    We received our first sheep seven years ago as a gift and it is still going strong. No problems with that one.However, we just purchased one for our son, and the battery/music pack continually falls out. The velcro enclosure is not enough to keep it in place. Clearly, the opening is too large and it falls out easily. Annoying. It seems that the product reviewers (if they even exist anymore) would have caught this problem.The only solution is for me to find a way to close the gap a bit.

  2. Jayne

    I didn’t see this product because it was a gift, however it’s teported to be a hit!

  3. Jill Paulsen

    We love to give this to babies! They all seem to love it & their parents do too!

  4. Manda

    We absolutely love this fox. It has a heartbeat sound that has been a favorite! We have the rabbit one too but this fox has many more sounds. There are 4 buttons & 2 sounds to every button. 25min or 45min auto shutoff. The only thing that would make this better was if there was a “stay on” button.

  5. talia appel

    Many different white noise and calming songs options, very nice to touch.

  6. Kristen

    We put the sleep sheep in the crib & our daughter falls asleep to the heart beat each night. The sound helps her fall asleep on her own without too much assistance from us. The sheep is mobile which provides consistency when sleeping in new places too.

  7. twilo


  8. Mikey

    Awesome product. My only regret is that I didn’t find this guy sooner. It has helped our 9 month old sleep better very quickly. She loves the sound and music. It also puts me to sleep, a two for one type of deal.

  9. Tiffov

    we bought this almost a year ago- when my daughter was just a couple weeks old. we have used it at every nap and bedtime (if we were home) she LOVES the ocean waves, but the whales make her fussy. anyway- when she was newborn, the sound would immediately put her to sleep, now, when we lay her down and turn on her sheep she just rolls over and listens til she falls asleep. she can and does sleep without her sheep, but with two other kids in the house i needed something to drown out the constant noise, and this did the trick. i still have it attached at the foot of her crib, hanging from the top, facing her, i just push the button through the slats of her crib, no problem at all.batteries last a very long time, volume goes up much higher than i have ever needed, you can have it on for 23 or 45 minutes, usually 10 is plenty for us. definitely would recommend this sheep.

  10. jo elvin

    Grandchildren love this!