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Twilight Turtle™ – Blue

As cute as it is comforting, the Twilight Turtle nightlight projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room, making night-time a lot less scary and a lot more fun.

861 reviews for Twilight Turtle™ – Blue

  1. Serasvictoria

    Bought the turtle for my daughter when she was an infant, and she loved it. Unfortunately, I dropped it on my tile floor one time too many and broke it after 4 years of nightly use. She wanted the ladybug, so it was one of her gifts, and she loves it just as much. She uses it every night, takes it on trips with her, sharpest it with her friends. The only problem is when the lights get dim due to batteries being worn down. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

  2. BA

    My four year old loves this! It has multiple colors and the lights are bright enough to cover the whole room. It is very cute, I would buy this as a gift for toddlers or small children who are learning to sleep in their own room.

  3. Ralph

    Easy to use

  4. jnikky

    We got this as a gift, and were so happy with it we bought it as a gift for someone else’s child. My 3 yr old uses it every night as she is going to bed, she loves to look at the stars. We turn it off before she falls asleep, we’ve never needed to have it on for her to fall asleep.

  5. Mom of 5!

    My children got 2 of these from Santa and hey love it. Its soft so they can cuddle it. It has different colors that it can be my kids loved that, my older son just looks up at it in the night and falls asleep. Then my younger ones just want to play with it. I would however recomend it to friends. It shipped super fast! And well worth the money, It is great as a night light, and it turns off by itself after so long to save batteries! Cant go wrong with this!

  6. jjs65

    had one of these for my daughter for many years. The new one is even better because it has more holes on the turtle’s shell. My daughter loves it!!

  7. Arcturus70Arcturus70

    My three-year old nephew has been fascinated with my Homestar Personal Planetarium, but it is an advanced product–not for tiny people or fingers to explore. It occurred to me that I needed to find him his very own, “touchable” planetarium that he could learn to care for and use, perhaps enhancing further interest in the night sky and astronomy. Therefore, I was delighted to find this product on Amazon, and after reading the various reviews, I decided that this was the right item to buy. And it was! 🙂 The Twilight Turtle is a unique and happy product–doesn’t the world need more of those? With its smooth star-studded shell, soft changeable lights, gentle, sleepy appearance, and its big activation buttons, it has appeal for young children (like my nephew) as well as adults.One of the things I consider when I buy something is the in-box / out of box experience. I found the Twilight Turtle’s packaging to be of EXCELLENT, eye-catching quality, and the design makes one feel like he / she has truly purchased a special, lovable item—worthy of showing, keeping, sending, sharing, and gifting. In fact, the box itself is definitely worth keeping for future turtle storage or travel. When one first sees Twilight Turtle in the box, one sees him sitting on a bed of pond rocks under a peaceful starry night. (The toy’s sweet expression is one of pleasant repose.) I was most impressed with the notation that the product had been individually hand painted, which offers an intriguing human touch not found in most items today. Immediately, I had a good feeling that the “Sleep Sheep & Friends: Soothing the Senses for Better Sleep” products were genuine, finely-crafted, multi-purpose toys that offer both comfort and learning.Removing Twilight from the box was easy–not frustrating as some toys are today with all their many plastic twist ties, and activating Twilight was even easier. 🙂 He came with a clever story to tell, and he was prepared to shine his lights for eager eyes. He wasn’t too heavy for a child to hold or too big to overwhelm; his size was just right. The guide booklet’s information was fun to read, and it enhanced the creative and educational aspects of the toy. Easy-to-find and easy-to-use buttons make the turtle accessible to various ages and stages. All three light colors seemed pleasing to our eyes–with the amber one being the dimmest / most restful, the blue being in the middle of intensity, and the green / emerald being the brightest. Thus, the user can modify his / her starry night for various “moods” of slumber, which is a feature that we liked.Unlike the Homestar Planetarium, Twilight’s stars do NOT move, and he has just eight constellations; however, these features were fine for our purposes—a simple, comforting product to encourage a little one to go to his own room for wonder, rest, and sleep.As a night light, Twilight is truly a stellar product–pun intended! 🙂 Champion of the little sleeper, the turtle chases away total darkness, anxiety, stress, and fear; he instills peace, confidence, joy, and curiosity. Though it seems targeted to children, I can see how this same product might also aid adults who need comfort, mood-setting, and sleep-help. (Most especially, for sick, injured, or otherwise, stressed adults!)As an educational toy, the turtle can teach (if adults model important lessons) the following:1. Respect for a nice, personal object / property–no throwing, hitting, or mistreating the turtle2. Gentleness, ownership, and care-taking ( Certificate of Adoption is included with Turtle! )3. Vocabulary: Sensory details, Connections, & Colors–“Twilight” “Amber” “Blue” Green” “Constellation” “Shell” “Head” Legs” “Tail” “Belly,” “Fuzzy,” “Smooth,” “Hard,” “Soft,” etc.4. Counting: to Seven & Shapes ( Shell Segments ); Counting Stars; Grouping5. Concepts: on / off; big / little; near / far; day / night; 45 minute timer, etc.6. Imagination: Storytelling about Twilight’s family and pond adventures; Storytelling related to the constellations; creative storytelling individualized for child7. Beginning mythology and science: Who is Orion? Where do real turtles live?8. Healthy sleep / bedroom habitsOrder Twilight Turtle, and he will transform your rooms and your heart. 🙂

  8. CKE

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    The Cloud B Twilight Night Light is the perfect addition to a child’s room. It provides a gentle light that can help soothing transition into a perfect sleeping routine. The light projects a series of stars (and 1 moon) onto the ceiling in either purple/blue, green, or red. The Lady Bug light has a built in timer so the images are projected onto the ceiling for 15-20 minutes.A few other notes- Requires 3 “AAA” batteries- Batteries last several months, but you will notice that the will gradually fade- Ours has been in service for 2 years and we have never had a bulb burn out.- The Lady Bug is rather soft, but it the hard shell will keep it from being a cuddly toyPro- Absolutely silent- Provides a soothing transition to sleep – you can count the stars…. look for shapes/patterns …. or other tricks to help relax and fall asleep.- Looks cute, certainly not an eye soreFinal Verdict – I can’t imagine a better gift for e infant, toddler, or expectant mother. It is a great way to help create a soothing night time routine. Highly recommended.5 Stars

  9. dss

    Our two and a half year old loves this turtle. I’m impressed with how well the stars project onto the ceiling and walls. We like the three different colors you can choose from, and that it has a timer and turns itself off after our daughter has fallen asleep. This was her favorite gift this Christmas.

  10. Sherry L. Barr

    This is an amazing night light. It’s our second one (the first needed to be discarded after an unfortunate potty incident, but we couldn’t do without, so we bought another one). It projects stars and the moon on the ceiling and is easily controlled by your child. There are three colors they can choose to project: blue, green, and amber. The light automatically shuts off.This night light has enable our little ones to feel much more secure going to sleep by themselves. It also makes bedtime more fun. I highly recommend – this is a great gift for anyone with little ones (ages 1-5).

  11. nanyannie

    My granddaughter was given this item for her 7th birthday and she absolutely loved it, no negatives whatsoever. It is suggested for babies, but we think it is much better for a young child who might understand what is being projected onto the ceiling. We discovered that her new neighbor, also age 7, has the same turtle and also loves it!

  12. Seth schroeder

    2yr old son loves it. He loves to identify the colors. Very soft. Wish they had other colors to choose from. Thought the shell was soft as well. The shell has an edge all the way around the is a little blunt. Not as heavy as the other turtle model that play music.

  13. T. Elstad

    I have a 28 month old son that we moved from a crib to a bed and we got him this turtle to not be scared, and it is an absolute game changer. He knows how to turn on the turtle himself, and he knows how to change the colors to the one that he wants. I love that it has a 45 minute timer on it, so it’s not on all night. I also love that the battery pack is screwed shut, and covered by a piece of fabric. I have gotten other night lights that have gone into bed with my son, and then I noticed that the battery pack didn’t have a screw on it, so that is why I got this turtle in the first place. It is bright and displays stars onto the ceiling. My kiddo falls asleep every night just staring at the stars. I would highly recommend for a young child that doesn’t want to sleep in the dark.

  14. Sam

    Great night light, especially for the price. The kids (2 and 4) are going through a scared of the dark phase but I didn’t want them to be tempted to play with a normal plug in one. This is a great solution cause I can put it up, but it wouldn’t be an issue if they did play with it. They were so excited with the moon and star lights and the ability to change colors.

  15. M Northington

    I bought this for my 2 yr old grandson as a replacement for one that had belonged to his 5 yr old brother. He did not want to sleep in his own bed after the older turtle bit the dust, so I was delighted to find it still available. The stars cast on the ceiling give enough light to keep the boogie man at bay, yet not enough for any other activity (reading, playing), so sleep follows. My older granddaughters (8 & 5) were fighting over their turtle, so I got the ladybug too. One for each, right? Now they argue over who gets which. I highly recommend these for any child that is hesitant at sleeping alone at night – worth every penny.

  16. Ronni Ben-israel

    This turtle was awesome it has three color lights to choose from so you can change it whenever you feel like personally i like the blue he best i bought it for my new little sisters and them and my step mother love it, if you have the tv on or something you can still see the lights but barely depending on if you’re watching a bright show or not, however they have a room with a 18 foot ceiling and in the dark with no other lights on this looks awesome. I defiantly recommend it

  17. green_eyed_scorpio

    This ladybug is amazing for night time with my three year old. I researched star projectors and found this one had great reviews so I bought it. He loves stars and space and gets a kick out of being able to place this ladybug in the bed with him. The timer allows me to turn it on and by the time he’s asleep it’s already off or about to go off. The body of the bug is very soft and cuddly, which was a bonus we were not expecting. I bought this over a year ago, and so far this as proven to be a great buy.

  18. JBelcher

    We bought this for our 2 yr.old son for Christmas and he just absolutely loves it. Every night after story time he gets his turtle and decides which color of stars he wants to look at. This has made it so much easier to put him to sleep at night. It is very soothing to have on and it turns itself off after about 45 minutes. Plus if he wakes during the night the buttons are large enough for him to be able to turn it back on for comfort.I would recommend this for all parents with small children, especially if they are interested in the moon and stars like our son is.

  19. elefunmomma

    Bought this for my 4.5 year old for Christmas. He really wanted a light up pillow, but I was worried it was to “baby-ish.” This is totally cool! The display is great on the ceiling. I want one for my room!

  20. FreeHiker

    Just bought 3 of them as gifts to friends’ kids. My wife and I have tested them all immediately after we got them. So here are some quick comments:Pros: Amazing design – panorama view of beautiful starry night; 3 choices of lighting colors, which can be even combined (3 colors can be even turned on at the same time); easy to use buttons and switches; light weightCons: Well, I don’t have much to say since I’m still waiting for a coming trip so that I can give them to friends’ kids, so I have only one small concern – maybe batteries will have to be replaced soon if a kid “abuses” it, not a big deal to me anyway (and it also means kids do love them).Overall: highly recommend this as a gift to kids.

  21. Crystal

    I bought this for my 4 year old and 2 year old to help ease the transition of sleeping in their own room. It works great the stars are bright enough (except in the orange color setting), the battery life is amazing I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still going! My kids have thrown it about and even taken it to daycare where it was rough and tumbled on and it still works! The shell is a little scuffed but not cracks, splits, nothing! Great product, worth it!

  22. Hachi

    We used this every night in my older daughter’s room when she was 2. She loved changing the colors and looking for the moon. We now use this in my younger daughter’s room (age 22 months), and she loves it just as much. I’ve bought this for 5 other friends as bday and baby shower gifts because I know their kids will love them (confirmed by them!). It’s a great gift for both girls and boys – young and old. It’s a great nightlight, and I love that it automatically turns off after about 20 minutes. We haven’t had to change the batteries for months for this reason.

  23. capat

    I purchased this item for my newborn grandson when he was 1 month old. It turns his bedroom into a magical place filled with stars and he loves laying in his crib and looking at the ceiling. When his Mom rocks him to sleep it seems to soothe him looking at the stars. I am sure this is something he will enjoy for years to come. I can see that older children are enchanted by it also because his 3 year old cousin comes over and that is the first thing she heads for is Twilight turtle. Definitely a great purchase for any special child in your life.

  24. atty64

    This was a gift. I can’t speak to durability or battery life, but it was well received by mom and the child liked it a lot. The turtle’s expression is delightful.

  25. Kyle Moore

    This turtle night light has been such a great addition to the nursery. It has made putting our son down for the night super easy! Read him a book, turn off his lamp, turn on the turtle, rock him for a minute or two, and put him in his crib. He’ll stand on the side of the crib, I give him a hug and kiss good night and walk out of the room. Not a peep out of him! He quickly settles in for the night falling to sleep under the stars. Best feature is that it turns itself off after 30 minutes.Prior to getting this night light, we’d have to stand beside his crib until he fell asleep, then sneak out of the room. We’re all sleeping better since getting this turtle! Worth every penny!I like the green light best, it’s the most visible projection of stars. The amber light is a nice soothing light, but the stars don’t project as clearly on the ceiling. The blue light projects well… I just don’t think it looks as natural as the amber and green lights do. Overall it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Highly recommend this to any sleep deprived parent!

  26. Elise

    Fixed the nightlight problem for us. Our kid wanted a nightlight, but nothing else really seemed to fit the bill. She LOVES this, and always wants to push the buttons herself. I love that it turns off on its own after 45 minutes.

  27. Alvaro Tejada Galindo

    This is the perfect companion for sleep time! Bought it for my daughter and couldn’t be happier…works perfectly with 3 different colors and yes…you can see some constellations if you know them…or you can simply check the manual to see where they are…it has an auto shut down, so it’s perfect….also…it comes with some nice “auto-saving” option…when the battery is running low…it will last turn on for a couple of minutes but will wake up as soon as a loud sound is made…totally love it and there’s no single night where my daughter doesn’t want to turn it on…it’s just one of the best gifts I could ever buy her…

  28. Sonja K. Townsend

    We have not tried this item yet. Got it for my grand daughter for Christmas. I bought the twilight turtle for my grandson 2 years ago it was a wonderful product. It goes everywhere with him, even on vacation. When the child lays and looks at the lights they fall asleep before the know it. Hope to have as much success with the ladybug.

  29. The Santos’s

    This thing works great and helps my son fall asleep at night. It has three different colors but only the blue and green are bright enough to be seen well. It did burn through the batteries within a month or so but sometimes we would forget to turn it off before we went to bed. An auto off feature after like 30 minutes would be a great addition to this product.If your kids want a nightlight that isn’t so bright that it keeps them up, this is a great buy!

  30. Dyre

    We bought this eight months ago, when my son was only three months old. He was having trouble sleeping and we determined it was because of the darkness. I remembered having little glowing stars on my walls and thought he might like that. While searching for those, I found this. I am very glad I did.He loved it then, loved it more when he learned he could push the buttons and change the colors, loves it even more now that he is curious about the stars.It is very soft, the plastic is not hard enough to hurt if he bumps into it, the buttons are big and responsive enough that he has no trouble pressing them. It is bright enough that the stars really do cascade along every wall, barring any obstructions. I have also used it to see when I check up on him as it is bright enough for me to see without waking him up.It sits right in his crib and he has, on more than one occasion, attempted to take it out with him in the morning to keep playing with it. The battery life is also amazing, likely due to the auto shutoff. I did not have to change the batteries for roughly three months.I highly recommend this to anyone with kids, of any age. This is a nightlight that doubles as a plush toy and can be used to teach some basics about stars, if so inclined. I can’t see any age restrictions for it. I love it.The only thing that would make this better is if the shell were also plush and it played soft music.

  31. Mylgon

    My wife and I purchased the Lady Bug version for our two-year-old niece as both a decorative item for her bedroom and as a night light. We and our niece’s parents couldn’t be any happier with it and, most importantly, the young girl absolutely adores it!The product is very well made and is soft enough for an older child to cuddle with. The three selectable colors is a nice feature, while the auto off timer is perfect for preserving battery life. Unfortunately, because it is only battery powered (no AC adpater), you will be recharging/repurchasing batteries on a regular basis.The light output is bright enough so as to be seen within a room; but, not so bright that it will keep a child from falling sound asleep. The star pattern is neat and scatters about the walls and ceiling very well.I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to replace the traditional night light with something a bit more unique and that fits either gender.

  32. Hope

    After reading several reviews on many different nightlights we decided to go with this one. I am very happy with the light and my kids love it so much I am contemplating ordering another one. The stars shine brightly on the ceiling from the floor. Not so bright that it keeps the kids awake. It is very cool, my kids like finding the moon on the ceiling. 🙂

  33. Navem

    My 11yr old son and my 6yr old daughter both love this guy! I admit I do too. He works so well. The stars show up so nicely and look pretty. I also ordered the Ocean Tranquil turtle because of how well my kids loved this guy.

  34. Dean Wissing

    The turtle itself doesn’t look like much, but the stars it makes on the ceiling are great. It only works at night when the room is very dark, but that’s when we need it. Our daughter was always fussy going to bed and we tried mobiles and music and stuffed animals, but this is the one thing that really helped. The stars cover the whole ceiling and some of the walls. She loves to look for the moon, which we would move by turning the turtle.Now she’s older (2 years old) and still goes to sleep with it on. Now she can change the colors by herself and she picks it up and moves it around so the stars move around the room. We bought some more to give as baby shower gifts.

  35. Catherine Farrer

    This turtle has helped my 3 year old go to sleep at home and on vacation every night for the last few weeks. We love it. It’s cute, sturdy, and easy to operate. He can turn it back on if he wakes up during the night. And he turns it on every night as he’s going to bed. It projects a magical sea of stars on the walls and ceiling, and the turtle itself glows. It gives us just enough light to get to sleep. I highly recommend this for any child, but especially for those whose imaginations are growing and ‘the dark’ is becoming a scary place.

  36. Inked Phoenix

    I don’t even have children and I love this thing. The turtle itself is adorable and surprisingly light weight. It throws beautiful stars on your ceiling and walls. In blue, amber/yellow, or a green. Frankly the amber/yellow isn’t as bright as I’d like it, the stars are faint- but if you or your kid needs dimmer light, that’s the color. The blue is a cobalt and is very calming. The green is a mild kelly green and is also very pretty. It shuts itself off, so no batteries wasted. I’m a big fan of Cloud B products. They make really good gifts, and are quality enough to last and be heirloom toys.

  37. Speedy Reader

    My 20 month old son received a Twilight Turtle from Santa this year, and he adores it! At first when he opened it, he and my 3 year old, tossed it aside. At bed time I turned it on for him and he loved it! He has so much fun changing the colors of the stars and looking at the ceiling. My daughter loves it too, and tries to steal it every night at bedtime for herself, lol. The turtle came with a cute story about his family, an adoption certificate, and a booklet informing you of what constellations are projected from each part of the shell( Orion, Draco, The Little Dipper, Canis Major, Cepheus, Pegasus, Gemini, The Big Dipper ). They are a little hard to locate when the shell is colored amber or near a wall, but if you have the turtle in the middle of a dark room on blue or green you can find them. And really, my 20 month old could care less, he really just likes the pretty stars and the pretty glowing shell. I highly recommend this turtle, I have bought it as a gift, with glowing results, and now I plan on purchasing a ladybug for my daughter!

  38. TMR1225

    I ordered this for my 2 year olds room since she was always trying to “borrow” her sisters turtle version. I love how bright the stars shine onto the walls and ceiling and love that this one has the moon as well as the stars. As previously mentioned my older daughter has the turtle version and it is a couple of years old and it does not have the moon on it. These lights seem to be pretty durable both of my kids like to carry them around and they have been dropped multiple times and are still working.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Our kids love their cloud b night lights! I will say though, after having both the lady bug and the turtle, the turtle has held up better. The lady bug has a weak point on her antennae. If I had to do over i would teach my kids to never pick it up by them. but, its kind of a lost cause at this point. super cute idea. we just bought the sea turtle for santa to bring our youngest son.

  40. Ashley C

    My 2-year old daughter LOVES her lady bug. Every night we pick the color that the stars should be and we talk about them. She points out the moon not only on her ceiling, but now every time she sees it in the sky. This is a great product that encourages kids to look at the sky and learn about space.

  41. Jess

    My 16 month old and I love to play with this toy before bed. It does not help her sleep at all — she wants to just stay up and play with it — but it’s still a nice night time ritual. She loves pressing the buttons to change the color of the stars…or to “press” the stars and see them on her hand. We love taking it under a blanket and seeing the projection on the blanket. We paid $22.

  42. Savanna F. Breese

    So I am waaaaay too old to have a nightlight, but I have a very, very dark bedroom and enjoy having something interesting to look at as I fall asleep. Enter: Twilight Turtle. Man, this little guy is plush enough to cuddle in bed, and bright enough to illuminate my entire 20’x13′ bedroom. He has three settings; blue, green and yellow. I personally usually leave him on yellow, but occasionally set him for blue. And I swich it by just pressing one of the three easy to feel buttons near his bottom, at the backside of his shell. He stays automatyically lit for a good 45 minutes before shutting himself off. He came with batteries, and I’ve been using him every night for about 2 weeks on those and he’s still going strong. I love Him!

  43. Nethyn

    This plushie turtle/nightlight/star projector is fantastic. He shines in blue, green, or amber (choose colors with the push of a button) and projects an array of stars around the room. The room needs to be fairly dark to see the stars in amber, but green or blue settings work well even with another nightlight in the room. The shell is hard plastic so do not let a child stand or step on it, but the plush turtle is still cuddly. If you’re looking for an astronomically correct star projector this isn’t one, but it gives baby or parents (my wife and I may get a second one for our room)a starry, fascinating ceiling. He shuts off after a set time so you do not need to worry about coming back to shut him off after baby falls asleep. Batteries were included.

  44. Grech

    The reviews never disappoint me! I intended to give this as a gift for my nieceyet, I fell in love with this tortoise I felt like keeping it for my room!! Well, Might as well buy another one. Never too old for this. LOL.

  45. Noelle Hernandez

    Our daughter is only 3 months old and she loves the bug light!! It keeps her visually entertained at night. Every night before she goes to bed, we turn it on.

  46. Buckeyedoc-Amazonian

    I bought this for my neice for her 2nd Birthday. Now she refuses to go to bed without the sky (ceiling) lit up by the bug.A great gift to add to any kids room.

  47. jennifer snyder

    OMG this could not be a more perfect gift for a toddler…I gave this to my friends child on his first birthday. He is almost four and still loves this thing! I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews about this for children. Strongly suggest this as a gift!

  48. Rachel Willenberg

    I bought two of these for my two daughters and they have become a “staple” at bedtime. I love that the colors can change and the stars have real constellations in them! My whole family enjoyed this.

  49. QC Laughlin

    my 3 year old must have this turtle on each night before going to bed. the soft light makes him feel safe and comfortable and not be bothered so much by “ghosts and monsters”. i like the auto shut off feature after 45minutes. the different light colors are nice too.

  50. a friend always

    Hello ,this is a great gift for children or adults. I actually got this formyself , because sometimes ill admit it i even still hate the dark. So i got this and it is so perfect. The stars show up so nice . I love the color functions , the amber is nice and gold shows upwell and blue is so tranquill >I wish i had this when i was little.But i have it now .Peace

  51. CJ

    I got two of these, one for each child, and they absolutely love them. They like to take them into their play castle and turn them on so they’re surrounded by stars. They also enjoy them in their rooms and having it on has helped the 3-yr-old be much less afraid of his room at night since this provides “starlight.” My only issue is that it did take longer than usual for these to arrive but they were worth waiting for.

  52. Seattle Momma

    We have the Twilight Turtle and we bought this one as a present for our friend. I like this one even better than the Turtle since it has the on/off button not just the switch. Plus it has an additional moon shape that the Turtle does not have. We love the Turtle in our house and turn it on every night. But, this one is a perfect gift too.

  53. Ambelle

    My son was afraid of the dark and now he actually asks for the light to be turned off so he can see the stars. The quality is great. I love that it turns off after 45 minutes to not waste batteries. I also love that the buttons are simple enough for a toddler to use so he can easily turn it back on if he wakes in the night when it is off. It has three nice color options and you can also select for it to scroll through the colors. Love that it covers the walls and the ceilings with stars. When he’s older I’ll point out the different constellations hidden in the design. He enjoys putting his finger over the moon and making it disappear. Fantastic product!

  54. Cathy Wilson

    My Nephew really loved this. It shows the stars and constellations on the ceiling. He turns it on every night, as he has a hard time going to sleep. But this has really helped him. It automatically goes off after so long. this is great for a childs room

  55. Autumn

    My 3 month old niece loves it (almost as much as watching the ceiling fan). My sister-in-law is happy with the blue colored turtle. No problems (as some others have had with questionable turtles). This one came in the Cloud B box.

  56. Alejandro

    This is my 3rd purchase of this item. I bought one for my older son, a baby shower and now for my 4 year old. My son woke up at night and said he was afraid of the dark. I knew I had to get this right away. He loves the easy push button on because he can turn it on easily himself in the middle of the night. This is a cute toy for fun but it really helps my son not be afraid of the dark. It offers just enough glow that he can see but he’s able to fall asleep quickly. It’s not too bright. I love this turtle. It’s really cute.

  57. Rachel

    My boys ADORE these guys. My oldest son is five and this was a shower gift for him. He has always had it in bed with him and he loves the different colors and watching the starts reflect on his walls and ceiling. He didn’t want to share with his little brother so I bought one for him for his second Christmas. No money wasted there. They both have them on at night and love to “match”.

  58. Kindle Customer

    Update: This turtle worked fine for the past month and then it started blinking, which the instructions say indicates a low battery. I replaced the batteries with brand new alkaline Kirkland (Costco) brand batteries. The unit would then work for about 15 seconds, then go back to flashing the amber color. I tried another set of batteries (which I checked on my meter and I know are good/new), and same thing. I remember reading a review saying to mix some of the old batteries with the new, so I did… same flashing light. I then went out and bought a different brand of battery (Ray-O-Vac alkaline), and those worked perfectly! Right back to how it should be. Fine… it’s working again, but it’s pretty lame the circuitry on this thing is so finicky and sensitive one has to find just the right AAA batteries with the right tip length (some reviews say some brand have too short of a tip and don’t make contact) and the right power output to get everything to work okay. Kind of kooky, but the turtle lights live another day and our little guy is happy.Really, $30-$50 for this thing?? There’s not much too it… it’s just some fabric, stuffing, plastic shell, and a little logic board with LEDs… I know these are not that expensive to make… but boy does my son love it! and it really does have a cool effect in the room. In an effort to buy things that a little kid appreciates/loves/uses, this was money well spent. Still, these are over priced. For example, the Munchkin Nursery Projector sold here on Amazon is $20/delivered (with Prime), and that thing has a projector with three scenes, tons of sounds/music, it’s sound activated, it has a timer with multiple settings, it has a nightlight, and the projector tilts… all for $20! But this turtle just has three lights, a set countdown timer, and not much else, but it’s $30-$50? Really? Again, all that aside, we’re pretty happy with the end result… it’s a nice little turtle with a cool effect that our kid loves. That’s where the value is.

  59. Miss M

    Seriously fantastic. It is like having those glow in the dark stars on your ceiling but removable. Provides a soft glow of night sky on the ceiling; just enough of a night light for our toddler (and for us if we need to go in there) & it looks plain cool. I am just so happy with this purchase!

  60. jahs

    This is an incredible baby item. I bought this for my two month old and she absolutely loves it. I can put her in her crib while she’s still wide awake, put on the twilight turtle and she’ll fall asleep while staring at the stars. I now have to go out and buy one for my three year old– he’s obsessed with it. This will definately be my new baby gift for friends and family.I read in other reviews that the amber colored stars did not show up- while they are a bit dimmer than the blue and green mine shows up just fine on our ceilings at night. I also keep this on top of the changing table (at least four feet from our ceiling) and they show up great.

  61. sf mama

    We received this as a gift for our newborn two years ago and it stayed in the closet until he was 18 mos old. Since rediscovering it, my 2 year old son has been obsessed with this and now uses it for his naps and bedtime. Love this nightlight!

  62. katrreid

    My 2 yr old daughter LOVES the moon and stars. Most night, clouds cover the moon and she can’t she it….and asks doe it allllllll night. The turtle is amazing! She absolutely loves it and has to go to sleep to it every night. In fact, she will bring it upstairs to our room and we have to lay on the bed and look at it.

  63. Sadie J.

    This is by far THE BEST gift I have ever been able to give to a young child. I got one for my 3 year old nephew last year for Christmas and he still talks about it and can’t be without it- especially at night time. I got a second one for him to share with his 2 year old brother for his grandmama’s house so that they can have one at home and one there. Again, neither can be without it. Some of the color options for the lights show up better than others but for a normal sized room with the lights off this works great to create a starry sky and inspire imagination and also sooth any fear of the dark.

  64. richarcg

    I was looking for something to make bedtimes easier because my 3 year old tries to sleep with me every night because he’s scared of the dark. After reading the reviews and even tried other night lights, I went ahead and purchased this turtle. Buying a nightlight at this price seemed ridiculous to me, but now I see it’s worth every penny. I am absolutely pleased with it! The night light glows perfectly when it’s dark, and the three color settings are soothing. The body of the turtle has a soft silky feel to the touch and the overall size of the turtle is the perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle with if they wanted. We have standard 8 ft ceilings, and the star constellations and moon show up really well and only one moon displays with each color. My son is so amazed by his night light and calls the turtle his friend. For the past three days, my son hasn’t tried to sleep with me. I hide the turtle during the day (or else he would play with it) and bring it out only for bed or nap times. It actually works, and my son looks forward to sleeping with his turtle. I am pleased with my purchase and will most definitely buy one of these from Cloud b for my daughter if need be.

  65. VfromCA

    I have one for my toddler. He loves it since he was an infant. Every night we leave it on when he goes to bed. Beautiful 3 colors of stars projected in the ceiling. We tried him not to play with it, since there is a delicate bulb inside but still he plays with it sometimes and it survived! Warning: teach your child not to look straight to the bulb. I ordered for my nephew too. He loves it!

  66. Sandy Eggo

    My toddler loves this nightlight, as do I. We use it every night. It is basic compared to the other models since it doesn’t have any sounds, but I like that. You can have it set to one color or have it alternate all 3. Shuts off automatically after 45 minutes. Comes with batteries ready to go. I definitely want to buy this for all of my nieces and nephews for each of their upcoming birthdays! Everyone would love this nightlight! Worth the price.Update March 2020:I still have this turtle and love it. Just be ready to “shell out” money for batteries as they do not last long in with regular use. Batteries last less than a month with every night use, remind you this is even with the automatic timer shut-off. Still cool for special occasions or really young ones up to 5 years old.

  67. BijiBiji

    I bought these for both of my grandchildren and they love it! They responded well to both the cuteness factor and the starry night. The different colors really change it up from night to night but a favorite color is always picked. It lights up the room incredibly and you can remove the plastic shell thereby, the soft turtle can be hugged tighter. There were no sharp edges and we’ve had no problem with safety issues. The batteries last forever or at least when using Energizer brand. Children love it so much they drag it around the home like a teddy bear.

  68. Mary A.

    Grandson is crazy for stars,.. and he loves this. Especially since he is allowed to control it, and can make selections of colors, etc. That is kind of a big deal when you are at an age when some adult is ALWAYS taking remotes, cell phones and everything else OUT of your hands..He cuddles with it and goes to sleep saying “Starrrrrrssssss” while pointing up!

  69. Aisha Khan

    My son likes it, it helps him calm down and settle for bed. I think the older kids like it too! It projects well.

  70. Wile.E.Coyote

    What a great idea and he loves the fact that he can choose different colors. What is really great is the fact that the light automatically goes out after 45 minutes. This is very light and feels quite fragile buts its already been dropped several times and is working just fine.

  71. Deliriart

    This is the best thing ever! I have had it for a year and just bought another one for my nephew tonight. It is adorable, the lights actually show up bright on the ceiling (unlike the As Seen on TV ones!) because the punctures are much smaller. (Great if you have high ceilings!)It has 4 lovely colors. My favorite is amber because it is also the dimmer one and it surrounds the room with a peaceful glow. Even my mother loves it, so I bought her one of the round thingies tonight – I can’t remember what they are called… The lights are very relaxing, soothing, and reassuring to children…even if they co-sleep.Oh, we just changed out the batteries about 2 months ago. So they lasted about 10 months with nightly use.

  72. FrankFrank

    This has become an essential part of my toddlers night time routine. He refers to this as “Moon” because of the stars and moon pattern the turtle projects. When he first transitioned from a crib to his toddler bed, these really gave him comfort and helped him be more at ease with his room. Every night now, this gets turned on before he climbs into his bed. It has a few settings for Orange, Green and Blue. My child prefers the blue so he normally switches that color on. It can filter through the three colors as well. The batteries last a really long time in this because it shuts itself off after about 15 – 20 minutes so it doesn’t just run all night long. My wife and I actually use the lights to tell whether he is up or not, because when he wakes up the first thing he does is turn the lights on this turtle, and he will keep turning the lights back on until he falls asleep. The lights are not bright by any means so it has never kept him awake either which is nice. I highly recommend this toy to others as my child really likes it and I have nieces that have used the same toy and equally liked it as well!

  73. Del G

    Of all the gifts we got our son for Christmas this stands out as one of the best. He loves looking at the stars on the ceiling. Its simple enough for him to switch colors or turn on or off. It turns itself off after about 20 minutes. It keeps him company while he settles down for bed. It has helped with bedtime.

  74. Eric

    We got this for my 3 year old who was scared of the dark. She would wake up screaming in the middle of the night because it was so dark. Even with a night light we were missing something else and this did the trick.What I like about it is it stays on for 45 min before it auto shuts off which is a good amount of time to make sure she is asleep. We noticed recently that it starts blinking when the batteries need to be changed. I thought it was broken at first but a google search and fresh batteries fixed it right up.It was recommended to me by a co-worker who has a child with night terrors and I am recommending it to any one with kids that sleep in the dark. My daughter even takes this with her when she goes to the bathroom at night which is really cute.Shop on!

  75. Dawn

    I purchased this for my 2yr old son. He loves it! We put it on in his room at bedtime. It’s part of our nightly routine now. The stars & moon shine perfectly on the ceiling. There is a timer on the battery powered light in this turtle. It goes off after about 45 min. You can also change the color of the stars to green, purple or yellow. I was concerned that we’d go through batteries like crazy, but its going great even after 3 months of nightly use and lots of on & off play by our toddler. For anyone worried about having a nightlight on all night, we have a nightlight on in his room that is on all the time, it doesn’t interfere with the light for the stars, except directly where the nightlight is.

  76. Sarah Niewieroski

    Both of my daughters have these turtles. They sleep with them on every night. I love how they turn off after a certain time frame. They project the stars all over the ceiling and walls..and really lights up their room. They like their stars on the blue color. But you can have them on green, blue, or orange.. or you can have it rotate between all 3 lights. I rarely have to change out the batteries in them as well. The turle itself is a soft material and super cute. My oldest daughter has had this turtle for several years and we had to order my youngest daughter one when we left a smaller star projector at my parents house. I knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it, so I got online and purchased this one and it arrived within the wk. I do wish this company would start making the cloud b ocean waves projector turtle again that plays soft music. Ive been wanting to get one for the last yr but everywhere I look, it says its unavailable or out of stock.

  77. WarriorHockey21

    My daughter went through a phase of needing more than just her nightlight to go to sleep at night. We ended up having to leave the bathroom lights on for a long time so it would shine down into her room and keep her content. Not wanting to keep wasting the bathroom lights and electricity, I went looking for a fun “nightlight” that she would enjoy, and that would make her happy enough that we wouldn’t need to leave the lights on in the house. I came across these, based on rating and asked if she would like the idea and let her choose the turtle or the ladybug. She picked the turtle and loved it from the very first night we used it. She loves looking at the stars and the moon as she falls asleep, and it gives just enough additional light so she can feel more comfortable, but it’s not so bright to be annoying or distracting. It’s a perfect balance.

  78. Lisa

    I am so grateful that I found this little guy! My 2 year old adores it! Not only does she use it at night time, but loves to take it into her tent to play with it. She loves being able to change the colors (blue, green & amber) and is just fascinated by it in general. Her face just lights up when we turn it on and she yells “I DID IT!” I love that it helps when I put her down at night. She’s too busy looking at them to cry about the fact that its bedtime.It doesnt play music, his hard shell just shines the stars on the ceiling which are extremely clear and lights the room just enough for her to be comforted.A lovely gift idea!

  79. beansley

    Our little 2 (almost 3) year old LOVES this! She is fascinated with the stars and even at her age, she is now able to find Orion’s Belt in the ‘galaxy’ on her bedroom ceiling – it has encouraged her to look at the stars at night when she is outside too. Nothing but positives – easy for her to use – and it shuts off automatically after 45 minutes – so she goes to sleep with the stars, but we don’t have it running all night. I would highly recommend this product.

  80. Benoit J. Lheureux

    This was a ‘long shot’ because I figured, for the money, would it really work, well?Surprisingly it does! And our twins love it.Strengths:* produces cool star-field (inc’d a moon) on ceiling and walls (on our 10′ ceiling)* three colors: blue (great), green (ok), red (doesn’t work so well)* appears to be safe for toddlers to play with* LED lights, so I figure batteries will last a while* good value for the priceChallenges:* as others mentioned, red doesn’t work very well (not a big deal)* I think the ladybug itself looks funky (but kids love it, so ok)* rather than “constellations”, its really just a bunch of stars (but still cool)* some folks complained about it not working close to a wall — indeed it works best when simply placed or held in the middle of the room — again, no big dealGiven the price I didn’t expect much but was pleasantly surprised. My boy in particular just loves the toy … we actually can’t leave it in his room at night because he’ll just get up to play with it. But we let the kids play with their light toys in a dark room as a break from daytime activities.This is a very clever toy — considering the price, I consider it a great value. Highly recommended.

  81. Asun

    I have purchased 5 of these night lights, I purchased the first one in 2012 as a gift for a baby shower and found out later that it helped his child fall asleep at night. I then purchased this for my other friends (and relatives) that had newborns. Everyone seemed to like the product a lot. So I got it myself for my first child (recently) and it’s pretty cool. You can select different colors and it turns off after ~30 minutes. I think it helps my child feel more comfortable at night because it lights up the room with stars. I also like how it automatically turns off so it doesn’t waste batteries.

  82. M. Gorman

    My 4 year old son received this gift for Christmas, amongst many others. I spent the better part of the day curled up in the walk in closet as we enjoyed Twilight turtle’s magic. Many gifts are captivating the first day you get them. However, this is now March and Twilight turtle continues to enchant. Everywhere my son brings him (and that is many places!) people comment on what a wonderfully simple, magical toy it is. I would definitely get this for any child, up to age 10. This 40-year-old wouldn’t be disappointed to have my own in my room as I fall asleep as well!

  83. Phillip

    bought for my 4 year old daughter, she loves it and it has made bed time much easier, she actually looks forward to going to bed instead of fighting us over it. It feels well built and has already withstood a couple drops from approximately 3 ft. I also like the fact that there are constellations that you can search for with your child to make it more engaging; it isn’t just a random pattern of stars.

  84. suzanne

    We got this turtle as a nightlight for our sons room when he was an infant. The amount of light is perfect for a mid night feeding and change. The timer goes off in about 45 minutes. Now that he is about 18 months, he loves the stars every night before bed.

  85. Books-An-Hour

    I bought it for our son’s second birthday – to serve as a night light and as an attraction since he started to show interest in stars.The Twilight Turtle does it all – it gives just enough light to move around the room and see how our son’s doing, and adds such a nice ambience to the room! Though advertised as a product for kids 3+, it works perfectly fine with our 2 year old boy – he loves the stars and doesn’t care much for the turtle :). He hardly touches it but he readily goes to the bedroom if I mention the stars (he hates going to sleep otherwise).I definitely recommend this one for every kid, even the youngest baby – the light is not harsh but just enough to soothe and comfort. We all love it! Even my husband who’s a super sensitive sleeper doesn’t mind the light (our son sleeps in our room). Wonderful product!!!


    Wonderful. Only had to buy a second one because after 7 years of use first one doesn’t put out light anymore.

  87. Shawn Baker

    I bought this for my 5 year old son. He was always afraid of the dark, and would always need the hall light on in order to go to sleep. As soon as he got this, he allowed me to turn the hall light off and slept with this on every night for about 2 months, and now he will go to bed with no lights at all. I also like that this goes off after a certain amount of time as to not waste the batteries.

  88. DG

    I would say that my kids love it, but honestly we ALL love it! The stars are bright and clear on the ceiling and the walls. The orange or ‘amber’ is a little dimmer than the rest, so we usually use the blue light. My kids love looking at the stars before they go to sleep.

  89. Elle Pea

    This is an ingenious product! It is adorable, and emits light onto the ceiling for the little ones who fear their dark bedrooms. So clever and worth every penny!

  90. Shelley Goodman

    Bought this for my grandson’s 3rd birthday in Nov. He is a very big animal lover and not only does he live to see the constellations on the ceiling, he loves the turtle to sleep with him!

  91. Deanna L. Mikiska

    We have had the Twilight for years now. This is less of a nightlight more of bedtime soother as it does turn off but with the push of a button you can restart the cycle. We needed something for my son that wasn’t too bright and ran across this at a local store. He was about 6 years old and the idea appealed to him. It turns off after about 45 minutes (in theory kids should be asleep by then) and when it is on it has a wonderful display of stars (you choose from 3 colors of light but our favorite is blue). My son likes to position the turtle in just the right way so the big dipper is right over his bed when he goes to sleep. Big sister wanted in on the action so even at the age of about 11 we bought the ladybug version for her room. Fast forward to the present…my nephew was turning one and his parents wanted a nightlight for his room. Solution: twilight turtle. I highly recommend!

  92. Nikki White

    My 2 year old son got this for his birthday and he LOVES it! It’s the one toy he got for his birthday he uses everyday. We turn it on and gaze at the stars every night before he drifts off to sleep. He loves the color changes! The stars and moon shine bright and clearly on his bedroom ceiling. It puts him at ease immediately. Highly recommend.

  93. Freedom Isn’t Free

    I was very skeptical that our 10 year old would really like this when she put it on her Christmas list….Boy was I wrong….she sleeps with it every night! I am sure alot of people would assume it is just for very small children but I think that once you see how well the stars show up on an 8 foot ceiling, you will see the appeal.Thanks Amazon for a great price and prompt shipping!

  94. Schramm

    I bought this for my 2 yr olds birthday. It is a great product. The three light modes are brilliant. If you want to test your toddler on colors just turn it on and ask which color they want. I get green, blue, and orange (Amber).I am a little nervous about breaking the shell per other reviews. We try to put the turtle away each morning and bring it out right before bed. So far it has been sturdy enough that being thrown around and played with hasn’t caused a problem.The only downside I could see with the product are the constellations. If you don’t use the guide it can be pretty difficult to determine where some of the constellations are. Especially because the stars are on the ceiling and the walls.Overall I would buy this product again.

  95. SF Mama

    My 3 1/2 year old has the blue and my 2 year old has the green. They are both adorable! My 3 1/2 year old uses it every night as part of the night time routine along with her battery operated candle and rain drop sounds from a sound machine. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she will usually just turn the turtle back on and fall asleep. Her favorite color is the blue light (there is also amber and green lighting) so her room is filled with blue stars and a moon all over the ceiling and along the sides. She has a smaller room, probably about 10 x 10.My newly 2 year old son is more about pushing the buttons and seeing the different colors light up, he has figured out recently that the stars can be seen against the wall and likes to point it at different spaces. But I actually borrow his turtle and use it for myself and my 2 month old who co sleeps. It gives the perfect amount of light to still be cozy for the night feelings. And I actually do enjoy looking at the stars as well. My room is much bigger than my daughters room, maybe 12 x 14, and the stars fill up all of the ceiling and along the top part of the walls.Love this product! I only wished that there was an option for the lights to stay on all night.

  96. nila

    Excellent product! I bought this in an effort to get my 2 year old to like sleeping in his new toddler bed. He loves looking at the ” stars” and the lady bug. He is able to go off to sleep by himslef in a dark room gazing at the stars. A must have- I am glad I bought it. I also love that the stars can be illuminated in 3 different colors and the labybug itself glows very brightly yet softly. Well worth the price- the concept is unique!

  97. Susan

    I bought one of these as a baby shower gift for my first grandchild. My granddaughter wanted it on every night, and at almost 5 now, she loves deciding which color (blue, green or yellow) she wants her stars to be. When we added living space in our attic to have room for kids and grandkids to visit, I used a Narnia theme. The grandkids’ dorm room (which they get into through a wardrobe) is designed with a Dawn Treader deck-like floor and “ship berths” under the slanted ceiling, complete with portholes between them. My painter and I hand painted the ceiling and walls to look like the sky seen from the deck of the ship. I was going to try to stencil glow-in-the-dark stars all over it–until I thought of this turtle. I bought one of these instead, and it does a fantastic job of scattering stars and a crescent moon all over the ceiling when the kids go to bed. It turns itself off automatically after a couple hours, which is perfect because no one has to sneak in there to do it. I really like this one better than many I’ve seen because some of them project an animal on the ceiling along with the stars. I’m enough of a purist to want just a starry, starry sky!

  98. S.F.

    My son loves this! He uses it every night and at nap it hasn’t run out of batteries for the 2 months we’ve had it. I like that it automatically turns off after 45 mins.

  99. Kerry

    Really is great and is so neat! Every kid will love this! My only complaint is that the top is hard plastic – which I guess it has to be – but I was hoping it would have been softer so my daughter could lay with it. No matter what, it’s great!

  100. MC

    We purchased our first turtle night light 4 years ago for our oldest who was 2 at the time and have since purchased another for his younger brother. Both are still working and see nightly use. The boys love them, each selecting their own color from the 3 choices. I am very happy with the turtle night lights and if they are not present in the room, a search ensues for them before lights out.Although they are not a regular play toy, they do seem to migrate around the house some and have held well to toddler handling. Battery life is also pretty good, I probably change the AAA batteries once very 3 or 4 months and that is with nightly use. Over time, the stars dim somewhat as the batteries near end of life, but it is not a problem with our boys and I run the batteries nearly all the way down.The timer is a nice feature, not adjustable but runs enough to get them to sleep and then turns off. We have plug-in night lights in the hall outside their room and use the turtles in the room for bedtime only. Very satisfied with this product.

  101. Courtney R Wood

    Our 17 month old son LOVES this. It has different settings with 3 different colors and if push the 1st button twice, it oscillates between each one for a total time of like 45 minutes or so. We like to also sing him Twinkle Little Star and we point at the stars. It’s so cute. Its a great snuggle pillow too for your little ones. I will advice that the directions are very clear on item, so you have to play around with it a bit to figure out its capabilities. Overall, its a win and good alternate to a night light.

  102. leigh

    we love the night light turtle! my son just looks in awe of the stars and it helps him fall asleep. i like how it has an automatic timer shut off, stays on just long enough. and the change in the colors is great! with some night lights ive tried, they only light up around the item, this lights up the entire room ceiling !!!! its awesome!!!! absolutly recommend

  103. Debra L. Mosher

    I search the web for weeks looking for something to put stars on the ceiling of my grandbabies room. I have a 3 1/2 year old girl and a 1 1/2 year old boy. I looked at fluorescent paint, stick-ons, stars you have to stick down through your ceiling, etc. All were either cheap looking or very expensive to do. Then I came across this. It was a great price and a great item. The kids love it. The stars are big stars, not just dots, with a moon and constellations. Depending on the size of your room, the stars can be on the walls also, but they definitely fill up the ceiling. It is not hot to the touch. They can even put it in the bed with them. I sit it on the table between their beds and it is great. The green and blue lights are the best – they are the brightest. The amber (I call red) stars are alot dimmer, but great for someone that wants the room a little darker. All in all, it was a terrific buy. No painting, no hassel. Just install batteries and you are done.

  104. Amazon Customer

    This thing is awesome! Lights up, our child oo’s and ahh’s every night when the lights go out. Has been a great comfort. I am excited for when he is older and we can start to name and point out the constellations that this product displays. It is really cool that it actually represents the actual night sky.

  105. MonroeMomma

    I bought this for my girls at ages 5 and 3 for Christmas (last year). It instantly became a bedtime ritual. Even when they spend the night away, the turtle goes with them. It gives them something pleasant to look at as they fall asleep. We only use the blue light, as that’s their favorite, but the green and amber lights are pretty, too. Very well made with good battery life. Our only ‘problem’ is that the girls fuss over who gets to have the little moon over her bed that night!

  106. 🙂

    I bought this for my just turned 3 year old boy last year for Christmas, and he still today LOVES IT! I just decided to write a review as I was going to order them for Christmas gifts this year for other family/friends. We use it every night – the original set of batteries didn’t last more than a month or 2, but have only had to change them 2 times in almost a year since then. Although I don’t see where you can actually pick out constellations with the pattern on the ceiling, it is a great nightlite for a little one. Even had to heartily wash it after it got in the way when he had the flu, and haven’t had any problems – it’s been great!! Would highly recommend as a night lite!!

  107. Monroe

    My 3 year old son loves this turtle. Turning it on has become part of his bedtime routine. We just received the ladybug night light as a gift for my 1.5 year old daughter’s room and she is thrilled with it also. Both kids enjoy looking for the moon each night. The batteries last a long time even with daily use. We don’t have any problem viewing the stars in any of the colors, but this is the only light in the kids’ rooms so it is otherwise very dark. As the batteries weaken the stars will dim. Ordering it from Amazon is tricky, the first turtle arrived with scratches on the shell due to inadequate packing. The ladybug we received that was also from Amazon came with scratches too. If you’re picky (like me) I’d suggest buying it at the store or be prepared to send it back a few times.

  108. Jessie James BoydJessie James Boyd

    I nanny for a 5 year old that loves his. So decided to gift one to my 1 year old. She likes it, but my 4 year old loves it! It has 3 different colors that project, blue, green, and a dim orange. When you turn it on it stays on for a while. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes? Never timed it. I’m not astrologist, but I do spot Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper. The bottom has a velcro flap that covers the battery area.

  109. Lucy

    This is absolutely one of our favorite baby gifts and we, in turn, love to give it as a baby gift. Our girls are now 5 and 6 and I am on here to buy a second and third one because we have always shared it, but all of a sudden it is a must have for both of them each night AND I have discovered I love falling asleep to it as well! It makes me drowsy quickly and is really soothing. I was a little surprised to see some say it dies after a few years. We go through phases where we use it nightly and then don’t at all for awhile, but we are going on six years and ours still works as it did when we first got it.

  110. Lizard

    Terrific product. Bathes the whole room in stars. if you have a high ceiling, you won’t see the stars as sharp.

  111. Sandini

    Pretty Night Light. I bought an extra for when my granddaughter comes over. She is almost a year old and is just intrigued by the moon & stars cast on the ceiling. It helps occupy her until she realizes she REALLY is tired and falls to sleep. It turns itself off after 20 minutes. Battery operated, so it’s mobile.I really like it. It has been a great buy!!!

  112. CZ

    We have used this turtle light every night for nearly two years and it still works great, is easy on batteries and gives the exact amount of light my daughter needs to fall asleep. Turning it on has become a part of her night time routine and we would be lost without it (it even goes on vacation with us). I have bought it as a gift for several people and they all seems to say how much they love it as well.

  113. Peter Noto

    The boy will not go to sleep without “Turtle” it is a very cute light and works great. It times out after about 40 minutes so it is easy on batteries. But if your little one needs a light all night, you might want to make other arrangements.

  114. Steven J. Sprigler

    This is a pretty nice night light style “toy” for kids. It comes with an included constellation guide for older kids to try and find on the projection. I bought it for my nephew who is still a baby, but it works really well as a night light that sits on a dresser. As he grows up I think he’ll enjoy it even more as I’m going to be teaching him about astronomy and how to observe the night sky. It will be good practice. Also as some have stated it’s important to manage expectations with products like these… the stars it projects aren’t going to light up a big room or be super visible if the room isn’t really dark. If you know that going in then you’ll be happier with what the product has to deliver.

  115. Logic Rox

    We have had this turtle for almost three years and my kids absolutely love it. They still use it every night at bedtime. I would definitely buy this again and recommend the product.

  116. Alyssa

    Soft glow of green, blue and amber. Amber is very soft, the other 2 are much brighter. Also, fun for babies to investigate. Stars are more defined if only about 3 feet from a wall, but still neat looking even if further away. Will probably use ourselves for ambiance when our son outgrows it. 🙂

  117. BC

    The batteries that came with it went dead really fast but other than that, we love it and our daughter loves it. She loves her ladybug and she loves to move it around so the stars and moon go all over the place. She already knew what stars and the moon are, but if she didn’t, this would be a good way to teach kids. It also keeps her occupied if she wakes up a little too early and mommy & daddy still need to sleep a little longer!

  118. Chris

    Super cute and my little boy loves it. The stars still look fairly clear even up on the ceiling, although the amber colored light is very dark like others have said

  119. Cheetah.plays

    I got it because my daughter hates the dark. Its very cute and works well but it does have a shut off time, once it shuts off my daughter wakes up. there is no switch to keep it on all night. So now we dont use to and it just sits there.

  120. CS

    I love this plush toy night light and so does my 13 month old. It’s very soothing with 3 different colors. The stars and moon project over the ceiling and about half way down the 4 walls. The timer is also a great plus. I can see her loving it even more when the “dreaded dark” becomes more of an issue, if it does.

  121. AndyZ

    This is a great planetarium for toddlers. This has become my favorite go to gift for babies/toddlers and even older kids. It doesn’t sing, it just has constellations in 3 different colors, has an autio timer which allows you to leave it on in your kids room and the shut off. My kid loves it, as well as all the kids I’ve given it to.

  122. R. Hogue

    Suddenly my 3 yr old developed a fear of the dark, don’t know why. I needed something that would distract him from the fact that his ceiling lights were off. He would get up and turn them on almost instantly after we left the room and since we take him potty before we go to bed we had to leave them on then too because he was freaking out. This little turtle has restored peaceful sleep to our household. My son loves the stars and green is his favorite. All the colors show up well. I love that it shuts off automatically and that I can turn it on when I take him potty knowing that he will get 45 minutes of stars but then I don’t have to worry about it being on all night. It is adorable and holds up well. The shell is very strong because my son actually stood on it the other day and although I discouraged him from ever doing that again, it held up great. The wonderful thing about this product is that it looks like a stuffed animal and looks very comforting but it can only work when the lights are off, built in reward to sleeping in the dark. The buttons are very easy to use and that is great because he can turn his turtle on and off… he likes to take it in dark closets during the day to see the stars. I could go on and on because this is a really well thought out, well designed, and child-friendly product. When my baby girl is older or going through a stage of being afraid of the dark I will definitely order her the ladybug.

  123. Allday

    My son was so excited to get his twilight turtle. He received it for doing well in swimming lessons and just loves it. My only complaint is the amber is really not able to be seen well so we don’t use it, but other than that it is really a neat idea.

  124. Megan Schey

    I bought this for my new godson and he loves it. He does not sleep without it and I hope he continues to do so. I love having the color options and the projection is awesome. it illuminates just enough for me to check in on him sleeping but not too much so he can sleep soundly

  125. Rasa

    my 3 year old son LOVES his twilight turtle! he has had it since he was an infant since I got it as a gift at my baby shower. it gives a nice soft light and shuts off automatically. lights up the whole room with stars even from floor level. I love that it is light and portable! we take it everywhere with us when we travel. I think that this is a wonderful quality product!

  126. Dragonfly

    I got this for Christmas 2011 for my almost 3 year old daughter. She loved it immediately. I found the stars and moon very peaceful to look at. It seem perfectly bright to me and was easy to set up. I highly recommend.

  127. Mandy Tabacchi

    Wonderful gift for our two year old’s birthday. The different colors are a hit with her. Very sweet product.

  128. newmexicobob

    Love these! My daughter has a version of this since she was 3, she’s now 12 and still loves to have it on when she goes to bed. I purchased this and two more variants for my daughter and god daughters.

  129. Brighton

    I do wish the lights moved and/or twinkled on this, but I can’t seem to find any products that do that. It’s really very cute, and a good size. I feel comfortable leaving in the crib at all times, as it seems to be safe and sturdy with nothing to hurt the baby with. The light color options are fun, and nice and bright. I turn a different color on every night and she is always asleep before the lights time out after 40 minutes. Sometimes she wakes up later or in the morning and amuses herself playing quietly with it.

  130. Jessica M

    This is amazing and so soothing. I love the different colors and that it comes with a constellation guide. The one sold by Amazon is an authentic Cloud B product.

  131. SL

    We’ve had this for a year and a half. Our daughter (amazing sleeper until about 2yo) started having a hard time falling asleep. The turtle helped for 2 reasons: 1) It gave her security by helping her see and 2) It gave her a focus and a job to do at bedtime (by deciding which color she wanted turtle to be and pressing the button), which made her feel more in control. This turtle was very helpful and worth the money. It’s still part of her routine a year and a half later.

  132. cailiqingsheng

    My one-year old baby girls loves the light and she keeps looking at the star every night before going to sleep. the battery holds up really really well!!! Well designed toy and highly recommended for infants.

  133. M. E.. Cole

    My grandchildren both had something similar to this. I purchased this for a baby shower because it was on the mother-to-be’s baby register because our grandchildren both had something similar to this. What’s nice is this item isn’t ‘outgrown’ by a baby, but last well into when they are early school age.

  134. JAH

    I bought this for my then 16 month old with the hopes that it would take her mind off of the fact that a little baby had appeared in her mother’s arms and wasn’t going away. She loved it immediately!It takes batteries and they last a few months if you use it regularly (we used it every night for a few hours). It’s super easy to use and displays several different colours, and it turns itself off after a short period of time if left alone.My daughter would fall aslee staring at the stars and the moon on the ceiling and it really helped me during the moments that I was taking care of her baby sister and trying to distract her.

  135. Misty M. Stewart

    I purchased the Twilight Turtle as a last minute Christmas gift for my son. He instantly fell in love with it! It puts off a “just right glow” in the room, allowing him to see that there are no aliens or werewolves creeping about. The blue light is his favorite. Also it automatically shuts off afer 45 minutes so you don’t have to worry about the light interferring with your childs sleep.I get lots of ooohs and ahhhhs when I turn it on to show people. They don’t expect the effect that it produces, the whole ceiling (room size doesn’t matter) becomes filled with stars.My son and I have really enjoyed lying on the floor in his bedroom and stargazing, trying to pick out the constellations.

  136. Chatter 75

    The first Twilight Lady Bug we owned got thrown across the room when my daughter was little and broke. So we had to have another one and got it through amazon. This is one of the best products out and great to help babies up to toddlers go to sleep at night. It is so fun to see the stars and moon on the ceiling and even when my 4 year old goes for sleep overs at grandmas the Twilight lady bug has to come with us. Highly recommend this product to anyone with children.

  137. SarahR

    My 8 year old has had this for two years now and still loves it. When I originally bought it I thought might be to babyish, but it is not and has proven to be a favorite. In the last two years after turning it on every night we have only had to replace the batteries twice! This bug has be tossed around, stepped on and everything else under the sun and it still works! The plastic shell is very durable without being heavy. The light stays bright up until the batteries must be replaced. It’s very nice how it turns off on its own after time. Since then I have gifted one of these to my sister baby, because it’s a cute gift that’s great for nap and bedtime.

  138. Mara

    I got this for my baby when she was 6 month old. she is now 12 months old and she still loves it, she is learning to press the button to change colors. she enjoys looking at the stars. Great for night and will be great for her room up til she is 15 yrs old.. Even I and my husband enjoy looking at the lights. It comes with the book that tell you about the stars. Awesome. I like that it turns itself off after 40 minutes so that way it will last longer without breaking any of LED lightblubs in it.

  139. E. Labelle

    My daughter ( age 4) has been getting up to much in the middle of the night. And was getting tired of putting her back 2,3,5 times a night.After she was give this Turtle light. She has yet to come into our room. I have seen the lights on a 3am So I know shes sleeping better. We have only had the item for a short time. But I am happy with it to this point.

  140. Cass

    Have one for each kid and buy as a baby shower present for every mom. Best hands free night light. Kept it on the floor and turned on with my foot for night feedings or diaper changes. The auto shut off is great and kids use it every night even at 4 & 6.

  141. leah much

    It is everything I expected. It is the 3rd one of these we’ve had in the past 6 years. This is the best model so far.

  142. Mommypunk

    Bought the lady bug for my 2yr old for Xmas 14. She LOVES it. She figured out very quickly how to turn it on and change the colors to her liking. All the colors look great at night but the red is not very bright. It turns itself off eventually so it won’t stay on all night. The lady bug is adorable.Update 4/2016My daughter is 4yrs old now and still uses this lady bug every single night to go to sleep, works perfect. Needs batteries every few months. I’m very happy, she loves the blueish purple color the best. Worth every penny will last and last

  143. Currently in Hiding

    This is wonderful! I have a 7 year old who had to have a light since his neon clock got broken. I decided to get a portable nightlight since they have limited outlet capabilities and his older sibling didn’t want a light. This glows enough next to him for him to see around him some and covers the ceiling down onto the walls with the stars and one moon (it’s still a game to spot it first). The different colors was also a selling point for me and they love that. I have four kids and someone loves each setting but the blue is the favorite overall. I do want to say be careful about leaving in the floor as someone could step on the shell and crack it. Silky (named after a pet on Teen Titans) is quite the hit, works well straight out of the box, and should be around for quite some time. I intend to get a couple as gifts this year for friends with kids.

  144. Dark

    We got two of these for my two children ages 5 and 2. I read the reviews about them breaking easily if dropped and with a 2 year old both of mine have been dropped and thrown and are both still working great. My 5 year old son loves his, it has helped a lot with his fear of the dark, my 2 year old daughter also loves hers, but doesn’t use it at night because she would rather play with it than go to sleep. I like these much better than the pillow pets. These are a little bit bigger than the pillow pets, don’t break easily, and my kids love turtles. Overall I would definitely recommend to a friend.

  145. AmazoncustomercdhdAmazoncustomercdhd

    These never go on sale. With the ratings I see why. She loves it and I love to see her so excited. I am glad we got the lady bug as an option but the turtle would have been great too.

  146. Jean

    Wonderful for children to have in their bedrooms at night, turned on while they go to sleep. Or to take into the tent when camping or a tent in the back yard.

  147. E. Warner

    I love this nightlight and so does my grandson. I bought it for him when he was little, and when he turned 2, he wanted to sleep with it. Now I buy them as gifts for new moms.

  148. EliCitron

    My nephew grew up using this turtle every night. He loved it an associated it with me, which I always loved since I lived halfway across the country from him for a few years.

  149. Jessie

    I was looking for a starry night night light for my 2.5 year old twin boys. They are “afraid” to go to sleep at night. I looked at several options on amazon and online and some of them seemed to be too much. I didn’t want them too stimulated while trying to go to sleep so I thought I’d try the turtle after reading several reviews. Our turtle came today and the boys love him!!! We’ve been sitting in the dark all evening looking at the stars. It is just the right amount of light and exactly what I wanted.

  150. Carol

    My 2 year old granddaughter really likes this. Her mom turns it on for her at bedtime. The stars show up very well on the dark ceiling. I like that the color can stay the same, or it can rotate through the colors.

  151. Victoria

    We purchased this Sept 2011 and it’s still going strong. The batteries last about 6 months or so with nightly use… almost always on blue/purple. The bulbs still burn bright and we take this thing everywhere! It’s perfect to help you find your tent when you’re camping, too… Just look for the stars.

  152. Amazon Customer

    Twilight Turtle was the best nightlight for my daughter. Other nightlights were too bright or too dim. But this is just right.Amber is our favorite color. It makes it look like a real galaxy in my daughter’s room. I like that it only stays on for 45 minutes. That means that less battery will be wasted. Even 13 year olds use this amazing device! My daughter usually goes to bed in 30 minutes but with Twlight Turtle, she falls asleepin 15 minutes! This deserves 5 stars by everybody!!!

  153. Karen Christian Ario

    My 35 year old turtle loving stepdaughter needed a smile in her life. This did the trick!

  154. Terry Tornado

    My 11 month old sleeps with this on every night and loves it. It has lovely soft colors that light up his room just perfectly and allow for me to check on him without having to turn on any lights. It eats up batteries it seems like mad, but I love it too much to worry about that!

  155. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  156. Karen

    My son is almost two and loves this turtle! It’s great because it turns itself off so if he hits it on again in the middle of the night, which he does, it won’t kill the batteries. He likes picking the different colors and playing “Where’s the moon?”

  157. Angie M.

    We’ve had this turtle for 2 and a half years. It is still going strong! We’ve replaced the batteries multiple times and it has come with us on several road trips. It still looks brand new. The kids don’t generally play with it as a toy, but it does occasionally leave it’s home on my son’s bed.When the batteries are low, it starts to turn on and off by itself, which bothers my son sometimes. He’ll yell that his turtle needs batteries and we’ll come in and fix it. It projects perfectly from the foot of his twin-sized bed.My son uses the blue stars mostly. The orange/amber stars are not very bright, but the green and blue are easy to see.I really wish I could find one of these with an AC adapter. With regular use, usually twice a day since he still naps, we have to change the batteries every 2 months or so. Sometimes if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he’ll turn the stars back on, too, so that uses more batteries.Overall, though, we love this turtle. It has been great over the last 2 years and it shows no signs of slowing down!

  158. The Cammys

    This is the only thing to get my baby to stop crying in the car at night !! And it’s adorable !

  159. Logans Momma

    Another gift in my sons easter basket and I am very pleased with my purchase. It is a great night light and lit up my sons whole room. Alot of the reviews complain about the white or amber lights not being very bright but I think that is kind of the purpose. They are visiable but not as bright as the blue and green and to me they are the best color for someone who can not sleep with a lot of light like my son.

  160. Doris Gardner

    I bought three of these for my nieces (9 and 7) and nephew (5) for their birthday’s and they love them. They love looking at the Constellation Guide and looking for the stars. My son owns a Dream Lite and was over at their house and when he came home he asked for one of the Cloud B lights. Very pleased with my purchases.

  161. Michea Johnson

    The Cloud B turtle light that is revived at my baby shower eight years ago finally puttered out a week ago. My seven year old daughter was devastated, as she’s used it since she was born. I was so delighted to find that they’re still being made. I placed my order on a Thursday night and received it Saturday. I was so very pleasantly surprised. It’s almost identical to the one we had with only a few very minor differences. We put batteries in it, turned it on, and breathed a sigh of relief that it still gave off the exact same glow. My daughter prefers the “blue” setting (there’s three color options, which is awesome). She’s beyond thrilled to have her turtle back.

  162. Nb

    This is the second one that I have bought. I don’t really care for the constellation. If that’s what you would buy this product for you would be disappointed. I bought it because the kids think it is cool to look at the moon and stars and that it provides a soft glow for my newborn to sleep with and I can lay him down without turning on his lamp in the nursery (lamp can be too bright). There is a timer so it will go off after a while and I like that so I will not run down the battery.

  163. joanieD

    We already have three of these adorable night lights for our three grandsons, so I didn’t hesitate to buy one when I was shopping for my two-year-old grand-nephew and learned he didn’t have one. We couldn’t let that go on for long! Every young child would love a Cloud B plush nightlight. Our 15 month old is especially fond of his, and he loves to find the crescent moon among the many stars on his walls and ceiling. It is comforting for youngsters as they settle down for the night. Lastly, they are well made and will last.

  164. Valerie Preecs

    I don’t normally write reviews on toys but I have to with this one. This night light is amazing! The stars are very clear and bright. My toddler sleeps really well with it. And the actual turtle part is soft. I would recommend this product to anyone whose kids are afraid of the dark.

  165. Scarlet

    My son loves this as do I since it helps him sleep at night. It projects plenty of stars and vibrantly. Easy to use. It isn’t fragile. It’s very cute.

  166. Sarah Gough

    My little one loves this for naps and especially bedtime. He was having a hard time with the dark and falling asleep. He’s 2 1/2 years old and has transitioned to a toddler bed. This is perfect for his bedside table and is just bright enough to help him relax and have some to look at and drift off to sleep. Battery life is excellent and he loves being able to turn it on and off himself. This is a great gift for a baby to little child. Even my 4 year old loves it! Worth every penny. We also use a white noise machine.

  167. Shaun

    I must say it was difficult putting my daughter to sleep in her own room at night. My wife and I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. So, we tried some various ‘light’ products to ease her transition to the night time and eventually sleep. After researching, we tried this product…the Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight. I have to say this was an instant success with our daughter. Now, what previously took a long time to put her to bed, now literally takes minutes. She looks at the stars and the moon and actually looks forward to bedtime now…it’s such an awesome product and would recommend this to other parents.

  168. klieberwirth

    My 2 and 4 year olds love this. They fall asleep with it on and it automatically shuts off after awhile. I like how it came with batteries and is easy to use. The stars/moon clearly project on the walls and ceiling. It was a great buy.

  169. wendy castleberry

    He wore out his first similar item and i decided to go with this because it’s so darn cute. came just as planned ( in time for birthday) and he adores it. He is 3 now by the way and still loves these things!!!

  170. Allan L.

    I’m going to buy another one for my granddaughter for Christmas.

  171. TMHK

    I bought 2 of these for my two kids’ rooms (ages 4-9). The older ones (who don’t want their room too dark) love it as much as the younger ones. We set the turtle on a dresser. The stars project very well – the green and blue/purple lit ones are brightest; the amber ones quite dim. The turtle design is so darling.Easy to use out of the box. I like that there is no electric plug in – it makes it easier to place the turtle where ever we want. Plus, with the auto-shut off, I’m not as concerned about battery usage.We don’t try and identify constellations. That might be quite challenging, and success might depend on where you put the turtle as the stars project on the wall and ceiling, which could distort the configurations.Unlike some night lights that are too bright, too dim, or just light up the one corner they are placed in, this one illuminates the whole room with the right level of light.

  172. H. Evans

    We have been using the Ladybug Constellation Night Light for my daughter for approximately two years now. She is now 2 1/2 and has not grown tired of it. She loves to pick out the colors of the stars every night. The ladybug throws red, green or blue stars up on the ceiling. The nice thing is that the night light turns off automatically after 45 minutes. Even with us using the night light daily, we have not changed the batteries yet.I now bought the Turtle Night Light for our son, hoping that he will enjoy it as much as our daughter. He turned 1 week old today.

  173. Nanie

    I bought this for my granddaughter’s room when they come over to stay the night. They love it and so do it. My oldest granddaughter(8) was having fun trying to pick out constellations and the little one(3) just enjoyed the stars on the ceiling. This shouldn’t be considered a “toy” though, it is more of a night light and could be broken by a small child if they are allowed to carry it around and drop it.

  174. E. Porter

    I like the night light turtle. I didn’t see but one constellation though. The projection lights up the entire room. My child is only 7 months old, but he likes the images. I suspect that he’ll love it when he gets older.

  175. js

    I bought this product for my daughter who is a young adult going to have a baby. She feel in love with it and had to have it. So I purchased it as a baby gift. She likes that it lights up the room and can be used as a soothing night light and she likes the turtle it is one of her favorite animals. Also I like that it is light weight so the baby will be able to play with it after it is old enough to hold on to. oh this is about the shipping from amazon..I love the air pockets you put in the box’s now it is so much better than those messy peanuts.

  176. Kelsea Monte

    This is super cute. It comes in three different colors, although the orange one is a little too light you can’t see it very well. I think they made the orange one in case the others were too bright for your children. It also comes with a book of constellations for you to find with your children before you go to bed. It ALSO comes with a lullabye CD, but take into consideration that I have not had my baby yet so I have not listened to it. Great product overall, but I will have to see how it works out with my baby.

  177. Anon

    Had this thing for a few years and it still works great. My 5 year old won’t go to bed without it on. This literally saved bedtime. She doesn’t get up 4-5 times every night before she goes to sleep now.

  178. Trustworthy_1

    I ordered this item for my grandson, age 18+ months, and he loves it! The item works exactly as it states in the description, and it was obvious that he liked a certain color (the green) display better than the other two because he’d keep pushing the button for that color! The “shell” is plastic and the body parts are plush. I had to place my order with an expediated delivery, and just as I’ve come to expect from Amazon…it arrived just as quickly as stated. Amazon is a pleasure to do business with, and I’ve yet to have any problems with any orders I place through them (something that can’t always be stated about online shopping sites). Even though I’m in my forties, I think I enjoyed the Constellation Night Light Turtle just about as much as my grandson! I hope this instills the same fascination with the beauty of the stars with him, as I’ve always had! I can’t imagine why anyone would be displeased with this product. Enjoy!

  179. Stephanie

    I love this and our 3-year-old really loves it too. It lights up the whole ceiling even in our master bedroom. He loves to find the moon. I love to find the constellations, and it makes bedtime exciting. I wish the orange-ish color would light up brighter, but the other colors show up great. My son finds it hilarious to hold it up to our dog or on us or himself to see the stars all over everyone. I would recommend this product.

  180. A man a panama

    My friends had this on their list of baby shower presents. I thought it looked cute as hell, so we bought it for them. Once I saw it in action, I knew this was the night light I wanted for myself. The star pattern it projects around the room is great. The LEDs are nice and bright. The three color selections are neato. The turtle itself is cute. The auto shut off feature is perfect.There’s nothing to dislike about this.

  181. M. Pelland

    I’ve been gifting new moms with this item for almost a decade. Have bought, maybe, 10 of them…The display keep improving. It’s bright and clear now, really looks like stars. The animal is large enough to be useful, small enough to be convenient. It doesn’t eat batteries any faster than is expected…we’ve never had to change them very often. The body is not a soft, squishy stuffed animal, it’s rigid plastic, though the head and feet are soft. This is an item to tuck into bed with the child, put on the nightstand, or at the foot of the bed. I wouldn’t call it a crib toy. Every one of our little recipients has latched onto this guy, in all of its iterations (turtle, bug, whatever) and kept it as part of sleeping time routine for years. Our eight-year old grandson still has his and uses it, tattered and worn but still very much working. I’ll say the price has gone up some, but so has everything else, and this item is long-lasting, entertaining, comforting, and really cute.Negative points: If the child pulls at the join between the soft body and the hard shell, the fabric may pull of the shell. The kid has to use some force, but some kids with intellectual curiosity get rather persistant. It’s a simple matter to reglue it. I didn;t look at this most recent purchase that closely, but on older models, the batterycompartment could have been more secure (more challenging to open)In all, this is an awesome shower gift, birthday, Christmas, or any occassion. I have one at my house and the grandkids cuddle it and light it up everytime they visit. They have named mine and theirs. This is a really cool item for kids. Best thing? It DOES NOT TALK or make any noise at all.

  182. Connie

    I am 15 years old and I LOVE THIS. I sleep so well because after a while it shuts off and is dark for a better night sleep! ITS SO CUTE YOU NEED IT. I HC one when I was younger and needed another one.

  183. Monkey’s Mom

    I bought the ladybug for my 3 year old as she transitioned into her big girl bed, and we had to get rid of her beloved soother. She absolutely LOVES her ladybug, so we bought this turtle for my son, and he’s in love too! I was worried the stars would be very distorted on the ceiling, but even if you set it on the floor, the stars projected on the ceiling are very clear. It puts out a good amount of light for a night light too.

  184. Donna

    After 2 1/2 years of our kiddo sleeping with a low-light lamp on, this finally soothed our 5 year old’s fears of the dark. We’ve tried multiple types of night lights before this, and they were never enough. The fun stars in multiple colors combined with the fact that it’s soft and cuddly so she can sleep next to it, is the perfect combo to help her fall asleep without all the nightly freak-outs. She’s sleeping better now and she chooses a different color of stars to fit her mood. We love the Lady Bug night light!

  185. Morgan

    We just love the Twilight Turtle and the Twilight Ladybug. The color changes and 45-minute shut off timer are awesome! The stars are clearly seen no matter where these are in the room. My husband and I want one for our room now, haha.

  186. Shannon

    I bought this for a 1 year old who loves turtles! The lights help her sleep and she really likes the different colors too.

  187. JWMW

    My 4-year-old loves this turtle. We turn it on every night. My 22-month-old also shares a room with his brother and he loves the turtle too. We turn it on for him during his naps during the day too though it’s not very bright then. It shines the stars and moons on the ceiling and stays on for long enough that everyone is sound asleep when it automatically shuts off. I like that you have 3 color options too which is fun for the boys to switch the colors back and forth. My 7 and 8-year-old want one too now. =)

  188. Patricia Leroux

    Could not believe it! This thing was like magic. My grandson (2 yr old) was all of a sudden afraid of the dark and refused to go to bed by himself. I read all of the reviews and decided to try it. We were visiting family out of state when my daughter informed me of this, so I had it delivered there. She said that it was incredible. She read him a book as always and then turned on the turtle and talked to him about the stars and moon for a couple of minutes. She then told him goodnight and gave him a kiss and walked out. She said that he never cried out once! Just went right to sleep. I would pay $100 for one of these things!!!

  189. The Harpers: Homelife

    I purchased this thinking it would be just a cute little inexpensive present for my daughter for Christmas. I was genuinely surprised how neat it was. The stars that show up on the cieling are very bright and easy to see. The little bookelt that comes with it helps you pick out the shapes in the stars. All in all a great buy!

  190. S Jones

    Much better than I expected. Our room is not 100% dark and the stars still show up nicely. I was hesitant because of the price. I may like looking at it more than my 6 month old!

  191. K. D. Phillips

    Given as gifts to two children in our family and each loved it. Works well and is well-made.

  192. Yamilet

    My little daughter received this as a present on from her grandparents on her birthday. I couldn’ t explain her face when she saw all those stars in her room…it was lovely. Since we have a new baby in the house we were having troubles again to get her to sleep all night but with this night light she’s doing fine and we’re happy too.

  193. Barbara Olson

    We were going on a trip to Iceland and I wanted to bring a sort of nightlight with us. Since my 2 year old daughter LOVES looking for the moon at night and I’d had this on her wish list since she was born I thought this would be the perfect thing to get. She LOVES it and wants to turn on her turtle before every nap and when she goes to bed at night. We find the blue light seems to work best for giving a crisper edge to the stars since we don’t elevate it at all and she’s gotten so used to them being blue that she turns it on and then hits the middle button for blue stars right away. We just put it on the floor in the middle of her room each night and the images are crisp enough.The turtle itself is very cute and has held up to her stepping on it to reach her light switch. I don’t recommend this though! She just happened to do it one morning before I could stop her and it was ok. She’s had a Cloud B Giraffe since she was born which is turned on every night and it has held up extremely well so I have high hopes that the turtle will too. So far the turtle has survived a trip to Iceland and back and 4 months with a 2 year old and it’s in perfect shape still. She also throws things around when she is having a temper tantrum and turtle was thrown once, but the electronics and lights seem to be holding up just fine.It doesn’t get hot at all and turns off automatically after 45 minutes which is usually enough time for her to fall asleep, except for the really awful days when sometimes we turn it on twice.

  194. Alice Meenan

    You will laugh at this. My grandson has granddaughter and grandson have one of these. My grown son and his wife thought it was really cool so guess what I bought it for one of their Christmas presents and they thought it was great!!!

  195. E. Williams

    My 3yr old loves this turtle. Works great, projects one the ceiling or wall well, has 3 different colors, and has an easy On/OFF switch. The batteries have lasted about a month so far. It times off after 45 minutes. I would recommend this to others….it saves my child from leaving his bedroom lights on all night (and running the electric bill up!).

  196. Shanma in Spokane

    Love the ladybug. My gr’kids have the Cloud b hedgehog and turtle. I wanted to have ones for Nana and Papa’s house, and the ladybug is perfect. My gr’daughter loves the red light, and now they have one less thing to pack back and forth.Glad it goes off in 45 minutes which is perfect. Easy for children to turn back on all by themselves (even our 20 mo. old gr’son knows how!!) if they wake up in the night.Highly recommend

  197. Karen Benson

    My 2 yr old nephew always steals his sisters light so its time to buy him his own!! ;o)

  198. CB

    This is the best I have found! I bought the ladybug, soft head and feet with a hard shell top. My 3 year old grandson loves it. Every night he puts it on at bedtime and the stars and moon light up across the ceiling and around the top of the walls. You can choose 3 color selections for the stars (green, blue or red), I find that the green or blue work the best in his room.It stays on while he is going to sleep, and shuts off by itself. It is safe, it is adorable and it really works well.

  199. H. Brown

    I just bought this for my 2 1/2 yr old who is afraid of the dark and he LOVES it! He shares a room with his 4 and 5 yr old sister and brother and they think its the neatest thing. My 11 yr old asked why we didnt buy him one.Since having it in my 2 1/2 yr olds room, he falls asleep with no problems, doesnt get out of bed or cry because hes scared of the dark. We had a regular nite light in his room but he still was just afraid to fall asleep.The display of stars is so awesome, hard to describe unless you see it for yourself. My husband and I layed in our kids’ room for a long time, just staring at the ceiling and walls.I would 100% recommend buying this – its worth every penny!!!!

  200. Ami

    The twilight turtle is a great, functional item for any child’s room! I ordered one for my son when he was about two and started having a fear of the dark. I love how the the Twilight Turtle actually has the constellations and some educational value, and my son loves how it lights up his room like the night sky. My son is now 4 years old, and it is part of his nightly “routine” to have the turtle on. It is very durable,lights up the room well, and is not too bright. I also like how it automatically turns itself off, and lets you choose the color of the light. A great buy, and I plan on buying another when our baby decides he wants one as well!

  201. Amazon Customer

    We are currently weaning our 20 month old from the pacifier and the past few days have been super rough. We tried everything and he would just cry and cry. I ordered this to hopefully provide a little comfort and we tried it for nap time. He immediately calmed down and fell asleep, same for bed time. We are amazed! He enjoys picking the colors and the lights are very soothing. Highly recommend.

  202. Amazon Customer

    This fills the ceiling and upper 6 inches of the walls of my son’s 12×16 foot room with clear stars. (And a crescent moon). My 4yo absolutely adores this turtle & it is now much easier to Get him to go to bed. AND he wants his door closed!It does have to be DARK in order for the stars to be crisp. You can see them if it’s a little light, but it’s not satisfying. Mine came in the Cloud B box with the tag & little star book.

  203. Kathleen M.

    I bought this for my nephew (age 3 at the time) and the ladybug (

    Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Lady Bug

    ) for my niece (age 1 1/2 at the time). They both LOVE them. They’ve had them over a year now and they both are still intact and going strong, in spite of being tossed around daily by young children. The stars are nice and bright, and there are about a zillion of them! Money well spent, and another big point for their favorite (okay, their only) Auntie. ;-D

  204. Desiree Forsyth

    We love it!!

  205. Lisa G

    My kids are actually older than the intended audience but I bought this product because I saw it in action and it works so well. I have bought my kids so many other similar products and they don’t give nearly as good of an effect as this one does. It is also really sturdy. They are 9 & 10 years old so they may hid it when their friends come over but they love it. I am amazed by the great star effect it provides.

  206. Kelly K

    I bought this for my infant in 2009 as a sleep aid and he loved it. Batteries start to run low and the lights fade, but as so as you put fresh ones in, you’re back to the brightest starts. Almost 2 months before my son’s 5th birthday and this item finally frtiz. I went to change the batteries in it since the lights were dulling, and when I turned it on after the new ones were in place, it never worked again. I tried a few more times to attempt light surgery on it, but soon realized it had been working hard for years everynight, and instead donated it to a local charity for their workers to re-work it. So I immediately purchased this new one here in Amazon.This is that staple gift I give Each new mom at a Baby Shower that they won’t discard in the first 3-6 months as the baby out grows it, and this is the one that in a few years they will see you and mention to you that they still use. – As do we.

  207. Hunting Family

    I bought the Ladybug for my firstborn 6 years ago, it has been dropped, stepped on and thrown around and is still going. I have changed the batteries about 4 times total in 6 years the lights dim when the batteries get old. 4 years ago I bought the turtle for my 2nd born it has been through the same treatment and we can even hear something loose shaking around inside but it doesn’t effect the performance at all! I am getting ready to buy another ladybug for my youngest 3rd child. These have been around longer than the pillow pet ones and not everyone has them so they are more unique and I like that! I also feel that the moon and stars project very clear on our ceiling regardless of where we place them, my kids sleep with them. My husband joked with me that we should get one for our room because I love them as much as the kiddos!

  208. Megan MS

    Perfect to light up the whole ceiling in my boys’ bedroom. They are 3 and 2 and loooove falling asleep under the stars!

  209. KWeaver

    We got this for our 16-month-old daughter as her transition item away from pacifiers. We left it in the box and every time she showed interest, we told her that it was for big girls who didn’t use their pacis anymore. After only a couple nights, she was willing to trade the pacifiers for the turtle, and we let her use the night light. She really enjoys finding the moon, and likes to tell us what color stars she wants right before we say good night. She hasn’t asked for a pacifier since starting to use this. The length of the automatic shut-off is good – she never calls for us to come back and turn it on again. Great product.

  210. alydavis

    I have three kids. Each of them love the turtle. My oldest had one, different brand, from years ago. The stuffing was coming out near the head of the turtle. We replaced that one with this.The blue color is pretty. The colors are bright when they appear on the walls and ceiling. The boys play a game my smacking the stars lol.Excellent purchase.

  211. BC

    I bought this Sunday afternoon November 21, and was so pleased to see how fast it arrived, (November 23). The Cloud b Twilight Turtle is everything I thought it would be, it is nicely made, just right for little hands, (not that it’s little, because it’s not) took it out of the box to test it and WOW, the light colors are great and the stars are so clear, our grand baby is going to Love it, can’t wait to give it to him for Christmas. Will be purchasing one for our house as well.

  212. GiaMarie

    Soooo glad I bought this one instead of Dreamlites.The star display is just beautiful. We especially like the blue. Everyone who sees it “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” 🙂 There are even 8 constellations that you can find among the stars. I also like the fact that a turtle is supposed to have a hard shell as opposed to Dreamlites with their hard-shelled cows, dogs and horses, lol.

  213. monstercookie11

    This is one of the best purchases we’ve made thus far as new parents. We use this as part of the night time ritual in that we turn on the Cloud b Twilight Turtle, Turn on the Cloud b Sleep Sheep and put her to bed. She’s now one month old and is sleeping up to five hours a night. We started this routine after one week and I give credit to these items for helping with this.

  214. Julia

    My three-year-olds use this every night!For second-time parents: my twin girls brought the sleep sheep to their baby sister at the hospital. They were so excited to be giving her a gift. Contrarily, Baby Sister gave my girls the twilight turtle, as a special gift. They still talk about how kind it was of their baby sister to give them a great gift, and they’re reminded of it each night as they stare at the stars on their ceiling. I think it really helped to ease the transition of becoming big sisters. My girls take turns choosing the color their stars will be each night. It’s an important part of our bedtime routine 🙂

  215. Carol Lohrenz

    I bought two of these. One for our granddaughter’s first birthday and the other for a granddaughter due Nov. 22nd. The one year old LOVES this turtle. She drags you to her room, points to the ceiling and tries to say stars. The parents of the soon to be granddaughter, turned it on and spent an hour laying on the floor looking at the stars and picking out the constellations.This little turtle seems to be a big hit so far!

  216. rabbit27

    I purchased this for my son and we love it! It lights up his room well, and it’s a perfect night light. The stars and constellations are clear, and my son loves that you can choose different colors. I love that it has an automatic shut off timer too. Very nice Night Light and a great deal on Amazon. Highly recommend this for any toddlers room.

  217. Cindy Webber

    Bought this two years ago for my grandson. He’s now 2 1/2 and still loves it at bedtime. Ordering one now for his 7 month old brother.

  218. Kaitlyn

    This little bug is so sweet and the stars/moon are bright and fill up the entire ceiling. The colors are soothing and I love that the stars make actual constellations! Such a sweet little gift to help little ones sleep. My almost 2 and almost 3 year old nephews LOVE theirs!

  219. castafiore78

    Absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone. I love that the colors change automatically. I’ve been using it to help my baby fall asleep since he is 2 months old, and it works great! Still haven’t changed the batteries (we’ve been using it every evening for the past 3 months).

  220. Timmie Gene Smith

    The turle is sturdily built and has survived being lugged around the house and occasionally doing battle with the lady bug version of the toy that my daughter has. Both toys are still working great and are very loved. I had expected this toy to stay on the bed and only be used at night, but both of my kids carry them around like a companion during the day too.

  221. MavMallu

    Our 4 year old loves this and refuses to sleep without turning this on at night. We like the product so much, that we have bought two more to gift; and they were very well received. You cant go wrong with this turtle. have it for more than 2 years now and no issues. I don’t like the other models, they look a little silly. The green turtle is elegant and the kids love it. Very pleased with the product and its durability.

  222. SA

    My toddler LOVES these starts… and now won’t go to sleep without them. We also have an older version of this product that belongs to our older child and Cloud B has made some nice upgrades since then. For those of you who have seen the older model, the velcro on the flap on the underside of the turtle (where the on/off switch is located) is now better and more secure, and there’s now also an option for the starts to automatically change colors every minute or so.

  223. Andie

    This is so soothing. Our son loves his stars and the turtle itself is incredibly sturdy. He’s jumped on top of it countless times and it hasn’t cracked at all. Even my FIL loves it and wanted to buy one for himself after putting our son to bed one night!

  224. KWalds

    This is much better than the “name brand” version. It’s durable, less expensive, comes with a back story, you can switch it to “off” to avoid wasting the battery and has a timer to turn itself off. 3 different color lights. I put it in a different spot each night and we make a game out of finding the moon.

  225. Amy Jovanovich

    Great babyshower gift because not just used to see your way around baby’s room in the middle of the night, but now when the kid is 2 or 3 years, they take it to bed like a stuffed animal. Battery operated so they can. Light is on a timer.

  226. Denise

    It was a gift for my nephews. They absolutely love it

  227. RationalConsumer

    We loved this so much that we’ve purchased it as a gift for others. Still have it on every night for the past 2.5 years. The only thing I would change is that it flashes when the batteries are low, which isn’t the best thing for a kid trying to fall asleep, but it is hardly an issue.

  228. A. Tucker

    My kids love this little turtle. I love that it does not change color by itself or spin, like others, that was a little dizzying. This one is nice, and the kids like it a lot. They use it as a nightlight and something to look at while falling asleep. Great buy.

  229. Mom of Kangaroo and Moose

    I was skeptical to order since so many people have claimed to be disappointed… but, couldn’t be happier.Ordered the desert turtle for the 4 year old. All three colors work well in the room, and I cannot believe how much coverage there is on the ceiling and walls from something so small! We have light yellow walls, and the amber light does not show up as well as the blue and green, but honestly, this is a wonderful gift and very soothing. The older boy (8) really likes it as well.It would be great if they could make this with moving stars and a wireless speaker to capture music from an iPod or MP3 player – I’m sure someday they’ll do that.Highly recommend!

  230. nla

    Had no idea just how much fun this one toy could yeild. Got it for our 1 year old and he’s almos two now. Seems like endless things he keeps “discovering” about it – how it looks under sheets, how it moves shapes on walls, how to peek inside at the lights, move the lights on mommy’s face, his hand, the wall again – so on and so forth. Hasn’t gotten dull yet! Also it’s super handy as a nightlight to use while getting baby situated at night.

  231. T. K.

    After reading some of the reviews stating that this turtle is for ages 3 and up, I was wondering if I was getting it too soon for my 22 month old. But he absolutely loves it! He no longer screamed and cried when I left him in the crib to sleep. He would turn on his turtle and look at the stars! He would also learn about different colors (turtle has buttons for blue/yellow/green star lights). Its been three months and this turtle is still his favorite.

  232. Silver Bell

    our family loves these and thinks they are super cool! the turtle’s body is soft and the shell is plastic. When turned on they shine light through the plastic shell and project stars on the ceiling in a dark room. It is pretty neat!! Even if you choose a green turtle body, it has the ability to light up in three colors (blue, amber and green). We own the purple turtle as well and it also can be adjusted to display those colors despite the shell color.We only bring these out at night time and allow our kids to play with them gently as they are unwinding. We have them put them near their bed and not sleep with them. I only do this so that they last and don’t get broken, probably being a bit over cautious, but I want them to last.I also like that the battery door is screwed in so that it can’t be easily removed, and then covered with a piece of fabric so it isn’t hard against a child’s skin.I also noticed that some turtle’s eyes are open and some are closed, so if that is important to you, you may want to double check how they will appear before ordering.Totally recommend!!

  233. Marina

    My 15 months old has at least 5 different Night Lights. Ever since I purchased this product he does not let go of his new Turtle friend! He was even willing to take his nap without a struggle ;)Simply beautiful and soothing night light which I highly recommend for your child’s room. Just purchased a lady bug light and can hardly wait for it to be delivered!!

  234. Laurie Annie

    We bought the Twilight Sea Turtle for our son’s 2nd birthday and it was a huge hit with both our 2 yr old and 4 yr old. I had wanted to get one for our oldest son, a few years ago, but never got around to it. Since he loved his brother’s so much we bought him the Twilight Turtle for Christmas.My only regret is that I didn’t buy this 2 years ago when I had first looked at them. It has helped them fall asleep and has made our 4 year old less afraid of the dark. I highly recommend this!If given a choice between the Twilight Turtle and the Twilight Sea Turtle, I prefer the Twilight Turtle. It shines twice as many stars, has more colors and it’s brighter than the Sea Turtle.

  235. Rachel Moore

    My 16 month old son got this for Christmas (off his wishlist) and LOVES it. The green and blue/purple colors are brighter than the amber color. I found that my son likes to play with it when it’s on the blue or green colors and the amber color makes him sleepy. I purchased this for a friend’s 5 month old and his older 2.5 year old brother loves it too. My son’s grandmother said she would like one for her room at night! I love it because I think it will hold the attention of children at many different ages – not a toy your child will play with once and never look at again. Another great cloud b product!

  236. Lora May

    This is a fun product. It offers soothing night light for now as my son is very young and will, in time, offer an educational experience as i can teach him different constellations. It also offers a 45 minute timer so I still have to use a small night light in the bathroom so he doesnt wake up in complete darkness. But it is more fun than functional.

  237. peacemonger

    Way better than the glo-worm from when we were kids! Boys and girls and even adults love these night lights and the colors are lovely. Some models come with soothing sounds, which is a nice touch. They are relaxing without being loud or annoying. We also like that the battery spot is covered by a velcro flap and takes a screwdriver to open. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  238. Abbey

    I love this turtle and so does my 2 and 1/2 year old son. Came home early today with an ear infection and it was a perfect comfort. He loves the different colors (blue is his favorite) and finding the moon in the sky. Great product!

  239. APSC

    Ok so my kid doesnt use this product to put himself to sleep but its a great night light and he loves to try to grab the stars. The amber stars dont show up as much on the ceiling but when you have a 9 month old that likes to put his face right ontop of the shell to see whats inside i dont mind the amber light being a little softer than the rest. I really like this product. I think if the stars moved he would be more interested in looking at the ceiling.

  240. mama2tu

    My daughter has one of these guys that I bought from babies r us a year ago for almost double the price! I ordered this one a couple weeks ago for my son and it’s EXACTLY THE SAME as the Cloud b Twilight Turtle I bought from Babies R US, but for half the price. I am ordering 2 more of these from here as X-mas presents for my niece and nephew 🙂 All the little ones in our family (ages 1,4,6,8) LOVE this turtle! Other reviews mention “knock offs” being sold from “Zeetron” but I’m thinking the problem has been corrected as now the seller is Planet Stuff, LLC and they sent me the real deal!

  241. Lina

    I originally bought this for my friend’s baby shower. However it didn’t arrive until after the shower (not exactly Amazon’s fault, I was just hoping it would come by Saturday, instead of Monday). But I opened it anyway and try it out, and I love it! Granted I am in my mid 20s, but my boyfriend and I love it! It’s calming, great to drift to sleep with, and the 45 min timer is perfect! There is no music and the stars don’t move, but it’s only $20! (I just play music on my speakers). Super cute plush toy too. It projects very clearly and I have high vaulted ceilings. I leave it on my desk or end of the bed, it shows up better than I thought. The amber is lighter…but still visible.I’ve been to 1 year old birthdays where the twilight turtle was given as a gift, so really…great for any age. There is NO SMALL PARTS that I can decipher that is a choking hazard. You have to use a Philips screwdriver to get the batteries out. Of course if you’re a parent and are concerned that your child will stick the whole turtle in their mouth, then yes..maybe a choking hazard. I think the 3+ year old recommendation is for the hard shell and/or your child is too young to appreciate/focus on the star projection. Get the twilight turtle no matter what!

  242. MB

    This is a cool little night light for kids. It has star shapes on it’s back and when you turn it on you see the stars and moon on the ceiling in 3 different colors – green, orange, blue. My daughter at first LOVED the orange…. now she is on the blue. It goes off automatically after 30min or so. Batteries will need to be replaced from time to time. It’s been great for us.

  243. jeanie

    I ordered this lamp for my 2 year old granddaughter for Christmas. I am thrilled with this product. It looks pretty and shows up the stars and the crescent moon beautifully. My teenage daughter saw it and wants one, so I am ordering another for her. I wouldn’t mind having one for myself 🙂 Sets a realxing atmosphere. Makes a grest gift for all ages. Can’t wait for my granddaughter to see it. I think she will be in awe.

  244. Andrea Fowler

    I ordered 2 of these as Christmas presents in December 2009 for my son and daughter (they were 3 and 5). Six years later we still have both of them, they still work and we still use them. The star pattern can be switched to 3 different colors: green, amber and blue. It’s still fun to move the turtle around and see how the pattern moves across the walls and ceiling getting bigger, smaller, more defined depending on where you place the turtle in the room.

  245. jiffy909

    My 1 year old and 2 year old neices love this light thing. They take it where ever they travel. The parents use is as part as their sleep training. The best part about this is not having to worry about turning it off. The timer works perfect amount of time and colors are fun for variety. It saves you time from sticking those glow in the dark stickers and in the end saves your walls.

  246. A. Murray

    I purchased this turtle for the 1 year old I nanny for. She LOVED it more than any of her other gifts. It truly provided a necessary function as a night light with the educational edge I am consistently seeking in children’s gifts (some of the constellations on the back of the turtle are real, a mix of several hemisphere’s night sky constellations). We still hide in the closet to play with the turtle and gaze at the stars, her favorite thing to do is push the buttons to change the colors of the sky.It truly is a wonderful gift for any child, girl or boy especially if they are experiencing a fear of the dark!Be aware though, obviously the turtle requires a battery pack (included in the turtle upon arrival; located in his belly) and the shell is made of hard plastic. This turtle isn’t so much a cuddle buddy as simply a great toy and a fantastic night light. Set on a shelf or on the floor across the room from the crib or bed, it works wonders lighting up the entire ceiling and even the walls with stars! The best part (aside from all of the above), you don’t have to sneak back into your child’s room to turn the turtle off, it has a built in 45 minute timer that will turn him off=no burning through batteries!Highly recommended!

  247. Alaska Carroll

    I got one of these for my son when he was just a few months old. He has loved it since then. Recently I had to attend military training that required me to send him home to my family, so I purchased him a second one to send with him. It’s an amazing little idea. The stars are bright and clear, and when I put my son to bed now, he always asks me to put on his stars before i kiss him goodnight. It’s also nice to have something that can travel with him and give him the comforts of home like that. I would highly recommend one of these to any baby. It’s a nice change from the standard nightlight. I think because of the auto shutoff, my son never developed a fear of the dark. He’s perfectly fine and isn’t reliant on there being a light if he does happen to wake up after it’s turned off.

  248. AZ

    We have two of these….one of them is well over 5 years old. The different color lights offer a variety of options and we love it because the lights are not as bright as other nightlights. Great quality. More expensive than most nightlights but worth it.

  249. K. Chip

    We were having problems getting our 4 year old to sleep through the night in her own bed. She insisted on sleeping with a light on because she was scared. The light would then wake her up in the middle of the night. I tried turning off the light after she was asleep, but she would wake up and call for me to turn the light back on. “Star” as she named her turtle has solved our problem. She turns it on when I put her to bed, and she falls asleep before the turtle shuts off 45 minutes later. If she wakes up scared during the night she presses the button and the turtle gets her back to sleep. I have not had her wake me up one time in the 2 months since we bought the turtle. I also reward her for every 5 nights she sleeps in her bed (without waking me up) by giving her a “ticket” to sleep with us for one night. She loves her turtle so much it has to go with us every time we leave town. It was a little expensive, but I need my sleep so it was well worth the money.

  250. Ummjen

    I was in love with this product from the moment I saw it on amazon. I bought it for my daughter’s 1st birthday (still 20 days away). It came today and we tried it out. I LOVE it, she loves it, my husband is impressed. She settled down pretty quick and was asleep faster than expected. From previous reviewers, I know not to leave it out for her to play with because the shell is fragile. It’s smaller and cuter than I expected. I like that it doesn’t rotate or play music (both of which would wind my little girl up). It’s also cool that the stars project on the walls and ceiling. As she gets older, I think she’ll have fun trying to find the constellations. Also, if you put it on the floor you get big stars and closer to the ceiling (say on a nightstand) you get smaller, sharper stars.I agree with other reviewers that the amber projection is much more faint…but still a pleasant effect. I’m very excited about this gift. I’m already running through my Xmas list trying to figure out who else I can buy this for. I highly recommend this for ANY kid and some adults too.

  251. Amit

    I wanted some stars to stick on my ceiling for my little one…..But i loved this idea of portable stars. My little one stares at the stars all the time at night and it helps her fall asleep. I Love the green and Blue colors. The Amber is not very impressive color as you cant see it clearly, but otherwise great product. I have ordered one for my nephew who enjoys Astronomy. He loved it too. Overall very happy with my Turtle.

  252. TammyH

    Our grand daughter is so thrilled with this product she takes all visitors to the bathroom to show how it works during the day when the sun is too bright in her bedroom to show the stars on the ceiling. She now will say all colors and tell you the green is her favorite.

  253. Jennifer

    As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I bought it for my baby’s room thinking it would only shine the stars on the ceiling, but after receiving it not only shines on the ceiling, but the walls too. It is real soft and light weight and at night the stars give off just enough light to make any child feel comfortable. The amber light is not that bright but the other colours are vibrant. This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone.

  254. Sarah Smith

    My 3 year old uses his Turtle to help him wind down at bedtime. We leave it on the nearby toybox and look at the stars together while talking about our day. I wish that the stars “moved”, to help create a more lulling effect, but it still is calming. There are 3 gentle colors. My other child, a toddler, has played with it and it seems to be safe for her to poke at. Overall, great purchase.

  255. K. Salinger, Holistic Nurse Practitioner

    I was amazed by the number of reviews for this night light, however, after having bought it for my daughter I now “get it”.This is a really great night light. It is super lightweight – about the same as a regular stuffed animal. However, it has a hard shell with star shaped holes which project light onto the ceiling and walls. There is an on-off button on the battery compartment, so you can turn it completely off as desired. However, there is also an on button on top, plus three additional buttons, each selects a different color, amber, blue and green. It comes with a star guide, so you can look for the constellations that they’ve replicated with the light patterns – my daughter loves doing this.As previous reviewers comment, the blue is by far the nicest color. I also read somewhere that blue light can enhance sleep, so there’s another reason to select the blue color. The turtle-light will project the stars onto the walls and ceiling for 45 minutes then automatically turns off. It is just bright enough to allow low vision in the room, which helps my daughter not be scared, but it’s not so bright that it hinders sleep – it’s just right.The light effect is so pleasant and the turtle so lightweight that I’m considering taking this with us on an upcoming 3 week international vacation.The only thing that could make this light better would be the possibility of selecting longer time periods for the light to be on (such as all night)and the option of plugging it in if so desired. However, even without those features this is a great light!!! i’m considering buying a second one of these so that both her bedroom and ours can have stars at night.It would also be great to use for star effects if having an evening party or gathering with low lighting (just a thought…)Great night light.

  256. am11

    I bought this as a gift for my 5 year old nephew who doesn’t like sleeping in his room and has night mares. We gave him this turtle and told him this is the dream turtle no nightmares. He hasn’t had one in a week:) So worth $20.00

  257. JanA

    Our 1.5 year old loves the turtle.He got it yesterday and was running around with it all day. He loves to steer the lights himself and is exited to go to bad in the evening! He stares at the stars and tells himself a story (it must be about stars I guess 😉 and falls asleep. We hope his excitement will last. So fare we are very happy with this cute little thing. We called her Rita…I don’t agree with reviews that the shield of the turtle is maybe not robust enough or that the stars are not bright enough. In fact I think the stars are a little bright at the moment so that we stay on the yellow color, which is the weakest one. The turtle stands on the floor in the child’s room and projects stars over the entire ceiling. They are as large as tea candle and bright enough that you can see without turning on another light in the room. It is dark enough for sleeping though.Again: No complains. The turtle is even better than I expected.

  258. Meredith Hennessy

    This turtle has been a life saver! It helps sooth both my toddlers (1 yr & 2yrs) to sleep. The projection of lights on the ceiling and the different colors help to calm them down and get them to sleep. It’s usually in bed with them and proves to be comforting if they happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

  259. Lianna G.

    I have owned this night light for almost two years now and my son sleeps with it every night. I love the different color choices and it projects the stars over a large area. I like that it is on a timer so that you’re not wasting battery life while baby is sleeping. It’s really soothing, highly recommend to anyone with children.

  260. MDmommy

    My 2.5 son absolutely has fallen in love with his turtle. He loves to turn on all of the different colored lights and changes it on various color settings. He loves the stars that light up the ceiling in the dark. It also helps him to fall asleep on his own at night too. A great buy!

  261. Mary

    My 13 month old son got this turtle for Christmas this year and loves it. It is soft with a plastic shell so he can safely play with it. He can turn the colors on and off himself by pushing the buttons as they are easy to push. I turn it on every night for him and the nicest thing about it is it turns off on its own after 45 minutes. It creates stars and moons on the ceiling but is not too bright to keep them up. Got a great deal on it too during Black Friday deals.

  262. TMP

    I bought this turtle for my 1 yr old daughter’s room and it’s a great nighttime tradition. The turtle comes with a booklet that describes the constellations that the turtle projects but I don’t see them. I think that it’s because of the way the light projects on the walls and the ceiling. It is clear they are stars making it a nice tranquil addition to her room. I would recommend it to anyone looking for stars on the ceiling, defiantly a lot easier than the glow in the dark ones.

  263. Drew Paige

    My 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son both love this turtle. The blue and green stars show up best on the ceiling but to address some of the comments made about the amber stars not showing up, I disagree. They aren’t as vibrant as the blue and green. They aren’t quite as defined as the blue and green either, but my kids actually like the amber colored stars to fall asleep to. The other colors are very bright and more for enjoying before bed rather than actually trying to fall asleep to. My kids keep the turtles at the end of their beds (which aren’t particularly high beds either) and the stars show up great at that height. I have regular height ceilings, nothing vaulted. Their bedroom walls are light green and a light beige with white ceilings and the stars are defined and perfect. I like this product so much I’m going to get one for both of my toddler nephews. It would be cool if it had a setting where the stars can move in a slow circlular pattern or twinkle or change colors randomly rather than the manual change of color buttons, but I still love it just the way it is.

  264. Hannah S.

    Parents you have to buy this!! I have another one for my oldest son and it helps him sleep at night with stars on the ceiling and it shuts off after 45 minutes which is perfect. There are three color settings or you can interchange between all three and it’s so fun for my boys. I have purchased quite a few nightlights and this is by far the best. Definitely recommend!

  265. Linda M. Kelly

    We were trying to get my granddaughter comfortable sleeping in her own big girl room unsuccessfully. She kept going into her mother’s room to sleep in bed with her. A friend suggested the Twilight Turtle and Taylor loves it! No more problems with staying in her room and she’s so excited to close the door to show us all of the stars and moon.

  266. savvyshopper

    I bought this for my almost 18 month old son, to help with sleep training. I didn’t realize it turned off after 45 minutes. Since he is in a crib, I can’t put it anywhere near him (don’t want to put it in the crib) for him to turn back on. However, for him, it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I can also turn it on if I have to go in his room to check on him and it doesn’t wake him up. The fact that the starts don’t move is great–it’s not distracting–it’s rather soothing.When it’s not bed time, he loves to play with the turtle. He has gotten attached to it, even though the shell is hard and not soft! This was a great addition to our bedtime routine.

  267. Genevieve Chan

    When I first opened this, I was underwhelmed because it felt light and cheap. But then we started using it as a night light to help Mr. Ted drift off to sleep. It projects an impressive display of stars against the ceiling and walls, so soothing and pretty. And bright enough so we can check on him without turning on any other light. The effect is like those glow-in-the-dark star stickers but better. You don’t have to take anything down later.

  268. chestercat

    I have a blue and purple one for my kids. they can not sleep without their turtles on. It has different color lights and turns off automatically.

  269. NYCPickyMom

    I got this for my daughter when we were having a new baby since they’d be sharing a room and my daughter always kept a light on. This was one of the best kids’ purchases I’ve made in a while. We’ve had it for almost 2 years now and have only had to change the batteries 3 times and that’s with daily use. The stars and moon are bright and the different color options ensure you can find a color that will be bright in any room. Our fave is purple. My daughter usually has to press it once more before falling asleep. It does not play music. The stars don’t move. Where are you people getting your info? It’s not supposed to. It is the best nightlight ever. It keeps my daughter’s attention at bedtime and soothes her. The baby, now a toddler, fell in love with it, so here I am buying our second. My daughter’s friend has the turtle at home and since she saw our ladybug has been bugging her mom for one. This is a sure winner with ages baby – 10.

  270. mandabean23

    Love!!My son also has the sleepy giraffe which helps him so much when he was an infant. The turtle now can help him fall asleep and not be afraid of the dark, the perfect solution to a child who will pull a night light out of the wall and/or turn on his bedroom light in the middle of the cloud b

  271. Wayne

    Got this for my friend’s kid. My friend says she uses it every night and can’t sleep without it. I would recommend it for any child. It shows the constellations on the cieling and has a little guide that it comes with so you can map them. Very creative, a good gift.

  272. Amazon Customer

    This is a lovely nightlight we bought for our son’s first birthday. It was more lightweight than I expected, but the shell is nice. I think the body is just, lighter than I expected, and not stuffed at all, only the feet and head. It is cute though, and the effect of stars, with slowly shifting colors is just what we were hoping for.

  273. Cinzia

    This is absolutely the best night light I’ve bought so far. We only have blinds covering the windows, so there’s always quite a bit of outdoor light shining in, but this little lady bug really works! It projects perfectly shaped stars onto the walls and every night my little one positions it so that the moon is right above her head. It’s her little nighttime routine to “find the moon”. Ladybug is right next to her pillow and even though the light shining through the little holes is quite strong, it’s not bothersome. The plush is very soft and the quality is very sturyd. The colors (red, blue, green) are very nice and soft, which makes the whole atmosphere so magical. We now have a little game every night where we try to “catch” the stars while singing “Twinkle Twinkle”… Absolutely love it!

  274. James Roberts

    I bought the this for my 3 month old daughter and she absolutely loves it! The first time we turned it on she was mesmerized by the light show it created on her bedroom walls and ceiling. It is much bigger than i thought it would be…I’d say the diameter of the shell is close to 10″. The cool thing is that the shell glows beautifully in the dark, red being the brightest but projecting the weakest stars since the glowing shell illuminates the room quite a bit thus diffusing the detail of the stars. The blue is our favorite with very detailed stars and a mellow blue glow to the room. The green lights are cool too. Overall this is a great product…i bought the turtle version for my friend’s 4 year old and she loves it. I would probably get one of these for myself even if i did not have a kid! Oh, and we’ve gotten about two months use out of it with no sign of weakening batteries. Highly recommend!

  275. T. Walton

    We bought this and our kids (who share a room) love it. Our 4 year old doesn’t even fuss about brushing her teeth because if she does, she’ll get to turn on the turtle and pick the color. Our kids have a large bedroom and it shows the stars very well. Great product, good price.

  276. Meerkat Mom

    Both of my girls wanted Dream Lites for Christmas this year and I about choked seeing that I was going to pay $60 for them to each have one. Then who gets the unicorn and who gets the puppy? Cloud b had much better pricing and the girls LOVE them! We got the turtle and this ladybug and they each sleep with them nightly. They work GREAT and cover almost their entire ceiling and part of the walls with bright stars. The red setting on the ladybug isn’t as bright as the purple or green, but my 4 year old loves it. I have a 7 year old as well who adores her turtle. WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

  277. J. Ayers

    When we moved into a new house, my 13 year old daughter started leaving the bathroom light on at night, because she was unfamiliar with the house. After the first power bill I decided that had to stop. I happened upon the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light and decided to give it a try, as she’s wanted those glow in the dark stick on stars for ages. This thing is wonderful!! She knows it’s a baby product and still loves it, as do all of her friends. These kids are “too cool” for most everything, but they’ve all asked where they could get one. It will probably be what I give out to half a dozen people for Christmas. I would even sleep with one, but my husband said no haha. Very cool product, great projection (not too bright, not too dim) – couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Also sure to save me on the power bill in the long run.

  278. Shannon D. Twilling

    This is the second Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light my family has purchased. We purchased the turtle for our 2-year old for Christmas last year, and she adores it. It has been used every single night since she got it – about 8 months ago – and we’ve only had to change the batteries (included) once. Our older daughter (age 4) was having trouble staying in her own bed all night, and traditional night lights woke her up during the night. Since she has received the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light about 3 weeks ago, she has stayed in her own bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. She just keeps it on her bed and if she wakes up during the night and feels scared, she just turns it on herself (it has an auto-shutoff after about 30 minutes). She loves it just as much as her little sister loves hers. Fantastic idea, fantastic product.

  279. J.J.

    I purchased this for my granddaughter’s 6th birthday. She requested it.She really enjoys having it in her room at night. It makes a night sky on her ceiling.I am getting one for my nephew next month for his 5th birthday.

  280. Adam Richard

    We got this for our baby. While he was sleeping in our room in his bassinet when he first came home, we got used to the stars on the ceiling while both he and we drifted off to sleep. Now we’ll turn it on and use it to go to sleep even if he’s not in the room. We may have to buy another for his nursery when he moves over to his crib so we can keep this one in our room.


    they must have improved the lights because ours projects clear star and moon objects all over the ceiling from a table that is only 20″ off the ground. We were able to avoid getting a nightlight with this and our son really looks forward to turning on his turtle and picking the color he wants to fall asleep with. i love that it is battery operated and turns itself off.

  282. jjfm

    My son started to resist going to bed at night so I bought this turtle to make bedtime more entertaining and provide a nightlight until he fell asleep. He LOVES it. It really is so cute. It lights up his whole room and he likes to change the colors and point out the moon. I was concerned that the shell would be too hard to leave in his crib, but it’s fine. I like that the turtle has a timer and shuts off in 45 minutes. The “tootell” is already very well loved by my son and I would highly recommend it to other moms.

  283. Brittany Noel Powers

    My daughter loves this ladybug light and it has helped tremendously with bedtime.

  284. Roskarin

    I actually got this for myself because I absolutely LOVE turtles and glow in the dark stars. So when I saw this I had to have it and asked my husband for it for Christmas!! It is great, has 3 different colors of light and automatic shut off after 45 mins. I’m pregnant now with my first so now I can not be too embarrassed as a grown 25 year old to have this and can share it with my baby when he arrives. So it became a win win situation for me and the future baby!

  285. Teresa A. Johnson

    My grandson and his parents love the turtle. It is just what they wanted in a night light. Almost all of the projectors they looked at played music, but all my son wanted for the baby’s room was something to shine stars on the ceiling (the turtle also shines them on the walls and in different colors if you want) I would recommend this item to anyone.

  286. Bonnie3

    I got this for my sons 2 year birthday and I am so happy with the purchase! His room is fairly dark at night and the night light is really great when it is on in his room. It makes starts all over the ceiling and part of the walls. It is really pretty and relaxing to look at, I want one for my room!!I plan on buying this for 2 people that recently had babies.You won’t regret this purchase!- note: to get the full effect, the room has to be pretty dark.

  287. Just me

    Love this lady bug!!!! Got it for my soon to be grand-baby . The stars, especially the white setting are so bright and vivid ! I can’t wait until my daughter unwraps it for Christmas and the lady bug will definitely light up a room. Not to bright but just right. Five stars all THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. Eric L.

    We had one that bought the farm after about 3 years. We immediately bought a new one. Not the world’s greatest durability, but surprisingly (to me at least) a kid favorite that’s worth it.

  289. Kindle Customer

    This is the second purchase I made of this item. I purchased this for my nephew for Christmas when he was 1. Now at three he loves going to sleep with the stars every night. The second one I purchased as a baby gift as the green and blue colors provide enough light in the room to change a diaper etc during the night with the touch of a button, and I believe the baby can defintely grow into it. The amber colored stars are on the lighter or fainter side, but this is truely a beautiful gift.

  290. kkrenee22

    My son loves looking outside every night to see the moon and the stars.. and when its bedtime he still gets to see them! I thought the plastic shell would be very fragile, but its surprisingly durable! I do recommend NOT using the cheap batteries it comes with, they make it look like it barely works. I bought the most expensive batteries i could find and it shines in the daylight now!

  291. turtley78

    This turtle lights up the room perfect and even has a feature where it cycles through all the color options automatically on its own.

  292. Nancy

    I saw this turtle while finding a suitable gift for my niece who was turning 4 this year. I read the description and ordered it. She was so excited to see it. She kept asking me where I buy gifts from coz she loved it so much. She wasnt ready to share it with anyone. Now, she uses it every night.The smile on her face….Its worth all that I paid. Its a perfect gift for kids.

  293. BigBoy

    my son has been using this ince 3months old And still uses it to this day for over 3 years. Battery last quite a bit since I find in the morning still turned on. The light defaults to green, which is the brightest, when turned on, and you chan change to blue (little dimmer) and yellow (bit more dimmer).Good alternative to night light. We’ve taken this to camping with us. I have given the this one, a sea turtle and lady bug as a gift to friends and family

  294. L. Walter

    I love this turtle! We don’t even use it for the constellations part, but rather as a night light that projects stars onto the ceiling for about 20-30 minutes before auto-shutoff. It doesn’t eat batteries, which is always a good thing. You choose the light color (green, yellow, or blue)–that helps, too, if you want more or less brightness.I have it for my son, now 5, and he has had it for 2-3 years. I have purchased as a gift and definitely recommend. We have this turtle but the other designs look so cute, too.

  295. SC

    I have gone through so many different night lights, some are not so calming to look at, some are too bright, others are not bright enough, and the list goes on. But, this night light is perfect! The stars and the moon make you feel like you really are laying underneath a blanket of stars outside. The colors are not too bright, they range from green, to blue, to orange. The orange is the lightest color used best for when they are starting to doze off to sleep. It’s so easy to switch colors, the buttons are on the turtles back, just easily reach over and press. The turtle is a nice pretty green color, not bright and not too dark. It’s also very cuddly and soft. I truly recommend this item for any parent who want to give their baby the best night light experience.

  296. TNick


  297. MomofTwo

    I purchased the twilight turtle nightlight for my two year old for christmas for twenty-four dollars. I must say it was my favorite present out of all the gifts I got him (follow-me Thomas, Fisher-Price stand and play ramp, sing-a-ma-jigs,etc). It has three different colored lights(blue, green, and amber-amber being the most soothing and appropriate for bedtime) and projects constellations on the ceiling and walls. It comes with a small fold-out pamphlet guide to the constellations, but I had no problem finding the big dipper without the guide. I use it in my room every night so I can see to get to the bathroom :). The batterys(AAA’s) are still good cause it shuts itself automatically after forty minutes. Yes I would definitely reccomend this product to a friend for a small child or even an older person. Just don’t sleep with it in the bed cause if you roll over onto twilight turtle he has a hard shell. Put him on the nightstand.

  298. Leia R.

    My son is like any kid going through the phase of being afraid of the dark. This really helps light up his room and he counts the stars as he goes to sleep. I like how it turns off after 45 minutes. His favorite color is blue, so he puts it on the blue stars. : ) I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a kiddo that needs a little something more than a night light.

  299. Annis R.

    Stars are so pretty and makes a nice night light on a moonless night, I keep it by my bed. Yes, and always a child at heart…The amber doesn’t work as well, but the other switches are nice. My grand children want one too.

  300. Butterbug’s Mom

    We finally decided to put our two boys in the same room. Our 3 year old has had his turtle for over a year and his baby brother who’s 19 months also wanted one so we ended up having to buy another one. We pick up the ladybug so hopefully they won’t fight over the toys now. It seems silly to have two but I’d rather that then having a nightly fight over “turtle”.

  301. Sarah

    My 3 year old son recieved this for his birthday and he fell in love with it. He has it on every night. It’s great because it will turn off by itself. I have had this for over a year and I didn’t have to change the batteries yet. My 1 year old loves it also so we are getting her one of her own. Sometimes, after my son falls asleep, I will take it to my room. It works great!

  302. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for when we transitioned our son from the crib to a bed. Been using it over a year and besides replacing batteries, it’s still working great!

  303. 3etty3oo

    this thing puts stars everywhere, ceiling and walls, i mean lots of stars. I haven’t nor do i plan to look for any constellations, so i can’t comment there. however if an astronomy lesson isn’t what you’re looking to give, i think you will be most pleased with this product for your little ones.i bought 5. my granddaughter and her cousins just loved them, so did their parents, better than the sandman.Update: 6/15/2012a year and a half later and believe it or not, all the turtles and ladybugs (5) are still working. all the buttons are still attached and working. the lights, all 3 colors, amber, green and blue still work. We’ve had maybe, 2 – 3 battery changes, which i feel is very reasonable considering they fall to sleep with them on every night. They have a 45 minute sleep timer on them which helps to conserve battery life, and that’s more than enough time for the kids to drift off to sleep with stars above.the five night lights went to five kids in 3 different homes. boys and girls currently ranging in ages 2 to 7. the boys seem to like the turtles while the girls favor the ladybug. the youngest was 7 months old at the time of purchase and he, even then, would lay staring at the stars until drifting off to sleep. and at 7, the oldest is still enjoying doing the same.Five stars…still!

  304. SunshineHarvester

    I purchased the Cloud B Twilight turtle for my autistic nephew. He will not go to sleep without his turtle next to him! He loves the soothing light (you can change the color). It’s very light in weight so it travels easily and the battery life is excellent.

  305. Orcafuzz

    I am so scared to fall asleep and always jump up from ‘shadows’ or something i might have seen. This light has helped me to fall asleep every night since I got it. the only thing is: the orange and blue light doesn’t go well with me and make the room look creepy (for me), but the green stars are perfect and not too dark and not to light. I also love that it turns itself off after 45 min–that was a nice feature I didn’t know about at the time of purchase. So, when I wake up in the morning, naturally, the starts are ‘gone’.

  306. woebegone

    We have the turtle for my son who is 5 and has had it for several years, and the ladybug for our daughter who is 3. As far as “optimal placement” goes, it works sitting on the floor, on the bedside table, but most of the time we put them on the foot of their beds. They are durable, because they have been dropped (though mostly on carpet), stood on, and generally abused, and they are still going strong. I think in the 3+ years we’ve had the turtle, we’ve changed the batteries once. We’ve had the ladybug for probably almost 2 years and I think the batteries are original. When the batteries get weak it gets harder to see, but in general they give off just the right amount of light. They’re great to take along for sleepovers and vacations (though bulky), and our kids don’t like to go to bed without them. I agree that the amber color does not show, and the red on the ladybug doesn’t show well either. I also don’t like that the turtle can only be turned off from the bottom. The ladybug has a shutoff on top as well as underneath for when it accidentally gets turned on. Overall, I think this was a great purchase and I’d recommend them to anyone!

  307. Monitita

    I bought this lamp for my first baby. A friend of mine had it at his home and it showed me how the stars looked on the dark cealing and I felt it was something my baby would probably enjoy at some point. I love it and I recommend it.

  308. Chaya Brenan

    Our daughter loves her new friend “Tuga.” Simple to use, she can turn him on and change his color. Turns off automatically after a while so it doesnt burn batteries all night. They lasted perhaps several weeks, I’ve been surprised by how long it lasts.Te animal is cute and surprisingly cuddly for having a hard plastic shell and battery box guts 🙂 would highly recommend.

  309. Davey Griffith

    My two year old loves his “night light.” He treats it more like his best pal though.. carries it around with him at night and shines it on all of the walls and ceilings. We will save on our electric bill too! He runs around turning off all of the lights 🙂 DOUBLE WIN

  310. Nicole Fender

    My little girl loves it very much. Makes a great night light.

  311. K. Hostetler

    I bought this for my daughter for her first Christmas. She’s two years now and still loves it! Every night she has to touch the moon and one of the stars before going to sleep. It’s become a comfort for her at night. I’ve only had to change the batteries once, after a year of use. Absolutely adorable with a sturdy plastic shell.

  312. Torom

    my daughter is just 8 month old, but she stares at it when i turn it on before bed time. I think she is not fully aware or interested in it right now. But it is lovely. I pretty sure she will too when the time comes.

  313. KJ

    My 2 year old just started feeling fear of the dark so we ordered this & we all love it! He has figured out how to run it himself. I love that there is an on/off switch hidden on the bottom too so I can shut it completely off to save battery during the day. And I love that it shuts off after 45 minutes so I don’t have to remember to go in & shut it off after he’s asleep. It’s cute & the colors remind me of a real turtle. It gives some light but isn’t too bright.

  314. Impressed

    My son loves this u press on off once to turn it on or press it 2 times to have it alternate between the three colors of blue green in Amber works really well batteries last decently depending on what brand you get it goes off on its own I want to say in 15 to 30 minutes I’ve never had to get back up and turn it off

  315. DMPendleton

    I originally had this item on a baby registry, but did not receive it. I ordered it once our daughter came, and it seemed to calm her. My 10-year-old son now has it in his room and is equally amused by it. I love it and seriously thought of ordering one for myself.There are 3 colors – red, blue & green – although the red is a bit more difficult to see unless it is completely dark.It also features a 45-minute auto shut-off which is a great feature for kids who are using the item as a night light.It has a large “spread” of stars, not just a concentrated area as you would find if you had to stick up each individual star as when I was young.Apparently it features actual constellations (and does come with an identification packet) but we just enjoyed the soothing lights.

  316. Deanna L. Mikiska

    We have had the Twilight for years now. This is less of a nightlight more of bedtime soother as it does turn off but with the push of a button you can restart the cycle. We needed something for my son that wasn’t too bright and ran across this at a local store. He was about 6 years old and the idea appealed to him. It turns off after about 45 minutes (in theory kids should be asleep by then) and when it is on it has a wonderful display of stars (you choose from 3 colors of light but our favorite is blue). My son likes to position the turtle in just the right way so the big dipper is right over his bed when he goes to sleep. Big sister wanted in on the action so even at the age of about 11 we bought the ladybug version for her room. Fast forward to the present…my nephew was turning one and his parents wanted a nightlight for his room. Solution: twilight turtle. I highly recommend!

  317. MsDorky

    This is definitely my new kids go-to gift! It’s soft and light, incredibly easy to operate and just oh so cool. The constellations are a bit difficult to make out, but it’s fun to try. Simply turn your turtle around and you’re looking a different view of the starry sky.

  318. M. Ross

    While this would be a lot of money to pay for a night light ordinarily, it is a bargain for what amounts to a nighttime friend that helps reduce the scariness of the dark. My wife and I originally got this for our daughter, but find that we use it as much if not more.What it is:This is a plush turtle with a sleepy face that has a hard plastic shell. The shell has holes in it that allows a light to shine through. On the back of the shell are buttons that activate a light on the inside of the shell; the shell itself is translucent and glows different colors depending on the setting – green, blue, or orange. The light also comes through the star-shaped holes (and one moon-shaped hole) to shine on the surrounding walls and ceiling. The effect is something like being in a planetarium and is very mellow and soothing. My daughter really likes it, but my wife and I positively love it. One can either turn off the light manually, or leave them to turn off automatically after 45 minutes. presumably after your little one is fast asleep)What it is for:This is a great little companion to soothe children to sleep if they are a little afraid of the dark or if they need a companion (the turtle) to be near as they go to sleep. It works as a night light while it is on, but it won’t serve that purpose after the light goes off. From my perspective, this little guy also works great for romantic or soothing lighting in the bedroom, out on the patio, or wherever… for the parents. Yes, my wife and I are constantly ‘borrowing’ our daughter’s sleep light because…. well, because it’s just so cool.This does not plug in to the wall, which I like, actually, for safety reasons when leaving it alone in my daughter’s room. It is one of the few items we have that I actually don’t mind getting batteries for. In any case, it lasts a long time using quality AAA batteries – over a month of nightly use in our case. It is about 12″ long by 8″ wide by 4″ tall. approximate measurements These also come in sea turtle and ladybug variants. One additional cool thing is that the stars are actually patterned as constellations, which project on the ceiling… yes, just like in a planetarium. The device comes with a paper guide explaining which ones they are so you can identify them. Serious astronomy geeks make note: I don’t think what projects is an exact scale replica of the night sky, but it is close enough in my view to use as an instructional guide for tiny astronomers-to-be.Though we got this fairly late in the getting-the-kid-to-sleep gambit, I would have had this right from the start had I known about it. Is it essential? Maybe not, but it is cool enough and useful enough that I wouldn’t do without it. Enthusiastically recommended!

  319. river momma

    This turtle has been a lifesaver! I was trying to break my 18-month-old of her pacifier, and nights were not going well at all. After a couple of rough nights I showed her this thing, and she has been attached ever since. She was immediately entranced by the stars, and she snuggled with it right up against her nose so she could get a close look. She was in the middle of learning her colors so she likes to switch the colors and tell me what they are. She ends up putting the turtle in the corner of her crib and looking up at the stars until she falls asleep. No more crying for “Pa-Pa” (her pacifier). Now all she cares about it “Kur-kle” (turtle). So glad I got this thing!

  320. KiraNyres

    ordered this for myself yes I am an adult but why not I dont like the dark either. this is not only adorable but functions well. from the reviews I was nervous that it was going to be awful so was more than surprised when it was perfect with beautiful shining lights of twinkling stars all over the bedroom. my favorite settings are the green and blue. even my husband loves it. we will be buying one for every child in our extended family teenagers and little kids as well for birthday gifts in 2012. absolutely worth the money

  321. BelF

    Saw this in a baby mag & decided to purchase through amazon. Our 2mo old son loves it, it totally captures his attention just before bed & is just lovely to look at. Hands down the best projection of any toy we bought or received. The stars in all the colors are just great & there’s actual constellations, which will be great when he’s older. Planning to gift this to several friends.

  322. Kandice Bingham (Friday)

    I bought this light five years ago for my daughter to use as a night light. The one we have has an all black body with a red and black shell. Not the grey as pictured. I have read so many negative reviews about this item, I wonder if there is a knock off version that does not meet the original standards. We LOVE our lady bug!!. My daughter is now six and she still uses lady bug every night! If we stay the night somewhere, ladybug comes with us. It is still in great condition – no threads have come undone, the shell has never cracked, and the lights still glow as bright as they did they day we received it! The colors (blue, red, green) are all very vivid. If the batteries are low, the red and green don’t show up quite as well but the blue is still magnificent! It is almost a purple color. Now that she is older, we have a fun time laying in bed at night and trying to find different constellations! If anyone asks me about a baby shower gift, I ALWAYS recommend this item! We are expecting another little one and I will definitely buy one of these for the nursery. This is by far one of the best things I have ever bought for my daughter!!

  323. Amazon Customer

    This is the second one we have purchased so that we have one in each room for the grandchildren!

  324. S.L.

    Just received this item today as a christmas present for my 4 yr old Grand-Daughter. Of course I had to try the LadyBug out for my own curiosity. I turned it on and place it on a counter at ONE END of the room, and it lit up the WHOLE ceiling in the ENTIRE room. It gives a comfortable feeling to the room with the stars on the ceiling. The three color choices are great. I very happy that I decided to purchase this item. I know my Grand-Daughter will LOVE her LadyBug night light.

  325. CKC

    We thought he might like this toy as it helps with nightmares but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He hasn’t let the turtle out of his sight since the moment it arrived. Absolutely loves it. It’s durable and very lightweight. So, it’s a stuffed animal and a nightlight and a soothing aid for sleep. Our boy is 1 1/2 years old.

  326. Salil Kapoor

    This was a great gift and my daughter loves it. She insists it to be on every single day. It has the perfect brightness to make the kids feel safe while falling to sleep. The battery lasts a good amount. Just the orange light is a little dim, but both blue and green work great.

  327. Jason Torchio

    Love this turtle. I only wish I was afraid of the dark so I could use it myself. My 5-year old who sometimes has issues with the dark has a sense of comfort with his “roommate”. It lights up the room and I love the feature that toggles through all of the colors.

  328. J. Flynn

    Bought this for our first child. It is a brilliant nightlight, the light given off by the stars bouncing around on the ceiling is far greater than i had thought possible. Granted our baby is too young to appreciate it yet, but us parents are loving it! It looks cute, and performs great as a nightlight. The construction is solid, i have dropped it from a few feet and nothing broke, no batteries came flying out. One of the reviews says it broke and hurt their 18 month old child, maybe, but i don’t see how?Recommended purchase for kids of all ages (Even us kid like parents!)

  329. CareichweinCareichwein

    Bought this for my three year old who suddenly wanted a light in his room. Worked like a charm

  330. Kat

    My daughter, boyfriend, and I all love this product. It is adorable, well made, and there are 3 colors to choose from. I feel like this product will last years, my daughter only likes the green stars right now so I think once her favorite color changes her interest will be renewed all over again. This is a little bigger then the star pillow pets they show on tv all the time, it was cuter, and it was cheaper to order online. This was a great purchase.

  331. SM

    We got this when our twin girls were babies…at the time it seemed useless. We started using it every night when they were about 2 1/2. They absolutely loved it and asked for it every night. While the amber is impossible for us to see unless it’s very dark, the green and blue are beautiful. The girls are six now, and we have had the turtle on every night since we started using it – and they still ask for it every night! I like the auto-off feature, and the buttons are easy enough that if one of the kids wakes up in the middle of the night, she can turn the turtle back on by herself if she wants it.

  332. tpainya

    I originally bought one of these on Groupon, and they had to cancel my order! I was devastated!! I knew I had to buy one somewhere. This was only slightly more expensive than the Groupon price, and shipping was free and fast. I collect turtles and especially love turtles that are also something else (like this night light). This is a sturdy, well-built, beautiful item. I like that there is a choice of colors, and that it automatically shuts off. I use this almost every night, not because I need a night light, but because it is such a relaxing way to go to sleep….under the stars.

  333. Cari

    This night light is really adorable! I got it because I suspected my 1 year old was becoming afraid of the dark. Turns out he was just being a stinker and didn’t want to go to sleep. Regardless, I’m glad I ordered this! You can see the stars clearly on the ceiling with each color. The amber is definitely not as vibrant as the other colors, but I like it that way. I think the turtle itself is just a little too bright for bed time when it’s green and blue. My son loves turning it on and off and changing the colors, but I constantly supervise him. I don’t let him play with it other than that. It’s definitely not a toy! It came with one small scratch on the shell, but otherwise in perfect condition.

  334. Jean Hall

    I bought this for my friend’s 2 year old daughter – she absolutely loves it! The stars project on the ceiling in one of 3 different colors, and it shuts off automatically after (I think) 15 minutes. It’s battery operated, which is good because my friend lives in England. Apparently it did look a little suspicious in my carry-on going through security, so my bag got searched! When they realized what it was, the security officers all had a good laugh!

  335. James A. Torres

    I own 3 of these for my 3 youngest and have given at least another 6 as gifts. Put simply, they’re great. They serve as nightlights and are easily portable (which is a huge plus in my book as I don’t have to remember to unplug them on vacation or at a relatives — they’re simply in the bed/pack-and-lay as I’m packing everything else up). All my kids love the moon and the stars in general, so the fact that these have both is great as well. Also, the timing on the toy (45 minutes) is wonderful as my little ones tend to play quietly for a while before finally nodding off. I always recommend this toy to other parents.An informational side comment — as the batteries begin to die, the more intense colors fade first (blue then green then orange for the standard turtle model). So, if you notice the brightness is fading in the blue (for example) it just means the batteries are low and you can either replace or toggle to a less intense color.

  336. Julien

    Saves me almost an hour a night. Sold it to my 3 year old as a new buddy that is there to watch over her and help her sleep. She no longer cries for me to lay with her until she falls asleep. Love this little turtle.

  337. Dawn

    I now own 2 of these ladybugs after the 1st one helped so much settling my 2 year old down for bedtime. I have 2 ladybugs, one for my two year old, and one for my 1 year old. These are durable because my girls walk around with them all day often dropping them on our hardwood floors. You don’t have to worry about them getting to the batteries because they cant be taken out without a screwdriver, & I dont let them stand on them as I can see that breaking the plastic shell, but they have be launched across the room hitting the hardwood floors & been fine. It honestly helps relax me too when they are not wanting to go with the bedtime program, as well as helping sooth my girls back down when they wake up scared. Honestly why would you want a product with a bunch of bells, whistles & swirling stars when you are trying to get the little ones to relax & go to bed? You are not trying to stimulate them.Both of my bugs have green, blue, and red lights. The red is pretty much useless, but both other colors work well. I set the bug on a dresser about 54 inches tall that is up against a wall, it shoots at least 50, 4 inch wide clear stars on the ceiling, a half moon, a spray of smaller stars on her curtains, and at least 10 more random stars on the walls (our rooms are about 10×12). This bug will shut off after 45 minutes of use so it is not a true nightlight, but a small little LED nightlight across the room does the trick for us in that dept.My two year old was a demon before at bedtime, now she gets super excited to go see the moon & stars, she even tells me when we are out at night “oh mama stars are out, it’s night night time!” My girl happily trots to her room now to go see her ladybug. This is a really simple product that I wish I would have gotten a really long time ago.

  338. Emily

    We love this turtle! Such a great way to calm bedtime routines.

  339. Mark

    We had one (old given to us) and it died and was not easy to fix so I got this one. My kid likes it and uses it on his own, it is a nice night light for him.

  340. Trish Nhan

    I love this turtle, I got this for my Husband for his B-Day, and yes my Husband, haha we both love kid stuff and no we don’t have kids. We stumbled upon this turtle in Hawaii on our honeymoon trip and I thought it was incredible, what a brilliant idea, but we didn’t get it there because we didn’t have enough room to carry it all the way back to Arizona. During our trip and I was sneeking around when he wasn’t looking and looked it up here and got it right away online so it would come in time for his Birthday and it came in perfect time! I know it’s a kids toy but we’ve always needed some kind of light at night, but he HATES nightlights and I can’t see in the dark without one and he hates the lights on, so this was a perfect gift for the both of us. All the stars show up perfectly on the ceiling and we put it at the end of our bed. It’s like having a skylight in your room it’s pretty awesome! One of the best things about it is that it turns off after 45mins so you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery so often. It’s actually lasted for quite a while now. I haven’t had to change the batteries in about 2 months. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  341. Amazon Customer

    This turtle works great! My 2.5 year old is in a phase of being scared of the dark and this guy lights up her room and helps her fall asleep.

  342. D. Gleave

    We got these for our kids 2 years ago (then 1 and 5) and they LOVE them!! I have a very active son and quiet daughter and they both insist on having them anywhere, anytime for going to bed! They are perfect because we turn them on at bedtime then they have an auto timer so they go off by themselves. Both of them turn them on first thing after reading each night, and we have even toted them on airplanes and to the coast so that they always have their ladybug and turtle for bedtime! Our kiddos are now 3 and 7 and they still love them! The batteries last a long time (have only changed them about 3 times in 2 years) They are durable and fun for bedtime! My little guy loves to count the stars at and my daughter loves all the colors and picks a new one each night. overall they are a super gift for any age and we love them at our house!

  343. Sarah T.

    We’ve been using this for about three months now, and it works wonderfully. It casts a beautiful array of star so the ceiling and walls, and you can even select whether you want the stars to be emerald green, cornflower blue, or goldenrod yellow. The moon and stars are distinctly shaped, and you can use it night after night after night without worry. This gives off enough light to calm the kids, but not so much to keep them (or us) awake. Definitely recommend!

  344. Andrea Solano Chacon

    This item is everything I was hoping and more. Its size is bigger than I expected but is all good. Our ceiling is white so all 3 colors look good. Is great lighting for breastfeeding. It turns off by it self after a long while, giving enough time for the baby to go to sleep. My baby is now 8 and a half months and he loves it. He looks in awe at the ceiling and knows is time for bed. This turtle helps me create a soothing ambient for the baby to sleep and gives me enough light to move around the room. If we are spending the night at a different location than our house we take it with us and the baby sleeps as well and sound as in his own room. Excellent purchase!

  345. J. Keith

    We have an awesome little girl who just turned 4, and my husband and I thought she would like this. She has Autism, and isn’t easy to buy for! She LOVES this! It is amazing how well it projects stars and the moon onto her ceiling, I had no idea it would be as amazing as it is. Even her 8 year old brother loves this thing, and her dad and I like it too. =) The colors are bright and vivid. Beautiful! If you are thinking about getting this, stop thinking and just do it! =) Your little one will LOVE it!

  346. Teralynn

    The ladybug came on time and is very cute. It’s actually pretty soft and the stars project really well! Also comes with batteries so that’s always a plus.

  347. J. Vogel

    My little grandson has lots of trouble going to sleep. He is 20 months old and dada is in Afghanistan. He and momma and new baby brother are living with us. My grandson cries himself to sleep every night. This night light is a godsend. The pattern of stars on the ceiling is just beautiful. My grandson has learned to say “stars”. He wants his stars. He still cries a little bit but not nearly as long as before the little turtle. I love this product. Wouldn’t even mind one for adults.

  348. RUBI2S

    We’ve been using this night light since my 3 year old was a baby. We still love it. The stars and moon are bright enough without being too bright. There’s three different colors to choose from–green, blue, and orange (the green and blue are nice and bright, the orange is always very dim and hard to see). We do keep the turtle on the floor, so maybe if it was closer to the ceiling or if the room was super dark, the orange would be easier to see. The turtle stays on for 45 minutes before automatically turning off, so the batteries (3 AAA) last a long time. It’s also easy for him to turn it back on–if he’s still awake after the 45 minutes. We are very happy with this purchase!

  349. Tracy N.

    My daughter has had this for about 3 years (from age 2) and we are still enjoying it every night. It’s a nice night light. There are three light colors – blue, amber and green – and it automatically switches off after 45 minutes.

  350. 4 Critters

    I ordered the lady bug for our son, who isn’t afraid of the dark, but starting over the past couple of weeks, he has had some hesitations at bed time about having his bed room door closed. My hopes are that this will squelch any developing fears of the dark, using a nightlight in his room was not a road that his father & I were very keen on going down, and this seems like it will be a better alternative. I like the Cloud B products, he has a sleep sheep, I got that before he was born, he’ll be 4 in September and I think that we have changed the batteries only once, and it’s used every night. The lady bug came in yesterday, wrapped in plastic, so I know it was brand new. Batteries were already installed, nice. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but I’m fine with that. Right out the box our son latched onto it and toted it all over the house for the rest of the afternoon. He likes changing the colors from the red, green & blue. The blue, to me, looks more violet; however, it is still a very nice color. My son’s room is a good size, 11′ x 12′, and all the colors show up WAY better than I expected. The stars fill the celling and some stars are on the upper part of the walls. My son gets a kick out of seeing the crescent moon shape on the celling as well. This morning he informed my husband & I that since it was cloudy outside he could still use it. Then he proceeded to play under the covers a bit lighting it up. I have a good feeling about this.

  351. J. Skimo

    Granddaughter will get hours of use from this. But it does look just like the ones at the local stores for the same price (not including shipping and handling costs). To save money check local stores first. But these will probably go fast for x-mas gifts.

  352. Amazon Customer

    Twilight turtle exactly as described. So happy to have found this item. Arrived earlier than expected which was appreciated. Our little ones love to count stars and the extra little bit of light at bedtime helps wind them down.

  353. NYMomof2

    This is an awesome product. My son had been having a bit of trouble feeling secure once Mommy & Daddy left the room, so we got one of these. He just adores it. He loves having three color choices, and frankly, I do, too! When he goes to bed, it’s not quite dark yet, so he uses blue or green (they show up more easily). When I go in before I go to sleep, I put it on the yellow setting so that if he opens his eyes after I leave he doesn’t get nervous, thanks to the soft yellow star light. Another awesome feature is that it stays on for 45 minutes, unlike most other products similar to this. Excellent product, well worth the money, and of course, another timely delivery!

  354. Takeme2thebeach

    We got this for Christmas for our kids, they share a room (they are 1 and 5 years old) and they absolutely LOVE falling asleep to the stars on their ceiling and walls. The Blue is the brightest, green is almost as bright and the amber color is very dim. My baby likes this more than her projector that puts moving birds on the ceiling with music, go figure. It’s battery operated so keep that in mind, and if you’re into a more scientific type constellation projection I’d probably go with something else but this is WAY better than those sticker glow stars the timer is awesome-it doesn’t waste batteries it goes off after 45 mins, ample time to fall asleep.

  355. Bucky K

    This is a really well-made, good quality, well-designed toy. I’d say it’s one of the best night light “star ceiling” things out there – when you turn it on, it’s truly beautiful and there is an option where the colors change magically as you watch. The other hit is the Sleep Sheep which is made by the same company. You’d probably want both for your kid (their functions do not overlap).

  356. shamalamamoomoo

    I love this turtle. We got it for our son, who loves everything about it (stars, moon, and turtles– what isn’t there for a boy to love? it would be even cooler with a spaceship, but that might anger purists). The amazon price is the best we’ve seen, even with all the Christmas sales going on right now.Many people complain about either the single color of stars at a time or the low level of brightness with the amber stars… here is my alternative take on it:The availability of one hue at a time and the difference in brightness between the hues allows us to vary the brightness we want the “nightlight” to be. Some nights our son needs a little more encouragement to sleep– that’s when we use the less bright amber colored stars. It provides just about enough light for comfort and the stars are faintly lit on the wall, but ut’s dark enough to really encourage sleep.I love is simplicity– less room for failure or breakage. It’s a perfect kids’ presen in my book. 🙂

  357. Occasional shopper

    I originally bought one of these, the turtle, for my grandson. Then his twin sisters liked it so mom put it in their room which left my grandson without. I bought another but the girls began fighting over who would have that one! I bought yet another and now everyone has one!! They love them and offers a little comfort in a dark room!!

  358. meg168218

    This is our second twilight turtle. My oldest son had one 10 years ago. I knew that this time around I wanted a similar product for my three year old. The product is adorable and functional. It casts a strong night light on the ceiling that comforts my three year old. No more suplimental hall light! And it shuts itself off after a while so no wasted electricity or batteries. Happy kiddo, happy mama.

  359. Morgan’s Mom

    I bought the Twilight Turtle more than a year ago, but my daughter was never all that impressed. She LOVES the ladybug, though, and asks for it every night! I like that I can turn it off without having to turn it off on the bottom, and the glowing red nightlight is pretty neat, too.Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the ladybug is terribly cute–the turtle is WAY cuter–but as long as my daughter like it, all’s well!

  360. Zuzi J.

    Our son needed nightlight to fall asleep, but we did not want him to sleep with a light on. This toy is perfect. He picks the color every night and has no problems falling asleep. It helped us a lot with his routine.

  361. RachelleWeiler

    My girls love this night light, if placed properly height wise you can see many stars all over the ceiling. There are 4 buttons, 3 for the color choices(green, blue, orange)and one for power. Blue one is the brightest. There is an automatic off timer of 45 minutes.

  362. Mike in Dallas

    (This is a review of the green turtle with the Blue/Green/Yellow stars)This is a great night light alternative for your toddler. My 3 year old is very afraid of the dark and this turtle has certainly helped! I knew when ordering this that she would want to have the turtle sleep in her bed with her, and I was a little nervous about the durability. The shell is a hard plastic and the arms/legs and head are soft. While it may not be the softest toy to cuddle with, the hard shell does a good job of protecting the light and my daughter will place it beside her when falling asleep. I wait for her to fall asleep before taking the turtle out of her bed and putting it back on her nightstand. It holds up just fine with her throwing her arm over it or “steam rolling” it in the bed. Most of the time because of the strong glow from the shell she’s fine with it just sitting next to her bed while she sleeps with a different stuffed animal.

  363. FrankFrank

    This has become an essential part of my toddlers night time routine. He refers to this as “Moon” because of the stars and moon pattern the turtle projects. When he first transitioned from a crib to his toddler bed, these really gave him comfort and helped him be more at ease with his room. Every night now, this gets turned on before he climbs into his bed. It has a few settings for Orange, Green and Blue. My child prefers the blue so he normally switches that color on. It can filter through the three colors as well. The batteries last a really long time in this because it shuts itself off after about 15 – 20 minutes so it doesn’t just run all night long. My wife and I actually use the lights to tell whether he is up or not, because when he wakes up the first thing he does is turn the lights on this turtle, and he will keep turning the lights back on until he falls asleep. The lights are not bright by any means so it has never kept him awake either which is nice. I highly recommend this toy to others as my child really likes it and I have nieces that have used the same toy and equally liked it as well!

  364. Cayla777

    My son had gotten to the point where he was afraid of the dark and would NOT go to sleep without a light on. I bought this for him, and it totally eased his fears the FIRST night we had it. It’s been lights out at night time ever since!

  365. J & S

    oooooh! This is wonderful. Got this for our 4 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. In the future I’d like to get another for our son. The colors are great!

  366. KC

    So much fun and my kids love it!! Projects stars and a moon all over ceiling! It works best if you set it in the center of the room on top of something but my son loves to bring it into bed! Great for bedtime!

  367. A. McGuire

    My son is almost two years old and loves this turtle. He likes to see the stars on his ceiling at night. I love that it turns off on its own, so I don’t have to remember to do it. We set it on his dresser. Some stars show on the wall and some on the ceiling. We don’t look for constellations we just like the stars. This is a fun product!

  368. Heather N.

    I had been eyeing these since we had our first child, who is now 5. His little brother, who is 2 1/2 has been suddenly having issues with going to bed – scared of monsters, ghosts, you name it. He started getting out of bed 2 – 3 times each night after we put him down, and not sleeping until 2 hours or more past his bedtime. I was going to get the turtle for him for Christmas, but decided we needed it now. And it has actually helped him stay in bed. The first night, we all lay and sat as a family in the boys’ room and looked at the stars together. Now we put him in his bed, turn the turtle on, kiss him and that’s that. It was between this and one of those Dream Lites, but those are made by the Pillow Pet people and seem so cheap in comparison. (I’ve had to fix stitching in Pillow Pets a few times, and the plush fabric on them is not the nicest.) Plus the Dream Lites only put stars straight up on the ceiling. This puts stars all over the room. If it’s in the middle of the room, it will project stars on every wall and the ceiling. Our son’s bed is by a wall, so it doesn’t reach the far wall, but projects enough on 3 walls and the ceiling so that both boys can enjoy the stars. It turns itself off after 45 minutes – brilliant!! My husband likes that since he doesn’t have to change batteries constantly. And you can change the color of the stars, although our guy always chooses blue, which he calls purple. I don’t know why people complain about the hard shell, because if the shell were plush, um, the plush piling would block the stars. It’s a beautiful product, excellent quality and now our 5 year old wants one too. I wouldn’t hesitate to get this for my kid or another child. Oh, and I did mention it comes with a constellation guide for the star pattern it projects. Our boys love to point out Orion’s belt! It’s actually educational too – bonus!

  369. Courtney

    I bought this after seeing how well it worked for my friend’s son. It’s hard finding something that is bright enough to show on the ceiling, but not too bright. This is absolutely perfect! My 2 year old loves it.

  370. KLP

    I was nervous about ordering after seeing all the reviews about it being “fake” but figured I could send ’em back if they weren’t what I expected. Turns out, they were perfect.I bought two to give to my nephews (2.5 years) for Christmas and ended up buying a third for the baby too. The kids were infatuated immediately. The super simple button operation is easy for their little fingers to operate and so far, their only complaint is that it shuts off (to conserve batteries) after 45 minutes. 🙂 Ha! Great buy!

  371. J. FORCUM

    This is a great little gift. Someone gave it to us when my son was born, and I wondered if we would use it. He is 4 now, and still likes it. We now get it as a gift for others (the ladybug or the turtle). You have to kind of prop it up on something on a dresser so it will shine towards the middle of the ceiling. And in summer when the sun sets late, you can’t see much. But we still love it. I think it has LED lights inside…so when they get dim, you just replace the batteries and they are bright again.

  372. Amazon Customer

    My 5 year old absolutely loves it! It helped encourage him to sleep on his own in his “big boy bed” so glad we bought it !

  373. Acester

    I purchased a Twilight Turtle and a Twilight Ladybug for my nieces and nephews for when they come to visit, and they all love it. They have been begging their parents for one ever since they used it in my home. It’s relaxing and comforting to children, especially when they are away from home for the night.

  374. NBG

    I love these turtles!! I have one that I got for my son when he was born and it is SO well loved in our house that we needed to get another one for his sister. They are a fantastic night light and they are just super cute.Also, side note, the newer model is a little bit brighter which is really great.

  375. Jablow02

    Bought this turtle as a gift for my nephew when he was in the hospital. It was a great hit. He loved it and all that came to visit liked it too. Very durable and lasts a long time. Havent heard of any issues with it.

  376. Robin

    We got the turtle for our daughter who will be going into her own bedroom soon, and we want to make the transition as easy as possible. She is 4 months old, and can already enjoy the turtle, and all it has to offer! Her room is a good size, but the ceiling is still not large enough to show all of the stars, but it’s fine…the stars go on to the walls! We all really like this night light, and the option to change the colors is cool too! The amber color is a bit dim, but blue and green are awesome! Love it! We bought one for our niece as well.

  377. J & J

    I bought this for my youngest when she was 6 months old. She was fascinated with lights and thought this would be perfect for her room.Words can’t describe how much joy this turtle brings to my little girls day. She beams whenever I turn it on. It’s such a friendly looking turtle that babies seem to be drawn to it.I was a bit worried about the hard turtle shell where the stars are, but am pleasantly surprised that even when she “enthusiasticly” bangs on the top, it stands up to it! I actually like the hard top compared to the pillow pet light ones. My oldest has managed to stick her fingers in the top of her pillow pet one and get it stuck in the lights. I love that this isn’t possible with the turtle.I originally thought this would be more like a pillow pet that you’d want to lay on. I’d definitely say it is not like that. Laying on it would not be comfortable. However, that doesn’t matter since it’s become a great nighttime light.It does have a long turn off timer (close to an hour). At first this annoyed me since I was worried how quickly the batteries would burn out. I will say in 6 months though, I haven’t needed to change them.I love the variety of colors that you have with the lights. You can keep it steady on one light, or gradually have them fade from one to another. That happens to be our favorite setting.I am impressed with how far the lights shine. While setting it on a low bookcase, I can clearly see the stars on the ceiling. I don’t know much about stars, but the company advertises that these stars are in the correct location as they are outside.I’d recommend to anyone! I think it’s great for a nursery or for older kids that need a security light in their room.

  378. WarriorHockey21

    My daughter went through a phase of needing more than just her nightlight to go to sleep at night. We ended up having to leave the bathroom lights on for a long time so it would shine down into her room and keep her content. Not wanting to keep wasting the bathroom lights and electricity, I went looking for a fun “nightlight” that she would enjoy, and that would make her happy enough that we wouldn’t need to leave the lights on in the house. I came across these, based on rating and asked if she would like the idea and let her choose the turtle or the ladybug. She picked the turtle and loved it from the very first night we used it. She loves looking at the stars and the moon as she falls asleep, and it gives just enough additional light so she can feel more comfortable, but it’s not so bright to be annoying or distracting. It’s a perfect balance.

  379. Natalie Diaz

    Since my twins had this Twilight Turtle over 16 years ago, it’s my GO TO gift for all my friends and family. It will last a lifetime, it’s just bright enough and the sounds that go with it will easy your babies to bed. A MUST HAVE item for any child.

  380. Hector Perez

    Excellent and cheap present; I took one to my Country in a recent visit and, in the next trip I have to take 5 more; every kid under 12 want one of these in his or her bedroom. It is just perfect; not that intense light, relaxing soft tones, small, light… didn’t get hot… excellent product.

  381. Myrtle McCallie

    I bought this for my 2 yr old daughter. She LOVES it!!! Everyone that has come to our house loves it too. The batteries last over 6 months with nightly use. I love that we can (and do) take it with us when we travel. I have since bought 3 more to give as gifts. It is my new must have gift that I give out for Christmas & birthdays. Great gift for kids 2 to 14 (adults too)!

  382. Charles L.

    This is such a cool toy!!! This turtle’s body is soft & plush with a durable plastic hard shell:) I was going to purchase a couple of the Dream Lite plush toys that projected the starry night for my two nephews, but I read that product’s & this product’s descriptions and reviews and decided on purchasing this one:) Anyhow, Dream Lite projects “stars” and a “smiley face”, but the “projected stars” don’t seem to have any “constellations” within them for future “star gazers” while the Cloud B Turtle has eight “constellations” (star patterns) within its stars as well as a small paper “story book” that describes them:) Plus I think that the Dream Lite has only one color with it while the Cloud B Turtle has three “soothing colors” (there’s a reason that they picked these colors for soothing effects): amber – color of twilight & a soothing fire, green – color of healing, rejuvenation, and the color of life, and blue – the color of the peaceful sky and sea:) The shell also lights up in these soothing colors as a cool “night-light” – it also shuts itself off after an hour:) The battery cover has a screw to hold it in place so that it can’t come off as well as soft “flap” that velcro’s over it:) The ONLY THING that I didn’t like about it was that it included three batteries in it that didn’t have a piece of plastic between them so that it wouldn’t be activated in shipping – so the batteries were dead and I had to change them out… That’s o.k. though because I was very surprised that there were three AAA Batteries included with it – even if they were “dead”!!! LOL:) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COOL & SOOTHING PRODUCT FOR ANY CHILD – IT ALSO HELPS THE FEAR OF THE DARK OF SOME CHILDREN!!! Oh yeah, one more thing: I am into Astronomy as a Hobby and although I didn’t expect the 8 constellations to be in the right area of the sky, but after a couple of nights of checking it out – I noticed that the constellations seem to be “backwards” – that is, they appear to be the right way on the “Turtle Shell”, but when it is “projected” on the ceiling, they appear “backwards”!!! It still is a nice present though:) Enjoy It!!!

  383. ShopAholic

    We love the color options. Our 4mo old lays in her crib watching the stars til she falls asleep and even I love to looking at them. + Wish we had something like this when I was younger! Amber is a little hard to see if its far away but otherwise this is a great buy!!! Love that as our girl gets older we can sit before bed and use the star chart provided for some extra learning and bonding time. Product says 3+ years since children could easily break it but I dont feel like its an item to be used unsupervised until much older than 3. WE love it and will use it for years to come!! btw nice surprise to see it already had batteries installed 🙂

  384. Jennifer Waitman

    My kid loves her turtle. I love that it’s easy to use even for a toddler. We love that you can decide which color you want to display and it’s easy to clean. It is great how it notifies you when the batteries are close to dying. We’ve had ours for almost 3 years and still going strong. It’s great for sleepovers.

  385. D B

    My 6 month old loves this thing! It really calms him down and helps him fall asleep. Sometimes I find myself lying down in his room to watch the light show. If you give your eyes a minute or two to adjust, all three colors can be seen clearly and while the stars don’t actually move they appear in different spots for each color (due to different positions for each light source). A very well made toy.

  386. lily

    My daughter has loved it since she was one and a half, we would touch the stars every night before bed. I love the different color choises for brightness reasons and the 45 min shut off. My daughter loves to go to sleep to the stars and I use it when I go in to check her, it is soft enough so it does not wake her up. My son who is just 3 months old just recieved this as a gift and he alrealy loves to look up at the stares at night.

  387. D. Sette

    I purchased our first Twilight Turtle a couple years ago for my daughter as a “night light” to help her fall asleep. My daughter LOVES this turtle! Both my kids received Cloud b (Turtle and Ladybug) for Christmas last year. I thought we would have “too many” but use one at the Grandparents. Now we just bought our 4th one for their other Grandparents house. It arrived promptly and Grandpa even used it to fall asleep and “test it out” for the kiddies.Personally, I feel the Cloud b products are much nicer and less cheap looking than the “Dreamlite”, which is more expensive. Like I said…we now own 4!!

  388. Madea

    This is a product that both my 4 year old and my 8 year old use. I also find the stars on the ceiling so magical. I purchased two additional as a gift and my friends can’t stop raving about this product.

  389. BunnyLover

    The twilight turtle makes a beautiful starry sky design across your ceiling. I love the options of purple, green, amber, or slow transitioning of all 3 colors. The amber is more faint than the green and purple. It is more subdued and looks great against pale walls, and is more soothing. The green is very cheerful, and the purple is very beautiful too. My nephew has one of these, and I thought it was so awesome that I got one too, and I’m in my mid-20’s! Great for all ages!

  390. J. Owen

    Adorable! Best nightlight you can have. They leave the constellation on the ceiling and walls and it is beautiful to see. Children love it

  391. silkiechicken

    Got one for a niece and thought it was so cute bought one for ourselves. I had and still have glow in the dark stars in the room I grew up in. This is a great portable alternative to putting those glow in the dark stars all over. Different look than glow in the dark stars hung from fishing line, but color change ability is great. Hasn’t burnt out yet. Amber shows up plenty fine when lights are out. Green and blue are very vibrant. Auto off timer is nice too. Use it nightly!

  392. GFam16

    My son won’t sleep without this!! Lights stay on for roughly 30 minutes before shutting off. Looks really cool in the room at night.

  393. Sharon G Caulineau

    This is the second night light I have purchased and it is so much nicer then the cheaper ones you will see in the stores this year.Bought the first one last year (turtle) for may sweet grand-girl (4 years old), and she loves it. She fall asleep with it each night. She now has a “foster” sister (2 years old) and she wanted one for “her room”! Got her the Lady Bug to this Christmas.

  394. Jennifer Wolsing

    We wore out the last one after using it every single night for 3 years! This is a really nice device. The stars are pretty and it’s easy for a small child to operate if he wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to see the stars.

  395. Ashlee Stoeppler

    I absolutely love this turtle star light. It helps my son fall asleep at night while he’s looking at the stars. It shines in three different colors, and he’s in the midst of learning colors so he really enjoys that.

  396. Ablernator

    Finally my baby is putting herself to sleep and this was a big part. At 17 months old the night bedtime routine was taking over and now we are back to paradise parenting! Turns on and lights up the room with a nice glow and starry sky. Lasts 45 mins on timer for her to settle down with after we’ve left her to go to bed. It projects well and has a good amount of light – choices of green, blue & red starry night. I think every child should have one of these. We will definately travel with this when needed.

  397. Anita

    I have bought three of these.I bought the first as a shower gift. The grandmother of the new baby had me order her one as a shower gift. Then my son has a baby coming this fall so I bought the third for them.Even adults who have seen the turtle light up the room joke they would like to have one for themselves.

  398. Lisa M.

    I originally saw this in a catalog for children and thought it would be a great thing for my 2 daughters. They LOVED it! Years later, they are still using this every night. It even goes on trips with us now. I have to say that it is fun to look up at the ceiling in a hotel room and see pretty blue stars. Comforting. Perhaps that is why my girls have loved this so much. They aren’t terribly rough with things but the turtle has had a few trips over the bunk beds and survived well. Batteries have only need to be replaced about once a year and we turn this on nightly. This product is well made and pretty cute too. We have since purchased 5 more…a ladybug for the other daughter and then more of these turtles as gifts for other children. All of the kids we have given them too have really enjoyed them also. Would definitely recommend this night light.

  399. Lutcher R. Samuel III

    My son (1 yr) and daughter (2 1/2 yr) both have their own Cloud B constellation night light. My son is happy when I turn it on for him, and my daughter has been more agreeable when putting to bed. The product is so simple to use that my daughter turns it on and operates it herself. The shells may seem a little hard, but then you know that the electronics are protected as well as a safety precaution from little hands. In all, as a parent, I could not be happier.

  400. SL

    We’ve had this for a year and a half. Our daughter (amazing sleeper until about 2yo) started having a hard time falling asleep. The turtle helped for 2 reasons: 1) It gave her security by helping her see and 2) It gave her a focus and a job to do at bedtime (by deciding which color she wanted turtle to be and pressing the button), which made her feel more in control. This turtle was very helpful and worth the money. It’s still part of her routine a year and a half later.

  401. emily

    My daughter will not go to sleep unless her “dream bug” is on! I love this. She prefers the blue light and every evening positions it so that the moon is projected above her bed. I definitely recommend this product!

  402. The Truth!

    It is so much cuter in person! It is has several different colors and the kids love it. This helps as a little night light too. Loved it so much, bought another one after Christmas was over for someone else. 🙂

  403. Erik

    I bought this so I wouldnt have to stick glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Our little one is to small to enjoy it, but his parents love it! Great little gift!

  404. MommaD

    This is the third Cloud night light I purchased for a gift; the other two were for my grandchildren. The lights are so soft and soothing no matter which color you choose red, blue or green. It shines stars all over the room (ceiling & walls) depending here you put the stuffed animal (we usually place it on the floor). Wish I had this when my children were babies as it’s really neat! Made well and the batteries are securely placed where the children will not access them.HIGHLY recommend this for your children, grandchildren or for a gift. An excellent gift that will be loved for years to come! Being that this is the third one I bought, it’s obvious I like the product, that’s why I gave it 5 stars.

  405. Jessie James BoydJessie James Boyd

    I nanny for a 5 year old that loves his. So decided to gift one to my 1 year old. She likes it, but my 4 year old loves it! It has 3 different colors that project, blue, green, and a dim orange. When you turn it on it stays on for a while. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes? Never timed it. I’m not astrologist, but I do spot Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper. The bottom has a velcro flap that covers the battery area.

  406. M. Tomory

    What a great night light! I bought this for my 2 year old son, and 5 friends who are all expecting. I thought this would be great for either the new arrivals or their older children (all are around the age of two). My son just loves it. He picks which color stars he wants on before we leave his room at night and it changes almost night. The amber is the softest of the colors but his favorite.So far all my friend’s children enjoy it too.. especially the ones that are sharing rooms. The light is so soft you can turn it on without waking the sleeping child.

  407. Chopper Copper

    I bought this turtle for my 15 month old to try to get him to sleep in his room. Well, while he loves it, he’s still sleeping in my bed! My 7 year old loves it too so he’s been sleeping with it on. Everynight after we read a book, I put it on and we look at all the beautiful stars and moon. His favorite color is blue and it looks amazing reflected on the ceiling. It’s also very peaceful and almost magical!

  408. Ernesto M. Cueva T

    Al principio no estaba seguro de la compra, sin embargo, ha sido uno de los juguetes preferido de mis dos niñas, les gusta dormir viendo las estrellas y en especial buscar y encontrar la luna, es simple, pero muy bueno… me siento contento de haber comprado esta pequeña lampara de constelaciones.

  409. Elisa Bailis

    My son received the Cloud b Night Light Turtle as a baby gift. My older daughter loved it so much she requested, and received, the lady bug as a birthday gift. It is a wonderful toy/nightlight/starmaker. She brings her ladybug in bed with her and depending on her mood will pick one of the various colors to make her stars. This is definitely a “grow with you” gift that is perfect for kids of all ages, ESPECIALLY ones who have a love of the stars/planets. Excellent!

  410. Leili

    This and the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Lady Bug night light are cute and perfect for little ones who want a night light. They get to choose their color of stars, and they have the timer so it will turn off automatically so you don’t have to worry about wasting batteries. My kids sleep with their night lights. The soft body makes them kinda cuddly.

  411. Karen

    I ordered this for myself as I always wanted to sleep under the stars ;o) It works great…obviously not exactly like the real thing, but very soothing and relaxing. My cats enjoy watching them, too…We’re expecting a new grandchild in a few months and I’m going to order one for him..Someone posted that the amber colored lights don’t show up on the celing, but I’ve found that they show up fine on my ceiling. In fact, it’s my favorite color… Also, someone complained that it needs to be set in the middle of the room on a high piece of furniture, but who has furniture in the middle of the room… I set this on top of the tv in the corner of the room and and it hits 3/4 of the ceiling.. I would think if this was set in a baby’s crib, it’d be perfect. The battery compartment is screwed shut, so little ones won’t be able to get to them. The turtle shell is hard, but the head and legs are very plush..We have a sunroom with an excercise pool in it, only the windows are glazed rather than clear, so I can’t see the stars in the evening. I’ll probably move this out to the sunroom once spring gets here as I take a swim in the evenings and this would make a very nice atmosphere out there.It really is a cute product and looks to be very well made! Wish they’d been around when my children were little.

  412. Erin Garven

    I bought Twilight Turtle for my Son’s second Christmas. He didn’t really used it for a few months, but we really love it now that he uses it. It provides a nice glow for a night light (especially the Amber light) It is easy for him to turn on and off and change between the colors. And the auto shut off feature is nice. The batteries have lasted about 6 month since we started using it. We like to lay on the floor and find the moon and we also enjoy the stars on our toes and noses! I look forward finding the constellation when he gets that understanding. 🙂

  413. James Thompson

    I can’t rave about this night light enough. I have a 2 year old son that absolutely LOVES this thing. Its nice to have options with light color, although my son really likes the blue settings.Sometimes our son needs a little motivation to get him to WANT to put on his PJs and start winding down, and this little turtle is the perfect thing to do it. He gets so excited to turn it on every night, bedtime has become SO much easier!If you are looking for a nighlight, look no further. Definitely worth every penny!

  414. WRP

    Although this was more money than I wanted to spend, it’s much better quality than the 2 plug in ones I had previously bought. Both of those died within 6 months. This runs on batteries and turns off after a certain amount of time. My son also loves it because it can go in his bed.

  415. KW

    I decided to buy this Twilight Turtle after about 2-3 months of bedtime hell with my 2 1/2 year old. I tried everything prior to buying it. Tweaking her bedtime routine, moving dinner earlier, cutting out late evening snacks. Still she would be jumping up and down in her bed at 9:30 (after starting bedtime routine at 8), finally asleep by 10pm. This turtle was a last resort in my attempt to get my little darling to calm down enough to zonk out by 9:30…..and it WORKED! We explained that the turtle would help her fall asleep and even gave it a name–Tulip. It has been about 2 months now and the difference has been night and day. No more lollygagging, no more excuses to get out of bed for the 10th time, no more jumping around. She grabs Tulip, turns on the stars (her fav is purple) and gets in bed and is alseep BEFORE 9:30. The light is soothing, looking at the stars calms her and just lulls her to sleep. The good thing about this turtle is she will enjoy it for years to come!

  416. H. Wheales

    We are so glad we opted for this original Night Light, rather than the newer ones that seem to be selling everywhere. It truly lights up the entire ceiling with a calming array of stars and a moon. The blue is a bit bright for sleeping, but the green and gold/orange do have a calming effect.We used it inside our son’s Tipi (also a Christmas gift) and he drifted off to sleep under the stars.My 14-year-old would like one!I definitely recommend for kids of all ages!

  417. amanda osborne

    I had this for my twins and they still use it and they are 8. So I had to buy one for my 3rd child as well. Highly recommend, it’s not too much light, but just enough. The shapes it projects on the ceiling are great and the kids love that you can change the color of the lights.

  418. Tadams

    I purchased this turtle for my 3 1/2 year old daughter as she transitioned to her big-girl bed. She absolutely loves it. She hugs it and sleeps with it. In fact, her 5 1/2 year old brother loved it too, so I ordered him one. They sleep in bunk beds and use these turtles every night. The stars broadcast well no matter where they are placed. The batteries last a long time (over a month and still going). They even play with the turtles during the day. A very comforting, cute toy.

  419. T. Haggas

    we have two of these and even as an adult, I love lying next to my kids and looking up at the stars. It’s pretty bright, plus it’s good incentive for your kids to accept a darker room. They sleep better once the stars go out after 30 minutes. In honesty, I strapped this to our ceiling fan in our living room, turned it on low and had a makeshift disco ball for an after-dinner dance party. It was really sweet. Of course, if you try this, use some common sense. You could damage your ceiling fan, and the centrifugal force will likely send the turtle flying off and injuring someone…so one second thought, I don’t recommend trying that. It was a pretty stupid/awesome thing to do.Anyway, my kids love it. Anyone that complains that the stars aren’t bright enough, probably have too much ambient light in the room. After your eyes adjust, this little thing puts out more than enough light to see around the room. Highly recommended.

  420. NapaFamily

    Saw this in the store, then found online. So fun and magical. Ended up buying this for a few of our adult friends too. Projected beautiful colored constellations up on your ceiling. Best sleep aid ever.

  421. Sarah W.

    This thing is so cute. I turn it on every night and my 3 month old watches the colors change until he falls asleep!Even if he is awake, I put him in his crib every night and he is asleep within 5-10 minutes.This thing has a timer too so it turns off automatically.We bought this because my nephew had one a few years ago when he was 1 and loved it.

  422. These Seattle Girls

    Purchased when she was a baby, she is now 6 and still loves it. We’ve also bought 3 as gifts for friends as a “must have” for their newborns. The buttons are easy for her to use on her own and she likes changing the colors, although usually leaves it on blue, and the light goes off after 45(?) minutes so it’s not running down the batteries all night long. We even take it with us on road trips to bring more familiarity to strange rooms. We use rechargeable batteries in it and it works great.

  423. L. Wood

    My son who will be 4 in May has been saying things about monsters in his room. He has autism so it’s hard for him to tell me exactly what the problem is or what is scaring him. I wasn’t sure if he was afraid of the dark or having nightmares. I decided to get this turtle and give it a try. He used it for the first time last night and then this morning he said to me “No more.” I asked him “No more what?” He then told me “No more monsters. No more dark.” AMAZING!!

  424. BM

    This is the second Cloud B I bought. Gave as a gift. The first one was for my grand daughter.7 years later we still use it.

  425. NYC442

    This turtle (in all of it’s various colors) is one of my go-to baby shower gifts. Kids love it & parents seem to as well. One friend said she and her husband were using it even before their daughter was born as they loved how it lit up their room. It’s really great!

  426. Kat

    Update: We STILL love this turtle after owning it for 4 years. It is used nightly, goes with us on all camping and travel trips, and is still going strong (with battery replacements, of course). It’s perfect for little ones.July 2016: We love this turtle!!! We take it everywhere – camping, traveling, indoor forts…it is a nightly staple (still); our kiddo is 4. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, long-term, huggable night-light!It uses 3 AAA batteries, shuts off automatically after 15-20 minutes, has three color options with the fourth option being a mix of all three colors (we used to like green, but we’ve moved on to blue…haven’t really appreciated the twilight orange/copper yet), has a hard plastic shell with the stars cut out (very small holes), plush flippers (feet? fins?), and a plush flap in attempt to thwart inquiring minds from finding the inner workings. The battery compartment requires a small Philips head screw driver, so have one handy every few months!Great product…which is why I felt compelled to write a review after having the turtle for 2+ years.

  427. camille

    It is battery opperated and last quite a while. Still using same batteries after 3 months of use. It automatically shuts off after around 30 minutes so it will not wear out the batteries that fast. The kids like this when going to bed and the stars are really clear and are in the formations of the constellations. I think it is soothing to them because they were getting affraid of the dark and now they can’t wait to turn the turtle on. I would recomend this to anyone with any age of children. I think it was definetly worth getting.

  428. Stephanie

    I have three of these in my house. I got one for each of my littlest kids and then my 18-year-old wanted one too. This is a fun nightlight and very good quality. Very clear projections all over the room. Highly recommend!

  429. Shelly

    I bought this for my niece for christmas. She just turned 2, I wasn’t sure what to get her, but this seemed like a cute alternative to the glow in the dark stars you stick on your ceiling. Boy am I glad I bought this! Out of all the gifts she got, this was by FAR her favorite. She took it to the bedroom, turned off the lights and played with it for HOURS! She put stars on Grandma, put stars on Grandpa, took it to the pantry and put stars on the food. We put it in bed with her that night, and she accidentally put the blanket over it, and cried cause she couldn’t see the stars, so we moved it outside her bed. It turns off after 25 minutes, so she ended up waking up and crying for turtle. This was cool enough that I might have to get one for myself, it’d be neat if the stars moved, but I’m not complaining at all.

  430. Diana McGrady

    This is awesome. Even the adults love it. It creates such a soothing atmosphere with the stars lit up on the ceiling and walls. The only thing I’d change is that I’d offer it in different colors, since I bought it for a newborn girl’s room. A nice pink would have been nice. But it really is a great product!

  431. Heather D

    My 2 year, 7 month old son LOVES this little “bug.” He carries it around the house and is completely in awe when the stars light up on his shirt, the wall, his bed, etc. He loves changing the colors and watching the stars light up. I’m not sure it’s helping him go to sleep, as he plays with it so much at bed time, but it sure makes him smile!

  432. bt

    This was a great purchase. The batteries last forever long. The choice of three different beautiful colors worked out well. The turtle is in my little ones bed and she can easily use it as she pleases. The auto shut off is long enough for her to wiggle about and fall asleep comfortably. The stars look great and give a warm light.

  433. Siefers

    I’ve wanted the Twilight Turtle for my son’s room since he was born, my Mom recently ordered it for him because we’re getting ready to have one of his kidneys removed and the hospital is a very scary place for my 18 month old son. This turtle creates such a calming atmosphere for him that we have absolutely no worries about the upcoming stay! Have 0 of the mentioned problems in the negative reviews, everything with it has been perfect. It should be common sense to not allow any child under 3 to actually PLAY with it, overall GREAT product, considering ordering the Ladybug as a baby shower gift for a friend!

  434. Wood

    After spending hours attempting to find a child version planetarium for my son, I stumbled on this when searching separately for a turtle stuffed animal. Rather than project small points of light, this item projects star shapes that easily light up on the ceiling in a dark room. There are identifiable constellations, ( I easily pick out Orion). My 2 1/2 year old son can work the buttons and change the colors. The turtle is fairly rugged, as my son has bounced it around and it still works.

  435. sb5277

    My kids are older and still find enjoyment from this product. They ask us everynight to turn it on. It lights up the room with just the right amount of light and they like looking at the stars and the different colors.

  436. Lorelei Hamer

    Works great, the colors are relaxing. The red doesn’t show up on the walls but it still makes a nice night light. I wish you could have control over when it shut off though.

  437. Daveydoh

    As soon as my niece got it, her dad took her to the the bathroom and turned off the lights she loved it so much she started to love going to bed just to have the night light on, she loved it, great buy.

  438. Zehra Sandra

    I purchaser this for my son when he was 3 months old. He used it all the way until he was 5 1/2 years with no problems. It finally broke with his rough play and he was inconsolable when he realized it didn’t work. I purchased 2 from here (one for now and one for the future juuust incase it gets discontinued because he loves it that much). Great product.

  439. W. Cox

    My granddaughter loves to look at all the stars on her ceiling as she falls asleep at night. This night light has had a calming effect at bedtime for her …. and my son and daughter-in-law. I recommend this night light for any child’s room.

  440. S & C MyrvangS & C Myrvang

    My nephew was terrified of this when he first saw it and touched the shell, he was 2. Once we turned it on and explained how it was a nightlight he loved it! It was a big hit, including the horrified expression on his face at first touch/sight.

  441. Lucy

    This is absolutely one of our favorite baby gifts and we, in turn, love to give it as a baby gift. Our girls are now 5 and 6 and I am on here to buy a second and third one because we have always shared it, but all of a sudden it is a must have for both of them each night AND I have discovered I love falling asleep to it as well! It makes me drowsy quickly and is really soothing. I was a little surprised to see some say it dies after a few years. We go through phases where we use it nightly and then don’t at all for awhile, but we are going on six years and ours still works as it did when we first got it.

  442. Mimi

    We gave our grand daughter one of these when she was about 10 and she still uses it at 14. Her brother, who is now 10, borrows it from our grand daughter but she is reluctant to opart with it, lol, so we bought him one and he is thrilled. It’s just fun, a nice distraction when falling asleep.

  443. tonia

    My daughter loves this! She’s afraid of the dark and works as her night light/cuddle buddy.@toniamsxo

  444. Amazon Customer

    Granddaughter loved it.

  445. ihrtamzn

    We have the turtle and the ladybug (because each kid had to have their own). While pricey, I got this with a coupon from Amazon during the holidays & free shipping, so it was a good deal. This is a quality item. The lights are bright & shine around the room. Comes with a book of constellations and a story. 3 different colors (though the gold is hard to see) and shuts off after 45 mins. Even comes with batteries & that NEVER happens!!!!

  446. Jacob

    My little brother was paranoid of the dark and would not sleep unless someone was around him. Thankfully, this product calms him down and now he focuses on the color changing stars instead of fearing of the dark. This product works very well to this day and there has been no problems with it so far. Definitely Recommend

  447. SonnyK

    Still going strong for over four years. Oldest uses this light in conjunction with another. You better invest in a charger and rechargeable batteries. Uses three AAA. You will go through a ton, and these things are on a timer by default.

  448. M. Trelease

    We first saw these displayed at a local state fair and thought they were really cool, so we bought a pair. Big mistake. They were cheap knock offs one of which easily broke, but my kids loved them. We bought the real one and couldn’t be happier. It’s well built and the batteries last a long time thanks to the auto-off feature. My 2 year old won’t go to bed without his “bee”. I will note that the amber/red setting is much harder to see (impossible unless the lights are completely off), but my son seems to like this one the best.

  449. hhuffine

    What a perfect gift! Both boys (3.5 and 6 mos) LOVE this. Stays on for 45 minutes and is a perfect part of our night time routine. He loves choosing the color for the night – always blue or green because orange is VERY hard to see!!

  450. K. Kaminski

    Such a wonderful, soothing toy that’s sure to grow with your child! Our first one broke (husband stepped on it) and I had to buy another one quickly as it’s become such a staple for bedtime. Storytime, turn on the lullabies, and after kissing him to sleep I turn it on for his to gaze at the stars before falling asleep. Love it!

  451. laurajo06

    We bought this after our daughter was born to help her sleep at night, but it has helped our 6 year old, who shares a room with her, too. He is afraid of the dark, and the nightlight he had by his bed just wasn’t cutting it. We’d routinely go to check on him before we went to bed and find he had gotten up and turned on a lamp. The Cloud b Turtle casts enough light to help him get to sleep without being distracting to the baby. She loves to play with the turtle (she’s now 10 months old) and has figured out how to turn it on and off and change the colors (there are 3: orange, blue, and green). When we looked at the stock photos we didn’t believe it would really project stars that well, but it really does. The stars are easy to see in the dark and very soothing to the kids. We’ve had to change the batteries twice in the almost 10 months we’ve had it. An indicator we realized, is that the blue light stops working first. That’s how we know it’s time to change the batteries.

  452. Jq

    Comforting, pretty light. Three years later and I’m buying another one because the light bulbs stopped working and bed time just wasn’t the same without “Turtle.”

  453. Summer

    I love this! I purchased this as gifts for family members and the kids love them. Very cute and the stars are very bright and crisp when projected on the ceiling and walls. Awesome item and definitely recommend as a gift! Takes batteries but lasts a long time. Auto shut off so batteries not wasted after the little one is asleep.

  454. R

    My son loves the turtle lamp. When it broke after 2 months of use, we were unable to repair it ourselves as it is impossible to look inside the turtle under shell where lamp is hidden. The plastic shell is glued to the bottom material part of the turtle. We contacted customer service and even though the warranty period was over (3 months) they promptly send us replacement turtle. I only wish that the old turtle could be somehow repaired and still be useful, but I am happy with the company.

  455. Stephen G Huneycutt

    My 2.5 year old daughter recently wanted us to leave the light on at night. I purchased this with hopes of setting her mind at ease. Unfortunately she still wants the light on.The product itself is great. The green, and purple LEDs are very bright. The orange is roughly 50% as bright. She loves her “Tommy” and quickly figured out how to turn him on/off and switch through the colors. She loves huddling under the covers and seeing the stars move around.

  456. VegMomof2

    I really love that it turns itself off after 10 minutes! Saves batteries. My 1 year old loves to stare at the stars when I put him in bed for the night. It’s not in his crib or anything where he can reach it though.

  457. kdysmma

    We purchased the lady bug version of this back in December 2010 for our 3 year old daughter. She has been going through the night fears disliking the dark very much. When we received this we were so excited and she just LOVED it! We went through all three colors, and the blue one was the one that worked the best..our daughter calls it purple of course, and it’s her favorite one. 🙂 The green is her second favorite, not quite as bright as the blue, but still wonderful. The red was not really visible..we never use that one. When we first bought this product, we had issues with the batteries having to change them quite often, but now not so much. I haven’t changed the batteries in it for a couple of months now…and it’s still going strong.**UPDATE**Almost 1.5 years later, this product is still going strong. We have 2 girls now and we have one in each of their rooms. They both just love this product. I would recommend it to anyone!

  458. Rocket City Mom

    I got this for my 2 yr old, thinking it looked like it would be neat. Well, he LOVES his ‘tuddle!’ He carries it around with him, and he loves holding his arm up to see the stars shine on it. He wanted to play with it instead of sleep, so it definitely didn’t help him sleep at all. It is just neat though for him to see the stars. Both the blue and green show up great on his white walls and ceiling.

  459. Esmeralda Elliott

    I got this twilight turtle for my 3 year old son, and he loves it. Every night when he goes to bed he wants to take it with him to see the stars. I really love the quality this toys has, and the stars shine all over the room. Some of my family that has seen this love this toy. I don’t think you can go wrong by getting this. I also found that amazon has the best price for this turtle.Also I know this toy has been updated, but the reviews said to stick to the old one so that’s why I got the old one, and not the updated Twilight Turtle

  460. A. Benezra

    I purchased this for my son because as a newborn it helped him to have a little light to focus on in order to get sleepy. Now the turtle, after 7 months, has become part of his nightly routine – more for his Dad and I to use as a night light to help us put him to bed. We assume that it will ease his fear of the dark in the future as well. We love that there are three color options for the lights as well.We go through batteries for the turtle about once every two weeks – BUT we use rechargeable batteries which don’t last all that long, so we can’t speak to how often you need new batteries.Our friend’s daughter loved the turtle while visiting, so we bought her the lady bug for Christmas. I would buy this item again if mine broke, was misplaced, or if I had someone else to buy it for – love it!

  461. pittypat

    I bought the Cloud b Constellation Turtle Night Light for my newborn granddaughter. Her Mom had seen this advertised so I looked it up and liked it. has always given me great value for the money, as well as very prompt service. My order was delivered much more quickly than I expected – always a plus ! The night light can display the constellations in several colors and is VERY easy to use. I am VERY pleased with my purchase.

  462. Kaylea

    Bought this for my boyfriend’s four-year-old son. He was crawling into bed with us into the wee hours of the morning frequently. It occurred to me that he was waking up in the middle of the night and didn’t like the dark. Now, he falls asleep with the plush turtle in his arms and the stars surrounding him on the ceiling and walls. The turtle turns off automatically and when he wakes up in the middle of the night he’ll turn the turtle back on and drift off to sleep. No more crawling into our bed every night. He loves this turtle so much that he brought it with us camping and put stars on the ceiling of our tent at bedtime! This thing, for us, doubles as a stuffed animal and a night-light. Highly recommend!

  463. Deb Zirkle

    I give this at every baby shower I go to and it’s always well received. They love that it’s a nightlight but the baby can play with it when they get a bit older. A must have!

  464. Soyyyyy

    my baby loves to look at the stars and a moon, and the color changing. and at the bedtime, he knows that if we turn it on, that means times to go to sleep. loving it

  465. Amazon Customer

    This is positively perfection!!! Not only does my 8month old adore this but my 3 year old nephew does as well!! I love that it has actual constellations!! Being able to talk to my nephew about the stars was amazing, but I think he was more enthralled with stars everywhere. and the stars look amazing as well. It also arrived with batteries so I did not need to scrounge around for some. I love that it has a 45 minute timer so it does not waste the batteries and I love the setting where it shifts from one color to the next. This was certainly worth it!! I am so glad after looking up a bunch of other “light shows/constellations” I went with this item. It is just so neat and …well, PERFECT!!!

  466. Family 1st Tech

    This night light is fantastic. my daughter needs a light on at night, but not on constantly throughout the night or it wakes her up. This did it perfectly, it stays on long enough for her to pass out and then automatically shuts off. There are 3 different lights, Red, Green, and Blue that remain static depending on your choice. However, there is also a feature where it will slowly cycle through all of the lights. The output is strong enough it covers her ceiling and walls, but focused enough through the holes that it’s not overpowering or hard to fall asleep, quite the contrary. This has made bed time for her very soothing.So glad we opted for this night light, daughter gets to sleep quickly and has been staying asleep through the night as her room is now dark. Will definitely be buying another should this go out.

  467. Amazonholic

    My 21 month old boy is obsessed with this turtle. He loves to take it with him around the house to look at the ‘tars’ and ‘moo’ on the walls. It’s not working to ease him to sleep but he may be a bit young for it. The product is good quality and the stars and moon are clear. On our 8 foot ceiling the stars are about 4-5 inches wide and the moon about 10″ or so. Love that it can change among the three colors and that it shuts off in its own. I wish it also played soothing lullabies but other than that pretty happy with it. I was happy to see that batteries were included.

  468. KONIEV C.

    We love the twighlight turtle. It is a must have for all babies. The soothing lights out the beautiful stars on the sky. I will always buy these

  469. dm8711

    I bought the ladybug for one of my Grandsons a year ago. He had trouble sleeping in a dark room. This did the trick. Actually, it went over so well that I purchased this turtle for my other grandson. These are fantastic night lights. They are very well made and sturdy. The batteries last a long time as well. Great product…..kid approved !

  470. Verified

    My 2 year old daughter loves this turtle, its a great night light, and lights up very well. I bought this in search of a night light that my daughter would like. I’ve tried the wall outlet night lights, a moving projector night light, and a lava lamp and the only only she seemed to really enjoy was the projector but that died out after 6 months. I decided I needed something that illuminated the ceiling and led to this. She sleeps with it every night no fuss. I definitly recommend this for children about her age and up.

  471. grandma

    My 21/2 year old grandson loves this turtle. While visiting from out of town the turtle was left at my house. He was very sad that his turtle got left behind. It makes interesting stars etc on the ceiling when he is going to sleep. Very soothing. I sent a new one to him and he is so happy to have his nighttime turtle buddy back

  472. Christopher

    My MIL bought the first Cloud B Twilight Turtle for our oldest son. It helped ease his bedtime anxiety. 4 years later the turtle is still turned on EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. Our youngest discovered big brothers “stars” and would ask for “stars” at bedtime. I Searched Amazon & found the same turtle. My youngest was THRILLED! We love these little turtles. They are the perfect night light. We have never had issues with battery life. & They are easy for children to turn on/off or change the star color.

  473. HJ

    My daughter was struggling with sleep. She used to be fine in the dark room at night, but at some point, the night became scary. We put up a moon-shaped wall lamp from IKEA in her room, but that was too bright for sleeping. After researching all the options, we chose Turtle. We had it on the drawer set near her crib until recently when we let her take it into her crib. Now Turtle sleeps at the foot of her crib. She loves to see the stars and “that moon”. It gives her a sense of calm, for sure. She has the choice of color every night—she always chooses green. She can turn Turtle on and off, but she doesn’t really play with it once she’s in bed (and it turns off after 45 min). LOVE!

  474. Amazon Customer

    We just love this night light. It shines the moon and stars across the ceiling and the entire room. It automatically turns off after about an hour so it doesn’t waste the batteries while the baby is sleeping. It is a much better alternative to the constellation stickers for the ceiling.

  475. ErikGoBlue

    Our son loves this turtle! It’s bright and works well. The auto color rotation is awesome too!

  476. L. W.

    My grandbaby loves the turtle. We had some fun by turning the turtle upside down so the stars were shining on the floor.It was the funniest thing, the baby started to chase the stars trying to catch them!The different light settings, purple, green, brown are “bright” to soothing and it will shut itself off after a time.It’s the perfect light for when the parents come late in the evening to pick the child up and one does not want to pop the ceiling light on to wake the baby out of his sleep.

  477. Anna Maria

    l purchased this for the granddaughters of my best friend. I plan to give it to them when they come for a girls’ night in the next month or so. In the interim, I set it up and have been using it at night. I love it and know they will as well. I can’t wait to give it to them, but I’m enjoying using it in the meantime. My father always told me, “Reach for the stars!” my whole life, and these stars remind me of that. I like the timer setting, too. Ninety percent of the time I’ve fallen asleep before they turn off. I set them to change colors instead of leaving them on one of the colors, although I like all the colors offered. And in defense of amber, if lights affect your ability to sleep, you might prefer the amber. I love the rotation mode the most, however, so I can enjoy all the colors offered. Good purchase, and one I know the girls (age 3-7) will love as much as I do.

  478. grandma sue

    My three-year old grandson absolutely loved. This is the third one that I have bought for my 4 grand children, and they have all loved them.

  479. Barbara E. Durso

    I got this for my 4 /12 year old granddaughter who is “uneasy” in the dark. She opened it and was puzzled until I took her into a dark room and demostrated its “magic powers”. She LOVED it!!!! She never put it down again the rest of the day. I would highly recommend this product; it is an awesome solution for those children who are “uneasy” in the dark.

  480. cet

    I bought this one year ago for my kids. Hesitated due to some complaints about light bulbs burning out, but so far I have not had that problem. The light does not get played with, rather just sits up on a high shelf for me to turn on. Perhaps that has helped. Our turtle light is turned on once a night EVERY night, and sometimes twice a night (you know how it is when they won’t go right to sleep). The lights will start to dim toward the end of the battery life. And yes, the type of battery matters for some reason seems to matter with this product. Nice brand new standard energizer lasted under a month (twice), where cheap rayovac gives me about 4-5 months. Who knows.Colors: Blue and green are the brightest and easiest to see on the wall, it actually lights up the room. The amber (orange) color is much more dim. If you place this in the corner of the room though, you can see the amber stars just fine.Constellation: This product talks about identifying a constellation on the wall with your kids. Honestly, it’s really just throws stars everywhere. They seem to be pretty evenly spaced. If you are primarily buying this as a teaching tool, you will be greatly disappointed. Just go outside and look up to learn, and use this to help your little one or YOU drift off to sleep 🙂

  481. Cindersandashes

    This turtle is amazing for little ones. My son has had one for over a year now, and this year it was purchased for my nephew. Both at were purchased at age 3 for them. They love them, my son (now 4) turns it on as soon as he gets into bed at night.

  482. SusanPhD

    What a great product! My daughter thinks it is cute (like the turtle from Nemo) and she LOVES the stars on her ceiling. The orange stars do not show up very well so she mostly uses the green and blue settings. The stars are clearest if the turtle rests on a dresser or some thing. We have a night table it rests on but if it were a foot higher the shape of the stars would be much clearer. Still, she loves it – and anything to help her go to sleep!

  483. Aurea Montes

    My daughter is five and she could not sleep without a lamp on the entire night. This made it really difficult for her seven year old brother to get good rest since they share a room. With the ladybug my daughter knows that if she needs light in the middle of the night she can turn on her ladybug and walk with her throughout the house safely. She’s slowly getting over the fear of being in the dark. She’s beginning to get a better night’s sleep, which is a great relief to us since she’s in school now and doesn’t get to nap during the day. What a relief! Thank goodness for this ladybug!

  484. peg

    Loved the turtle. Gave it to my 3 year old grandson for his birthday. He had to go in the bathroom with the door shut so it was dark so he could see the stars. (more than once) very cute. Good value considering the cost of toys that don’t get a lot of use.

  485. D. Ozzy

    both of my kids have loved this… And they call the yellow light amber which makes it so funny..not too bright but is a great night light for the little ones. Only bad thing is it is so good, they won’t go to sleep and keep pressing buttons.Lots of stars and such that don’t move unless you move the turtle. Only 3 colors, but for 2-3 year olds sleeping alone is great fun.

  486. Heather Brenart

    For such a small nightlight, the stars are really clear on the walls! I was really impressed…and my toddler absolutely loves it. Definitely worth buying.

  487. AS

    It is well loved by my daughter but even my husband and I find it quite soothing. After our first purchase this turtle has become my standard birthday present.Amazon ships it super fast.Batteries last about month and a half.

  488. Marsha crawley

    Night time sleep for my grandson he loves it and I like the fact it shuts off by itself

  489. Mrs. P

    When I was younger, I had those sticker stars you put on your ceiling. My parents hated them, I loved them. When we moved and I spent hours taking every single of those darn stickers off I vowed to NEVER let my children have them. My son, 2 years old, loves stars and the moon. I am so glad I found this product. No more pesky stars. You can change the color of the stars too. It’s so easy to use as well. It’s a little bright when you put in new batteries.

  490. Luma

    I love this turtle! I got one as a gift for my new nephew. Then my BF surprised me by getting one for me! It’s super cute and covers the wall and ceiling in multi-colored stars. 4 modes: blue, green, orange, and changing colors. Turns off automatically so you can fall asleep to it. Creates a very nice ambience for lying in bed, but I will never admit to anyone that I have one Lol!

  491. Bill R.

    My daughters (6 and 9) both love the turtle, but the company’s great customer service is why I’m writing this review. The blue LED light started going bad after about 6 months. Cloud b quickly sent a FEDEX label by e-mail so we could return the product. Two weeks later a brand new turtle arrived. No charge. Buy with confidence. The company stands behind its products.

  492. Katkoupon

    My child loves her ladybug, and I think it’s really cool. The red doesn’t show up as well as the blue or green, especially when it’s not centered in middle of the room, but I’m afraid to leave it on the floor and risk someone falling over or stepping on and breaking. And my toddler insists on red since that’s the only color she’s ever seen a ladybug be. I put up on the dresser against the wall, so the red doesn’t shine on all the walls, but she doesn’t mind. The blue and green look really great, even when next to the wall, but like I said, she doesn’t want those colors right now, lol. It has a 45 minute timer which is perfect for bedtime. Sometimes it will go off while she is still awake, but she knows how to turn it back on. We told her to be careful with and not play with it so it doesn’t break, and she leaves it right on the dresser.

  493. Amazon Customer

    This was a replacement for the one I had for 8 years which was for my grandson’s birth present. I now use it as a note light. It’s such a fun way to fall asleep…watching the stars !!

  494. Rockin Mommy

    This is my kids favorite nightlight. It is a must have item! We had one in each of the kids rooms. We lost them when our house burnt down. This goes on my list of things so cool that I bought them twice in the same year.

  495. A. Jens

    I bought this for my almost 2 year old daughter. We recently moved into a new house and she was having some trouble falling asleep at night. Our new place is much quieter and darker than the old apartment. Enter the Twilight Lady Bug! She LOVES to fall asleep looking at the stars and will change the colors and turn it on and off. It makes her feel secure to know she has a light she can control. Her favorite thing to do is “spot the moon” on the ceiling while we are star gazing in her bed. If the moon ends up on the wall she says “oh no!” and turns the bug until the moon is above her bed. The stars look best in a dark room so this doesn’t really work for nap time. The three color settings each have their own brightness: blue (brightest), green (middle), red (least bright). When shopping for night lights I was glad I came across this. I have a feeling I will be ordering one for her baby sister soon!

  496. Sri

    It was a cute turtle , and my 10 month old was amazed by the stars and the moon on his bedroom ceiling.We are sleeping training him and this is a good distractor when he is crying …even though his crying does not last more than 10 minutes.. i can see these colorful stars and moon distract him and there is staggered crying lol …The turtle is very cute in the day is being used as a toy to play with..I have the sheep which was very helpful when he was infant..I will watch out for other good products in this line.

  497. JT

    This was a birthday gift for my 2 year old. It took her awhile to warm up to it but now she is very fond of it. It works as a good night light to help her go to sleep. The lights automatically turn off after 45 minutes. My daughter really enjoys the ability to switch the constellation colors (orange, green, or blue) as every night she gets to pick one. We have the turtle on a dresser by her bed and the stars and moon show up well once the lights are off. Although the turtle has a hard shell, my daughter still likes to sleep with it, as I often find it under her arm after a nap. One last thing to note, when we get our turtle, initially only the orange light would work. A quick check of the cloud b website reveals this is secondary to low batteries. A set a fresh batteries fixed this problem. The turtle and all the different lights have been working well since.

  498. ShoppingSleuth12

    I love the three color light settings, the yellow is the faintest and softest, and it’s wonderful! Little one loves this!

  499. Irish Twins 66Irish Twins 66

    My daughter is 11 and still loves this as a nightlight at bedtime. LONG TIME FAVORITE! This new turtle replaced one I bought for her as an infant. Love the newer aqua color-old turtle was brown. Three choices of color display but blue is her favorite. Such a pretty display on ceiling of stars and one crescent moon. Adorable! Not too bright. Shuts off on own. Love this!!!❤️

  500. Jennifer Creekmore

    I bought one of these for each of my children and we all love them! My husband now wants to buy one for our room. 🙂 We have had the same batteries since we got the turtles in March and they are still going strong. Highly recommend this product.

  501. Davis Family

    Bought one for my son, and one for my daughter a few years ago and they still use these every night! The starry projection is bright enough for them to appreciate it, but not too bright. The only complaint is that the batteries don’t last as long as I’d like. We replace them every 2-3 months. But, the kids use this every single night so maybe that’s to be expected. My kids like them so much I’ve bought this as a gift for young children also. I love this little night light buddy!

  502. Kim Bartlett

    Awesome!! Changes colors, is exactly what’s pictured

  503. MIRAGE

    I purchased this night light as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter who is studying to be a marine biologist and she loves sea turtles. She was extremely pleased with it and it is a unique conversation piece. Everyone she has shown it to thinks it is really a cute item.

  504. Yoshi

    I love it, he loves it. What more is there?Currently we have little to no furniture other than beds in the room as my toddler gets into everything. Not having the funds I needed to completely babyproof the bedroom, I ridded myself of of anything dangerous. That aside, this little mighty turtle projects stars quite clearly upon my ceiling and walls from about 7 feet down.There isn’t much for my son to do with it when it’s on, thus he usually leaves it alone. There’s an on and off switch on the bottom and the batteries are secured with a screw. Perfect!Three colours, green, blue and “amber” AKA orange. Orange is quite dim, but I actually use orange when my son is out for the night at grandmas and I’m alone.I use it as much as he does. Every evening after he’s asleep and I go to bed [we share a room] I turn it on for myself to fall asleep to. I didn’t know how much I enjoyed a simple night light until now.Perfect for adults, fantastic for children. All in all a very solid product for a great price. Stick to the Twilight Constellation turtle, nothing fancier.5/5 stars from this happy customer.Oh, and I’ve tried a few projection machines for my son so far. A Graco Slumber Machine [more of a nightlight than projection, with a lot of mediocre music… but it got us through the first year before it quit.] and a Winnie The Pooh projection machine. Winnie the Pooh is wearing a sleep gown and looks babyish on the one I had received from a Thrift Store. I didn’t like either. Winnie the Pooh had too many things for my son to push and keep himself up with to play with. And as I said, the sleep machine quit. Winnie the Pooh didn’t take batteries, but the sleep machine did… and they didn’t ever work.Long story short, I’m satisfied with this turtle and I sincerely regret not shelling out the $15 for it two and a half years ago. It would have been a fantastic investment when my son was a baby.

  505. Dancing Green

    I love these — first saw one at my god-daughter’s and got it for myself and it’s been my go-to gift for newborns in my acquaintance ever since. Just enough light to do midnight feedings with, soothing enough to fall asleep with, and encourages (in my non-scientific opinion) great dreams. Introduce your pets or you might find that Snoopy has snacked on the turtle during the night …

  506. geek mom

    My two sons, ages 4 & 2, love this ladybug! My goal was to give my 4-year-old son a way to control a nightlight so it wasn’t on ALL night. He took one look at this ladybug and handed over his precious nightlight immediately. We have a vaulted attic ceiling in an old Cape, and the stars look just fine on his walls and ceiling. The blue shows best, followed by green and then red.The only issue is that they fight over it, so we’re buying the new “Sea Turtle” version (not yet available on Amazon as of July 24, 2008) for my 2-year-old at a local store this weekend.

  507. AmwBogan1

    I bought this for my son as a back-up night light. I had seen it at Babies-r-Us and Target, but Amazon had it much cheaper. I was hesitant at first because I was looking for a night light that plugs in and stays on all night, and this is not like that. I ended up finding a night light for really cheap, and I bought this with it because it was so cute. As soon as I got it out of the box and showed my almost 2-year-old how it works, it became his favorite thing ever. It shows stars and a moon sliver on the ceiling and walls in the dark with an option of 3 different colors – amber, purplish blue, and green. The light stays on for 45 minutes unless you turn it off. However, it is not a toy. The hard shell is kind of thin and seems easy to break if stepped on.ETA: We’ve had this for more than 10 years now and it’s still going strong. It goes through batteries faster now, and the buttons are harder to push. But not bad after 10+ years and 4 kids!

  508. Rhiannon

    Possibly my kids’ most favorite gift we’ve ever gotten them thus far (and our kids have quite the variety of toys). We bought this for our boys for Christmas and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! My youngest (who is 2 yrs old) won’t go to sleep or even take a nap without his turtle on. I was sure they’d like it when we ordered it for them, but I had no idea what a hit it’d be. Yeah, the gold light is hard to see but it’s no big issue…and not a deal breaker by any means. Great for kids of all ages – heck, even fun for adults. I wish I’d had one when I was a kid!

  509. sgourley

    Perfect for using as a nightlight in my 4 month olds room! And it shuts off after 30 min as well so I don’t have to worry about waking him up! I feel like the green is the brightest and the blue is a little dimmer and the red is super dim for middle of the night feedings!

  510. MontanaGal

    My 3 year old uses this every night. So much fun to see stars on the ceiling.After a bad storm our power went out for 3 days. It was nice to have this battery-operated night light Turtle to comfort the kids.

  511. D. Klein

    This was just what I wanted as a ‘nightlight’ for the nursery. My son isn’t yet using it as he’s still in my room but my visiting nephews loved it so much I had to pick up the turtle for them. Great price plus it comes with the batteries.

  512. MK 5

    The display on the ceiling and walls is impressive and just the right brightness. My daughter received it when she was a baby and still loves/uses it nightly at age 6. I’ve come back for another one for my new niece.

  513. Anonymous

    Oh my … love this little turtle. My 8 year old still cannot go to sleep without this on. Even when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he turns it on and it soothes him.

  514. CelticIndian

    My son wanted the pillow pet that lights up for his B.Day. After researching that and seeing it was taking 6 weeks to 3 months to receive, I started looking for something similar. I am so glad I did. Some reviews I have read on the pillow pet light up haven’t been impressive.This, the Twilight Turtle, sounded like a safer bet, so I ordered it. The one bad thing I can say about it, and agree with on some other reviews, the amber/yellow lights do show up if the room is completely void of light and has a low ceiling. Our bedrooms have very high ceilings, using the blue or green lights, the stars cover the ceiling and part of all four walls. Even with the street lamp out front that does shine some light into his bedroom, the little turtle still manges to shine well. I’ve already got a request from my husband for one for our room. As stargazers, we all love this product and the auto shut off is a great addition. Would HIGHLY recommend this. It even outshines the round plastic light up stargaze globe that is so popular. Also, Though I wouldn’t recommend it to be given as a toy to a young child that may play rough with their toys, the shell is hard enough to take a few falls, as well as overall being lightweight and the body soft and cuddly. Just an Awesome item.

  515. M. Schulz

    Bought one of these for my best friends baby years ago, he said his baby loved it. Bought one for my future nephew. I’m sure he will love this too. It’s not to big so it’s the perfect size.

  516. V

    I love my cloud b turtle! It has different colored lights: orange, blue, and green. It’s really cute, and it is easy to clean. There’s no music, but if you want music or ocean sounds there’s another turtle that you can get (my friend got it for me). The product came in a timely manner, it was in good condition and even came with a small storybook. Very happy with purchase ^.^

  517. Lame_aZoid

    He loves this turtle! It is his favorite color (sunny blue). If you push the power button twice the colors will change on their own through a cycle. I still have not had to change the batteries. It has been about 2 months. I dont not think he uses it everynight though.

  518. emtay

    I clicked five stars – “I love it” – but really, “WE love it.” Since she received this as a present from her gran during her second month of life, my baby has adored staring at the stars and moon projected onto our ceiling before bedtime. She is very attracted to light anyway, and this seems to soothe and calm her at the end of the day. She’s also fascinated by my husband waving his fingers over the turtle’s body to create “clouds” passing over the stars. Because she loves it so much, my husband and I are pretty fond of it, too.The turtle itself is kinda cute but my mom was hesitant about giving us the “military” colored one. I think it’s a nice neutral and prefer it to the turquoise.The batteries are behind screws, which makes them more difficult to change but keeps them away from little prying fingers.One set of batteries, the set that came with it, lasted us about three months with almost-daily use. Battery life can be extended by using the on/off switch on the back between uses (we did not).I will keep this in mind for future baby presents – it would be a nice change from the typical onesie.

  519. Always shopping

    What a fun night light for kids of all ages. Casts nice starts and the moon on the ceiling and auto turns off during the night. The buttons are big so an older child could turn back on easily if he/she woke in the night. My 20 month old loves it, we lie on the floor and give it lots of “WOWs”. Plus its battery powered so when you travel you don’t have to worry about where it can be plugged in.

  520. JRC

    My son needs a light on every night, this is the best. He love, love, loves it and it has helped with night time darkness scares and I don’t have to keep other lights on. The 45 minute auto shut off is perfect! It sleeps next to him on his bed! I only wish I would have bought it sooner.

  521. AppleJack1984

    We love this nightlight. I got it for our six month old (now 15months) and he loves looking at the stars. When we first turned it on he was looking all over trying to see them all. We recently moved him from our room to his own and I might have to buy another one for my room because I really liked looking at the stars as I was falling asleep too 🙂 The battery lasts a pretty long time and it has a timer on it which is really nice. The only things that would make it better is if there was an ac adapter so it doesnt have to run on batteries and if it rotated. Other than that we love it!

  522. Triplet Mom

    We love our turtle light, and can’t imagine going to sleep each night without it! It lets off just enough light to make the kids feel secure, but doesn’t put out so much light that they can’t get to sleep. We love that it shuts off on it’s own, and the easy to use buttons make it very easy for the kids to pick a color of their choice and turn it back on, if they haven’t fallen asleep in the allotted amount of time given. Awesome present for kids of all ages!!

  523. Joey

    I bought the Cloud b Twilight Turtle for my little brother. It was a huge hit! He loved it and instantly had to turn it on in a dark room. Even the adults wanted one! If would highly recommend this item to anyone who has young kids, or just wants your room to look cool at night!

  524. Saraya J

    I bought this for my 7 month old baby to distract him and help him wind down when he’s being fussy before bedtime. The colors are vivid and soothing, and it’s the perfect amount of light to help him see a little without being so bright that he can’t fall asleep. We put the turtle up on his dresser and the stars cover his whole ceiling. I love that it turns itself off after a while so the light doesn’t bother him while he sleeps. I hope this lasts him a long time because I can see him enjoying it when he’s older as well.Update: I just figured out that if you hit the “on” button twice in a row, the light automatically changes colors every few seconds! So pretty! I really love this thing.

  525. Kate

    The blue and green colors show up great on my daughters walls, the amber color shows up just a little bit. I’m very happy with this purchase and my daughter uses it every night.

  526. L. Pop

    My son sleeps with his turtle light on every night. The light is fairly dim, but reassuring. It is the best night light out there in my opinion. It has a timer to go out after a certain length of time, but if my son wakes up and is worried, all he needs to do is reach over an press the button to get a little more light. Much better than those dream light pillow things.

  527. Christy066

    My twins love this turtle! They play with it during the day. I was surprised to find how durable it has been. They are 9 months old and I discovered quickly that while it looks amazing in their room at night my son hates lights on while he tried to sleep. So I don’t use it in their room at night. It is bright enough and apparently entertaining enough to be played with in our living room in the morning. They crack up seeing stars on each others faces.Because it has become more of a toy then a night light in our house, I can say how much I have been impressed with the abuse this thing has taken and it still looks brand new. (We have had it for about 4 months now.)

  528. Ejm1108

    Purchased this for a 9 year old whose afraid of the dark. The stars provide plenty of light without being over bearing. The colors do shift nicely and some are brighter than others as expected. Love the constellations worked into the pattern. I’m suspect I’ll be buying a second for her brother..

  529. lisarose

    This item is a must-have for parents of little ones. What baby or child wouldn’t love to look up at a ceiling filled with blue, green, or red stars? It’s become part of our bedtime routine with our twin daughters and makes it so much easier to put them to bed without a fuss. I also love this it’s battery operated and there are no cords for roaming toddlers to get tangled in. We’ve had no issues with the brightness of the stars and it seems to project quite well despite being tucked closer to the corner of their room. Highly recommended from this twin mommy!

  530. Reviewer

    For some reason whenever I saw these in the stores I thought they were a newborn item, sort of like the white noise machines that Cloud B also makes. But we ended up buying one, and my kids loved them, and I realized they are GREAT, even BEST, for older kids. The stars form constellations on the ceiling, the kids love to point out the stars and the moon, and to switch colors. Huge incentive to turning out the lights for bed, and makes the bedroom light up in an amazing way. Love these!

  531. columbiabelle

    I love the cloud b Twilight Turtle! I gave this to my daughter around one year of age. She is now three and still uses it every night. It is so nice, projecting stars and a moon over the entire ceiling. She loves to find the moon every night before bed. It has four buttons, one off/on and three other buttons for the color of the stars (amber, green, blue). The battery lasts forever, I can’t even remember the last time I changed it. My son at 6 months of age is very interested in the twilight turtle. I believe that I will have to purchase one for him soon. This is one of my go to gifts for new babies and young ones. My husband and I were saying that we need one in our room, yes it is really that cute.

  532. The Great

    Got this for an older family member in a mental decline, it has provided stimulating visual and touch, and comfort at night. It is simple enough for them to turn on, and shuts off on it’s own.

  533. Angela Brumbaugh

    I bought this for my granddaughter and she just loves it. The quality of the product is wonderful and it lights up the ceiling of her room at night. The light shuts off automatically and batteries last quite awhile. I would recommend this product.

  534. HammockGirl

    I wasn’t sure that this toy would actually project onto the ceiling, but it does! For those who say that it doesn’t project light well, it could be that they are in the city or there is just too much ambient light for some other reason. My 2 yr. old LOVES this toy. I like it because it’s enough of a night light to keep her happy, but it goes off on it’s own after a while. I will say that the red light doesn’t show up as well as the purple and green, but it still works great. Two other toddlers we know have these (one has the turtle, one has the ladybug like us) and the parents and kiddos give them thumbs up. This is my new go-to birthday party gift for 2 yr. olds.

  535. active mom

    My boys (7 & 4) LOVE it! Their older cousins do too!! It’s a must have for anyone looking for a little illumination in the room. It lights up a nice size room (ours 14×14) and the stars show up precisely with all points…no blotchy polka dots here! The colors are great! As a parent who lays in bed w/ their kids for a few minutes each night I find it very relaxing. Brings you back to your college years and having a string of holiday lights strung up in the ‘ole dorm room. We’ve owned the same one for two years now, use it daily and rarely need to replace batteries. It’s a five star winner for us.

  536. RDL

    Amazing for my nieces and nephew. The timer works great, allowing the kids to light up the ceiling, not feel alone in a dark room, and saves the battery for a longer life. Would buy again and recommend to anyone with young children.

  537. Julia

    The kids love it! Not too bright – stays on for about 45 minutes. One child wants it dark and the other wants a night light. Both approved of the turtle light bc of the pretty stars that fill up their space.

  538. Lita

    My two year old grandson loves his turtle light. He has to have it on to fall asleep at night. Great gift.

  539. Daisy Mae

    Super cute!!! Use this as play time for my cats, they love that I can place it so they can hit at the stars on the wall! I love it for myself as a night light, and it does not stay on all night. Arrived in perfect condition & was well packaged! Thank you

  540. Deborah

    I bought Twilight Turtle for my grandson who is 5 yrs old for Christmas. He left it at my house so the first chance we used it was on New Year’s Eve, we both fell in love with it, the stars are bright the moon just glows, and it creates a very soothing environment for sleeping. The best part is that it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. Needless, to say he took it home with him and now I want to buy one for myself:) Any child will love this toy.

  541. tricia-rennea

    Has made my 4 year old very happy, so to me that is a big win! My favorite sky is the amber stars (think honey colored) my little guy likes green (it is a bright green).

  542. pui wah

    Bought this when baby was 2 months old. Knew that he was too young to appreciate it then but we needed a night light and I loved the idea of a constellation lit room. Even though it’s such a simple design, back lit cut outs, I really enjoyed rocking my baby to sleep in starlight and thought the turtle was well made and super cute.Now he’s 11 months and he seems to love it just as much as his mom does. We have Turtle up on our 5 drawer chest and he’ll point to it constantly to direct me to bring him to it. He’ll squeal with delight as he randomly presses the buttons and the light changes colors. Or he’ll crack up as he look up at mommy’s face and there are colored stars on my face.I see a lot of cloud b knock offs out there now but they all look so cheap in comparison.We love our Turtle!

  543. Chelsea

    I bought this for my niece a long time ago because I thought it would be neat to have in her crib and I always loved stars in my room as a child, and I can say, it was a COMPLETE hit! She loved it, for years she has refused to sleep without her turtle. It is soft and has no hard edges even on the shell. She loves to show you how she can change the color that he glows. Very cute, highly recommend!

  544. Olivia E.

    My 2 year old is obsessed with stars. We have a star machine on a timer that we turn on at bedtime, but the turtle lives in his bed now, so if you wakes up in the middle of the night he turns it on and goes right back to sleep… It’s lovely!!

  545. K8Ness

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 9 month old nephew. To my surprise it was also a big hit with my 3 year old and 5 year old nephews as well. While it served its function as a night light, they also enjoyed flipping it upside down so that the lights were on the floor. Big hit!

  546. MSKS

    I originally purchased for my children and they really enjoyed so I have since purchased several times as a gift (if I am counting right, 6 so far) and everyone has told me how much their children enjoy it – sleeping with it, wanting to take it with them everywhere, talking about the lights and colors, etc. I think we bought ours about a year and a half ago and not had any problems with the lights or quality in any way. However, after seeing the reviews describing the problems, I felt a little guilty so I asked some the parents of the children we gave to and they have not had any problems either. I guess I would feel better if you could replace the lights (honestly hadn’t thought of it before reading some of the lower reviews so I am not sure), but for the length of time we our kids have been enjoying it, I think it has been well worth it.

  547. Kindle Customer

    I bought the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle for her 2nd Christmas, when she was 18 months old. It has been on her dresser since then, and every night she will tell me she would like “blue stars” or “green stars”…the amber stars are a little dim and create much light for her. It is the perfect way to tuck her into bed every night. She has loved and adored it, and we take it along to Granny’s house when we visit. It’s nice to bring something from home to help you sleep. It recently stopped working, but after almost five years, I feel like we got our money’s worth. She might even get a new one for Christmas.

  548. BookFiend07

    I love this thing and it makes my baby girl’s room look so magical at night. It also serves as a low nightlight for me when I’m rocking her in the middle of the night and hey, it’s peaceful for me too! Each Cloud B turtle comes with an on button and then three color choices for the stars and moon: blue, green and amber. The blue and green show up very well, the amber is a little more difficult to see if there’s more ambient light than usual but it’s still very pretty. As other reviews say the stars don’t move, but I don’t know why anyone would care it’s a very cute little turtle, I set it down a little ways away from the wall so it broadcasts the stars over the ceiling and enjoy it! It’s great. 🙂

  549. Amy

    I would highly recommend to anyone. If I could give this a 6 star rating I would. I have absolutely zero complaints. I bought it for my now 5 year old daughter over a year ago. She uses it everynight & the batteries only have to be changed about every six months! I like that it turns off after about 45 minutes, saves batteries & she is already asleep anyway. It sits on her dresser which is only about 3 ft tall & the stars are bright all over her ceiling & walls. You can even set it on the floor & still see bright stars all over. I love that is has the moon & the constillations, there is even a constilation guide that comes with it to help you point them out & name them.

  550. Mekor

    My daughter is almost four now and wont sleep with out it. I bought it almost a year ago now and had no problems with it. Still works great and has been through a sick episode and cleaning with soap and water. Her favorite color is the blue since its the brightest and shows up the best. The green and red colors are much lighter especially the red. I love the automatic shut off timer, its enough for her to fall asleep. All and all great product and she loves it which is the most important!

  551. ChuckNukesIII

    I bought this in hopes that I could put my 1 year old to bed a little more peacefully and my 3 year old thought it was the coolest thing. So now it is used as a nightlight as well as an educational toy to show him the constellations. I thought it would do more but it is excactly what he needed to help him get over his fear of bad dreams at bedtime.

  552. dellgirl

    I purchased this Twilight Turtle when my grandson was two years old. We were searching for anything that could help soothe him to sleep. He had problems falling asleep by himself because of severe itching due to his 13+ allergies and internal upsets because of his Baby Acid Reflux.We had to go to bed with him and rub his tummy while he scratched his itchy little body. Minutes into this process, he would take our hand and place it where itched. He’d chant, “Scratch MiMi. Scratch”The Twilight Turtle made a difference. The first time I turned it on he stopped scratching and squirming as he marveled at the stars and the moon shining on the ceiling. He pointed and talked the first few nights. Several nights later he coaxed me, “MiMi sing me a song.”As I sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star softly his scratching lessened. His stomach pains also seemed to disappear as I rubbed his tummy while singing to him as we watched the beautiful night time sky. It previously took 45 minutes to an hour to get him to sleep. With the Twilight Turtle and our new bedtime routine, he started falling asleep within 20 minutes.Twilight Turtle’s magical starry night shining on the walls and the ceiling helped to soothe grandson to sleep over and above my expectations.My baby and his medical issues were my number one concern. I needed to help him forget about his pain and get to sleep somehow. Therefore, I did not dare search for a CON with this item.I recommend this Twilight Turtle.

  553. Roger Di

    I originally bought one for my nephew, and after hearing how it helped him fall asleep much quicker I bought 2 more. One for myself and one for my niece. Apparently she is falling asleep much quicker. It is very relaxing to me as well. I fall asleep at least 30% faster.

  554. Oleg&Olga

    I like it, cause it has 3 nice colors when lit – blue, green and amber. The amber is a bit dim, but its OK. My boy falls asleep better when this color is on. I also like the automatic shut off function. I’d prefer to have a cord to it (it only operates on battery’s) but otherwise is a good product.

  555. melissa harrison

    This is a much better quality than the “dream lites” variety. It is just a nicer plus material and the animal itself is larger. The hard shell is a nicer quality hard plastic vs the dream lites one. My son got this for Christmas and he loved the bright colors. The only downside would be the yellow isn’t very bright, but there are other bright colors to choose from. Also the batteries didn’t last that long(we used our own batteries). It seemed to drain them pretty quick.

  556. Scentedfield

    My 21 month old loves it so much. the turtle can make her calm when she is being fussy, now she need looking at “the night sky” to fall asleep every night. I thought she gonna hit it like she treat other things as this age, but she never, she always be careful with it and enjoy looking at the stars.

  557. TRACEY M.

    My daughters favorite thing even at age 12! So adorable! She has had it 4 years changed batteries twice in the 4 years! She uses it nightly! Been dropped a few times with no damage and every night it shines stars on her ceiling! Have bought this gift for about 10 people and they all love it! Young and old! I would give this item 100 stars!

  558. Julie G

    This little thing is a neat idea and certainly mesmerized my nephew the first few times we used it. It seems to do more good when he’s already calm though we have used it a few times to get him to quit crying. The only thing that would be better is if the stars actually rotated/moved in some way. We found that holding it closer to the ceiling and moving it around to have the stars move captured his attention the most. We joked about strapping it to the ceiling fan, turning it on low, and getting the same effect! When he outgrows it, I’m going to steal it! I guess I find it quite relaxing and mesmerizing as well.Also think this would be a great gift for a recent high school grad to take away to college. It’s kitchy and cute enough to get some oohs and aahs from dorm roommates and provides a bit of a nightlight in unfamiliar surroundings to avoid stubbed toes.

  559. MommyofBoys

    Product was easy to remove from package.Arrived on time.Stars reach vaulted ceilings.Xmas gift so cannot comment on how the kids like it, they are 3.5 and 1.5 year old beautiful moon/star loving boys.

  560. Katie I

    We bought one of these about 5 years ago for our now 9 year old. He loved it to death-literally. He was very rough with it and it lasted much longer than expected. This new one is even better as it has a changing light setting. I have the blue one for my second child (it’s about 2 years old) and we have had no issues with that one. I would highly recommend this product as it helps settle active children by giving them something to focus on while lying in bed.

  561. tkbk7217

    This turtle is cute! My two-year old loves it. She even likes the auburn which is hard for me to see. The green and blue/purple are brighter, but not too bright. It seems best to have the turtle at 5-6 feet in the air, but ours is only about 2.5 feet. The starts are just bigger and slightly less bright. Of course the darker the room, the easier to see, but we can still see most of the stars with her night light on. This is her transition from books to falling asleep and it seems to be working well.

  562. Buoyant

    Hi Everyone,I rarely write reviews. But every night when we go to bed and my 3yr old son calls for it (we have given it a cute little name) it always reminds me to write for all those parents whose kids cuddle in the bed with them listening to stories and talk to them while they go to sleep. He plays with all the three lights for a while and kiss,hug and talk to it before he falls asleep. At times me and my wife talk for a while in the colorful ambiance (she likes the blue and I love the amber) and often remember the days when we were kids. We have been using it every night since we got it, its just become an integral part of our bedroom and gets lost between our pillows and comforters almost every day. My boy is growing up now and he gets bored very soon with every new toy he gets. But there is something about this I should say, some kind of bonding he has developed with this turtle that he wants it every night he goes to bed.Its about 22 usd, give it a try u won’t regret it, otherwise amazon is a reliable place u can very well return it. I have still to use the illustrated constellation guide to teach my lil one something. Have a look at this you tube link to know more about this.[…]

  563. kfnd

    My son is 2 1/2 and went through a stage where he was terrified of the dark. His nightlight I used stopped working and I couldn’t find anything else that would suit him. I heard about this product from the daycare provider and I’m so glad I ordered it! Every night my son has to have it on the blue setting but I love that there are other color options too. The on and off switch is easy for him to find and he is so proud of being able to do it himself. I also love that there is a timer set on it. We’ve had it for a while now and haven’t had to touch the batteries once. I highly suggest this item!! It’s very sturdy and child friendly. As far as him being able to fall asleep with this on, I haven’t had any problems with it. He likes to look at his blue stars and falls asleep in no time.

  564. hbmunchen

    Bought as a baby shower gift. Having owned Cloud B products, I can say that this is a lovely buy. I wish I’d had this for my son. We have the Cloud B race car, which is also great.

  565. Chelsey

    My son LOVES his “Yurdle” the Turtle. He plays with him all day and at night it’s his snuggle nightlight. It’s really well made and after almost 4 months with my son, it’s still working. My son tries to break everything and at 2 he’s amazing at it. This thing takes a BEATING, still as good as day one.

  566. G. Corona

    This toy has been a great help with our bedtime routine. It signals to the baby that it is sleepy time. At 6 weeks our baby was not interested, by 2 months she was mesmerized by the stars at her bedtime; at 3 months she was sleep trained (without crying it out, CIO). During the 2 month period when she had to sleep on her swing (medical issues), we placed the ladybug on a chair in front of the swing and it help her get calm, it was bedtime. At 7 months, she occasionally sucks on the ladybug’s feet and likes to manipulate the toy to make the stars move.We close the blinds and the curtains to begin the sleep routine, the room is completely dark and the 3 LEDs colors project the stars clearly on the ceiling and crib. Green is the sharpest and red the dimmest. I like all 3 colors. When the baby has awoken at night, we avoid eye contact, see if there are problems to fix and sometimes turn on the ladybug lights again. So far the baby is a solid sleeper.The batteries had to be replaced soon after purchased, but otherwise we have had no issues with it. It is delightfully cute with a bright plastic shell and very soft plush body.

  567. nwklee

    The best and wonderful night light for the kids. The turtle night light is cute and the stars show up well, when the room is dark. It is great with an automatic timer will turn itself off. Would highly recommend to anyone with kids.

  568. lela

    Thought my year old was a little too young for this but he LOVES it. He pushes all the buttons to turn on/off and changes the colors. He looks at the stars on the ceiling and oohs and aahs. The brown/yellow is a little too dim for the ceiling but if he has it in his crib this is perfect when he goes to bed since it’s not too bright. Great price too – cheaper than in the stores!

  569. Momof3

    I have looked at all of the projecting lights and this by far is the best one! It is bright but not overly so and the auto shutoff feature is great. I use it in a room that my 1 and 2 year olds share and they love it. Note that the blue is a more purplish blue and the amber is not near as bright. We use the amber color for a “barely” there light which works great when they are almost asleep or have already fallen asleep. The blue and green are definately much brighter and both of my sons like the blue the best.It’s great because you can simply move the turtle around for either larger stars or smaller stars. When placed on my sons bed the stars cast the entire ceiling and half way down all 4 walls. Pretty good range! Well worth the price and such a hit at night. I could never get my 14 month old to go to sleep on his own but after purchasing the turtle he is out like a light.

  570. Mleigh

    We love this little lady bug. It is the perfect addition to our daughters room. The stars show up really well in green or blue. The red is a little harder to see, but still is visible. I love that it is battery powered so you can move it around depending on if you want some of the stars to be on the wall or all on the ceiling. (Batteries are included, so no need to struggle like I did to find a screwdriver to install the batteries only to find out they are already in there!) This item is well worth the purchase. It creates just the right amount of light in the room so it combats the darkness, but still dim enough to encourage sleep. I think we will have to buy the turtle for Grandma’s house! And, I have a feeling we will be purchasing another for our older daughters room.

  571. Kristin Sepulveda

    I have used this product hundreds of time because I used to work as a camp director at a residential camp. We would use these twilight turtles in every cabin, every night, as a way to bring the energy down during our nightly bedtime routine within the camp schedule. Even the older kids seemed to like them! I love this product and knew I needed to get one for our first child. We haven’t used it yet, but I did install the batteries to make sure everything was working smoothly. I am a huge fan of these. I mostly have purchased super practical things for our son’s first few weeks, but this was one extra item I knew I needed to have. I am kind of surprised this is not featured on more baby registries! Best of all, it’s simple to use and in my opinion, way more classic than buying a high tech sound machine or some other sleep routine system. It’s super kid-friendly to operate, so a younger child can definitely work the light option buttons (obviously should NOT be left in a crib with an infant). I’ve never used the sleep mode option, so I wasn’t sure how to rate this part. In my experience, this toy stands the test of time and is a great alternative to a more traditional night light or a sound machine.

  572. K. Brunnert

    We have two of these guys because each of my boys wanted their own. I give these as gifts regularly for kids of all ages (but mostly 6 months to 5 years).The battery compartment is screwed shut. While this might seem like an added hassle it was ideal for our house. My boys like to take things apart and I worried about them taking the batteries out at night when I wasn’t able to watch them. But not with these.The starts don’t show up great if there is any light. Also, there isn’t an option to just have them stay on all night. So, if your child wants a nightlight this isn’t it. My boys would wake up and come into our room to tell me their starts were off – even though they could turn them on themselves. It would be great if the manufacturer added that option.

  573. AmazonJunkie

    I was looking to get a good bedtime routine going. I got this and some scripture based lullabies. My 22 month older even knows how to turn it on with her toe like mommy and daddy… Well she uses a little more foot than we do Lol… I whisper stars when we turn off the lights. She says Staaahhhhhhhh. During the day she tries to turn it on and looks around the room. She’s learning it only works at bedtime I guess. But it’s a great addition to our nightly routine. Now if only I had someing that will help her to be as enthusiastic about nap time! Hey… Can’t win them all I guess and bedtime happiness trumps naptime happiness.

  574. Daddy-O

    We purchased this as a gift for our 5 yr old son on his birthday. His room (and hallway) has nightlights everywhere. It never occured to me to even look for such a product till one night he wanted the window curtains open so he could look at the stars. Well, as many can relate to this, stars are not always easy to see around us. So after much time searching the internet for ideas and products, I came across Cloud B. It has proven to be one of the best discoveries I have made. He absolutely LOVES his turtle. He has to go through each of the 3 color light options everynight to choose the one for the night. I love that it is LED lights, so uses almost no energy, and has a built in 45 minute off timer to save batteries. We have had this, and used it, every night for 4 months now and have yet to replace the batteries. I would highly recommend this product, for children of about any age.

  575. M. Blalock

    This was a Christmas gift to my 4 yr. old daughter because she loves ladybugs 🙂 It is really neat when u turn it on, the stars and moon cover your ceiling/walls. Very pretty and great for a night light. Makes me want one for our bedroom lol. My nephew loved it so much that his parents are thinking of getting him the turtle one as well. Highly recommended!! 😀

  576. dotrchau

    Santa gave this to my 1 year old for Christmas! and She loves it. She carries it around and pushes the buttons on the ladybugs back. We have 8 ft ceilings and the stars are nice and bright in the green and blue colors, the red is dimmer but in the pitch black it makes a nice soft glow. As previous reviews has said, it also makes a great night light.I as an adult, love that is projects the known constellations like big dipper and Orion. I am excited about this gift as much as my little one was. Overall, this little lady bug is a hit with my little girl! Highly recommended to constellation lovers.

  577. SusanA

    My daughter just loves this! She isnt so crazy about her room and this helped a lot. The little stars and moons that shine on the walls and ceiling are just great-it acts now as her night light too. Great addition to your childs room.

  578. g man

    love it. has 3 different color modes. found same product in stores but at least no sales tax and shipped to home. very soft and cute. makes great nightlight. only bad thing is that it turns off after 15-30 minutes, would like it if it stayed on all night.

  579. Renee Winford

    I purchased this guy and another type for my Grandchildren. They loved it! The different colors and designs it shine on the ceiling made bedtime a fun and interesting part of the night. I love this type of item and will continue to purchase. We have had for a while now and it has lasted thru much and still going strong.

  580. Barry Goldstein

    My 3 year old granddaughter loves this so much she sleeps with it each night. And for Halloween she insisted on going out as a Lady Bug with blinking lights.

  581. Rebecca

    This is our second purchase…first purchase was 2.5 years ago when our baby was born. She loves turning it on every night. The best feature is the timer which shuts it off after 45 minutes.

  582. ShopGirl

    My 2 month old is obsessed with this light projector. Even a little too much, she just lay there and stare at it. I think it’s a little too bright except the orange/yellow is brightness.

  583. BMLTX

    This will be a gift for my grandson. Materials and appearance are great. Durability will be determined by the twoyear old.

  584. Natalie J. MurphyNatalie J. Murphy

    So, this was given to me, in a sense and I absolutely love it. The lights are bright, they fill the space nicely. I use the blue because my bedroom is decorated in blue and I like when things match, but the green and amber lights are also very nice. The amber light seems to be a more mellow color, not quite so bright, but it’s like turning the blue light filter on for your electronics.

  585. Gloria M.

    Perfect for a gift to a child as I chose to do.

  586. Deni

    My almost five-year-old daughter loves this. It really brightens up the room and I like the option of being able to have just one color showing or having it switch. The rust color I believe is the one that barely shows up on your ceiling but the rest are great.And, bonus! No whining over the room being too dark. God knows us parents ain’t got no time for that $#it. 🙂

  587. Clairissa_is

    My step son loves it. My husband loves it too:). My step son sleeps better when he clutches this to his tiny chest and watches the lights. He said “woooowwwww” the first he saw this.. and thought it was so amazing that it was a turtle <3.

  588. Spicey_Fries

    We bought this turtle for our daughter a couple months ago when she switched to a toddler bed, at first she wasn’t as facinated as I hoped… but recently she absolutely loves to fall asleep looking at the stars all over her room. It is very peaceful to look at as it is very soothing to the senses and the constellations subtly change with the colours which I noticed while with her. I am so pleased that we got this… it is a wonderful product.

  589. Amber Lopez

    Kids love it. Its actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be for some reason- and the shell is much more brittle than I’d care for; its not something you’d give to your children to go and play with. (Thing having more of a soft plastic shell (squishy, maybe?) would be a better idea- just because this could easily be stepped on or dropped from a table top or something and broken.. For the price, we enjoy it! Those little LED lights in there are BRIGHT! Love the stars that they broadcast all over the walls/ceiling. Too bad the constellations aren’t a bit more accurately portrayed- but it’s cute foe what it costs! Yes, we did recieve the original Cloud B twilight constellation turtle- and no- we did not recieve a cheap rip-off! Love it- just wish the shell was a different material! Overall, it’s still a 5 star though!

  590. mom of 3

    This has been our saving grace for the nightime routine. All we have to say to our son is, “want to go look at the stars” and we go to his room with little to no fussing. He loves to look at the ceiling and find the moon and point at the stars and he likes that it can change colors. It is a great “activity” to get him settled down and ready to go to sleep. He isn’t quite two yet, but as long as he has his stars he can go to sleep by himself. On a technical note the stars are the perfect brightness, they cast a soft glow across the room and are definitely distinct, but not so bright that they would keep a little one awake. The batteries seem to be holding up very well too!

  591. Michaels Mommy

    I purchased these adorable turtles first for my 3 yr old son, then for my 10 month old daughter and now for my 1 year old nephew they all absolutely love them. Every nite before I read to my children we decide what color our sky will be, these truley are precious and the children all love them all ages. They really bring a sense of relaxation and glow to the room. What a great gift idea, everyone that comes over is always asking where we got these cute things!

  592. Jen Todd

    We love this! My daughter has fallen asleep to these stars for years. Now it is our go-to gift for expecting friends and family. Cute and helps keep the nighttime fears away.

  593. Mickie

    I just L.O.V.E.D. this, and I’m a grandmother, having seen it in the room of my grandchildren. So…they had the turtle, and I ordered the Lady Bug for myself….teehee…it’s the best! I only wish (for me) that this was electric or I’m going to have to buy stock in AAA batteries. It really makes me chuckle each time I have this on…

  594. A Lolly

    I bought this cute little guy for my daughter. It is to replace the “turtle” version of the same product that the light has burnt out in. She can’t go to sleep with out these guys, she loves them! She is seven. They make the most beautiful stars around the room! I am going to see about a replacement bulb to bring turtle back to life.

  595. Grandma Mia

    The Twilight Constellation Night Light is superb!! I always turn it on for my grandchildren (8 month old twin girls-2 year old granddaughter and 4 year old grandson) when one of them sleeps over. It has a beautiful soft, soothing glow and calms them down when it’s their bedtime. They love it! The stars and moon are clearly displayed onto the ceiling and walls…and best of all the turtle shuts off automatically. Amazon has the best price and I received it within two days!

  596. Big chungus

    my kids love this. We have 2 of them. And the other one is a actual dream light. If I compare, this cloud b is better than the dream lite. This is brighter and has more stars. And this is less expensive than the dream lite. My kids love this and they go to sleep better with it.

  597. JLP

    This is such a wonderful gift to provide a toddler comfort about sleeping in the “dark” the Turtle is soft enough that it can be in bed…The light stars produce a wonderful distraction! Wonderful item!

  598. MishL

    This turtle is awesome. I plan on getting one for my nephew for his birthday! perfect gift idea. My 2 year old loves his, loves seeing the “moon” The stars illuminate his room, it is so cute, I want to order more!

  599. Maria Belén Larrañaga

    Bought this for my 2 year old nephew as a birthday present. He loved it from the beggining and liked pushing the buttons to make it change colours. It does have a very hard shell but it is resistant.When it got darker we could see the stars and moon on the ceiling and walls and he was very excited. His older brother and sisters were pretty excited too. I love the fact that it doesnt have any music, because he does wake up at night and turns on anything that makes a sound, so this way it doesnt disturb his siblings.

  600. Jennel B.

    I bought this cute twilight constellation turtle for my 3 year old niece as a Christmas gift. After getting and trying it! I am getting my own. My mom even thinks its perfect. Shipping was fast. Packaged safe….. Just an awesome little night light toy 😉

  601. Petrehn family

    Love – Love – Love this product!! My 2.5 year old was resisting going to bed until the Twilight Turtle! Our bedtime routine now includes the turtle with stars/moon & she practically jumps into bed so she can lay there and fall asleep! I’ve been so pleased I wrote about it on my blog and facebook page and had several other friends/family ask more about it so they could buy one for their kiddos. Great Product!The blue light shines the best & green is pretty good too. The orange light requires it be really dark to show up, but its my favorite for sleeping because I don’t feel like it keeps her room too bright. However, I let my daughter pick what color each night and none seem to be too bright. She always falls asleep without making a fuss now! Quiet as a peep! 🙂

  602. samiam

    This saved my life!! lol mu two year old little girl suddenly wouldn’t sleep without her light on she kept telling my husband and I she was scared… bought this turtle and voila! the little girls sleeps with no problem!! My 8 year old niece even asked me if I would buy her one!

  603. KL

    Purchased this for my 5-year-old nephew. He loves the “light show” in his room. He watches the lights and then falls asleep within a half hour. The red light is a little hard to see; the blue and green are the brightest.

  604. Diane

    I love the Cloud b Twilight Turtle. I bought this item to have at my house. When my 18 month old granddaughter spends the night, she loves looking at the stars on the ceiling and trying to find the moon. I like this so much I bought one for my friend’s grandchild.

  605. tcpokim

    We’ve owned the green turtle for 2 years. And just recently purchased the pink ladybug for my 3 year old. My preschoolers LOVE their nightlights. They sleep with them every night, and they travel with us when we go see grandparents. They’re soft enough to keep in bed, but hard enough to withstand 2, 3 & 4 year olds. In the 2 years that we’ve owed the turtle, I think we’ve changed batteries 3 times. And it’s used every night.I agree with others that the amber light on the green turtle does not show very well. It’s a faint light, and appropriate for a night light when you don’t want to look at stars (cause you can’t make them out), but still need a night light.The pink ladybug, however, does NOT have an amber setting. It has red, blue & green and ALL are vibrant colors on my kids’ bedroom ceiling.Unlike the newer “as seen on tv” models, these stars look much more realistic and there’s no logos that shine – just stars & a quarter moon. My children adore their night lights and I’d recommend this product highly – we wouldn’t consider another brand when looking for a light for our 2nd child. Cloud B is too awesome.

  606. ChinoXS203ChinoXS203

    Our daughter loves stars. Whenever we read a book with the word star she would always point at the stars on her wall so this was the a perfect treat for her. She “ooos and Ahhs” when you turn it on.The rotating color feature is nice. The unit is very relaxing and calming.

  607. Amazon Customer

    The first one worked great for 6 weeks and then the blue light stopped working. Returned for a new one and it works great so far.

  608. Kory

    I love that if my son wakes up in the middle of the night he can easily push a button to turn this on, yet it’s not on all night long. The different colors are nice but I find that he really only keeps it on the green. Between my 3 year old son and my 1 year old daughter this night light has been kicked, dropped and just roughly handled yet you’d never know. The nightlight lasted almost exactly 3 months before the batteries had to be replaced and it’s just about used every day. I would definitely recommend this product!

  609. leia2201

    This night light has lasted for years. It projects really nicely on the walls and ceiling. My son still asks for it every night and he is now 4 years old. We have purchased it for several friends who love it. Also, turns off in 45 minutes which saves the battery.

  610. Jennifer

    This is a very cute product. It has three different light choices and an on/off button. really easy to use. It has lasted 7 years now and still holding strong with my second child.

  611. JnJExchange

    My son got this for his second birthday, and he LOVES it. He calls it the “Night Turtle.” It lights up his entire ceiling with the moon and constellations. The amber color is the dimmest and doesn’t quite reach to the ceiling (we place it on a table toward the center of his room), the blue is the medium light, and the green is the brightest. We cycle through the blue and green at night for the most part. He’s so excited when we turn it on and he can hunt the moon for himself. He also loves to run around with it tummy-to-tummy so he can project the stars on the wall. Worth every penny!

  612. Kjaer

    I bought 3 of them, to give to my nephews… they just loved it! So cute, the stars and the moon are very visible. Now when they travel, their mommies have to take the turtle with them. Only bad thing is that we could not set a timer or let it on all night long; it has a default timer that turns off the light. Anyway, it was a perfect gift!

  613. Sarah Niewieroski

    Both of my daughters have these turtles. They sleep with them on every night. I love how they turn off after a certain time frame. They project the stars all over the ceiling and walls..and really lights up their room. They like their stars on the blue color. But you can have them on green, blue, or orange.. or you can have it rotate between all 3 lights. I rarely have to change out the batteries in them as well. The turle itself is a soft material and super cute. My oldest daughter has had this turtle for several years and we had to order my youngest daughter one when we left a smaller star projector at my parents house. I knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it, so I got online and purchased this one and it arrived within the wk. I do wish this company would start making the cloud b ocean waves projector turtle again that plays soft music. Ive been wanting to get one for the last yr but everywhere I look, it says its unavailable or out of stock.

  614. Shannon D. Twilling

    Both of my kids have the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light – one has the turtle and the other has the lady bug. They are great – they don’t stay on all night to wake the kids up (there’s an auto shut-off), but are there to help the kids fall asleep (or fall BACK to sleep if they wake up during the night). We’ve had the turtle for about 9 months – and have only had to replace the batteries once. Both of my kids just LOVE these – my older daughter is already planning on how she’s going to bring hers to an upcoming trip to her Grandmother’s.

  615. mojo_jojo_2006

    My kids love this thing (girl 7, boy 5)… so much that I bought it for the little one (6mos) helps with late night feedings…. better that turning on the bright light and wake her up. This way the gentle light allows us to see… and she can lull herself back to sleep.

  616. Savvy Shopper

    My 1 year old and my 5 year old love this night light! My 1 year old can’t touch it but he enjoys it being turned on at night when he is going to bed! My 5 year old loves that he can change the color! It lights up the ceiling and some of the walls in my son’s small nursery and most of the ceiling in my oldest son’s larger room.

  617. S. Hayes

    My 2 1/2 yr old got this as a gift last Christmas and love it. He won’t go to sleep without his turtle on. The blue is the brightest color definitely, green is my favorite and the orange is a nice glow for calming down. I have given this as a gift to other parents and all have loved it.On a side note – with every night use, I have only replaced the batteries once.Worth every penny.

  618. Sandra L. Elam

    I debated about getting this “toy” for over a year. So glad I did, and will be getting another one once my 2nd son is a bit older. It really is the perfect thing to put in a child’s room for naps and bedtimes. I got the Ladybug based on other reviews saying it was a newer model then the turtle. I have no idea if the turtle is as good, but from what some reviews said the Turtle has a yellow setting which I guess you can’t see reflected on the walls. This ladybug has red, green and blue. There is an option for rotating through each color, and that one is my favorite. The red is a lower light level and would be best for if you are wanting a “night light” that wont over light the room. The stars show up, but are dimmer in appearance. The green and blue settings are brightest, but I find that the ladybug itself is also brighter, too bright for me to want as a night light in my son’s room. The alternating is great because it doesn’t stay on either color that long. It puts starts all over the room, not just on the ceiling. I also love that it automatically turns off after 45 min. There is no option to keep it on longer. But for me, I like that. I don’t want it going all night. Hope this review helps!!

  619. Catherine

    My 21 month old son LOVES this turtle and so do I! The body is soft and the buttons are easy for him to use. It has a 45 minute timer so it will automatically turn off after 45 minutes which is nice.It will glow in 3 different choices of colors: blue, green or a soft amber. The blue and green are bright so its fun to look at, but for sleep, I put it on the amber.It covers the whole ceiling and comes down a little on the top of the walls.It is worth the money. As he gets older, we can use the little book it came with to look at the real constellations.I looked into the Dream Lite version and they are much smaller and feel cheaper and they don’t do REAL constellations.

  620. W. Adams

    I bought this turtle for my son last Christmas. He was nine years old at the time, now he is ten. He LOVES turtles and needs a night-light at night. He has used it every single night since Christmas. He even takes it on trips & sleepovers. He enjoys choosing the color of the stars he will look at each night. I love that it turns off by itself after awhile, so does not stay on all night. So far, we have only replaced the batteries one time.I highly recommend this ‘toy’ and want to point out that it is not just for babies!!

  621. Barbara J. Nelson

    This was a Christmas gift for my 3 yr old granddaughter. She loves it. Not only does it give her nightlight at a time that she is scared of the dark, it has stars and the moon. She likes someone to swing it while she chases the stars.

  622. Chris MacMillan

    Bought this for my daughter’s new “Beach Themed” bedroom and she absolutely loves it! Contrary to some of the reviews I read it fills the entire room with clearly visible stars in even a semi-dark room. Since this is to be used at night it’s just fine.

  623. Amy Beee

    Our kids have used the turtle version of this since they were 1, and they love it. Our 2-year-old niece came over recently and was obsessed with it, so we got her the lady bug version. Adorable piece, kids love it, great for help with bedtime darkness jitters. Note that it works best in a VERY dark room, though. And if it seems like it’s not working well, it generally just means the batteries are running low — change them out for bright stars!

  624. Heather

    We bought our son the turtle when he was moving to a “big boy bed” and it was a big hit. Now almost 3 years later, he still uses it every night. We got our daughter the ladybug for her second Christmas, also a great product and she loves hers too. I disagree with the reviews about the amber light being hard to see. Both of my children’s rooms are light colored and we can see every color just fine. When the lights start to dim the batteries simply need to be replaced. We like this product so much that it has become my “go to” gift for birthday parties and now my son and daughter’s friends all have turtle and ladybug night lights!

  625. Robin M. Martin

    This turtle light is fantastic. It seems to be marketed to/for babies. My daughter is 4 1/2 and I highly recomend for children of any age. If fact, I wouldn’t mind one myself.!!! It fills my daugher’s room with stars and we change the color each night. My husband finds the constelations with her before bedtime and it’s replaced story reading for the moment.Can say enough good things. Worth every penny.

  626. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas. When it arrived, I took it into a dark room to try it out. I was instantly in love with it! Christmas morning, we had the entire family crammed into the dark bathroom oohing and aahing over this awesome product! It is advertised for very small children, but I can tell you that people of all ages would love to have this addition to their bedroom!

  627. igotabear

    Got this for my 1 year old who is now 2. He loves his turtle. He knows the word for stars and askes to turn his stars on before he gets into bed. The stars aren’t perfect and are a bit blury but I wasn’t expecting it to be either. From reading reviews I think I was expecting it to be worse than it was because people seem to be disapointed in the clarity of the stars and lack of exact positioning of constellations. It’s a kids night light, and didn’t really expect it to be a planetarium. My son loves it, and I do too. I also like that it has a timer on it so it’s not always on.

  628. VulcanJedi

    Surprisingly very bright and effective. Not sure on battery usage / life yet. but projects very well and far in a large open room, which I would think is abonormal for a prototypical kid room so I imagine even more effective in a normal room

  629. Kristin

    My son loves to look at the moon and stars outside so this is the perfect thing to put on at bedtime. We talk about the stars and then he goes to sleep with them. The best part is the timer on the turtle so that his room is dark after it turns off and he can get a good night sleep. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  630. Kim

    The actual turtle is great but beware of knock-offs! I first ordered a similar item under a different listing but it turned out to be a knock off made by a different company. It supposedly could run on batteries or plugged into an outlet (though the batteries option wouldn’t work) and it played awful hallow music. The actual item runs only on batteries and does not play music. The knock-off didn’t project the stars as well as the real item, and there were several issues with the construction of the knock-off, while the real deal is well-made. The packaging for the knock-off had a different brand on it and looked nothing like the Cloud-b packaging you see in the photos. If you receive a knock-off, just email amazon and I’m sure they’ll make it right!

  631. Myfanwy Collins

    I love the Twilight Turtle. It was maybe more money than I wanted to spend, BUT my baby was completely transfixed and soothed by it–which is worth every penny. I want one of these for myself now.

  632. Felicia

    My 18 month old looks forward to bedtime when I tell him to go turn his turtle night light on. The green color comes on first when you turn it on, and we choose either green or blue to fall asleep to. In the middle of the night, if he wakes up and we need to see, we use the amber light. It’s perfect when your eyes have been adjusted to total darkness.I’d recommend this to anyone, even if you don’t have a baby – it’s so relaxing to stare at.

  633. lrg434

    The new parents we bought this for are loving it, and I loved the price compared to Toys R Us. It arrived in great shape, super fast without the need to pay for fast shipping. Another great on-line purchasing experience.

  634. Muriel C.

    I have had one of these for 9 years, since my first son was born, and my boys love it, as do I. Very soothing at night to lie there and watch the stars as you go to sleep. There are many copies, but this one is by far the best. No music, just lights. I would get annoyed with the same music every night anyway, like the knockoffs have.I buy this as a baby shower gift, or baby gift for everyone I know that is having a baby, and they all rave about it! My older nieces and nephews that are teenagers even love it! When I bought one for a new nephew, my Brother, the grandparent, in his 50’s, wanted it kept at his house, so he could sleep under the stars!Best invention ever;) LOVE, LOVE LOVE this product!

  635. A. Kumar

    Wonderful product, when it turns off (after 45mins of use), sometimes we bring it into our room. We always use the blue light which is very soothing, though I wonder how how to replace the bulb’s when ever they are used up?

  636. Sally 2

    Great night light for grandkids. Pretty color options. Hard body, so not to cuddle with, but excellent for what it was made for.

  637. Kidsandbarbells

    I bought this Cloud b Twilight turtle for my 3 and 2 year old sons for Christmas. They absolutely love it. The turtle is soft and the shell is a hard plastic. It’s sturdy enough that my kids can carry it around and let it fall. With that said, I would not let my kids throw it, or step on it, or otherwise abuse it. Right now it sits on a bookshelf in between their beds and the stars don’t fill the entire room like in the picture, but it fills enough of the room that my boys are absolutely in amazed. There are three different colors to choose from for the stars. It automatically turns off after 45 minutes. The first few days I kept having to threaten to remove the turtle because there was a lot more playing than sleeping going on since they were carrying it around the room and shining it on each other, and they were turning it back on every time it turned off. However, that only lasted a couple of days and now it’s perfect. If you’re expecting a planetarium-like display, then this is not for you, but if you are looking for something to capture your young child’s imagination, then this is the perfect item.

  638. shopper 243580301

    We previously purchased a turtle/tortoise version of this for our son several years ago and love it. When I saw the ladybug, I had to have it for my daughter. They have improved the functions of this since the first model. You can turn it off without waiting for the timer or opening up to where the batteries are installed for the master switch. Also the stars are bigger and brighter than before. These Cloud B nightlights are the coolest out there!

  639. ECoroso

    This is an amazing product! The stuffed part of the turtle is so plush and the shell is very sturdy and not easily breakable. My two year old daughter LOVES it. The different color lights are so much fun to play with and she carries it around with her and drops it and it never breaks. The stars show clearly on the ceiling and there is a booklet that goes with it to tell you a story about a turtle and a guide to the eight constellations that are projected from the turtle. I am more than happy. I am THRILLED with this product. SO WORTH IT. I am starting to think I almost love it more than my daughter does! 🙂

  640. Mary Kwiatkowski

    I bought one of these twilight turtles for my grandson who is 3 & he loves it!I decided to get another one for when he stays at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. It lights up the ceiling of the room with stars, either gold, blue, or green, & it’s fun to go to sleep watching the stars. And it shuts itself off too! I would recommend this product for any child, it is awesome! If your child has any fear at all of the dark, this product is for you.

  641. Dobler

    My son is afraid of the dark so I did a lot of research on items like this. I decided on this turtle. It is wonderful! While it’s not all plush – the shell is hard plastic – it truly lights up my son’s bedroom. The yellow light isn’t as bright but the blue and green lights are pretty bright. The lights stay on for 45 minutes which is a lot longer than other products. I was thrilled with this product and I’m seriously considering buying one for my bedroom just because I love having all the stars all over the ceiling!

  642. Kelsey Harris

    my kids love these. they didn’t want to stay in bed after we put them down at night. they were also saying how their rooms were “scary” (anything to stay up later 🙂 )i bought the turtles and they really get a kick out of them. it gives them something to focus on while they are lying there falling asleep. i also love that it turns off after a little bit so its not on all night. the buttons are easy to work so if they wake up in the middle of the night its easy for them to turn on girls are 3 and 4 and it was worth the money:)

  643. Mitch

    Bought for my grandkids. Bought for my friends grandkids. Everyone loves them. Thinking about buying one for me !!!!

  644. J. Balasa

    Daughter loved it for her baby boy. As she said, ” super cute.”

  645. David G. Kulzer II

    I’ve been wanting to get this for my son for about a year now and kind of forgot about it. I saw it the other day and decided to get it. It was cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else I’ve seen it. I got it in 2 days with Prime and have had no problems with it. My son loves it. The only problem so far is he likes to stay up playing with it when he should be asleep. He hides under the covers with it. He’s 2 1/2 by the way.

  646. Jake Scharer

    Great product.

  647. naturemom

    Bought this for my 6 y/o son who has some fear of the dark. It works wonderfully. It is on a timer, so it shuts off automatically. It has 3 different colors you can choose to project in the room, and it actually has constellations that you can find while looking at the star projections. It casts a very