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Twilight Turtle™ – Classic

As cute as it is comforting, the Twilight Turtle nightlight projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room, making night-time a lot less scary and a lot more fun.

314 reviews for Twilight Turtle™ – Classic

  1. Iloveolives

    Niece loved this.

  2. W.S.

    My great, nephew loves this turtle/night light. He uses it every night and has done so for a few years.

  3. Bobbie Rodriguez

    exactly what i was looking for.

  4. Dianne

    My Granddaughter loves this. She won’t go to bed without it!

  5. Katherine Weber

    We got one for my daughter and use it nightly. She loves it and so we get it for baby showers constantly. Love this item!

  6. Hollie Healy

    Bought for my 3 yr old son for Christmas. He turns it on every night. Got for a great price, cheaper then in stores.

  7. Granny Dee

    The ladybug constellation light was a big hit Christmas morning. My two year old granddaughter absolutely loved it as did her parents. This light could be for a baby gift or anyone who enjoys the stars right up to and through adults. Had a great experience with Amazon and will shop here often.

  8. Risel

    I am very satisfied with this little lady bug night light. It is so cute and our whole family loves it. My daughter is too young to appreciate it now but I know that she will.

  9. cs

    The turtle is light-weight and probably should be cheaper; but the kids love them and they add a great option for night lights or even just to explain stars and get them excited about astrology.

  10. Freedom Isn’t Free

    I was very skeptical that our 10 year old would really like this when she put it on her Christmas list….Boy was I wrong….she sleeps with it every night! I am sure alot of people would assume it is just for very small children but I think that once you see how well the stars show up on an 8 foot ceiling, you will see the appeal.Thanks Amazon for a great price and prompt shipping!

  11. mara muller-tolk

    We love it! 🙂 perfect for at night when the baba wakes for a feed. Enough light for me to see but not too much so he wakes fully. We might have to get a second one when he moves to his own room. Also love that it has a timer turns off by itself so i dont have to worry about falling asleep with the light on.

  12. Littlefrog

    It is a very good product, it seems solid and long lasting.The colors and stars are really soothing, I almost just want to keep it for myself and get another one for my baby.

  13. Sian

    Kids love this and strangely, so does my husband! It’s very relaxing and the kids (4 + 2) drift nicely to sleep. Just wish it had the option to stay on and with lullaby music…

  14. L. Taylor

    Excellent product. I bought this for my six month old- at this point I get more enjoyment out if it, but I know that she will once she is a bit older. I turn the turtle on, put on some music and create the most calming environment.

  15. Rebecca

    My son loves this. It is now his official night light. Only complaint I have is that the brown is too light. I think another color would work better in that place

  16. A. McGuire

    My son is almost two years old and loves this turtle. He likes to see the stars on his ceiling at night. I love that it turns off on its own, so I don’t have to remember to do it. We set it on his dresser. Some stars show on the wall and some on the ceiling. We don’t look for constellations we just like the stars. This is a fun product!

  17. K8Ness

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 9 month old nephew. To my surprise it was also a big hit with my 3 year old and 5 year old nephews as well. While it served its function as a night light, they also enjoyed flipping it upside down so that the lights were on the floor. Big hit!

  18. Kindle Customer

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has an infant or a toddler. They are so cute and help my granddaughters fall asleep.

  19. T. Lindner

    I received the Twilight Turtle as a Christmas gift for my 2 year old last year. He loves it so much that I bought one for some friends that just had a baby. It’s a unique gift that babies and toddlers love.

  20. Yamilet

    My little daughter received this as a present on from her grandparents on her birthday. I couldn’ t explain her face when she saw all those stars in her room…it was lovely. Since we have a new baby in the house we were having troubles again to get her to sleep all night but with this night light she’s doing fine and we’re happy too.

  21. AngieB

    Our 4-year-old had Twilight Turtle, but wanted to add to his collection. We love looking at the stars and reading Twilight Ladybug’s story.

  22. Manya Berenholz

    My grandson received this as a gift and I just loved the concept. Then we saw how much he loved watching the colors change and the stars move around his room. It seemed to soothe him and then I decided to give it to others as baby gifts.

  23. Peanut Butter and Jelly Maker

    My 3 month old son knows it’s bedtime and falls right to sleep when he sees the stars. We use the Cloud B Sleep Sheep during the day for naptimes. Both products are a great aid in creating healthy sleep routines. Highly Recommend!

  24. D. Klein

    This was just what I wanted as a ‘nightlight’ for the nursery. My son isn’t yet using it as he’s still in my room but my visiting nephews loved it so much I had to pick up the turtle for them. Great price plus it comes with the batteries.

  25. CC

    Really cute product

  26. Lily

    I received this product in it’s original box which is a plus! I really love the turtle night light and so does my son. Even though it was used it seems like it is new.

  27. Lisa Morrison Thompson

    i saw this in a friend”s daughter’s room. she loves it, so i got one for my grandson. it helps him drift off to sleep easier and adds a great effect to his room. we all love this product.

  28. Kathleen Keough

    I bought this for my 4 year old grandaughter who is hospitalized and she loved it, it makes the hospital not so scary!

  29. W. Cox

    My granddaughter loves to look at all the stars on her ceiling as she falls asleep at night. This night light has had a calming effect at bedtime for her …. and my son and daughter-in-law. I recommend this night light for any child’s room.

  30. Trish

    My daughter loves this! Great shut off feature to save batteries and it changes to three different colors. It has helped ease her fear of the dark. Great buy!

  31. Jim

    Works great my kids wont sleep with out it. Only 2 complaints turns off (could be a good thing) and it only takes battries. And who likes paying for those all the time.

  32. Benjamin Wilson

    Arrived and works as advertised

  33. Edna Baker

    I had an early Christmas for my great grandsons, ages 5 and 8. Of all the things they got, they loved their turtles the most. I even enjoyed it myself as we three snuggled in bed and told bedtime stories. The green and blue stars were the best. The amber color didn’t show up very well.

  34. Larisa Kasarskis

    My kid loves it

  35. Mom

    We bought this turtle for a 3-year-old and he loves it! He turns it on every night before he goes to sleep. His mom says it helps keep him in bed, and has helped with his fear of the dark. The turtle also comes with batteries, which is a nice bonus.

  36. RA

    Great product. Especially like the way it can slowly change between colors – stars slowly change from blue to yellow to green. Very soothing.

  37. Dan B

    The shell of the turtle is pretty hard so it’s not really the best cuddle toy. My 11 month old son loves pushing the buttons and changing the colors of the stars. Another great way to encourage your kids curiosity and imagination!

  38. TC

    My son sleeps with this turtle every night. I have now had it for a year and the battery still doesn’t need to be replaced.

  39. Lucy

    I just received this in the mail and it is wonderful!!! I couldn’t of want anything different! If looking for a unique night light, this is totally worth it!!

  40. Sparrow

    Love this. It has a fairly accurate constellation not just punched out stars and comes with the star map. I purchased one for a child, and one for an adult who has a fear of the dark. Both enjoy it and use it regularly.

  41. Kindle Customer

    My sons love this..nights it lights up their whole ceiling. It is very sturdy and in really good condition !

  42. Agent M

    My 2 year old absolutely loves this. He turns it on himself and I sit in a chair with him and we look up at the stars every night. The timer is a great feature for battery saving and the auto color changing keeps it from getting boring. It is light and fairly portable for trips and durable enough to handle a few drops without injury.

  43. DKATX

    Favorite Christmas gift of them all! If I’d known all 3 kids were going to go crazy over it I would’ve bought 3 instead of one but there is always next year. Highly recommend!

  44. BA

    My four year old loves this! It has multiple colors and the lights are bright enough to cover the whole room. It is very cute, I would buy this as a gift for toddlers or small children who are learning to sleep in their own room.

  45. J. Lischak

    My 2 year old is in love with this turtle. It lights up her room very nicely, too. It is way better than those pillow pets with lights in them.

  46. The Cammys

    This is the only thing to get my baby to stop crying in the car at night !! And it’s adorable !

  47. Teresa A. Johnson

    My grandson and his parents love the turtle. It is just what they wanted in a night light. Almost all of the projectors they looked at played music, but all my son wanted for the baby’s room was something to shine stars on the ceiling (the turtle also shines them on the walls and in different colors if you want) I would recommend this item to anyone.

  48. Amazon Customer

    A great product for a child who is not so happy to go to bed… looks like a toy, but also lights up the room with magical lights in different colors. My son loves this night light!

  49. Texproud

    I got this for my 5 yr old who has a fear of the dark. Amazingly it has helped calm her fears and she sleeps with it on every night now. Great idea n wish I would have gotten it sooner.

  50. Diana Fritz

    I loved the stars on the ceiling and that it turns off by itself.

  51. OnlineShoppa

    Love this little turtle. Works well. It is used every night. Stars are bright, clear, vivid and enjoyable.

  52. RJM

    This thing is great!!! Amuses the heck out of two forty year old. Very comforting night light. Works great and the auto shut off is perfect.

  53. Jennifer

    Best thing I could have ever bought to help my child go to bed! She loves going to bed with her turtle and seeing stars as she falls asleep.

  54. EJJK

    Bought this after my 18 month old saw it at a friend’s house. He enjoys seeing the starts on the ceiling and seems comforted by this.

  55. cailiqingsheng

    My one-year old baby girls loves the light and she keeps looking at the star every night before going to sleep. the battery holds up really really well!!! Well designed toy and highly recommended for infants.

  56. Mike Hunt

    This toy is very nice and batteries were included!The leds can change colors and it does a really good job making the stars really crisp.

  57. Family 1st Tech

    This night light is fantastic. my daughter needs a light on at night, but not on constantly throughout the night or it wakes her up. This did it perfectly, it stays on long enough for her to pass out and then automatically shuts off. There are 3 different lights, Red, Green, and Blue that remain static depending on your choice. However, there is also a feature where it will slowly cycle through all of the lights. The output is strong enough it covers her ceiling and walls, but focused enough through the holes that it’s not overpowering or hard to fall asleep, quite the contrary. This has made bed time for her very soothing.So glad we opted for this night light, daughter gets to sleep quickly and has been staying asleep through the night as her room is now dark. Will definitely be buying another should this go out.

  58. P. Curcuru

    I bought this turtle as a gift for my niece. He parents put the batteries in turned it on, and now every night she wants he turtle for bedtime. She loves it. It’s a gift I will by for other kids and maybe even some adults. Great product.

  59. Chyvsh

    The stars are really bright and there are constellations. My child is not old enough to explore the constellation part, but I am really excited about it. She loves to stare at the stars when we are rocking before bed at night.

  60. gill22

    My 10 year old daughter absolutely loved this present!! Brings it anywhere we are staying. Really lovely for children. That it turns off itself is a real bonus!

  61. Amy W.Amy W.

    We love this little bug! The colors are thrown beautifully across the ENTIRE room. Baby girl loves watching how she can change the shapes on the wall by moving it. It makes a fantastic night light (goes off after 45 min.) And because it’s somewhat cuddly, we bring it into the bed.Downsides*If you catch one of the pin pricks of light on your eye it is blinding (as I tried to capture in the photo). I worry about my little ones eyes and watch her while she is using it. I also try to keep it on the red setting as much as I can because that is somewhat less bright.*It was also delivered with defects – a dent and a mottled/spotty paint job – which had been covered up by a sticker that it came with.

  62. Safris

    We use this everynight to put our 2 yr old to bed. Prior to the turtle, we would have pre-bedtime tantrums but now we tell her it is time to go see stars and she goes to bed without much fuss. We all love to lay down on her bed and watch the stars. The blue and green stars work the best, the amber colored stars are hard to see but we just don’t use it. We have had the turtle for a few months and we use it every night and have had no problem with the construcion or design of this toy. We place it on the foot of my daughter’s bed and the stars fill the entire ceiling. I am purchasing a second turtle for the baby’s room.

  63. Chapter 7

    This was much better than I expected. Gives a lovely glow and looks great. My 1.5 year old loves it. Only downside is there is no setting to leave the light on all night.

  64. gboop

    Got this as a gift for a 5year old boy and absolutely loved it. My daughter has Brite Lites and in comparison I liked that this one had more brighter lights on the ceiling than the Brite Lites and that it’s less fabric to spot clean. (less fabric to get dirty).

  65. Annamarie

    This nightlight was well made and a nice alternative to the turtle. It was really cute. the receipient thought it was great and her other children thought so as well.

  66. jak1022

    My child loves this night light! It lights up his room with a moon and stars all over his ceiling and walls. It is just the right amount of light and it automatically turns off after 45 minutes, so I don’t have to worry about going back in to turn it off. We have used it every night since Christmas and the battery is still good!

  67. Stacey

    I bought this for my 8 year old for Christmas. She absolutely loves it! It works great-the stars and moon show up bright and clear on her walls and ceiling. Completely satisfied with this transaction.

  68. Peter Noto

    The boy will not go to sleep without “Turtle” it is a very cute light and works great. It times out after about 40 minutes so it is easy on batteries. But if your little one needs a light all night, you might want to make other arrangements.

  69. tor

    My kids love it but even though it has an automatic shut off the batteries don’t last long

  70. shirley a

    Great for little ones to learn about the stars and to be used to help by soft lighting to go to sleep

  71. QC Laughlin

    my 3 year old must have this turtle on each night before going to bed. the soft light makes him feel safe and comfortable and not be bothered so much by “ghosts and monsters”. i like the auto shut off feature after 45minutes. the different light colors are nice too.

  72. S & C MyrvangS & C Myrvang

    My nephew was terrified of this when he first saw it and touched the shell, he was 2. Once we turned it on and explained how it was a nightlight he loved it! It was a big hit, including the horrified expression on his face at first touch/sight.

  73. Leia R.

    My son is like any kid going through the phase of being afraid of the dark. This really helps light up his room and he counts the stars as he goes to sleep. I like how it turns off after 45 minutes. His favorite color is blue, so he puts it on the blue stars. : ) I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a kiddo that needs a little something more than a night light.

  74. ami capen

    best baby gift ever! my daughter is 7 now and still uses this every night…

  75. Fredmar69


  76. comedaylight

    Without this bug our child would not sleep. This is a very important nightlight. Thank you SO much Cloud B for this bug.

  77. Redhatchris

    Turtle projects stars on the ceiling, shuts off automatically and has different modes. Any child would be thrilled to own this.

  78. Another reviewer

    My nephew loves it. Well made.

  79. Nordicbeauty14

    Fantastic Item. Kids loved them! Love the constellations being accurate!

  80. Tenille T.

    Best thing that happened to us and our daughter since the Merlin sleep suit!

  81. AZ MaMa

    You set it on the floor and the stars cover the walls and ceiling. Beautifull!!! 3yr old loves it and I love it!

  82. Pat

    This musical night light was perfect for my grandaughter. Wanted to do away with the crib attached music and this was perfect for her to use and age appropriate. It is now her favorite bedtime must. After 2 years of use, it is still going.

  83. Mike K.

    This was a big hit with my 2 year old nephew. Would buy again.

  84. Lina

    Excellent present for a baby

  85. Fredmar69


  86. Karrie Rose James

    My grandson loved the light. It is just perfect for his personality and he really enjoyed it a great deal.

  87. Laura Bjerre

    I bought the turtle for our 8 months old baby, but the 4 year old loves it as well.We brought it on holiday so the children would have something homely when they awoke in the night.It is adorable, and makes beautiful patterns on the ceiling. The stars are easyly identifiable, even on our holiday, where the ceiling was up quite high.I’d recommend it to anyone, and will buy it as a gift for the next bab in the family.

  88. S. Bendle

    Anyone that has kids, needs one of these. It’s just so soothing and great. Bought when my kid was 2 and he still uses it now he’s 5. Lovely light show and soooo well built.

  89. welshmel

    I bought this for my grandson for christmas however, i decided to keep it myself and next another one ! its really fab and totally relaxing x

  90. Shanon

    My son loves it and we turn it on every night. I have even started buying these for his little friends for their birthdays.

  91. Amazon verified purchaser

    It was gift to friends daughter, Almost more then two years, she loves this, still uses…..would buy again…

  92. Reyna

    I bought this for my 1 year old and 5 month old.I use it at night and they love it and love staring at the stars.i enjoy it myself lol very good product!

  93. Susan Trinrud

    This a a a is a wonderful a a toy that I have to bring out for my grand kids every time they spend the night

  94. Lee C.

    I’m sorry it took so long to post–this was a Christmas present for my grandsons–it is the most soothing light to fall asleep to, and they choose a different color every night. I may even get one for myself!

  95. Carol Salo

    I am so glad that I ordered this one! My two-year old son LOVES it! He likes to just spin around with it in the middle of his room and laugh and laugh and say ” ‘tars, ‘tars” I highly recomend this for any toddler.

  96. Hi. Allie

    got this for my light obsessed nephew when he was a little baby.he seemed to enjoy it & it lit up just enough.its so cute!

  97. Ben and Elena’s Mom

    We used to leave the closet light on for the baby but now we only use the turtle light that clicks off on its own. After 45 minutes, the light goes off. I didn’t find out about this product until I visited a friend who had one – I wish I had found out about this product earlier. My ten-month old loves it and so do I. Buy it!

  98. MomOf4

    We saw this on a list for best baby toy gifts, so we got it for our 5 month old for Christmas. After receiving it we realized it is for children 3 and up, but he still likes looking at stars and moon on the ceiling. We have 2 older children that really like playing with it also so we will be buying 2 more for their rooms.

  99. P. Dukes

    My son who just turned 11 weeks old is infatuated with this product, it helps him to calm down when nothing else will. I recommend this to any parent with small children. The look of wonder in his eyes is all I needed to see to know this is a great product.

  100. Judy

    My great nephew loves the turtle light

  101. vdav15

    Grandkids love the light show.

  102. shearheaven

    my son is so in love with his “turtle light” we love that it can be different colors and he can pick which ones he wants! I also love that it doesnt stay on all night!!

  103. Jonathan Painter

    My 2 year old son got this as a gift and he absolutely loves it! The only complaint that I have is that the amber setting is not very bright, but he prefers the blue anyways so it is not that big of a deal.

  104. Jessica M

    This is amazing and so soothing. I love the different colors and that it comes with a constellation guide. The one sold by Amazon is an authentic Cloud B product.

  105. Dana B.

    I bought this for my son who has autism. It’s a Christmas gift so he hasn’t received it yet, but it looks amazing!

  106. lakehouse

    My 4 year old Grandson just loves this Night Light. This Turtle travels with him. Mommy and Daddy think this is one of the best Items PA PA has ever given him.

  107. Doris Gardner

    I bought three of these for my nieces (9 and 7) and nephew (5) for their birthday’s and they love them. They love looking at the Constellation Guide and looking for the stars. My son owns a Dream Lite and was over at their house and when he came home he asked for one of the Cloud B lights. Very pleased with my purchases.

  108. akedy

    This is a great night light. It works exactly as described.All 3 colors are great! I’m not sure why some people say that the amber (yellow) one is useless or only works on dark walls. We have very light green walls and you can see all 3 colors very good. The amber is a little more soft, but it’s definitely there!It’s honestly just perfect!

  109. Danielle Garcia

    Like the different colors too bad it doesn’t play music, son loves watching it to fall asleep.Shhhh just go to sleep. GO TO SLEEP.

  110. Lance S. Umemoto

    The child loves it

  111. Logans Momma

    Another gift in my sons easter basket and I am very pleased with my purchase. It is a great night light and lit up my sons whole room. Alot of the reviews complain about the white or amber lights not being very bright but I think that is kind of the purpose. They are visiable but not as bright as the blue and green and to me they are the best color for someone who can not sleep with a lot of light like my son.

  112. Zehra Sandra

    I purchaser this for my son when he was 3 months old. He used it all the way until he was 5 1/2 years with no problems. It finally broke with his rough play and he was inconsolable when he realized it didn’t work. I purchased 2 from here (one for now and one for the future juuust incase it gets discontinued because he loves it that much). Great product.

  113. P. Boedecker

    For my grandbaby girl – I’m hoping she likes it! She doesn’t talk much yet at 11 mos. very nice

  114. L. Pop

    My son sleeps with his turtle light on every night. The light is fairly dim, but reassuring. It is the best night light out there in my opinion. It has a timer to go out after a certain length of time, but if my son wakes up and is worried, all he needs to do is reach over an press the button to get a little more light. Much better than those dream light pillow things.

  115. Timmie Gene Smith

    The turle is sturdily built and has survived being lugged around the house and occasionally doing battle with the lady bug version of the toy that my daughter has. Both toys are still working great and are very loved. I had expected this toy to stay on the bed and only be used at night, but both of my kids carry them around like a companion during the day too.

  116. jgc9

    my 4 year old son loves this! He works really well and lights up whole room. Three different colors are really cool too.!

  117. Nick B.

    My daughter loves this turtle! She’s almost 3yrs old and just can’t go to bed without it. Very good materials, the batteries are still working after 2 months of regular use. Great toy!

  118. Louise

    Speedy delivery, what I expected, fits the need, great product, would order again.

  119. Robin Zachary

    Thank You

  120. Rimma

    I bought it because i thought i would be a nice night light and it is and more. Kids go to sleep looking at the ceiling and its so much easier for me to put them to sleep because they are busy looking at the stars… Hopefully that lasts for a while.

  121. kirstin

    This is an awesome product, we use it countless times a day and night settling our baby. Well worth buying. Great for a present. And we have not needed to change the battery yet which is fantastic.

  122. Courtney Hamlin

    My 2 yr old loves this and it lights up his whole room!

  123. A. Michelle

    My boys are ages 2 and 5 and they look forward to the turtle at night. I am pleased with the quality the stars Are a bit blurry but its still really neat to look at. That shouldn’t turn you away from getting the turtle all in all its a neat fun turtle to have I am pleased and so are my boys

  124. Dawg

    Kids loved it.

  125. Renee Wilford

    My Nephew and his fiancé loved the Twilight Constellation nightlight!

  126. Neil King

    My nephew loves this thing. Worth every penny.

  127. Grace1999

    My son is 4 and he has used this since he was a baby. He loves it! It’s a wonderful soothing light toy good for all ages. It actually has real constellations that you can find! Super gift! We bought this one for a shower gift!

  128. Myrtle McCallie

    I bought this for my 2 yr old daughter. She LOVES it!!! Everyone that has come to our house loves it too. The batteries last over 6 months with nightly use. I love that we can (and do) take it with us when we travel. I have since bought 3 more to give as gifts. It is my new must have gift that I give out for Christmas & birthdays. Great gift for kids 2 to 14 (adults too)!

  129. Mom of 5

    This is our third one. Kids love them. Durable ama beautiful

  130. Jules

    I love these!! My kids have the ladybug and the turtle. It’s very comforting for them to have the light as they’re falling asleep and it’s easy for them to turn on if they wake during the night. I also like that it turns off automatically after 45 minutes and doesn’t stay on all night.

  131. K. Harris

    The turtle is a staple in both of our children’s rooms. It allowsmjustnenought light to find what you need without waking the children completely. Love it!

  132. Silvestre Pena

    Great product. Really brightens the room.

  133. Aldo

    I bought it for someone as a gift, she loves it , fast shipping and works great

  134. CLP

    I purchased this item for my 2 1/2 year old twin grandson and granddaughter for Christmas. They absolutely love it (blue is their favorite of the colors). They carry it around sometimes too. Their Mom is especially pleased with it as they look forward to bedtime knowing that “their stars” will be with them.

  135. Kassandra

    My 18 month old loved this turtle! It made transitioning to a toddler bed so much smoother.

  136. Michelle Morgan

    We bought this originally for the baby’s 1st camping trip and we were so amazed on how it lite up the trailer now as he has gotten a little bit older he has learned to turn it on and hold it up to the ceiling and look at the stars, well worth the price

  137. Bookworm

    I give these for baby gifts. They always get shared by the second, third baby! Even the parents love them.


    My youngest son looooves this.

  139. MavMallu

    Our 4 year old loves this and refuses to sleep without turning this on at night. We like the product so much, that we have bought two more to gift; and they were very well received. You cant go wrong with this turtle. have it for more than 2 years now and no issues. I don’t like the other models, they look a little silly. The green turtle is elegant and the kids love it. Very pleased with the product and its durability.

  140. Meme’ Nowak

    My granddaughter just loves this turtle,it projects stars on the ceiling and a moon, it is really a nice effect. We needed something with more brightness than the little plug in nightlight and this fits the bill (plus it shuts off automatically) I am very pleased with this purchase

  141. KONIEV C.

    We love the twighlight turtle. It is a must have for all babies. The soothing lights out the beautiful stars on the sky. I will always buy these

  142. KindleCustomerBrownCat

    As a night light love the stars

  143. Frankie Mazza

    This little turtle was a holiday present for 2 of my grandaughters, ages 7 and 8. They both absolutely adore it! One of their mothers actually wants one for herself! So, come her birthday, another little turtle will find itself another home! Great gift for all ages!Because of this little turtle i am one cool grandma 🙂

  144. Anon

    Had this thing for a few years and it still works great. My 5 year old won’t go to bed without it on. This literally saved bedtime. She doesn’t get up 4-5 times every night before she goes to sleep now.

  145. Juju Tin

    My husband and my 8 week old baby are in love with this product! My baby loves to stare at the ceiling when its on. I definitely recommend.

  146. Ashley G

    My daughter needed a night light in her bedroom and so I bought this thinking it would be a good idea. So glad I did!!

  147. S Jones

    Much better than I expected. Our room is not 100% dark and the stars still show up nicely. I was hesitant because of the price. I may like looking at it more than my 6 month old!

  148. Gene

    The grand kids love it, they take turns having it in their rooms. I compared this to other brands and this was definitely the best.

  149. Larissa

    I love this night light! It has three colors to choose from, of varying intensities, and the turtle itself glows to light the room.

  150. KCKATES

    Bought this wonderful turtle. It is so relaxing and provides a beautiful night light. Love it! I have bought it for all my pregnant friends as well.

  151. gpa

    My 3 year old granddaughter refused to sleep upstairs by herself until she got the glow turtle. Now she chooses a color turns it on and goes to sleep. Best investment we have made in a long time.

  152. Sparkystar

    Lovely gift, and the child has enjoyed it a lot.

  153. Kindle Customer


  154. The Harpers: Homelife

    I purchased this thinking it would be just a cute little inexpensive present for my daughter for Christmas. I was genuinely surprised how neat it was. The stars that show up on the cieling are very bright and easy to see. The little bookelt that comes with it helps you pick out the shapes in the stars. All in all a great buy!

  155. laural taylor


  156. mojo_jojo_2006

    My kids love this thing (girl 7, boy 5)… so much that I bought it for the little one (6mos) helps with late night feedings…. better that turning on the bright light and wake her up. This way the gentle light allows us to see… and she can lull herself back to sleep.

  157. John E. Jeritza

    Great products, improved over older version

  158. Ejm1108

    Purchased this for a 9 year old whose afraid of the dark. The stars provide plenty of light without being over bearing. The colors do shift nicely and some are brighter than others as expected. Love the constellations worked into the pattern. I’m suspect I’ll be buying a second for her brother..

  159. JenniferX

    Best nightlight out there. The kids love it. SO CUTE.

  160. Joshua

    Puts out a brilliant display on my daughter’s ceiling. She loves it and I think my wife secretly wants to put one in our room. This is way better than the Target one we bought before.

  161. james


  162. Anonymous

    Oh my … love this little turtle. My 8 year old still cannot go to sleep without this on. Even when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he turns it on and it soothes him.

  163. Melissa A. Weaver

    This is the sweetest toy. It is soothing and so cute. We are so happy with this purchase. The stars on the ceiling are fun for the whole family to look in the book and discover constellations. It is a soothing way for our 2 year old to drift off to sleep.

  164. Judge24

    Really neat. Our daughter loves the changing colors. I love that you can pause it to one specific color

  165. Carole A.

    My grandchildren love it.

  166. PBNJ

    Whatever shape your child adores, these are one of the best child-friendly inventions I’ve seen.

  167. Shirley White

    My grandson had one of these and loved it so I got one for our new grand daughter too. It is great fun for them to find the moon.

  168. jnikky

    We got this as a gift, and were so happy with it we bought it as a gift for someone else’s child. My 3 yr old uses it every night as she is going to bed, she loves to look at the stars. We turn it off before she falls asleep, we’ve never needed to have it on for her to fall asleep.

  169. catherine

    This is the cutest lamp for a child’s room!!

  170. Karla Dalton

    Very cute accessory for lady-bug lovers!

  171. Fish

    awesome product. great for a nightlight

  172. Kathleen Ann Antilli

    this little gut went to a very very special little girl and she loves it and still uses it to this day

  173. sdgal

    So cute and stimulating for a baby. I love how the colors can be changed and the 45 minute timer on it. Will use it for many years to come.

  174. BMLTX

    This will be a gift for my grandson. Materials and appearance are great. Durability will be determined by the twoyear old.

  175. MK 5

    The display on the ceiling and walls is impressive and just the right brightness. My daughter received it when she was a baby and still loves/uses it nightly at age 6. I’ve come back for another one for my new niece.

  176. Janey K

    This is lovely, and as the colours change, the stars appear to move. It makes a lovely pattern on the wall and gives enough light for night time breastfeeding. Easy to carry around as well.

  177. Mom of 2

    This is awesome for soothing a kid to sleep and it shuts of automatically. I have two kids and they both have one in their rooms and I have no more problems getting them to sleep.

  178. Tracey Baxter

    this is lovely.I bought it for my grandsons xmas,and he loves lights up his ceiling with lovely stars,and settles him when he s restless.Id recommend it

  179. stephleopard

    I use this as a night light for my baby every night and it is great! It is just the right amount of light to create a soft glow of stars all over the room. It is very cool and I think this is great for children of any age.

  180. Mother of 3

    This is an awesome night light. Makes it fun for the kids and adds a little destraction to the night time dark which my kids are scared of. Amazon shipped so fast!!!

  181. Jeni J

    I have had this product for a week now. Love it! The blue is so soothing. I may have to order one for myself. Works great, looks great, and best of all my 3 yr old son just thinks its “Awesome”

  182. morgan

    I bought this for my 5 year old son’s room. It is the coolest little turtle! My son absolutely loves it. He gets to choose what color he wants it on, either blue, amber or green. It looks so great at night and really adds a special touch to his room at night time. Great for boy or girl.

  183. Richard Cole

    Ended up having to buy 3 to keep the peace.

  184. Gogoboots

    based on my brother’s recommendation for his daughter – they seem happy with it so I can recommend this product

  185. KAinBB

    Perfect amount of lighting at night. Not too bright and has automatic shut-off! This is nice to take on a trip too!

  186. niuer

    I bought this as a gift to my friend, she loved it very much! You can switch between the colors

  187. EliCitron

    My nephew grew up using this turtle every night. He loved it an associated it with me, which I always loved since I lived halfway across the country from him for a few years.

  188. tr

    BD present.

  189. r

    bought lady bug for niece and sea turtle for nephew. they LOVE it. its a prefect night light. its excatly waht is says but when you recieve it, its even nicer. the stars, the colors….LOVE IT

  190. Philip H

    The kids love it.

  191. Hector Perez

    Excellent and cheap present; I took one to my Country in a recent visit and, in the next trip I have to take 5 more; every kid under 12 want one of these in his or her bedroom. It is just perfect; not that intense light, relaxing soft tones, small, light… didn’t get hot… excellent product.

  192. FYI

    The babies we know really like seeing stars on their bedroom ceilings. Babies and starry night constellations go together like puppies and naps. You just can’t go wrong giving this as a gift, to help create a tranquil and happy, happy, happy baby! 🙂

  193. Maria Belén Larrañaga

    Bought this for my 2 year old nephew as a birthday present. He loved it from the beggining and liked pushing the buttons to make it change colours. It does have a very hard shell but it is resistant.When it got darker we could see the stars and moon on the ceiling and walls and he was very excited. His older brother and sisters were pretty excited too. I love the fact that it doesnt have any music, because he does wake up at night and turns on anything that makes a sound, so this way it doesnt disturb his siblings.

  194. Shradha

    my son loves this and sleeps playing with this

  195. Anna Makar

    I bought this for my 4 year old grandson, and this Christmas I bought it for a friend with a one year old grandson. It’s a great night light, and the older ones enjoy seeing the stars, like a constellation.

  196. NYC442

    This turtle (in all of it’s various colors) is one of my go-to baby shower gifts. Kids love it & parents seem to as well. One friend said she and her husband were using it even before their daughter was born as they loved how it lit up their room. It’s really great!

  197. Jes

    I got this for Christmas for my new born niece. It’s really cute, and much better quality than the pillow pet versions.

  198. Rhiannon Sebright

    Although there are many cheaper versions on the market, there’s something about this that just makes it stand out and worth every penny. Will definitely buy this for expecting friends.

  199. Jean

    Was worried that this might be those fake ones. This is genuine cloud B, and its great. Thank you

  200. allison

    My grandson loves this night light. He sleeps with it every night, but he used it so much some of the bulbs have burned out. I am trying to find out how to replace the bulbs if anyone has any idea would you let me know

  201. Joe I.

    My girl loves this toy and needs it every night for bed time. Would defiantly buy this again.

  202. Pixiecrumbs

    My Daughter is 3 months old and she loves this product. She will lay in her crib and stare at the stars. The colors are very soothing and mellow. Works as a great night light.

  203. Karie Heiselt

    Excellent Quality. My 4 year old son loves it.

  204. OH-Pop

    We’ve used this for about a year now and love it. Our son is taking an interest in it now and he loves to look at the stars at night. Highly recommend.

  205. MsDorky

    This is definitely my new kids go-to gift! It’s soft and light, incredibly easy to operate and just oh so cool. The constellations are a bit difficult to make out, but it’s fun to try. Simply turn your turtle around and you’re looking a different view of the starry sky.

  206. ambercat9

    This cute little turtle is such a delight to my 2 year old. He loves going to bed and laying next to the turtle. It has 3 different colored little stars that project onto the ceiling. My son doesnt even cry when I lay him down. I LOVE this product!

  207. Michi Atkins

    Cute night light. Love it as much as I did when I bought one 7 years ago

  208. Kate Barker

    Love it!!!

  209. Rebecca

    This is our second purchase…first purchase was 2.5 years ago when our baby was born. She loves turning it on every night. The best feature is the timer which shuts it off after 45 minutes.

  210. Stefani Dahl

    So far, I’m very happy with the product I received. By baby niece will love it.

  211. Julie

    My husband and I bought this for our 3-1/2 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She loves it and uses it every night. I think we are going to buy a second one for our house.

  212. K. D. Phillips

    Given as gifts to two children in our family and each loved it. Works well and is well-made.

  213. meb

    Purchased one for each of my grandsons ages 2 and 3. They love them, have named them and sleep with them every night. Great gift for young children.

  214. Queen Bee

    I bought this for my nephew and it lights up his room with twinkling stars. I wish they had these when I was a kid :-).

  215. Bluce

    This is a fantastic product. This makes great ambient lighting and very portable – i use it all the time myself and plan to get several more for nightlights!

  216. lovethemysteries

    A gift for one of my grandchildren for Christmas. She loves the constellations on her ceiling when she goes to sleep!

  217. S. Grayson

    This product is amazing. I’m a mom of twin boys and I would even like this product to be in my room! The stars and moon are so clear. My boys love it. I love how it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. It puts the stars on all 4 walls and the ceiling. Very relaxing. A+

  218. Dave The Opinionater


  219. Amazon Customer

    My grandson will not go to sleep without it

  220. Lolly

    My 4 year old son was having a very difficult time going to bed. He was constantly in tears, worried about being in the dark, despite multiple night lights. It took us forever to get him settled every night. Out of desperation, we ordered this turtle. It has been a miracle worker! We have had it for over a year now and bedtime has become easy again. Not only does the turtle provide a little bit of light, but it also provides something fun and soothing to look at while sleeping. I love that the timer clicks off after 45 minutes too…that way it isn’t running all night.

  221. C.G.

    I bought one for each of my kids. It helps them fall asleep. It has automatic shut off so it doesn’t stay on all night. It takes 3 AAA batteries and the back can be a little tricky to take off. They can choose from green, blue or a yellowish color. The yellow is more orange in one of our turtles.

  222. dawn m goodhart

    He loved it.

  223. Briana Martino

    We love it. Works perfect and easy enough for 2yo to turn on herself

  224. Erika

    This is the best thing I could of had gotten for my 3 year old daughter.She loves going to bed now,looking at the stars.Even my 10 year old loves it.PS:My daughter is 9 years now and she still is using the same turtle night light. works just as like it did when i first gave it to her 6 years ago!!!!

  225. hrial

    We LOVE this twilight turtle! It was ready to go right out of the box. Our 2 & 4 year old love it and turn on the stars every night. High quality product that is durable and easy enough for my kids to use. The timer shuts it off after 45 minutes, so there are no worries about overheating or just running the batteries down overnight. LOVE LOVE this product!

  226. KURT E ECK

    Bought the turtle for my niece for Christmas. She and her brother both loved it. Worked great as a portable disco light and was great for illuminating the interior of a make-shift tent made from bed sheets and dining room table.

  227. adam goodbourn

    I purchased this item, as a gift. The recipient of this gift, has had nothing but great things to say about it. It lights up the entire room. The blue light seems to be the preferred colour, and it looks awesome.

  228. Kindle Customer

    I have given one of these darling turtles to all the babies in the family. Everyone loves the quality of the product and the light that it produces. One family has grown up with this for a decade and the kids still love it on at night.

  229. Robbie

    My grand kids loved this. They can alternate the colours for their personal taste.It can travel with them when they are visiting.

  230. Rose

    Very good product.

  231. Sandy B.

    My son has had it for like 3 years, and he loves it, he sleeps with it on every night. It lights up stars on the whole ceiling.

  232. Savvy Shopper

    My 1 year old and my 5 year old love this night light! My 1 year old can’t touch it but he enjoys it being turned on at night when he is going to bed! My 5 year old loves that he can change the color! It lights up the ceiling and some of the walls in my son’s small nursery and most of the ceiling in my oldest son’s larger room.

  233. Linnea Brown

    I like it but I’m finding it really hard to see how it’s worth $33!Update:My son has had this for 3 years! It’s one of gis favorite things and can not go to bed with our Mrs. Turtle!! At the time I didn’t see the value but now I certainly do. Worth EVERY PENNY. Now my baby plays with it too. Love laying with him and watcgubg the stars until he falls asleep. I apologise for My 3 star review.

  234. Bowen

    Nice toy and my daughter would love to stay in bed and watch the stars at night. bright enough for a small bedroom

  235. Prudence Lewis

    my son is very frightened of the dark and we’ve tried a lot of nightlights. He loved the look of this one, and likes that he can reach out and touch a soft head at night. I love that it shuts off after 45 minutes and that the buttons are easy for his little fingers to use if he needs to turn it back on. He also loves that he change change the color of the stars. I highly recommend this!

  236. Amazon Customer

    All good; no issues

  237. Mimi M

    I purchased this for my grandson’s 1st birthday. From the first night on, he loves to watch and fall asleep to the beautiful night sky it creates! I recommend it for getting the little ones off to sleep.

  238. Candra C. Georgi

    The media could not be loaded.

     We have three boys, 4-2-0 and we’ve own two of the Constellation turtles. Our boys won’t sleep without them. The batteries last a long time and they are very durable [insert pretending the turtle is a ball here]. Provides just enough light and has a 45 minute timer that shuts off. We travel with them and will continue to use the. We love them.

  239. Carl B

    It does a great job illuminating the ceiling

  240. Desert Wolverine

    I have given this as a baby gift many times. The parents and children all enjoy the constellation stars

  241. kcheks


  242. Mom2two

    Bought this for new baby. Easy to set up. Everyone who has seen it on, is impressed. Great idea for soothing nightlight.

  243. B. Ayala

    I have given this turtle as a gift twice, and moms, dads and babies have been delighted!!! It is nice that it has different color, it reflects well in the ceiling and provides a peaceful ambience. I totally recommend it! the perfect gift.

  244. Mary K. Arle

    Great product. It was a big hit at the party because of the lights. I even got a phone call saaying he loved it at bedtime.

  245. Ol pops

    Greatgrandson Is wild over his gift

  246. Zach Webb

    Our son doesn’t need it, but he needs it

  247. Dan.Shek

    I get these for all my friends with kids. Everyone loves ’em. The kids keep them around forever.

  248. Amazon Customer

    This is his second one. He just loves it!

  249. castafiore78

    Absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone. I love that the colors change automatically. I’ve been using it to help my baby fall asleep since he is 2 months old, and it works great! Still haven’t changed the batteries (we’ve been using it every evening for the past 3 months).

  250. Owen Bautze

    I gave this to my 18 year old girlfriend for her birthday to make fun of her childhood love of turtles and she absolutely loved it. Not to mention so did her whole family and all of her friends who are now toying with the idea of buying their own twilight turtles.

  251. Maria Hartman

    I bought this for my baby grandson. He loves to watch the lighs and he seems to go to sleep easier. Very nice well made product.

  252. Dennis

    A great product; bright and love the variety of light colors. I love that it auto shuts off after 45 minutes.

  253. Francisco L Quintero

    We tried one of those that they show on the TV and meh! The only thing you get is scams!. This one works great and my daughter loves it!

  254. ina

    We love this, once the kids get used to them they just have to have them every night. This makes a great gift as well. The kids are just hooked!

  255. Joyanne Treadwell

    I like it, it is just like I pictured it

  256. Ryan Flatley

    After reading several reviews i decided to purchase. I was not sure how this was going to work being it was battery powered but it was great! Reflects constellation on entire ceiling and is pretty bright. 2 weeks now on same batteries. no problems. Great item!!!

  257. becky

    bought product on a whim – my four year old niece absolutely loved it. she wanted everyone individually to go into the dark room so that she could demonstrate the constellation. she sleeps with the turtle lit-up every night and is very happy that she can take it with her when she spends the night somewhere.

  258. jen


  259. Dmitri Popov

    Wonderful addition to Cloud B Tranquil Turtle, Aqua!

  260. E. Anderson

    Still working great after a few years. The lights are brigh and fill the room perfectly, not too much to where its too bright. It’s just enough. My 2 yr old and 4 yr old both want to use it.

  261. James

    I was a little worried about how much light it would put out. I was really impressed, the stars cover the entire ceiling. You can change the colors and it works so much better than I thought it would. My son is finally sleeping in his own bed! 🙂

  262. Rachel

    After 6 years of use, my son still loves his twilight turtle. I have a feeling this is something that will be used for many babies to come in our family.

  263. Coco Vee

    A great buy! My little boy is scared of the dark. This night light really seems to calm him, and he falls asleep even before it shuts off automatically. I would definitely recommend it to others.

  264. Jane Jones

    I got this about a month ago, a now my daughter wont go to sleep without it…. Keep in mind it only works well in a totally dark room, I had to get thicker curtains for my daughters room…. it has three colors amber, green and blue… shows the constalations..

  265. alby2000

    Excellent, great quality and easily lights up the whole room with soothing stars and can also be changed between three different colour lights.

  266. Kindle Customer

    Kids love it. Lights up the room creating “night sky” of stars on the ceiling. Almost too bright on some of the colors.

  267. ccmomma

    Purchased the turtle when my daughter was almost 1 to help her with sleeping on her own. She’s now almost 3 and to this day she does not like to sleep without him!! This is a no frills, high quality product that our whole family enjoys (yes, my husband and I also like to sleep under the stars sometimes). Stays on for something like 45 minutes and is not hard on batteries. Recommend to all my friends with little ones!

  268. Joanne

    My daughter is comforted by the moon and stars on her ceiling and walls! This is the greatest invention for kids who fear the dark. It’s worth every penny

  269. linda sullivan


  270. Buyer

    Gave this as a gift for a new baby. It was well received and hopefully will be used for years to come. I think it’s neat and would even recommend it for any age, adults included.

  271. Karley

    I bought this for my niece and it turns out that my sister dog had a blast as well, trying to catch all the stars.

  272. Kelsy Knebel

    The kids loved them (we bought them each one)

  273. Craig

    A Great Babe gift, loved it.

  274. Bts

    great baby gift

  275. Amanda Hawkins

    We bought my daughter one of these for her 5th birthday to help her fear of the dark. She named it Twinkles and told us over and over that it was her favorite present. Even her older sister and younger brother love it. The stars shine bright enough to light up the room, and we all loved the different colors. I would highly recommend this.

  276. Suhabro

    The turtle is very cute. My grandchildren love looking at the stars on the ceiling when they go to sleep. One granddaughter even brought it to school for “show and tell.” I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone with young children.

  277. digitalbreak

    I am using it since my baby was 2 months old. Keeps her engaged and calm at night.

  278. kegreat

    my kids love it. its still pretty sturdy after a couple of years. no issues whatsoever.. i would recommend it

  279. Jessica L. Coats

    Great product

  280. arbelos84

    We bought this item in preparation for a baby. The projections of the stars looks great on the ceiling and the turtle itself is very cute.

  281. Rachel Willenberg

    I bought two of these for my two daughters and they have become a “staple” at bedtime. I love that the colors can change and the stars have real constellations in them! My whole family enjoyed this.

  282. Sean

    My nephew loves it!

  283. Gramma Billie

    This is a charming nightlight to use on top of a chest of drawers, bureau or bookcase as it is considerably larger than the type one plugs directly into the socket. It casts a constellation about the ceiling in your choice of several soft colors which gives a child stars to gaze at while drifting off to sleep. Very soothing.

  284. Lesley Clemenson

    I got this for my 18 yr old daughter who loves turtles she thinks it is the best thing ever it’s fascinating and really relaxing.

  285. Marie A. Thompson

    Thos is the third one Ive purchased. Babys love them.

  286. Charlene J. Gebel

    The stars and a quarter moon are cast on your child’s ceiling in his choice of three different colors. The turtle is adorable on his own!

  287. kjmacks

    I got this for a gift for a baby shower. It was perfect! I got it in the mail and my housemates and I had to try it out! I wish I had this as a nightlight or just for a nice lamp. The different settings for the stars are exactly as mentioned. I like the blue the best. I would totally get this again for a little kid or a kid at heart. I’m in college and I would be so excited to get this.

  288. Susan H.

    Purchased for Christmas gift. This is the second one I’ve purchased for grandbabies.

  289. Mrs. J. Shenton

    Bought for grandson due May his parents love it so I’m sure grandson will. shines great on walls & ceiling educational as children grow.

  290. Tania

    I have purchased three of these items as gifts and have been very happy with them. My daughter loves it. It is a great value and very unique gift. The color choices are a nice touch as well as the informational packet in where you can see all the different constellations. I would highly recommend to buy this gift.

  291. Mary C. Mack-Lewis

    This is great for calming the fears of a little one when bedtime is near. Lovely display covers the ceiling.

  292. Ipuny

    My 8-month-old son loves it. Some people said they can’t see the yellow stars, but we can; even though my walls are beige. Its good when you want to put your kid in bed or just to play with it. Its a perfect gift for a little one.

  293. Nancy Tomberlin

    Grandson just loved this.

  294. Foxandthefawn

    We all love this! My five year old niece, my 1 year old son, and two year old love playing with this!

  295. ksu_mpa

    Our first born loves his turtle. He has used it for years and hates to sleep without it. Two thumbs way up!

  296. My 6 year old loves it!

    I bought it for my six year old and when I got it out of the box I didn’t think much of it as it felt too light. I was very impressed once we turned it on in his room right before going to sleep. Great colors and super bright.My son loves it too.

  297. Katie Mc

    I bought this for a 5 year old family friend and she loves it! I kind of really want one for myself…

  298. S. Hayes

    My 2 1/2 yr old got this as a gift last Christmas and love it. He won’t go to sleep without his turtle on. The blue is the brightest color definitely, green is my favorite and the orange is a nice glow for calming down. I have given this as a gift to other parents and all have loved it.On a side note – with every night use, I have only replaced the batteries once.Worth every penny.

  299. Natalie in MN

    My daughter, who is 18 months old, would only sleep with a lamp on in her room for the past year. As soon as we got the turtle she fell right asleep with no lights on. She thinks it is so fun to go in her room at night an point out the stars and moon. Love this product.

  300. Laura Ferrante

    my grandson is spoiled…he has this also. Every night, when he goes to bed with is dragons, the twilight turtle goes on, and he’s mesmerized by the stars all over the bedroom ceiling. excellent quality and its till going strong. And he loves it! Thank you!

  301. julia parrish


  302. J. Andres Garcia

    Great product

  303. Sharon

    Just the things to relax and put a small child to sleep slowly. He loves to lie there and watch the lights.

  304. Dilkin

    I sent this as a gift for my nephew who turned 1 recently,He loves it,infact his elder brothers love it more,All @ home has fallen in love with it for the serene feeling it brings to the room.Highly recommend this to anyone…Rgds,Dil

  305. Del G

    Of all the gifts we got our son for Christmas this stands out as one of the best. He loves looking at the stars on the ceiling. Its simple enough for him to switch colors or turn on or off. It turns itself off after about 20 minutes. It keeps him company while he settles down for bed. It has helped with bedtime.

  306. Sally 2

    Great night light for grandkids. Pretty color options. Hard body, so not to cuddle with, but excellent for what it was made for.

  307. Amazon Customer

    Our son loves this turtle. It works great in his room, the only thing Iwould recommend would be some blackout curtains because when there is light in the room it washes out the starts on the ceiling.

  308. Cnpick

    My daughter loves this turtle! Her other one she had for 9 years finally quit working, so I ordered this one and she is just as happy with it.

  309. KSS

    I really like the Product! It was what I really expected! I recommend it completely! I am very happy! Thank You

  310. Woo

    Lights up the room with stars

  311. Bret

    kid afraid of the dark? Or worse, does your kid just cry every time you leave the room for bedtime. This helps. A lot! Re-chargeable batteries are a good idea as you will eventually wear them out – ours gets a lot of use! Plus you can learn the constellations with your child!

  312. KWalds

    This is much better than the “name brand” version. It’s durable, less expensive, comes with a back story, you can switch it to “off” to avoid wasting the battery and has a timer to turn itself off. 3 different color lights. I put it in a different spot each night and we make a game out of finding the moon.

  313. Nakai Marr

    Still using it after 3 years! Perfect amount of light to check on sleeping babies or hekp soothe back to sleep!

  314. Liz Estabrook-Hatfield Verified Owner

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blue star

As cute as it is comforting, the Twilight Turtle nightlight projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room, making night-time a lot less scary and a lot more fun. Choose from three soothing color options to create a magical, tranquil environment that helps children ease peacefully into the sweetest slumber.

Artful, Educational, and Soothing

The winner of several industry awards, including the Editor’s Choice blue ribbon from Baby Talk, each Twilight Turtle is individually hand painted for a unique, artful look that complements any nursery or children’s room. For extra, interactive bedtime fun, parents can sit with their children and identify eight major constellations, including the Big Dipper and the Big Bear, with the help of the beautifully illustrated Star Guide. The Twilight Turtle also includes a warm-hearted story about how Twilight Turtle, separated from his father, uses the constellations to find his way home.

In addition, the three soothing color choices allow your child to not only learn to identify different colors, but to also truly experience them as well. Amber radiates warmth and peace; green creates a healing and renewing atmosphere; and blue helps calm the senses. The soft, illuminating glow the Twilight Turtle emits also serves as a nightlight that makes darkness less daunting.

User-Friendly Operation

Plush and soft, with a sturdy plastic shell, this nightlight is best placed on the floor in the center of the room where it projects a starry night sky onto the ceiling and walls. Simply pressing the button on the turtle’s shell ignites the stars and keeps them glowing for a full 45 minutes–just enough time for most children to drift into sleep. At this point, the Twilight Turtle automatically shuts off to preserve battery life and allow your child to slip into deepest slumber. Another push of the button reactivates the projection if needed.

Makes a Great Gift

A great gift for children who are afraid of the dark, or even adults who have trouble falling asleep. Perhaps the best thing about this plush pal is it becomes a favorite bedtime buddy for years and years to come – truly a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Eases fear of the dark
  • Projects actual star constellations
  • 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during your child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
  • Projects in 3 soothing color options: blue, green, and amber
  • Option to automatically morph through all 3 colors
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries; batteries not included

What’s in the Box:

  • Twilight Turtle
  • Constellation Star Guide helps you point out the “Dippers” and “Ursa’s” twinkling above you

dimensions: 21 x 11 x 28 cm

age: 0


  1. Liz Estabrook-Hatfield (verified owner)

  2. Nakai Marr

    Still using it after 3 years! Perfect amount of light to check on sleeping babies or hekp soothe back to sleep!

  3. KWalds

    This is much better than the “name brand” version. It’s durable, less expensive, comes with a back story, you can switch it to “off” to avoid wasting the battery and has a timer to turn itself off. 3 different color lights. I put it in a different spot each night and we make a game out of finding the moon.

  4. Bret

    kid afraid of the dark? Or worse, does your kid just cry every time you leave the room for bedtime. This helps. A lot! Re-chargeable batteries are a good idea as you will eventually wear them out – ours gets a lot of use! Plus you can learn the constellations with your child!

  5. Woo

    Lights up the room with stars

  6. KSS

    I really like the Product! It was what I really expected! I recommend it completely! I am very happy! Thank You

  7. Cnpick

    My daughter loves this turtle! Her other one she had for 9 years finally quit working, so I ordered this one and she is just as happy with it.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Our son loves this turtle. It works great in his room, the only thing Iwould recommend would be some blackout curtains because when there is light in the room it washes out the starts on the ceiling.

  9. Del G

    Of all the gifts we got our son for Christmas this stands out as one of the best. He loves looking at the stars on the ceiling. Its simple enough for him to switch colors or turn on or off. It turns itself off after about 20 minutes. It keeps him company while he settles down for bed. It has helped with bedtime.

  10. Dilkin

    I sent this as a gift for my nephew who turned 1 recently,He loves it,infact his elder brothers love it more,All @ home has fallen in love with it for the serene feeling it brings to the room.Highly recommend this to anyone…Rgds,Dil