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Stories with Louis the Lion

Stories with Louis the Lion

Stories with Louis the Lion

Louis the Lion Learns to Lead

Louis the Lion’s father wants to give his son more responsibility, so he sends him on a mission with the fastest Lion in the pride, Blaze. On the journey, Louis challenges Blaze to a race, and Blaze lets him win to build his confidence. But on the way back, Louis is overly proud of himself, so he challenges Blaze to a second race. This time Blaze beats him, to teach him some humility. But Louis then thinks that he is not fit to be a prince, because he is not the fastest runner. Blaze and the King teach Louis that you don’t have to be the best at everything to be a good ruler: you just have to be willing to listen to good advice.


Louis the Lion and the Big Five

Five different groups of animals work together to protect each other, until one day when the Lions get too proud, and take over: chasing the other animals away. But that leaves no animals to protect the lions while they sleep, so illegal hunters invade and scatter the lions across the lands. Louis the Lion survives and wanders the savannah until he meets a herd of elephants. Louis protects the Elephants and they protect him, and Louis learns that you have to work together in order for everyone to live in harmony.


Louis the Lion Earns His Wings

Mother Nature once let all animals have wings, but the Lions abused their power so they lost their wings. Louis the Lion was born long after that, but he always thought birds were magical, and wished he could fly. Louis saw other animals were hurting the birds, so he protected them and earned their trust. To reward him, Mother Nature let Louis the Lion have wings for one day, so he could feel what it was like to fly like the birds he loved so much.


Louis the Lion Becomes the Champion

A Momma lion gives birth to a cub, Louis the Lion, who is smaller than the other cubs. They pick on him and he starts to get discouraged, but his mother teaches him that if he wants something badly enough, he has to work to earn it. Louis begins to train in secret while the other Lions sleep and Louis becomes very strong. At the contest of champions, Louis beats all the other lions, and they all learn that hard work pays off.