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Ella das Einhorn


Giant hugs and peaceful sounds will soothe your little one into serene slumber.



Your favorite calming sounds return in an all-new character! This lovable, cuddly friend makes the perfect nighttime companion with its hidden sound machine that plays eight soothing sounds and melodies to lull your child into a restful, relaxing sleep. Ultra cuddly and soft, Ella the Unicorn™ will be your child's favorite stuffed playmate during the day and your favorite sleep solution at night.

Works like a dream

Ella the Unicorn™ features a collection of four white noise sounds that are proven to soothe and help calm little ones when bedtime beckons, including a heartbeat setting that mimics the comforting sounds of a mother's womb. Ella the Unicorn™ also plays four lullabies that both parents and baby will enjoy, such as the popular Rockabye Baby. Because little ears are more sensitive, all Cloud b™ products are kept within recommended sound levels.

Easy Operation

With 8 soothing sounds and melodies to choose from, your baby will be whisked off to dreamland with a push of a button! Ella the Unicorn™ also has a Hook and Loop fastener allowing you to easily attach your baby's newest companion to any crib. Simply select the 23 or 45-minute option and Ella the Unicorn™ will automatically shut off at your desired time. And when Ella needs a bath, remove the sound box and toss in the wash.

Makes a Great Gift

Delivering soothing sounds in a super cuddly plush,Ella the Unicorn™ is the ultimate sleep aid and is sure to be your child's next instant companion.