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LoveLight™ Buddies - Finley Fawn™


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Welcome home Finley Fawn™, the perfect furry friend for baby! Finley will keep them company with 8 soothing sounds and a voice recording option so they’ll always hear your comforting voice. With adjustable brightness and movement, you can customize the perfect light show for their sweet dreams. And don't worry, this cuddly critter has a built-in auto-off - they'll never stay up too late ;) Plus, he's rechargeable with a USB-C (included!) so you can hug him forever. 🤗

The Lovelight™ plays melodies, has colorful lighting effects, and has a recording function for children.


LoveLight™ Buddies offer the sound, touch and visual elements to calm babies and promote peaceful sleep. In addition to the 4 melodies and 4 white noise, the LoveLight™ Buddies have a recording function so parents can leave a sweet message or sing their child's favourite lullaby, and light up with a warm glow that gently pulses.
Thanks to the Shake & Play motion sensor, a simple shake of the plush toy restarts the light, lullabies and the sound message recorded by the parents. LoveLight™ Buddies - Finley Fawn™ can also be hung on the baby's bed, just like a night mobile. The rechargeable monitor and the plush toy can also be used separately: a nomadic night light that can be placed on the dresser in the room and the comforter that will accompany the child.


VOICE RECORDING: Record a message for baby.
8 SOOTHING SOUNDS: Choose between heartbeat, rain, soft shush, brook or 4 calming lullabies.
ADJUSTABLE: Settings for brightness and movement create a fully controllable experience for various environments.
AUTO-OFF: 30 min automatic shutoff.
RECHARGEABLE: Sound machine can be recharged with a USB-C (cable included).

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