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Stories with Finley Fawn

Stories with Finley Fawn

Stories with Finley Fawn

Finley Fawn and the red ball

Theme: taking responsibility for your actions. Knowing how to apologize. Being brave.
Finley and his friend Lisette, a pretty red-haired fox with smart eyes, are playing catch with a ball. But the ball lands in the nest of the mama-pivert who is incubating her eggs. The second time, the ball wakes up Mr. Owl. Each time, Finley and Lisette hide to avoid being scolded. Finally, Finley and Lisette realize their stupidity, apologize and decide to go and play further away after making sure they won't disturb anyone.

Finley Fawn and the Friends on the Moon

Theme: Dream big. To trust in friendship. Knowing how to explain and forgive.
Finley can't sleep. He had an argument with his friend Malou and remembers it. He leaves his den to walk, and arrives near a hill which he climbs. There, he looks at the moon, which has strange patterns that move. A ray of light suddenly lifts Finley and deposits him on the moon. There, he starts to run around, discovering little round characters of all colors who play with him, laughing and making funny noises, antics.
One of them talks to Finley about friendship, and the fawn realizes that a fight is no big deal, and that friendship is stronger.

Finley the Fawn and the Desert Isle

Theme: Teamwork, perseverance (Don't be afraid to ask others for help).
Bella the weasel, Finley's friend, decides to go swimming. She reaches an island but when she wants to come back, she is too tired. She panics that she can't get back. Finley decides to go look for his friend, but he can't do it by himself. He tries several times but fails all the time. Bella asks him to go and get help, but Finley says he can do it on his own.
Finally, after repeated failures, Finley agrees to get help and Bella is brought back safely.

Finley Fawn's House

Theme: Respect yourself. Be yourself, there is only one person like you. - Don't spend too much time comparing yourself to others / don't be jealous.
Finley goes for a walk with his parents. He doesn't feel like it, and would rather play with his friends Malou and Lisette. So he distracts his parents and gets lost. Annoyed, he says to himself that he hates the forest where he lives. A butterfly takes him to the village where the young fawn discovers other habitats. He finally understands that each place is different, and corresponds to the inhabitants who live there. The butterfly then takes him back to his den.