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Stories with Sleep Sheep

Stories with Sleep Sheep

Stories with Sleep Sheep

 Mimi the Sheep Under the Stars

Sleep Sheep’s mother needs her to take some food to her grandmother, who lives on the other side of the dark woods. Sleep Sheep is afraid to go, but her mother tells her that the stars that watch over her at night are also there during the day. Sleep Sheep and her brother have to learn to travel safely and be brave, and in the end they make it to Grandmothers house by relying on each other.

Mimi the Sheep sees the Ocean

Sleep Sheep and her brother dream of seeing the ocean, but they live too far away to ever get there. They have two friends who are birds and ask them to carry them to the ocean, but Sleep Sheep is too big to carry, so the birds call in two eagles. At first, Sleep Sheep is scared of the eagles, but they turn out to be friendly, and carry Sleep Sheep and her brother to the ocean for the first time. She learns to trust her friends and to not judge strangers by their appearance.

Mimi the Sheep Visits the City

Sleep Sheep heads into the City to visit her grandmother. At first Sleep Sheep doesn’t like the city, but she gets lost and is helped by a friendly rat in a Top Hat. Sleep Sheep makes it to her grandmothers house, but thinks the farm is too loud and confining. Her grandmother explains why she likes the town and the farm. Sleep Sheep learns not to judge people for where they live, because there are advantages to living in the city, the country or on a farm.

Mimi the Sheep and the Big Dig

Every year, the sheep have a contest to see who can dig up the most delicious tree roots to share with the entire flock. Sleep Sheep has just become old enough to join the Big Dig, and really wants to win. But during the dig, her friend Clara falls and hurts her leg. Sleep Sheep has to forfeit the contest to get her friend back to safety. When she does that, the judges of the contest give her a special teamwork award, and Sleep Sheep learns that helping a friend is more important than winning a contest.