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Stories with Elliot Elephant

Stories with Elliot Elephant

Stories with Elliot Elephant

Elliot Elephant and the Space Monkeys

Elliot Elephant is playing with his friend, the Prince, and Elliot wishes they could go into space.  The Prince tells Elliot to close his eyes, and then the two of them imagine they are flying through space, riding the Milky Way. They crash into a planet ruled by Space Monkeys.  At first the space monkeys are mean, but Elliot tells them a joke and makes them laugh, so they take him to meet the Supreme Space Monkey.  They make him laugh, too, and then spend the day playing and dancing with the Space Monkeys.  Elliot and the Prince learn that if you use your imagination, anything is possible.

Elliot Elephant Plays in the Forest

Elliot Elephant wants an adventure, so he goes to visit his friend, the Lion.  Elliot suggests they do something dangerous, but the Lion turns him down and says it’s not safe.  Elliot does it anyhow.  Elliot comes back and suggests another dangerous adventure and the Lion says no.  Elliot goes on the second adventure and bangs his head.  He comes back and tells the Lion that he was right, so the two of them take some precautions and both have a fun adventure. Elliot and the Lion learn that you can be safe and still have fun adventures.

Elliot Elephant Eats Everything

Elliot Elephant is eating a healthy snack and suddenly decides he wants some sugary sweets.  So he goes to the market in the village, but when he starts eating junk food, he just can’t stop.  He eats everything in the market, everything in the castle, and even goes to the Squirrels' house and eats all their nuts.  Elliot then gets really sick.  He meets Tina the Turtle who tells him you can enjoy some sweets, but you can’t eat sweets all the time.  Elliot learns to do all things in moderation, then pays back the people at the market, the castle, and the Squirrel family.

Elliot Elephant Goes to the Beach

Elliot Elephant goes to the beach with his friends, Beaver and Duck.  However, Elliot has heard stories that there are sea monsters in the water, so he refuses to go in.  His friends finally talk him into it.  Elliot gets in the water slowly, but pretty soon he is having lots of fun.  But then something bites his leg and Elliot jumps out of the water, convinced a sea monster bit him.  His friends run to help, and it turns out a tiny sea urchin is hanging on his leg.  Elliot laughs it off, and learns to not be scared to try new things.