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Stories with Lily the Unicorn

Stories with Lily the Unicorn

Stories with Lily the Unicorn

Lily the Unicorn and the too serious Elves

Theme: Creativity and ingenuity are worth more than money. Appreciate the little things, appreciate life
Lily has just built her nest in a new forest. There she discovers elves who spend their time straining to collect pine cones. They take turns sleeping, seeing each other little because when some are sleeping the others are working. They never celebrate. Never create anything. They are always tired and angry. Lily admires their pile of pine cones, but realizes that it's useless if the elves don't make good use of it. She tells them that it's not about collecting pine cones, it's about being happy and having friends.

Lily the Unicorn and the Stars That No Longer Shined

Theme: Laugh every day, don't be too serious. Be optimistic.
The stars are no longer twinkling. The unicorn decides to find out why. It's Jo-The-Black-Hole who has stolen the starlight. Lily tries to do everything to help the stars. At first she makes them laugh, but that's not enough. So she goes to find Jo-The-Black-Hole, but he doesn't want to hear it. So she pokes him with her horn, and all the light escapes and goes back to the stars. Lily takes the opportunity to tell the stars to laugh more often, because laughter makes you strong and happy.

Lily the Unicorn is curious

Theme: Always ask questions. To be observant
Lily the unicorn arrives at the seaside. She discovers this universe that she did not know. She doesn't know anything. She meets Sirius, a little monkey, who pretends to know everything and says anything, has ready-made ideas, judges on appearances... He compares the whale to a big clumsy fish, finds that starfish don't shine, thinks that fish are old plastic bags... Lily, on the other hand, decides to ask questions to all those she meets. Thanks to this, she understands better the people of the sea, and respects them.

Lily the Unicorn discovers a village

Theme: Avoiding negative people and negativity. Every day is a new day, a new beginning.
Lily arrives in a village. Two people, Sim and Sam, invite her to their home. Lily notices that the other villagers are avoiding them, but she is too happy to have made friends and doesn't notice. Sim and Sam spend their time grumbling and criticizing others. Lily, at first, is trained to do what they do, but she suddenly feels bad and sad. She goes outside to get some fresh air. There, a cat teaches her that it's not the other residents who are unpleasant, but Sim and Sam who spend their time saying bad things about them. Lily suddenly feels liberated and decides to stop hanging out with Sim and Sam who are too negative.