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Stories with Drake the Dragon

Stories with Drake the Dragon

Stories with Drake the Dragon

Drake the Dragon and the Woodcutter

Drake is discouraged because his dragon traits have been causing problems for his friends.  His large tail knocked down the fence that Frankie Fox was building and he was too large and scary to play with Bill the Bunny's kids.  However, he meets a friendly woodcutter who asks Drake to start his campfire with his fire breath, and later Drake is able to use his large wings to shield the woodcutter from a passing storm.  Drake learns that what he thought were drawbacks are sometimes assets.

Drake the Dragon Breaks His Promise

The Princess is turning sixteen, and she asks Drake the Dragon to light the candles on her birthday cake at the end of the day.  Drake promises he will be there in time to handle the request. However, Drake gets caught up in the birthday festivities and forgets his promise and falls asleep.  When he arrives at the castle much too late, he learns that breaking a promise to a friend can hurt their feelings.  He makes up for his mistake by flying high in the air, and using his fire-breath to create a beautiful fireworks display.

Drake the Dragon Becomes Brave

Drake the Dragon is a fire dragon and therefore has always been scared by large amounts of water.  One day, the Mermaids ask Drake to help them find glowing crystals for their necklaces, but in order to help them, Drake must first find the courage to walk underneath a waterfall.   To keep helping the Mermaids, Drake must be brave and swim underwater to another cave.  His determination to help his friends allows him to conquer his fears.

Drake the Dragon and the Leprechaun

All Dragons love gold, so when Drake spots a rainbow, he immediately sets out to find the pot of gold at the end.  But when Drake picks the wrong end of the rainbow, he finds a leprechaun who offers him part of the gold if Drake can complete a series of challenges by nightfall.  Drake struggles to beat the challenges, all while a weasel laughs at the dragon's efforts, taunting him to give up.  But Drake keeps his eye on his goal and is able to overcome all the obstacles.  As a reward for his perseverance, the leprechaun gives Drake his entire pot of gold!