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Stories for your baby with Emma

Stories for your baby with Emma

Stories for your baby with Emma

Emma and the Magic Watch

Emma’s mother wants to get an old watch repaired as a gift for Emma’s grandfather.  Emma meets an old watch repair woman, and a talking Whale, and eventually takes the watch all the way around the world to an old Watchmaker.  The old watchmaker fixes the watch and returns it to them - and to Emma’s surprise, the Watchmaker turns out to be her Grandfather.  Emma learns that if you persevere and help others, you might get rewarded in ways you never expected.

Emma Gets a Real Unicorn

Emma and her family go to the beach and a lady gives Emma a magic seashell.  Emma’s brother is playing in an old boat and it accidentally drifts out to Sea.  None of the parents can find her brother, so Emma wishes that her toy unicorn would turn into a real unicorn. The magic seashell makes her unicorn become real, then Emma rides up the beach and saves her brother. Emma’s brother now knows that he should have listened to his Parents, and Emma is rewarded for helping a stranger, believing in miracles and never giving up hope.

Emma and the Ancient Castle

Emma and her family are taking a tour of an ancient castle.  Emma and 2 friends get trapped in the castle.  In order to find their way back, Emma has to pass 3 tests that prove she is brave, smart and honorable.  Emma passes the tests and gets the group back to their parents, but then the original Princess who lived in the castle appears and tells Emma that she is her great-great granddaughter, and since she passed the tests, she has earned the right to be a real Princess.

Emma Fights an Evil Wizard

Princess Emma is practicing with her magic wand when an evil wizard steals the King’s memories.  Emma has to find the Wizard’s castle, fight a dragon, then finally learn to master her magic wand so she can defeat the evil wizard and return the King’s memories.  Emma learns that you must never give up on a task, because practice makes perfect and that if you prove to be brave and honorable, you might even make an apparent enemy into a friend.