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My first dream box

Cloud.b is thrilled to announce the launch of CloudBox™, the unique storyteller which combines sounds and light projections!

CloudBox™ can be enjoyed by children aged 0-8 and comes with an illustrated storybook. 


Key Highlights 

CloudBox™  includes immersive stories combining sounds and light projections!  

  • • Immersive storytelling with 36 original stories featuring 9 different characters
  • • Synchronized light projections create a visual experience like no other product on the market 
  • • Soothing melodies and white noises create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for babies and children 
  • • Recording function adds a personal touch to the storytelling experience
  • • Headphone plug for a totally immersive audio experience (headphones not included)
  • • Stories in 2 languages (French /English - English / Spanish - German / English - Italian / English)

The Characters

CloudBox™ narrates 36 fun stories based around 9 characters with very different personalities. Elliot the funny Elephant, Drake the courageous Dragon, Emma the adventurous little girl - and lots of other characters - venture into 4 luminous universes (Forest, Ocean, Space, Village) to learn about sharing, discovery and most of all… friendship.


Listen to the story "Louis Lion earns his wings"


Content details

How many stories are available?

  • 36 audio stories are available for listening
  • 4 universes (Ocean, Forest, Space, and Village)
  • 9 characters with very different personalities.
What sounds can be heard?

8 white noise sounds from nature are available for listening:

  • Jungle Day,
  • Brook,
  • Heartbeat,
  • Rain,
  • Whale,
  • Dolphin,
  • Train,
  • Soft Shush
Which melodies are being played?

The CloudBox plays 8 soothing melodies:

  • Jungle melody,
  • Classical lullaby,
  • Spacey Jazz,
  • Clair de Lune,
  • Hawaiian melody,
  • Dolphin dream,
  • Fairy dance, Rain ballet
In how many languages can the stories be listened to?

Stories exist in 2 languages version:

  • English - Spanish
  • French - English
  • Spanish - English
  • German - English
  • Italian - English
What special feature is available?
  • To add your personal touch, 8 custom recordings can be created to record your own stories for your baby

4 Universes - 4 light projections

The light projections change with each story, creating a visual spectacle that brings the narrative to life!

The Story Book

The illustrated book features the characters' adventures written in two languages

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