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Stories with Arthur

Stories with Arthur

Stories with Arthur

Arthur and the Mountain Man

"Theme : friendship, adventure
Arthur and Noémie are playing together. He wants to impress her and decides to take her in search of a giant. They go through the garden, then the forest. Suddenly a figure of more than two meters appears behind Noémie. Arthur is proud because he knows the giant, it is his neighbor. They decide to follow him when he leaves to look for someone. It is Ténèbre the black mare of the Mountain Man who had a small foal. Arthur and Neomie are as surprised as each other to have made this discovery."

Arthur Talks to the Stars

"Theme : dreams, unexpected meeting

Arthur goes on a school trip by bus. He is lulled by the road. Soon, the bus enters a long tunnel. Arthur's eyes got used to the darkness. There are some points of light, and one of its lights starts to shine more intensely than the others. He has the impression that it speaks to him. It is Orion, and then he talks to the Great Bear. Even though it is daylight, he knows that the stars are still shining over his head. He also knows that they will always watch over him."

Arthur Meets a Mini Mermaid

 "Theme : dreams, discovery

Arthur goes to Mrs. Eva's, his neighbor, to get some vegetables. She invites him to the mermaid's garden. He doesn't know it yet. She suggests that he take a shell, close his eyes and place it against his ear so that he can hear the sea... Suddenly a little voice calls him, he is in the middle of the ocean with the mermaid who introduces him to Bella the whale, Tina the sea turtle and all her friends. The mermaid asks Arthur to bring back a golden shell to Mrs. Eva. "

Arthur and his Big Bag of Books

"Theme: sharing, imagination.
Arthur brings all his favorite books to his friend Blanche's house. He doesn't understand why she hates reading. He decides to read her his favorite story. She is very excited when Arthur finishes telling her his first story. He decides to read her a second and a third... Blanche realizes that reading is fantastic, that it makes you travel. She asks Arthur to teach her to read. Now he has a friend to share all his stories with. And that's really priceless!"